Conan Exiles Bosses Guide

Some of the toughest challenges in Conan Exiles are in the boss fights. Between twisted monstrosities in the sewers to the final pure-blood Serpentman, many bosses in Conan Exiles offer a troublesome challenge to players. That being said, some are tucked away in the corners of the world, so we’re going to find them.

Today we’ll be looking in this Conan Exiles Bosses Guide, at all the bosses in-game, including a brief look at their backstory, what they offer, and where you can find them. Let’s begin by breaking down into which categories those bosses fall.

Different Types of Bosses

There are three main types of bosses in Conan Exiles. These are Mini-Bosses, World Bosses, and Dungeon Bosses.

In terms of difficulty, Mini Bosses are usually the easiest to tackle. World Bosses are a mixed bag of difficulty, and Dungeon Bosses are generally the hardest to defeat.

Many Mini-Bosses are just slightly more powerful versions of other NPCs or beasts. They’re not noteworthy, and honestly, I wouldn’t regard them as bosses. Therefore, for the Mini-Boss category, we’ll focus on the more notable and unique enemies that warrant their title as a Mini-Boss.



Misha - Conan Exiles
Misha boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

Misha is a brown bear mini-boss that roams near the north side of New Asagarth. The bear is presumably a pet of the Nordheimers that live within the nearby settlement.

Misha can be a somewhat challenging fight, as she does a good amount of damage and is very aggressive. She also has a knockdown attack which can leave you vulnerable, though it’s easily avoided.

Misha is notable as a mini-boss for her drops. She’s able to drop demon blood, goldstone, shadebloom, and other valuable resources. She’s also guaranteed to drop Misha’s Bite, a set of legendary daggers.

Shaleback King

Shaleback King - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

The Shaleback King is a giant shaleback that can be found around Lookout Point and the Oasis of Nekhet. Not much is known about him, though he is presumably the alpha male of the nearby Shalebacks. While he deals much more damage than a normal shaleback, he’s incredibly easy to fight. He uses attacks from both red and green shalebacks in his repertoire. Rolling away will avoid almost all of his attacks.

The Shaleback King is notable for his ability to drop the Greater Shaleback pet, which is a follower version of the Shaleback King.

Albino Bat Demon

Albino Bat Demon - Conan Exiles
Albino Bat Demon boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The Albino Bat Demon is the boss of the Tower of Bats, a location you’ll reach in the early game. It guards the Altar of the Bat, needed to craft the Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate.

The Albino Bat Demon is one of the first tough bosses you’ll fight. He attacks with his wings and with sonic screeches. He can also fly up into the air and swoop back down, an attack that could easily throw you from the tower.

The best way to tackle this demon is to run around him, avoiding his attacks and attacking when possible. Bow and arrow attacks can also prove effective. The beast drops demon blood, a fragment of power, and a legendary weapon or armor repair kit.

Living Magma

Living Magma - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

Living Magma is a large Rocknose that seems to pulse with volcanic energy. He’s located in the volcano and is similar in combat to other rocknoses. Living Magma is fairly simple and doesn’t offer anything too special. He can drop the King Rocknose Head alongside small quantities of demon blood and brimstone.

Living Mountain

Living Mountain - Conan Exiles
Living Mountain boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

Living Mountain is a rocknose king located near Spotter’s Squat in the southeastern desert. He appears to be the alpha male of his group of rocknoses, dwarfing them in size and strength. He’s a large beast capable of hitting incredibly hard, though his attacks are slow and easily blocked with a shield. Living Mountain is notable for his chance to drop the Greater Rocknose pet. This pet is a follower version of the Living Mountain.

Son of Thorgar

Son of Thorgar - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

The Son of Thorgar is a wight found in The Cursed Mound, located within The Mounds of the Dead. He attacks as a standard wight, made marginally more difficult by the lack of breathing space and multiple other wights being in the same room.

The Son of Thorgar is part of a family line of blacksmiths. The original Thorgar was said to be a skilled blacksmith, and his descendants inherited recipes only they could read.

The Son’s only notable drop is Thorgar’s Recipe Fragment, a stone tablet that is one requirement to unlock the Pride of Aesir armor.

Aridis, Chosen of Sobek

Aridis, Chosen of Sobek - Conan Exiles
Aridis, Chosen of Sobek boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

Aridis, Chosen of Sobek is a cult leader located in Xalthar’s Refuge in the eastern desert. He leads the Cult of Sobek, a small group worshipping the crocodile god.

