Conan Exiles Fat Grub Guide – This Little Guy is More than What Meets the Eye

When I first saw a fat grub in Conan Exiles, I mistook it for a branch. So, when it started moving, I wasn’t ready for that jumpscare. Fat grubs are at the bottom of the food chain and easy to overlook. Not picking these guys up could be doing yourself a disservice, however.

Find out why the fat grub in Conan Exiles plays more of an important role than you may realize.

Bottom Line Up Front – Key Fat Grub Details

You just started in the desert and are low on food and water without a weapon. You need to eat something and fast. A rotund grub wiggling on the floor may be just what you need. Take a look and see what eating a grub can do for you.

Hunger Sated: 3
Thirst Quenched:5
Health Regeneration:1 Health/Second
Spoil Rate:10 seconds
Status Effect:Sated

Meet the Fat Grub – A Juicy Treat for Exiles and Creatures Alike

conan exiles fat grub location
Fat grubs lurking in the grass. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The fat grub is a creature in Conan Exiles. It’s basically a large worm that squirms around on the ground. It likes to spawn beneath trees in warm areas with some plant growth. You’re able to pick up grubs and eat them.

While they won’t fill your character up, at least eating a single one won’t; they can be a helpful snack. When you’re moments away from dying of hunger or thirst, a juicy grub may be just what you need. Even veteran players tend to keep a grub or two on hand–just in case.

They’re primarily helpful in hydrating your character when they’re low. A grub satisfies more thirst than hunger, after all.

The worm is also helpful for taming creatures, making certain food dishes, and producing silk. There’s a lot to this creature that only makes itself known later.

It’s easy to identify a fat grub. It looks like a worm with flesh-colored skin and a dark orange/brown head. It doesn’t move much but wiggles around in the grass. These creatures are close to the ground, and if you have your graphic settings on high, they can be challenging to see through the foliage.

Where to Find Fat Grubs in Conan Exiles – An Uncomfortably Large Worm in the Wastelands

grub location map conan exiles
Spawn area of fat grubs. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Spawn Region: Desert and River Biome
  • Spawn Frequency: Common
  • Description: Flesh-colored worm the size of your arm

If you have sharp eyes, a fat grub is one of the first creatures you’ll meet. They’re populous throughout the desert and river region of the map. The further north you travel, the less common they become. They prefer to spawn in the patches of grass beneath palm trees south of the river.

Sometimes, the grubs spawn alone. Other times, you find two or three grouped together. Since they don’t travel around, it’s easy to pick out where they will respawn after you remove one from its environment.

If I’m running low on grubs, I like to go through the desert and river area, picking them up as I go. I have a general idea of where they spawn, so I run the gauntlet and end up with many grubs in my inventory.

How to Farm Fat Grubs in Conan Exiles – Make Your Own Silk Factory

compost heap conan exiles
Small compost heap fat grub farm. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

While running through the desert to collect fat grubs is a good idea to top off your supplies, there is a better method. You can farm fat grubs by having a large number of compost heaps. Follow the steps below to start your own fat grub farm in Conan Exiles.

1. Unlock and Craft the Compost Heap

Knowledge Unlock:Peasant
Knowledge Point Cost:1
Level Unlock: 18
Crafting Resources:20 Shaped Wood
Weight: 2.50

The compost heap is part of the Peasant Knowledge tree. It includes farming and making compost to grow rare plants like Black Lotus. First, you need to unlock Peasant Knowledge. It requires you to be level 18 and have 1 Knowledge Point available.

Peasant Knowledge has no prerequisites, so you can unlock it when you hit level 18 and have a Knowledge Point to spend. The two placeables you’ll unlock are the planter and the compost heap.

To craft the compost heap, you’ll need 20 shaped wood. Put the shaped wood in your inventory and use the construction hammer to build it where you want it.

2. Make Compost to Attract Fat Grubs

The compost heap alone won’t attract fat grubs. You need compost for them to eat. There are several tiers to make compost, but since you’re just making a fat grub farm, it doesn’t need to be anything special. To make simple compost, put the following resources into the compost heap:

  • 5 Plant Fiber
  • 4 Bonemeal
  • 2 Putrid Meat

I usually put a whole stack of both in each compost heap so I can walk away and forget about it for a while. Just check on the heaps occasionally and fill up resources as needed.

3. Grow and Collect Fat Grubs

conan exiles how to grow and collect fat grubs
Farming grubs in the compost heap. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Composting takes a few seconds to make and appears in the compost heap. Once you have at least one compost in the heap, after 30 seconds, a fat grub will spawn in the heap, too.

The grubs will continue to spawn until you have a full stack of 50 grubs. If you have five compost heaps, you’re looking at farming 250 fat grubs after only a few minutes.

You don’t have to worry about losing out on compost, either. Although the grubs technically eat the compost, it doesn’t go away. You still have the compost to use in your planters. If one compost is in the heap, grubs will continue spawning.

With your farm set up, you’ll always have enough grubs.

Tips on Using Fat Grubs for Taming, Eating, and Producing Silk – A Surprisingly Robust Creature

Why would someone want so many fat grubs? These tasty morsels offer more benefits than merely keeping you from starving or dying from thirst. They’re useful for survival, production, and crafting purposes.

Take a look at some of the ways fat grubs can benefit you.

