Conan Exiles Offering to Mitra Guide

Ever wanted to drop an avatar of a destructive god on your enemies in PVP or PVE on Conan Exiles? Having faith and showing devotion to a particular god lets you do that. I’ve seen entire bases fall to the wrath of a god summoned up by a faithful player.

These gods won’t destroy your enemies for just anything, though. You need to pay them offerings. For those who follow Mitra, the Offering to Mitra is your tithe.

Conan Exiles Mitra

Bottom Line Up Front – Manifest Your Zeal

During character creation, you can choose Mitra as your religion. By doing so, you automatically unlock the Shrine of Mitra. Take a look and see if Mitra’s benefits align with your goals.

Knowledge UnlockAcolyte of Mitra Knowledge
Level Unlock1
Knowledge Point Cost50
Crafting StationShrine of Mitra
Crafting Resources1 Lingering Essence

Offering to Mitra – A Tithe of Life for a God’s Favor

Providing an offering to Mitra is paying the god a favor or tribute. It isn’t an item. It’s a crafting recipe. When you craft the recipe, you receive a Manifestation of Zeal.

The Manifestations of Zeal allow you to upgrade your place of worship and craft new recipes.

Since Mitra is the god of healing, light, honor, and justice, he prefers his followers to remove injustice from the world. In the world of Conan the Barbarian, this usually means that his followers are pretty zealous. They see dishonor and injustice everywhere and use that excuse to murder in their god’s name.

As a player, you must go around with a unique weapon called the Mitraen Ankh and defeat people, too. You gain a component that allows you to make an Offering to Mitra, which results in a Manifestation of Zeal.

The more people you kill, the more Manifestations you can make. You’re going to need to slaughter a lot of people if you want to create an Avatar of your god and have him destroy your enemies.

How to Unlock the Offering of Mitra

conan exiles offering to mitra unlock
Unlocking the Offering to Mitra crafting recipe. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

There are two ways to become a follower of Mitra and be able to craft Offerings to Mitra. Even if you already have selected a god at character creation, you can still worship Mitra. Just be aware that the gods grow jealous of each other.

Follow these steps to unlock the Offering of Mitra and the Mitra religion.

1. Choose Mitra as Your God in Character Creation

During character creation, you can choose what religion you want your character to follow. Mitra is one of those options. The benefit of selecting Mitra from the start is that it automatically unlocks the Shrine of Mitra. You don’t need to spend Knowledge Points on it to unlock it.

That’s why knowing which god offers the benefits that complement your character build is vital. Everyone can do with a bit of healing, so Mitra is a popular choice.

2. Learn the Religion from a Trainer for Free

If you’re like me, you may not have chosen Mitra during character creation. I prefer Ymir since he fits better with the background and style of play for my character. However, I would still like to be able to craft the recipes that Mitra’s shrine offers. There’s an option to learn another religion without losing your existing one.

You need to find a religious trainer for the particular religion you want to unlock.

In Mitra’s case, you need to find Muriela the Artisan. She’s a priestess of Mitra who can teach you the religion.

Conan Exiles Offering to Mitra muriela the artisan
Muriela the Artisan. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Muriela is in Muriela’s Hope, just south of the Den and close to some pools of water. She won’t attack you if you interact with her. Instead, she’ll unlock the Mitra religion. Now, while talking to her and unlocking the religion is free, there’s still a heavy cost.

Conan Exiles Offering to Mitra muriela the artisan map location
Muriela’s location on the map. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

To unlock the Acolyte of Mitra Knowledge, you must pay 50 Knowledge Points. That’s the downside of not choosing Mitra, or any other god whose religion you want to learn, at character creation.

3. Build the Acolyte of Mitra Shrine

  • Crafting Resources: 360 Stone, 160 Wood, 20 Twine
  • Crafting Station: Construction Hammer
  • Crafting Time: Immediate
  • XP Gained: 7160

The final step to unlock the Offering to Mitra recipe is to build the Acolyte of Mitra Shrine. In the shrine, you can put ingredients and start making offerings.

After spending 50 Knowledge Points on the shrine, you can access the recipe in your construction hammer. You’ll need 360 stone, 160 wood, and 20 twine in your inventory to craft it.

Place it where you want, and you’ll notice you have a few recipes already unlocked within the shrine. One of those recipes is the Offering to Mitra.

  • Side Tip: You may be unable to put the Shrine to Mitra in your base if you already have another god’s shrine nearby. They don’t like being close to each other. Move the Shrine far from your base to keep the gods happy.