Aridis was previously a member of the Votaries of Skelos, but lost his faith and found solace in the crocodile god Sobek. He traveled south to form a cult and gather the knowledge he could not attain in the volcano.

Aridis is a straightforward boss that has a chance of dropping a piece of the Sobek armor, a legendary set made from white reptile hide. If one wishes to farm the entire set, it may take multiple attempts.

Unnamed City Relic Hunter Leaders

Samar the Blade - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

The Unnamed City Relic Hunter Leaders are a group of bosses located in the Unnamed City. They’re scattered around the ruins, often flanked by smaller groups of Relic Hunters.

The Relic Hunter Leaders are easy to spot, as they wear Silent Legion armor with no helmet. They’re notable for dropping the Heart of a Hero, an item required for daily challenges that you can eat to cleanse your corruption. They’re also capable of dropping a legendary weapon repair kit to fix up your weapons.

Black Child of Jhil

Black Child of Jhil - Conan Exiles
Black Child of Jhil boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The Black Child of Jhil is a strong crow-like boss with black feathers and orange eyes. It can be found in multiple locations, including Bin-Yakin’s Seal, The Scraps, Jhil’s Roost, and Lockstone Cave.

The Black Child of Jhil can be a tough fight, capable of attacking with both his wings and also knocking the player down by swooping at them. This boss can drop bat skin, demon blood, and feathers at generous rates, with demon blood being highly sought after for crafting and alchemy.

World Bosses

Do note that many of the world bosses in Conan Exiles are regarded as legendary creatures. Thus, slaying them will often drop a skeleton key which is used on a nearby chest to receive a single legendary item.

Hekkr Waverunner/Gall o’ the Spear-din

Hekkr Waverunner/Gall o' the Spear-din - Conan Exiles
Hekkr Waverunner/Gall o’ the Spear-din boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

Hekkr Waverunner and Gall o’ the Spear-din are two enemies that can spawn in multiple places. However, they share a spawn at Flotsam, a pirate settlement on the eastern coast of The Exiled Lands.

The spawn chance for either is 50%, so you will find either one or the other. They’re both Tier 4 fighters for the Black Hand faction and can deal a surprising amount of damage. Both Hekkr and Gall carry a Shattered Scourgestone Piece, an important quest item for the main story of the game. This can be looted once they’re killed.

Ladagara, Daughter of Ymir

Ladagara - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

Ladagara, Daughter of Ymir is a female Nordheimer located in New Asagarth. She shares a spawn with a Priest of Ymir and has a 10% chance of spawning. Ladagara attacks with Foeshatter, a legendary axe that deals high amounts of damage and inflicts both bleed and cripple. She can also show up during a Nordheimer purge.

She is notable for her guaranteed Horn of the North drop, which unlocks a Frost Giant Bodyguard as a follower.

Unnamed City Bosses

Unnamed City Boss - Conan Exiles
Unnamed City Boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The Unnamed City Bosses are many different enemies located in The Unnamed City. This includes the Gravewalker, The Commander, The Red Mother, and plenty of other monsters.

While this blanket term covers a lot of bosses, most are only interested in those that can drop Fragments of Power. We already have a comprehensive guide covering all of those bosses that you can find here

Ancient Scorpion Queen

Ancient Scorpion Queen - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

The Ancient Scorpion Queen is a large scorpion located in The Scorpion Den. She is flanked by two King Scorpions and attacks with her giant claws and acid-filled stinger.

While she is intimidating, especially due to her strong armor, she is overall weaker than a lot of other legendary creatures. Her attacks are telegraphed and easy to dodge, with less range than other scorpion bosses. The Ancient Scorpion Queen can drop the Scorpion Ward a legendary shield, alongside the Scorpion Egg-sac, which unlocks a Scorpion pet.

White Dragon

White Dragon - Conan Exiles
White Dragon boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The White Dragon is a rare breed of dragon found at the entrance to the High Way, and also beneath the Forge of Ymir inside the Temple of Frost.

The dragon can be a very tough fight due to both its attacks and the inhospitable environment of the Frozen North. It’s a similar fight to the Red Mother in The Unnamed City, though somewhat more difficult. The White Dragon unfortunately doesn’t offer any notable drops outside of demon blood, dragon bones, and dragon horns.


Rockslide - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

Rockslide is a legendary rocknose found near Fingerfang Rock in the western desert. He’s even larger than the Living Mountain, with a strength to match.

Though he’s incredibly large and powerful, Rockslide has incredibly low health compared to other legendary creatures. Therefore he’s one of the easiest legendary creatures to kill, and thus a great way to farm legendary items.

