Conan Exiles Flesh of Remembrance Guide – Embrace Your Inner Beast

The world of Conan is a wild place. That’s made all the more evident through the worshippers of Jhebbal Sag. As the god of the wild, beasts, and bestial natures, Jhebbal expects his followers to embrace their more bestial instincts.

If you want to become a follower of Jhebbal Sag, then you’ll need to prove your worth to him. And that means consuming the Flesh of Remembrance. However, getting this particular item can be challenging.

Follow this guide to appease Jhebbal Sag and consume the Flesh of Remembrance to begin your worship.

Bottom Line Up Front – A Quick Taste

The Flesh of Remembrance has three primary functions in Conan Exiles. You can eat it, start your worship of Jhebbal Sag with it, or craft Offerings with it for other religions. Here are a few quick details about what the Flesh of Remembrance does.

Hunger SatedThirst SatedHealth RegenerationExpirationStatus EffectsHarvested From
51105 HP/second1 Hour 30 MinSatedFinal boss in the Midnight Grove

Flesh of Remembrance – Take a Walk on the Wild Side

description flesh of rememberance conan exiles
Flesh of Remembrance’s in-game description. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The Flesh of Remembrance is a quest item as much as a food item and a religious crafting ingredient. Your first interaction with this type of food item is when you pursue the religion of Jhebbal Sag. Unlike the other gods in Conan Exiles, the religion of Sag isn’t a choice you can make at character creation. You need to earn his attention if you want to become his follower.

This takes you to the Den, an area in the Exiled Lands full of hyenas, werehyenas, and other feral creatures. While most of the creatures here will attack you, there’s one who’s a friendly NPC. The Child of Jhebbal Sag, as he calls himself, can give you the recipe to make the Potion of Midnight. The potion allows you to travel to the Midnight Grove.

The Grove is full of dangerous creatures you must defeat before reaching the final boss. You’ll be up against a werebeast that’s no easy fight. When you defeat him, you can harvest him and receive the Flesh of Remembrance. Eating it will unlock the religion of Jhebbal Sag and allow you to build his shrine.

Since you harvest quite a bit of the Flesh of Remembrance from the werebeast, you can eat it to restore your hunger, too. It spoils faster than other types of meat, however, so it’s better used to unlock the religion or to craft Offerings.

In the case of Offerings, you can use the Flesh of Remembrance to make Offerings to Mitra, for example, in Mitra’s shrine. Offerings allow you to level up the different shrines, so it’s worth making and using the Flesh of Remembrance. When you run out, you’ll need to take another trip to the Midnight Grove and defeat the boss again to harvest more.

The Flesh of Remembrance has several uses, with its ability to unlock the Jhebbal Sag religion and craft Offerings being the most vital.

Where to Get Flesh of Remembrance

midnight grove Conan Exiles Flesh of Remembrance
The Midnight Grove is as beautiful as it is deadly. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Jhebbal Sag is picky when it comes to his followers. He wants to make sure you’re bestial enough to join his ilk. To prove yourself to him and gain access to the Flesh of Remembrance, you must take a deadly stroll through the Midnight Grove.

Follow these steps to get your hands on the Flesh of Remembrance.

1. Find the Child of Jhebbal Sag and Unlock the Potion of Midnight

child of jhebbal Conan Exiles Flesh of Remembrance
The mysterious Child of Jhebbal. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The Midnight Grove is another plane of existence. It’s the domain of Jhebbal Sag and all those he deems worthy. To enter this plane, you need to craft a Potion of Midnight. You can only learn the recipe for the Potion of Midnight by speaking to the Child of Jhebbal Sag.

You’ll find him in the southwest section of the Den. He’s standing within a large rib cage all on his own. As a werehyena, he isn’t hard to miss. Speaking with him gives you an option to learn Midnight Alchemist. If you feel generous, you can also trade for the information by giving him some feral meat.

It’s worth talking to him, too, since he gives you some insight into Jhebbal Sag and the Midnight Grove. When you’re done talking to him, unlock the Midnight Alchemist Knowledge. It will cost you 1 Knowledge Point to unlock this particular Knowledge.

You also need the Firebowl Cauldron Knowledge unlocked. That Knowledge requires you to be level 15 and have 3 Knowledge Points to unlock it.

With the Knowledge unlocked, you can start collecting the resources needed to craft the Potion of Midnight.

2. Craft the Potion of Midnight and Enter the Midnight Grove

crafting midnight potion Conan Exiles Flesh of Remembrance
Crafting the Potion of Midnight. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

You can’t brew the Potion of Midnight just anywhere. You can only craft it at the Totem of Jhebbal. The Totem sits just behind the Child of Jhebbal, so it’s easy to find. Interacting with the Totem will show you the crafting resources for the Potion of Midnight.

