Conan Exiles Flexibility Kit Guide – Stop Falling from Cliffs Because of Your Armor

I often have a problem when climbing in Conan Exiles. It’s embarrassing to admit because it’s very much a newbie problem. I do nothing to stop my armor from eating up my stamina. So, what happens? I run out of stamina before reaching the top of the cliff and fall to my death.

If this is a problem you’re experiencing, too, then there’s an easy solution. It can take your climbing game from newb to veteran. A simple armor flexibility kit can stop your armor from eating into your stamina. Here’s how it works.

Bottom Line Up Front – Key Simple Armor Flexibility Kit Details

Time is limited in the Exiled Lands. Prepare for your next climb with these key details of the simple armor flexibility kit.

Level Unlock:26
Knowledge Point Cost:3
Weight: 1.75
Knowledge Prerequisites:Apprentice Armorsmith
Crafting Resources:10 Iron Bar

10 Plant Fiber

Crafting Station:Tinker’s Bench

The Simple Armor Flexibility Kit – a Simple Tool for Climbing in Armor

Wearing certain types of armor eats into your stamina when you perform certain actions. Fighting, running, and climbing are some main activities that use stamina. If you wear heavy armor, it has a higher percentage of stamina consumption than if you wear light or no armor.

The result is taking more breaks to climb, harvest, or swing your weapon. You don’t always have the opportunity to take a break when climbing. You will either make it to the top or drop to the ground.

Flexibility kits, like the simple armor flexibility kit, allow you to reduce how much stamina the armor consumes. The simple armor flexibility kit is the basic version of the kit. There are three other tiers besides it—the more advanced the tier, the more stamina cost reduction percentage it offers.

conan exiles flexibility kit
The lore behind the simple flexibility kit

After unlocking the Apprentice Armorsmith Knowledge, armorsmiths can craft the simple armor flexibility kit. That makes it the first flexibility kit players can use to modify their armor for less stamina cost.

Don’t want to fall from cliffs because of your armor anymore? Then, keep reading to learn more about how the simple armor flexibility kit can help.

How Simple Armor Flexibility Kits Benefit Your Armor

  • Stamina Cost Reduction Percentage: 5%
  • Total Stamina Cost Reduction Percentage: 25%

A simple armor flexibility kit aims to reduce the stamina cost when climbing with armor. It reduces stamina costs by 5%. You can stack simple armor flexibility kits by adding one to each piece of armor. With this particular kit, you’re looking at an overall stamina cost reduction of 25% if you put a kit on each armor piece.

There are more advanced flexibility kits, too. The armor flexibility kit, advanced flexibility kit, and gliding joints reduce stamina climbing costs.

Here’s a quick look at how each compares to the other regarding effectiveness.

Tier:Stamina Cost Reduction Percentage:
Simple Armor Flexibility Kit5% 
Armor Flexibility Kit10%
Advanced Armor Flexibility Kit15%
Gliding Joints40%

Now, you might look at that table and think the gliding joints are the only kit worth pursuing. It’s an easy mistake because the game doesn’t outright tell you there’s a cap on stamina cost-reduction gear. You can only reduce up to 95%.

Anything beyond that goes to waste. It’s worth making a few simple armor flexibility kits and putting them on a slot or two of armor to ensure you can reach 95% but not over it. Because they’re also easy to make, they’re an excellent way for beginners to mitigate how costly their armor is regarding stamina and climbing.

How to Unlock the Simple Armor Flexibility Kit Recipe in Conan Exiles

conan exiles unlocking the armorer knowledge
Unlocking the Armorer Knowledge
  • Knowledge Unlock: Apprentice Armorsmith
  • Knowledge Point Cost: 3
  • Level Unlock: 26

Unlocking the simple armor flexibility kit recipe in Conan Exiles requires buying the Apprentice Armorsmith Knowledge. It costs 3 Knowledge Points to unlock this Knowledge. After purchasing it, you’ll receive the recipes for the following:

  • Thin Armor Plating
  • Armor Reduction Kit
  • Simple Armor Flexibility Kit
  • Tinker’s Bench

The tinker’s bench is a vital crafting station because that’s where you’ll make the different flexibility kits.