The Executioner

The Executioner Boss - Conan Exiles
The Executioner boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The Executioner is a skeletal serpent man located in Deathwhisper Ruins. He attacks with rapid slashes that can inflict rapid bleed damage.

The Executioner is a fairly simple fight if you can avoid his attacks. He is capable of dropping several legendary items, including the Executioner’s Axe, Executioner’s Blade, Executioner’s Hood, and a fragment of power.

Reanimated Bosses

Reanimated Bosses is an umbrella term for bosses summoned at the Pools of the Grey Ones on The Isle of Siptah. These bosses include Blood Moon Beasts, TchoTcho Lama, Ghoul Lord, Giant Kings, and more.

These bosses are summoned by finding and offering various stone figurines dotted around The Exiled Lands. These fights are entirely voluntary and are often used by players to farm a variety of legendary weapons and gear or to farm valuable resources from the bosses.

Dungeon Bosses

Giant Snake

GIant Snake - Conan Exiles
Giant Snake boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The Giant Snake is a gargantuan serpent found in both The Arena and the Citadel of the Triumvirate.

The Giant Snake attacks with lunges can that hit above a shield and have impressive range. His attacks also apply poison to you. A great strategy is to circle the serpent and use weapons capable of inflicting debuffs. Poison is also a good strategy for slowly burning the boss down. The Giant Snake drops a Skeleton Key, used for unlocking a nearby chest and acquiring a piece of legendary gear.

Undead Dragon

Undead Dragon - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

The Undead Dragon is a skeletal dragon found in The Sinkhole.

The Undead Dragon was the strongest dragon ever created by the Giant Kings, used in the arena for their entertainment. Tyros the Deathbringer, half-breed son of The Priestking, would eventually slay the dragon and pin his prize, The Star of the Champion, upon its corpse. When Tyros was cursed with immortality by his father, this also affected the Undead Dragon, raising him from the sands of the arena.

The King Beneath

King Beneath - Conan Exiles
King Beneath boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The King Beneath, also known as the Barrow King, is an undead Giant King located in the aptly named “The Barrow King” location, found on the northwestern side of the Tundra.

In life, The King Beneath was The Priestking, father to Tyros the Deathbringer. Slain by his son during the Lemurian uprising, he cursed Tyros with immortality, cursing him as the Kinscourge. It’s unknown how The Priestking was resurrected into his undead form. The King Beneath attacks with normal sword strikes, and is a fairly easy fight. He drops the Diadem of the Giant Kings, an important story item for crafting the Keystone.


Feasts-On-Flesh - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

Feasts-On-Flesh is a Child of Jhil boss located in Bin-Yakin’s Seal, a cave located near The Great Dam.

Like most Children of Jhil, Feasts-On-Flesh attacks with his wings, though the fight itself isn’t too difficult. This boss drops a skeleton key for the nearby legendary chest. It can also drop a Black Blood tool, though it isn’t guaranteed.

The Kinscourge

The Kingscourge - Conan Exiles
The Kingscourge boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The Kinscourge is an undead human and the final boss of The Black Keep, a dungeon located near the Ruins of Xullan in the Frozen North. In life, the Kinscourge was Tyros the Deathbringer, a half-breed son of the Priestking. Cursed with immortality, he’s fallen to insanity within The Black Keep and now attacks mindlessly.

The fight with The Kinscourge can be difficult, as he attacks with an unnatural speed, though the gap between attacks is significant. He also has high health and armor. The fight with The Kinscourge is a fan favorite, and an emotional one if you know the Conan Exiles lore. The Kinscourge drops the Tears of Two Races, an item needed to craft the Keystone. His dungeon also contains stone tablets that teach the Kinscourge weapons and armor traits for crafting his iconic armor.

Abysmal Remnant

Abysmal Remnant - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

The Abysmal Remnant is a giant serpent located in the final room of The Dregs, an early-game dungeon found in the southwestern desert.

The Remnant is a malformed dragon created by The Giant Kings that was thrown into their sewer. It managed to survive and now lurks in the darkness. Defeating the Abysmal Remnant unlocks several feats, including the ability to craft Abysmal weapons and to craft Reptilian armor.

Imp King

Imp King - Conan Exiles
Imp King boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The Imp King is a boss found on both the Shattered Bridge and in The Eastern Barracks on The Exiled Lands. It seems to be the alpha male of the imps with a semblance of intelligence, having nailed wooden boards to itself and used a cauldron as a helmet.