How to Craft the Offering of Mitra

Conan Exiles Offering to Mitra mitraen ankh
Harvesting Lingering Essence with the Mitraen Ankh. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

All the gods in Conan Exiles are demanding, and they require the ultimate sacrifice. To craft an Offering to Mitra, you will need Lingering Essence. Check out the steps below on harvesting Lingering Essence to craft an Offering to Mitra.

1. Craft the Mitraen Ankh in the Shrine of Mitra

Conan Exiles Offering to Mitra crafting mitraen ankh
Crafting the Mitraen Ankh. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Crafting Resources: 5 Branch, 15 Iron Bars
  • Crafting Station: Shrine of Mitra
  • Crafting Time: 20 Seconds
  • XP Gained: 70

Every god has a specific weapon to harvest the ingredients they require for worship. In Mitra’s case, you need to make the Mitraen Ankh. It’s relatively inexpensive to make the basic Mitraen Ankh. It only requires 5 branches and 15 iron bars.

As you upgrade the shrine further, however, you’ll need high-tier resources to make the more powerful versions of the ankh.

2. Defeat Enemies and Gather Lingering Essence

With the Mitraen Ankh equipped, it’s time to harvest Lingering Essence. What I like to do when going on an Essence spree is to clear out an easy stronghold. For beginners, you should just run from camp to camp in the desert region.

Those with slightly more time in the game should bring their ankhs to The Den. This is an excellent starter stronghold and can allow you to harvest many Essences in a single trip.

To harvest Lingering Essence, you must kill the target with the ankh. When the target dies, you’ll notice that a Lingering Essence will add to your inventory.

3. Bring Lingering Essences to the Shrine of Mitra and Craft the Offering to Mitra

You only need one Lingering Essence to make one Manifestation of Zeal through the Offering to Mitra recipe. Dump all your Essences into the shrine, then craft as many as possible.

To upgrade your shrine, you’ll need at least 30 Manifestations of Zeal and other resources to turn the Shrine of Mitra into the Sanctuary of Mitra.

Should You Craft Offerings to Mitra or Ambrosia?

When you first unlock the Shrine of Mitra, you’ll notice you have a few recipes to make the Manifestation of Zeal. There’s the Offering to Mitra, and then there’s ambrosia. Both require Lingering Essence as a crafting resource.

When you craft Manifestations of Zeal through the Offering to Mitra recipe with your Lingering Essence, you only receive one Manifestation of Zeal.

When you craft Manifestations of Zeal through the ambrosia recipe with your Lingering Essence, you gain one ambrosia and one Manifestation of Zeal.

mitra religion conan exiles

Which Is Better?

I think putting your Lingering Essence toward ambrosia is ultimately a better choice until you have so much ambrosia that you don’t need it anymore. That’s because you’re still getting the Manifestation of Zeal that you need and at the same rate that you would get it if you were crafting it with the Offering to Mitra.

The significant difference is that the ambrosia recipe also gives you ambrosia.

Why Does Ambrosia Matter?

It’s a consumable that offers better healing properties than many starter healing consumables. It also gives you Mitra’s Blessing. The Blessing lasts for 10 minutes, increasing your total health by 40 points and giving you +10% strength-based weapon damage. That’s a powerful blessing.

While the Offering to Mitra recipe is practical when you don’t need ambrosia, I find that having the consumable on hand can help you in a tricky spot. Personally, I’d put my Lingering Essence toward crafting ambrosia.

Questions and Answers

Question: What does the Offering of Mitra do in Conan Exiles?

Answer: The Offering of Mitra is a crafting recipe that lets you craft Manifestations of Zeal, which you use to upgrade your shrine.

Question: How do you get Lingering Essence in Conan Exiles?

Answer: The MItraen Ankh lets you harvest Lingering Essence from defeated enemies in Conan Exiles.

Question: Can you learn the religion of Mitra if you already have a religion in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Yes, you can learn the religion of Mitra even if you have already selected a god for your character in Conan Exiles. You need to find a trainer for the religion you wish to learn and have 50 Knowledge Points available to unlock it.

Make Your Offerings and Appease Mitra

While Offerings to Mitra is a slightly outdated way to craft Manifestations of Zeal, it’s still helpful for those with boxes full of ambrosia. It just gives you a Manifestation of Zeal, which may be all you need. Appeasing the gods can earn you special boons and recipes, so start sacrificing lives to Mitra and prove your faith by building a bigger and bigger shrine.

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