Conan Exiles Climbing Boots Guide – Let No Mountain Hinder You!

If you’re not climbing in Conan Exiles, I’m sorry to say you’re playing the game wrong. That said, climbing can be challenging. I’ve likely fallen to my death more times than having an enemy slay me in battle. As tough as climbing is, it can save your character’s life.

The climbing boots can make scrambling up cliffs and mountains easier. Take a look at why pursuing and crafting this pair of boots can change the game for you.

Bottom Line Up Front – These Boots Turn You into a Mountain Goat

Have you ever marveled at a goat’s unique ability to climb vertical walls? You can join their ranks by crafting the climbing boots in Conan Exiles. Here are some quick details about them.

Crafting Station:Armorer’s Bench
Crafting/Knowledge Prerequisites:Mountaineer Knowledge, Armorer Knowledge
Required Crafting Resources:1 Light Boots, 5 Twine, 12 Iron Bar
Climbing Boots Features:Climbing Stamina Cost Reduction of 25%
Armor Type:Light
Armor Rating:3

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The Climbing Boots – An Exile’s Answer to Ascending to Great Heights

Climbing Boots Description conan exiles
In-game description of the climbing boots / Image by Will Butterworth

Whether escaping from a fight gone wrong or looking for the most efficient path to your destination, you’ll find yourself climbing in Conan Exiles. Scrambling up cliffs costs you stamina, or grit, as the game often calls it. Wearing armor, carrying heavy items in your inventory, and being injured affect how much stamina it costs to climb.

There are methods you can use to reduce the stamina cost, however, which can enable you to climb to great heights. A pair of climbing boots is one of those methods. It’s a piece of armor that aims to reduce stamina costs while climbing.

  • Side Tip: You can extend your stamina bonuses by using climbing gloves or modifying your armor with flexibility kits.

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Climbing boots reduce stamina costs by 25%.

Equipping them can make ascending cliffs a bit easier, but you’ll need to complete a challenge to get your hands on this coveted item.

How to Unlock the Climbing Boots

conan exiles how to ulock Climbing Boots
Knowledge requirements for crafting the climbing boots / Image by Will Butterworth
  • Knowledge Requirement: Mountaineer Knowledge
  • Knowledge Gained By: Mountaineer NPC
  • NPC Location: Atop Fingerfang Rock
  • Knowledge Prerequisites: Armorer

It’s easy to miss out on the climbing boots because the Knowledge you need to gain is out in the world. It’s not part of the traditional unlocks in your Knowledge menu. Follow these steps to unlock the ability to craft the climbing boots in Conan Exiles.

1. Head to Fingerfang Rock and Watch Out Along the Way

Fingerfang Rock conan exiles
Fingerfang Rock location / Image by Will Butterworth

Fingerfang Rock is just north of the Unnamed City in the Exiled Lands. It’s a towering but thin cliff with few areas to rest. And you need to climb to the top.

Getting to the base of the cliff is a challenge in itself. I suggest heading to the cliff from the east to avoid the swarm of undead enemies in the Unnamed City. You’ll only need to travel through the desert to get there. If you live in the northern section of the map, traveling south to the cliff is also a safe option.

Fingerfang Rock Map Location conan exiles
Fingerfang Rock location on the map / Image by Will Butterworth

There’s no shortage of Rocknoses and other creatures in the area, too, so be ready to run or fight.

  • Side Tip: Reaching the base of the cliff will kickstart the Mountaineer Journey. It’s worth following since it requires you to climb the cliff, speak to the Mountaineer, and craft the climbing boots, anyway.

2. Climb to the Top of Fingerfang Rock

To unlock the climbing boots, you must prove you’re worthy of them. That means climbing to the top of Fingerfang Rock. It’s possible to do without any modifications or climbing aids along the way, but it takes careful planning.

I’d suggest starting near the base of the cliff on its southern side. You can land on your feet and rest in a few areas. The hardest part is at the top of the cliff. Because the climbing system can be a bit buggy, there’s a chance that your character might think they’re in an area where they can rest and let go of the cliff wall.

  • Side Tip: To make this climb easier, it may be worth adding a few simple armor flexibility kits to your armor.

I’ve had my share of near-heart attacks and quick scrambling whenever my character did this. A solution is to climb to the left when you near the peak. There are just enough flat walls for your character to grab onto without bugging out.

The scariest part is actually climbing to the top. It’s a flat area, but a steep lip can cause your character to bug out. I have nearly jumped over the peak of the cliff several times. Climb slow and don’t run to avoid falling off the other side of the cliff.