The Imp King also appears in a wide number of purges. With just over two thousand health and an armor rating in the forties, it is not a tough fight at all. The Imp King doesn’t have any notable drops outside of the Iron Pan, Iron Pot, and Mortarium.

Valis the Loyal

Valis the Loyal - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

Valis the Loyal is a worshipper of Hanuman, the Ape God. He’s found at the end of Hanuman’s Grotto, a dungeon found in the desert.

Valis can potentially drop the Staff of Hanuman and the Deep Drink Waterskin. He is guaranteed to drop a Withered Heart, which you can offer to Hanuman for a chance to get the Boon of the Gorilla pet.

Fiend of Jhil

Fiend of Jhil - Conan Exiles
Fiend of Jhil boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The Fiend of Jhil is a Child of Jhil located at the bottom of Jhil’s Roost, a cave near the Great Dam.

He behaves like many other Children of Jhil and is a fairly easy fight. On death, the beast is capable of dropping Act of Violence, Unwelcome Gift, or Hollowbone Bow, three pieces of legendary equipment. He can also be harvested for Black Blood.

The Tortured King

The Tortured King - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

The Tortured King is an undead king found in the King’s Niche, a small open dungeon on the border of the Savannah. The Tortured King drops a skeleton key upon death that can be used to open a legendary chest. He can also drop infused wraps and demon blood. With 17,000 health, the fight can take a while, but he is not a tough opponent and should be easy enough to defeat.


Shrouded-By-Darkness - Conan Exiles
Shrouded-By-Darkness boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

Shrouded-By-Darkness is a Child of Jhil boss located in Lockstone Cave, another cave near the Great Dam. Like his counterparts Fiend of Jhil and Feats-On-Flesh, it’s a fairly straightforward fight that should be easily overcome. He drops a fragment of power, a skeleton key, and a scroll that will teach you the Specialist Ammunition IV feat.

Brothers of the Grove

The Brothers of the Grove are four beast bosses fought within the Midnight Grove dungeon. The bosses consist of Brother of the Night, Brother of the Moon, Brother of the Mists, and Brother of the Blood. These four bosses are fairly unremarkable outside of their Shadebloom drops. The final boss, Brother of the Blood, drops the Flesh of Remembrance. This can be consumed to unlock the Jhebbal Sag religion, though this must be done quickly, as the meat spoils fast.

The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen - Conan Exiles
The Witch Queen boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The Witch Queen is a female human located in The Palace of the Witch Queen within the city of Xel-Ha, found in the south-eastern Exiled Lands.

The Witch Queen was an ancient ruler of Lemuria. She is a key character in the Lemurian uprising against the Giant Kings. While the Witch Queen herself has long since died, her spirit lives on in her mask, which possesses Razma of Shem to journey to the palace, where the player will eventually fight her. The Witch Queen drops the Mask of the Witch Queen, an item required for crafting The Keystone and completing the game’s story.

Sand Reaper Hive Queen

Sand Reaper Hive Queen - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

The Sand Reaper Hive Queen is a weaker version of the legendary creature of the same name. She’s located in the Passage, a dungeon found in the north-western Jungle.

She has just under 2500 health and is a very easy fight. She can inflict poison, so bringing a set antidote or violet curative is a good idea. Aside from that, she’s very easy to defeat. On death, the Sand Reaper Hive Queen drops a Broken Scourgestone Piece, an item needed to craft the Keystone.

King Scorpion

King Scorpion - Conan Exiles
King Scorpion boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The King Scorpion is a large gray scorpion that can be found in The Unnamed City and other spots around the desert. The scorpion drops a skeleton key, used to unlock legendary chests. Aside from that, the creature and the fight are both unremarkable.

Nest Mother

The Nest Mother is a Child of Jhil boss found in The Scraps, a cave located near The Great Dam. Like the other Children of Jhil, she’s a fairly straightforward fight. She also shares a drop table with the Fiend of Jhil. She has a chance to drop the Act of Violence, Unwelcome Gift, or Hollowbone Bow legendary items.

The End of All Hope

The End of All Hope - Conan Exiles
The End of All Hope boss. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The End of all Hope is a giant spider located in the Skittering Cavern, a cave found in the central desert.

This boss is easy to defeat, though is noteworthy for dropping The Nemedian. This helmet is a legendary item often used to repair items for free, as it restores durability to damaged weapons when the helmet itself loses durability.

