Conan Exiles Black Lotus Potion Guide – Hulk Out or Die Trying

Planning on taking down an epic boss known for destroying players in Conan Exiles? You might need a little bit of help. Veteran players turn to downing a black lotus potion to give themselves an edge, but its side effects could hurt more than help in certain situations.

Whenever I choose to use the black lotus potion, I always ensure I have an aftercare kit close to deal with any consequences. If you’re planning to use it, too, it’s worth knowing its benefits and costs–lest you pay with your life.

Bottom Line Up Front – The Black Lotus Potion Isn’t for Everyone

There’s a raid headed your way, and you need to craft some black lotus potions fast. Here’s a quick guide on how to prepare it and where.

Knowledge UnlockPotionmaker
Knowledge PrerequisitesFirebowl Cauldron Knowledge, Steel Tools Knowledge
Level Unlock30
Knowledge Point Cost12
Crafting StationAlchemy Bench
Crafting Resources1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 3 Black Lotus Powder, 1 Alchemical Base
Status EffectsDrunken, Gaining Corruption, Poisoned, Strength Weapon Damage +15%

The Black Lotus Potion – One Drink Turns You into the Hulk

Conan Exiles black lotus potion description
Black lotus potion in-game description. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The black lotus potion is a consumable in Conan Exiles that grants you extra strength-based damage. It only does a little for agility builds, but it can boost your damage rate for those using strength-based weapons and tools.

In the game’s lore, the black lotus is a potent flower. It grows in one of the most dangerous areas of the Exiled Lands and is an integral part of rituals. Technically, drinking a potion made from the black lotus flower carries the risk of death.

In terms of the game’s mechanics, there’s a chance you can use the black lotus potion to end the game. Most players, like myself, use the potion to boost their character before a big boss battle or to fend off PVP players. It’s also helpful in withstanding a Purge.

It gives you several status effects, the most important being Strength Weapon Damage +15%. Yet, all power comes at a price. You’ll also receive the Drunk status effect, Poisoned status effect, and several other status effects that could put you in a bind.

So, drink responsibly!

How to Brew the Black Lotus Potion

Conan Exiles How to Brew the Black Lotus Potion
Crafting the black lotus potion. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Brewing the black lotus is deceptively simple. There are a few parts to the process, and it also requires you to travel to a dangerous area called The Black Garden. If you’re willing to risk the danger of brewing a potion that can make you Hulk-out, then follow this process.

1. Unlock Firebowl Cauldron Knowledge

Knowledge UnlockFirebowl Cauldron
Knowledge PrerequisitesSteel Tools Knowledge
Level Unlock15
Knowledge Point Cost3
Crafted ByConstruction Hammer
Crafting Resources50 Stone, 100 Wood, 10 Iron Bar

To start brewing potions, you need the Potionmaker Knowledge unlocked. Before you can even do that, you need the Firebowl Cauldron Knowledge unlocked. The cauldron becomes unlockable at Level 15 and costs 3 Knowledge Points. You’ll also need Steel Tools Knowledge unlocked to purchase the Firebowl Cauldron Knowledge.

You don’t need to craft the firebowl cauldron to make the black lotus potion, but since it’s a vital crafting bench for other consumables, it’s worth making as soon as possible. Its crafting resources included:

  • 50 Stone
  • 100 Wood
  • 10 Iron Bar

2. Craft the Grinder to Turn Black Lotus Flowers Into Black Lotus Flower Powder

Knowledge UnlockGrinder
Knowledge PrerequisitesIron Tools Knowledge
Level Unlock17
Knowledge Point Cost4
Crafted ByConstruction Hammer
Crafting Resources50 Brick, 10 Branches

Turning the flowers into powder is essential in brewing black lotus potions. You need the powder to craft the actual potion. That means you’ll need to unlock and build the grinder.

It has a Knowledge prerequisite of Iron Tools Knowledge, so unlock that first. For the grinder itself, you’re looking at unlocking it at level 17. It also costs 4 Knowledge Points.

To build the grinder, you’ll need the following resources:

  • 50 Brick
  • 10 Branches

3. Make the Alchemy Bench to Brew the Potion

If you’ve unlocked the firebowl cauldron, you already have the recipe for the Alchemy bench unlocked. This is the crafting station where you’ll be brewing the black lotus potion. To make it, you need the following resources:

  • 50 Stone
  • 100 Wood
  • 10 Iron Bar

4. Gather Your Resources

Now comes the tricky part. The primary ingredient to craft black lotus potions is black lotus flowers, and there’s only one area on the map where you can collect them. As someone who does not appreciate snakes, I hate going to this part of the map. If you feel the same way, you might also have a rough time.

You’re going to need to travel to the Forgotten City of Xel-ha. The city itself is full of gorillas. That’s fine. Getting there, though? You’ll need to travel through the Jungle Biome, which is full of giant snakes and other dangers.

Come ready for a fight because it’s going to be a grind.

The Black Garden is just west of the Forgotten City of Xel-ha.

Conan Exiles black lotus flower map location
The Black Garden location. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

It’s called the Black Garden for the area’s thick cloud of poisonous air. Don’t be like me and wade in thinking you’ll be fine. You’ll die. To survive the garden, you must craft either a Sandstorm Breathing Mask or a Setite Mask. It helps filter the air and keeps you from becoming poisoned.