3. Speak with the Mountaineer to Unlock Mountaineer Knowledge

Mountaineer NPC fighter conan exiles
The mountaineer NPC taking in the sights / Image by Will Butterworth

When you reach the top of Fingerfang Rock, you’ll find a man taking in the view. Speak with the Mountaineer NPC to unlock the Mountaineer Knowledge. The Knowledge enables you to craft the climbing boots provided you have the Armorer Knowledge unlocked, too.

The Mountaineer has some wise words, so getting to know him is worth it. If you have a fragment of power, then you can also trade it to him for the recipe to craft Reinforced Crafting Boots.

  • Side Tip: The Improved Crafting Boots offer the same stamina cost reduction percentage of 25%. It has better armor, though, at 8 rather than 3.

After talking to him, carefully return down the cliff and head to your base to craft your new boots.

How to Craft the Climbing Boots

Crafting climbing Boots conan exiles
Crafting the climbing boots / Image by Will Butterworth
  • Crafting Station: Armorer’s Bench
  • Crafting Resources: Light Boots, 5 Twine, 12 Iron Bar
  • Level Unlock: 0
  • Knowledge Prerequisites: Armorer

It’s time to finally craft the boots so you can make climbing cliffs easier. Crafting these boots requires you to unlock the Armorer Knowledge and an armorer’s bench. Follow these steps to craft the climbing boots in Conan Exiles.

1. Unlock the Armorer Knowledge

You already went to the Mountaineer to unlock the Mountaineer Knowledge, but it isn’t the only Knowledge you need. You’ll need to unlock that crafting station since you must make the climbing boots in the armorer’s bench.

You unlock it by learning the Armorer Knowledge. You need to be level 10 and have 2 Knowledge Points available to unlock this Knowledge. It also comes with its own prerequisites for unlocking the Weaver and Stone Tools Knowledge.

Level up if you don’t have enough Knowledge Points, then unlock the Armorer Knowledge.

2. Craft the Armorer’s Bench

If you’re wondering where the climbing boots’ recipe goes, then you’ll find it in the armorer’s bench. Don’t have the bench available yet? It’s time to make one.

To craft an armorer’s bench, you’ll need the following resources:

  • 200 Stone
  • 100 Wood
  • 25 Twine

These are basic resources, so they’re easy to find and accumulate. Craft the bench with your construction hammer and place it where you want it.

3. Gather Resources for the Climbing Boots

You need to put three types of resources into the armorer’s bench to craft the climbing boots. They include:

  • 1 Light Boots
  • 5 Twine
  • 12 Iron Bar

Let’s dig into each one to help you bring them all together.

First, light boots are an item you can craft in the armorer’s bench. You need 1 light padding and 15 hide to make them. Hide you can gather by killing and skinning certain animals and even people.

Light padding is something you make in the armorer’s bench, too. You need 26 hide and 5 twine to make one light padding. Basically, harvest a lot of hide for this step. Put all the resources in the bench and make the light boots.

Twine is an accessible resource since you can craft it from plant fiber. Just harvest some plants and make the five twine that you need.

The last resource, iron, might be more complex if you’re still a beginner in the game. You can make iron bars out of smelting ironstone. It’s a purple/blue stone found in the map’s northern areas. In the starting area, you can also find it in smaller quantities just north of the river.

iron stone conan exiles
Ironstone in the wild / Image by Will Butterworth

Harvest the nodes with a pickaxe, bring them to a furnace to smelt them into iron bars, then take 12 to your armorer’s bench.

With all the resources gathered, you can craft your climbing boots.

Why the Climbing Boots Aren’t a Fix-All for Climbing Stamina Cost Reduction

Now, while climbing boots can undoubtedly help reduce how much stamina drain you experience when climbing, they don’t do much compared to other methods. On their own, the boots only provide a 25% stamina reduction cost.

You can easily surpass this amount by using armor flexibility kits. The simple armor flexibility kit adds up to a 25% stamina reduction cost when used on all your armor pieces, so it isn’t a great substitute either. You see a big difference when you use an armor flexibility kit, advanced armor flexibility kit, or even gliding joints.

That isn’t to say that the climbing boots are worthless, however. They can be a great piece of gear early in the game when you can only craft simple armor flexibility kits. That’s because your total stamina reduction cost would be 45%. The boots would offer 25%, while the simple armor flexibility kits would add 5% to your remaining four armor pieces for a total of 20%.

Now, you might think of adding some gliding joints to your armor and going for a stamina reduction cost percentage over 100%. Unfortunately, the game caps climbing stamina reduction percentage at 90%. That also means wearing the climbing boots with several armor pieces with high-tier flexibility kits might push you past the cap. It’d be worthless, in other words.

While the climbing boots are great for beginners, I wouldn’t recommend wearing them once you’re able to start crafting more advanced flexibility kits.