The Sunken City Bosses

The Sunken City Bosses are a large number of boss enemies located in the Sunken City dungeon, accessible through a rowboat in Xel-Ha on the eastern coast of The Exiled Lands.

This dungeon is themed around the Lemurian worship of Dagon and includes many bosses that are a hybrid of fish and humans.

The final boss, The Ritual Keeper, appears to be a Lemurian priestess. She is fast and deadly, using the Daggers of Dagon to inflict rapid bleed damage. Defeating her finishes the dungeon, and allows you to interact with a tablet to learn how to craft your Daggers of Dagon.

The Temple of Frost Bosses

The Temple of Frost Bosses - Conan Exiles
The Temple of Frost Bosses. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The Temple of Frost Bosses is several bosses located within The Temple of Frost, a dungeon located in the northwestern section of the Frozen North. The bosses in this dungeon include Hrugnir of the Frost, the Frost Giant Smith, and a 3-star White Dragon.

While these bosses aren’t too special on their own, defeating them will allow you to use the Frost Temple Smithy, a workstation where you can create Black Ice weapons and tools.

Warmaker’s Sanctuary Bosses

Warmaker's Sanctuary - Conan Exiles
Image from Wiki Fandom

The Warmaker’s Sanctuary Bosses are a group of bosses located in The Warmaker’s Sanctuary, a dungeon in Klael’s Stronghold located just south of the Shattered Springs. This dungeon is regarded by many as the hardest in the game.

Many of the bosses aren’t too special, though three stand out. The first is He-Who-Walks-Below, a wight that drops the Key to the Arena, and has a chance to drop Annihilator and World Breaker, two legendary weapons. The second is the Arena Champion, possibly the hardest boss in the game. She drops between five and eight armor scraps on defeat and nothing else.

The final boss is the Champion of the Warmaker. He is the second hardest boss in the dungeon and drops between ten and fifteen armor scraps. He also has the chance to drop Destroyer or Carnage, two legendary weapons. After his defeat, you can read the tablets around the room to learn how to craft his armor.

The Well of Skelos Bosses

The Well of Skelos Bosses - Conan Exiles
The Well of Skelos Bosses. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

The Well of Skelos is a dungeon found in the volcano that contains the last remnants of the Serpentmen. Their existence in the well was a major cause behind The Lemurian Uprising, though their race is now dying out.

The most notable boss in this dungeon is The Degenerate, the final remaining pure-blood Serpentman. His fight is remarkably easy, as you have to defeat a few waves of hologram enemies before he eventually dies of exhaustion. The Degenerate drops The Shining Trapezohedron, an item needed to craft the Keystone and escape The Exiled Lands.

Wine Cellar Bosses

The Wine Cellar bosses are a group of bosses located in The Wine Cellar dungeon, accessed through a door behind the tavern in Waterside, in the City of Sepermeru.

This dungeon contains the remains of the ancient Khari empire. After falling beneath the earth during an earthquake, they attempted to summon a demon to help free them, but were instead slaughtered by him and cursed with eternal life.

Most of the bosses within the dungeon are not that important, and simply drop fragments of power and a small amount of Khari Steel. The final boss, Thag, is much tougher. He is capable of dropping The Mace, Scythe of Hammer of Thag, three legendary weapons. He also drops some Khari Steel and drops one of the Khari recipe scrolls for their armor and weapons. Thag can only be killed once per hour, so getting all the recipes will require a minimum of four hours and four kills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are there other bosses not on this list?

Answer: Yes, there are. Many lesser bosses were not included for the sake of brevity. A lot of the “boss” enemies are simply just slightly stronger human NPCs that aren’t worth mentioning.

Question: What is the hardest boss in the game?

Answer: Everyone’s answer will be different, though most would agree that The Arena Champion is the hardest boss in the game, as she attacks relentlessly and deals an incredible amount of damage.

Question: You mentioned legendary chests a lot, what is included in those chests, and should I farm them?

Answer: Legendary chest can drop one of a massive number of legendary weapons, armor, and equipment. Many players farm these chests looking for specific weapons, so they’re worth farming for better gear.


Klael's Stronghold - Conan Exiles
A player approaching Klael’s Stronghold. Photo by Eradicati0nn.

Conan Exiles has many bosses, from lowly Darfari fighters to infernal demons summoned from The Outer Dark. In this article, we’ve looked at all the noteworthy bosses in Conan Exiles. You should now find yourself prepared to tackle the challenges this game has in store, but make sure you prepare yourself beforehand. Many of these bosses are tougher than they may seem. Best of luck, Exile!

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