Within the garden, you’ll find black flowers that come up to your waist. Grab a bunch, and then leave while you can.

Conan Exiles black lotus flower
Black lotus flower. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Side Tip: Don’t get too greedy. On PVP, this is an ambush waiting to happen, so keep your eyes peeled. For PVE players, tons of gorillas and other enemies are waiting to attack you.

5. Brew the Potion in the Alchemy Bench

Now that you have your black lotus flowers, it’s time to assemble everything. First, put the flowers in the grinder and turn them into black lotus powder. You need at least three for the potion.

The crafting resources for the potion include:

  • 1 Water-filled flask
  • 3 Black lotus powders
  • 1 Alchemical base

The other ingredients are easy to make compared to the black lotus powder. Throw them all in the alchemy bench and craft the potion. After a few seconds, you’ll have a potent concoction that’ll turn you into a one-person army.

What Does the Black Lotus Potion Do in Conan Exiles

There’s a reason why the black lotus potion in Conan Exiles is so challenging to make. It provides tons of status effects to your character and offers you a chance to end the game. Let’s look at each one so you know what you’re getting into when you drink it.

1. Drunken Makes Battling Difficult with Blurry Vision

One of the immediate status effects you receive after drinking the black lotus potion is Drunken. There are different stages to this effect. The more you drink, the more drunk you become. Starting off, you get blurry vision and a chance to develop more hindering status effects- like a headache- later on.

Conan Exiles status effect black lotus potion
Receive status effects. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

At most, the blurry vision might make fighting a bit more complicated. Be ready to fight through the blurry camera to take down your enemies.

2. Gaining Corruption Reduces Health and Stamina Maximum

Corruption is an interesting mechanic in Conan Exiles. It can also really mess with you. When you drink the black lotus potion, you also gain corruption for a few seconds. Corruption basically eats away at your maximum health and stamina pools. It can reduce both up to 50% before stopping.

In a fight, this can hinder you. It will take fewer hits to defeat you, and you won’t be able to attack as much since you won’t have as much stamina. The good news is that you won’t be gaining corruption for long.

I advise bringing some extra health-boosting potions and food to recover from corruption.

3. Poisoned Further Reduces Your Health

After drinking the potion, you’ll also gain the Poisoned status effect for 10 seconds. This status effect also causes you damage during that time interval. If you’re already low on health due to the fight and corruption, being Poisoned could end your fight early.

4. Strength Weapon Damage +15%

Now, this is what the black lotus potion is all about. After drinking it, you gain strength weapon damage +15% for an hour. You can do 15% more damage to any enemy with a strength-based weapon.

You’ll hit harder and cause more damage, but you’ll still be vulnerable, so watch your health.

5. End the Game By Crafting a Keystone and Visiting the Chaosmouth

After drinking the potion, you’ll notice a bright aura from your body and head in a direction. This is a wisp, and it’s leading you to Chaosmouth. You can insert a keystone in this secret location to unlock your bracelets.

Conan Exiles wisp
The wisp heading to Chaosmouth. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Keep in mind that your bracelets are what keeps you trapped in the Exiled Lands. Unlocking them ends the game. I won’t spoil it for you as to what happens, but if you’re looking to retire a character, then follow the wisp to Chaosmouth and unlock your bracelets at long last.

Tips to Getting the Most Out of the Black Lotus Potion – Drink Responsibly!

I’ve found that two main methods make crafting and using black lotus potions in Conan Exiles easier.

The first is to prepare yourself for the negative status effects both in combat and outside of it. For example, even though it’s not officially part of the potion’s status effect line-up, you can gain the Headache status effect from being drunk. This status effect makes your character extremely thirsty and reduces their stamina pool.

When using the potion, I always keep a filled flask of water on me to handle a Headache if it occurs. Bring some healing foods and potions to help curb how much the black lotus potion will eat away at your health.

The other major tip is to farm black lotus flowers. You don’t want to keep going to the Black Garden to get your hand on some flowers. The great news is that when you harvest the flowers, you can also collect seeds.

Take these seeds back to your base, craft a planter, and grow them with potent compost. You’ll have a steady supply of black lotus flowers and never have to travel to the Black Garden again.

  • Side Tip: To make potent compost, you need 2 compost, 10 dung, and 2 raw ash. There are other ways to craft it, but this is one of the easiest recipes.

Questions and Answers

Question: Will drinking the black lotus potion kill you in Conan Exiles?

Answer: No, drinking the black lotus potion in Conan Exiles will not directly kill you. However, getting into a brutal fight without preparing for the status effects that the potion inflicts can kill you.

Question: How do you grow black lotus in Conan Exiles?

Answer: You must unlock the planter and put black lotus seeds with potent compost into it. After a few seconds, a black lotus flower will grow. Rinse and repeat to produce a large quantity of black lotus flowers.

Question: Where can you find black lotus flowers in Conan Exiles?

Answer: You’ll need to travel to the Black Garden in the Jungle Biome to find the rare black lotus flower in Conan Exiles.

The Black Lotus Potion – Friend or Foe?

Using the black lotus potion can be a great boon in a fight. However, its stacking, debilitating, status effects can hurt you more than it helps if you don’t prepare. For the best result, try a fight without the potion first to see what additional items and consumables you need to bring to support yourself while under the influence of the potent black lotus potion.

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