Tips to Use Climbing Boots Effectively – Falling is Still a Threat

The climbing boots in Conan Exiles can get you as close to living the life of a mountain goat as possible, but there are a few tips to keep in mind to get the most out of them. Knowing how the stamina reduction cap works, how other aspects of your gear might influence your stamina, and whether you should go for an improved version of the boots can help you plan your next climb for success.

Consider the tips below to avoid falling to a gruesome, and frankly frustrating, death.

1. Understand How the Stamina Reduction Cap Works to Avoid Wasting Your Time

Since the game has a stamina reduction cost cap of 90%, there’s a chance that the climbing boots will push you over that cap. This renders them useless since they won’t give you the total 25% stamina reduction bonus.

Take the time to learn how each flexibility kit works for your armor, then apply them to get the most out of them. If you want to wear climbing boots and flexibility kits, then a possible build to get the full effect would look like this:

  • 1 Climbing Boots
  • 1 Gliding Joint Kit on Armor Piece
  • 1 Advanced Armor Flexibility Kit on Armor Piece
  • 1 Armor Flexibility Kit on Armor Piece

Climbing boots would give you 25%, the Gliding Joint would give you 40%, the Advanced Armor Flexibility Kit would give you 15%, and the Armor Flexibility Kit would give you 10% for a total of 90%.

That would still allow you to have one additional armor piece that you could modify.

2. Keep in Mind the Type of Armor and How It Impacts Armor Rating and Stamina Cost

Light armor impacts your stamina costs less than heavy armor. Light armor also has a lower armor rating than heavy armor. These details can also help you determine whether you should wear the climbing boots. Is it worth wearing if your light armor isn’t hindering your climbing, anyway?

The suggested build above, to reach the 90% stamina cap without going over, also determines your armor rating. Climbing boots only have an armor rating of 3. They only provide a little armor. Is it worth switching them out when going from exploring to combat?

That’s a personal preference. I use armor flexibility kits, so I switch out the climbing boots for heavier armor to beef up my guy. But if you’re someone who prefers to explore rather than fight, then the climbing boots may be the better option.

3. Climbing Boots Won’t Help Against Glitchy Climbing Mechanics

While climbing is a vital part of Conan Exiles, it does have its frustrating moments. It could be a smoother mechanic. There are moments when I’ll be climbing across a gap only for my character to decide to jump away from the cliff and to his death. There are also moments, not unlike when climbing up Fingerfang Rock, where he’ll jump over the cliff to his death.

Your climbing boots will be of little help here. At most, they’ll allow you more time to plan your climb. When climbing, my best advice is to stick to the flat walls as much as possible. This method might mean a longer path upward, but those climbing boots should help.

4. Craft Reinforced Climbing Boots to Balance Armor with Stamina Reduction Percentages

Improved Climbing Boots Grafting conan exiles
Crafting reinforced climbing boots / Image by Will Butterworth

If the puny armor rating of 3 isn’t doing it for you, then there is a better version of the climbing boots. The pair of reinforced climbing boots is an advanced-tier gear item you can unlock by trading a fragment of power with the Mountaineer.

Take a look at its details:

Crafting Station:Armorer’s Bench
Crafting/Knowlege Prerequisites:Mountaineer Knowledge, Armorer Knowledge

ired Crafting Resources:

1 Light Boots (Epic), 10 Twine, 4 Star Metal Bar
Features:Climbing Stamina Cost Reduction of 25%
Armor Type:Light
Armor Rating:8

You get the 25% stamina reduction cost and an armor rating of 8. These are a better option for those who blend exploration and combat. It’s an Epic armor item, too, so you’ll need to travel to some dangerous areas to get the resources you need to craft them.

However, these might be a better option for veteran players and those who go between exploring and fighting seamlessly.

Questions and Answers

Question: Where can you unlock the climbing boots in Conan Exiles?

Answer: To unlock the climbing boots, speak with the Mountaineer atop Fingerfang Rock in Conan Exiles.

Question: Do the climbing boots affect running and combat stamina in Conan Exiles?

Answer: No, the climbing boots only reduce stamina consumption when climbing.

Question: Are the climbing boots or reinforced climbing boots better in Conan Exiles?

Answer: The reinforced climbing boots are better because they have a higher armor rating while still providing a 25% stamina cost reduction when climbing.

Strap on Your Climbing Boots and Start Ascending

The climbing boots can be great gear for those early in the game. With its stamina cost reduction percentage of 25%, you can stack it with some armor flexibility kits to make climbing even easier. That said, veterans might prefer the reinforced climbing boots since they offer more armor.

Take a trip to Fingerfang Rock and start your mountaineering journey, then climb where only the mountain goats dare to go.

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