The recipe looks like this:

  • 1 Water-filled glass flask
  • 5 Blood
  • 3 Bonemeal
  • 20 Yellow Lotus Powder

These resources are relatively easy to gather. If you can’t craft your own, you can find water-filled glass flasks in chests in various cities. If you have a fluid press, you can put in human limbs to extract blood. Bonemeal is another accessible resource to collect. You need to put bones or chitin into a grinder. Finally, yellow lotus powder comes from the yellow lotus flower. These flowers grow primarily around water sources, so head to the swamp if you’re out.

Once you have all your resources, you can put them in the Totem of Jhebbal and craft the Potion of Midnight. It only takes 10 seconds for the potion to brew.

With the potion in hand, consume it when you’re ready to travel to Midnight Grove. It will take you to an entirely different area, so make sure you have your weapons, healing consumables, and anything else you need for a fight with you before heading there.

3. Defeat Enemies and Bosses to Appease Jhebbal Sag

dungeon boss Conan Exiles Flesh of Remembrance
This guy is ready to gore you. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

To make it to the werebeast who drops the Flesh of Remembrance, you’ll need to pass through the Midnight Grove first. There are tons of enemies along the way. You’ll fight animals and followers of Jhebbal Sag every few feet.

It’s a slow grind with nowhere to escape, so you’ll want to bring a few weapons and healing consumables to make it through the trial. A few chests are scattered about the area with some food items, but you’ll want to bring some food and water to keep your character going.

There are also a few mini-bosses that you’ll need to defeat on the way. You can’t proceed deeper into the Grove without killing them. These bosses are animals like a black panther, a gorilla, a large ox, and a wolf.

Eventually, you’ll make it to the end of the Grove, where you’ll face your final test.

4. Defeat the Werebeast and Harvest Flesh of Remembrance

tony the tiger Conan Exiles Flesh of Remembrance
Tony the Tiger without employment. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

At the end of the Grove, Jhebbal Sag has his champion waiting for you. It’s a unique werebeast-like creature. I don’t know why, but it gave me Tony the Tiger vibes. He’s a difficult boss, so don’t let his appearance fool you.

When you finally kill him, take out your knife and harvest his body. Jhebbal Sag will tell you to eat it. If you want to unlock his religion, then do so. You should get a decent amount of Flesh of Remembrance, so you can always eat one and use the others for your other projects.

With the Flesh in your inventory, you can head through the portal to return to the Exiled Lands.

Why Should You Eat the Flesh of Remembrance

Jhebbal Sag Conan Exiles Flesh of Remembrance
The mighty Jhebbal Sag. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

If your intention with the Flesh of Remembrance was to use it to craft Offerings for your current god, I recommend still consuming it to unlock the religion of Jhebbal Sag. He is a powerful god whose altar allows you to craft unique items.

Since he’s the god of beasts, hunting, and untamed nature, he basically makes taming easier. His altar allows you to unlock new lures, which can help you capture certain animals. I find the lures exceptionally helpful as someone who can’t have enough animal tames.

The other primary reason to consider eating the Flesh of Remembrance is that you can summon Jhebbal Sag as an Avatar to fight for you. Consuming the flesh begins the process of leveling up his altar. You start with the beginning altar, but once you level it up to higher tiers of power, you can summon Jhebbal Sag.

He’s a substantial manticore-like creature that flies and wreaks destruction on your enemies. Whether you’re in PVP looking to take down a significant power on the map or PVE and want to destroy an encampment, Jhebbal is a great ally to have.

Questions and Answers

Question: What does the flesh of remembrance do in Conan Exiles?

Answer: The Flesh of Remembrance unlocks the religion of Jhebbal Sag. It’s also useful in crafting Offerings for certain gods like Mitra. In a pinch, you can also eat it to fill your food and water meters.

Question: How do you get the flesh of remembrance in Conan Exiles?

Answer: You need to travel to the Midnight Grove and defeat the werebeast, then harvest its body to receive the Flesh of Remembrance.

Question: How do you get Manifestations of Zeal in Conan Exiles?

Answer: You can craft Manifestations of Zeal in a god’s shrine. Each god has a specific ingredient required to make a Manifestation of Zeal. In Mitra’s case, one of those ingredients is the Flesh of Remembrance.

Unleash the Beast

Conan Exiles Flesh of Remembrance jhebaal sag
Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The worship of Jhebbal Sag is the perfect fit for anyone who likes taming, hunting, or were-creatures. As a huge fan of werewolves, the religion was a natural fit for me. But unlocking the religion requires effort and the willingness to consume the Flesh of Remembrance. Test your mettle against the forces of wild nature and witness the power of Jhebbal Sag for yourself.

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