1. Tame Your Pets with Fat Grubs

conan exiles tamed shoebill from fat grubs
A tamed shoebill from fat grubs. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Pets help protect your base. They’re adorable and fun to keep around, too. Fat grubs allow you to grow some pets into adults. The animals that you can use fat grubs to tame include:

  • Ostrich Chick
  • Shoebill Chick
  • Siptah Pelican Chick
  • Spiderling
  • Scorpion Hatchling

There’s also a chance that the baby could grow into a rare variant. When feeding it fat grubs, in most cases, the possibility is relatively low for the rarest variants. As an example, for a shoebill chick to become a Variant B Shoebill adult, when fed fat grubs, there’s a 10% chance that it will occur. If you provide it shadespiced grubs, or shadespiced insects, the probability increases to 15%.

  • Side Tip: To make shadespiced grub, you need 25 fat grubs and 1 shadebloom. Put them on the stove to make it.

Since diet matters when growing babies into rare adult variants, you may want to hold off on using fat grubs. Fat grubs are an easy way to make babies grow if you don’t mind what variants you receive.

2. Fat Grubs Are Your Best Friend in Conan Exiles’ Early Days

Hunting down food and getting enough water is rough during your first few days in Conan Exiles. It’s challenging to get started, especially on a PVP map or a crowded PVE server. The easiest way to survive is to forage for fat grubs.

Whenever I start over on a new map, I always travel immediately to the grassy areas around the desert in search of grubs. If things get rough, I know I have some food and water on hand. Knowing where to get fat grubs can ensure you survive through the first few days on Conan Exiles while you start to craft tools and put a starter base together.

For a beginner player, fat grubs are a sight for sore eyes.

3. Used Grubs with Tamed Creatures to Produce Resources

While grubs are a helpful taming food, continuing to feed your pet grubs can also have them produce specific products. In most cases, animals will produce dung when fed fat grubs. Dung helps make compost, which you can use to grow your herbs or spawn more grubs.

Take a look at the table below to see what tames will produce what resources when fed fat grubs:

Ostrich:Dung, Feather
Shoebill:Dung, Feather
Spider:Dung, Ichor

Fat grubs can make it happen if you want to start a feather, dung, or ichor farm.

4. Use Fat Grubs to Catch Fish and Shellfish

Fishing is a great way to bring in a lot of food passively. You can set up a few fishing traps, and the fish will come right to you. Except fish require bait. Fat grubs are one of the best fishing baits to use in Conan Exiles.

While it won’t net you exotic fish after exotic fish, I love using them to keep a steady supply of fish coming in. Take a look at the table to see what type of fish fat grubs can bait and the chance-to-get percentage.

Unappetizing Fish:30%
Savory Fish:50%
Exotic Fish:20%
Unappetizing Shellfish:30%
Savory Shellfish:50%
Exotic Shellfish:20%

When using fat grubs, a fish only takes 1 minute to spawn in the trap. Even with a 20% chance of spawning an exotic fish, that’s okay for a quick spawn rate. Using fat grubs can keep a steady supply of fish in your base.

5. Craft Unique Cooking Recipes with Fat Grubs

On their own, fat grubs only satisfy 3 hunger. When cooked on the stove with a few other ingredients, you can make unique dishes that might provide a status bonus.

Take a look at the recipes you can make with grubs and the required ingredients:

Bug Kabob:1 Fat Grub, 1 Branch
Dafari Bug Soup:1 Soup, 5 Handful of Insects, 1 Fat Grub
Fiery-Hot Grubs:5 Fat Grubs, 2 Rare Spice
Shadespiced Fat Grub:25 Fat Grub, 1 Shadebloom
  • Side Tip: Some recipes may require you to go out into the world to unlock them. They’re not unlockable through merely learning from the primary Knowledge trees.

Grubs can provide many benefits when cooked with other ingredients.

6. Produce Silk and Become Rich

conan exiles fat grubs produce silk
Tier IV Tanner, Nyle Wolf-Pelt. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Silk is a precious resource in Conan Exiles. It’s a required resource to make powerful armor, gear, and even decorative items. While you can get silk from regularly collecting gossamer, one of the easiest ways is with a fat grub farm.

It takes 10 fat grubs to make 1 silk.

The process requires a bit of legwork. You’ll need a Tier IV tanner to take your fat grubs and extra silk from them. When you place a Tier IV tanner on a tanner’s bench, you should see the Extract Silk recipe become active.

silk extract conan exiles
Tanner extracting silk from grubs. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

They’ll start taking the grubs inside the bench and producing silk for you.

  • Side Tip: You can find out more about Tier IV thralls through our guide here.

You can use the silk to craft better equipment from there or head straight to the local merchant to trade. The bigger your fat grub farm is, the more silk you can make.

Questions and Answers

Question: How do I Collect Fat Grubs Fast in Conan Exiles?

Answer: A far grub farm is the easiest way to collect a lot of fat grubs in a short amount of time. The more compost heaps you have, the more grubs they’ll produce at a time. You could end up with a massive farm producing 1,000 grubs every few minutes.

Question: What Tanner Will Make Silk from Fat Grubs in Conan Exiles?

Answer: You need a Tier IV tanner to extract silk from fat grubs in Conan Exiles. One example is Firis Flickertongue, who has a chance of spawning in the Shrine of the Oracle.

Question: How do I Make Effective Compost in Conan Exiles?

Answer: You can make potent compost in Conan Exiles with the following recipe: 2 compost, 2 blood, and 2 raw ash. If you have a lot of dung, then you can also make potent compost with the following recipe: 2 compost, 10 dung, and 2 raw ash.

Enjoy Your Next Pocket Full of Squirming Fat Grubs

Whether you eat them, use them to tame pets, or make a silk empire, fat grubs have some incredible uses. Create a big farm of compost heaps, and you’re well on your way to starting your own Silk Road. Or, do like I do, and keep a few in your pocket for snacks.

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