  • Side Tip: Unlocking the Apprentice Armorsmith comes with a few Knowledge prerequisites. The Apprentice Armorsmith requires the Armorer Knowledge, which, in turn, requires the Weaver and Stone Tools Knowledge. You may need to unlock those first to access the Apprentice Armorsmith Knowledge.

There’s also a level requirement for unlocking the Apprentice Armorsmith Knowledge. You need to reach level 26 before you’ll be able to purchase it. Once you have the Knowledge, you can start crafting simple armor flexibility kits.

How to Craft the Simple Armor Flexibility Kit – a Great Crafter’s Early Recipe

  • Crafting Resources: 10 Iron Ingots, 10 Plant Fiber
  • Crafting Station: Tinker’s Bench
  • Resource Harvesting Difficulty: Easy
  • Craft Time: 10 Seconds
  • XP Gained from Crafting: 60

If you have yet to do much crafting or modifying armor, the simple armor flexibility kit is a great learning tool. It doesn’t require too many awful crafting resources, and all the resources are close to the starting area. Follow these steps to unlock and craft the simple armor flexibility kit.

1. Unlock the Weaver, Stone Tools, and Apprentice Armorsmith Knowledge

To unlock the simple armor flexibility kit, you must first unlock the Weaver and Stone Tool Knowledge. Both cost 0 Knowledge Points, so this is a no-brainer to unlock. You’ll then be able to unlock the Apprentice Armorsmith, which, in turn, unlocks the simple armor flexibility kit.

  • Side Tip: Check your level if your Apprentice Armorsmith Knowledge is still red despite having unlocked all its prerequisites. You need to be level 26 to unlock the Apprentice Armorsmith Knowledge, regardless of whether or not you have the previous Knowledge unlocked.

2. Unlock and Build the Tinker’s Bench

You need the right crafting station to craft the simple armor flexibility kit. It uses the Tinker’s Bench. You’ll need to be level 12 to unlock the Apprentice Tinker Knowledge. It costs 2 Knowledge Points.

It also has some Knowledge prerequisites. Those include:

  • Iron Tools Knowledge
  • Blacksmith Knowledge
  • Armorer Knowledge

You should already have the Armorer Knowledge unlocked, so spend your Knowledge Points on the other two to access the tinker’s bench.

conan exiles tinker's bench
The tinker’s bench

To craft the tinker’s bench, you’ll need the following resources:

  • 100 Wood
  • 25 Iron Bars

With your tinker’s bench ready, it’s time to craft your simple armor flexibility kit.

3. Gather Your Resources and Craft the Simple Armor Flexibility Kit

Crafting the kit requires 10 iron ingots and 10 plant fibers. The fibers are easy to come by. All you need to do is harvest some bushes.

If you haven’t harvested iron ore before, it’s an excellent time to learn. You can recognize ironstone by its blue/purple color. It’s found in significant quantities the further north you go, but you can find a few nodes just north of the river in the starting area.

blunted javelin iron ore conan exiles
Ironstone in the wild

For this particular resource run, I’ll cross the river and run along the cliffs near Gallaman’s Tomb. There are a few ironstone nodes scattered around this area. On the way back, I’ll collect plant fibers and eat a few bugs to stay full.

You’ll need a furnace to smelt the ironstone into iron ingots. Once you have 10, bring them and the plant fiber to the tinker’s bench. You should see the recipe on the right. Click it and craft as many as you need.

conan exiles crafting armor flexibility kit
Crafting the simple armor flexibility kit in the tinker’s bench

It will spit out the simple armor flexibility kit in the bench once it’s done crafting. You can move it to your inventory and apply it to any armor piece you want. You’ll know it’s properly applied if it has a purple glow behind the armor piece image.

conan exiles flexibility kit applied
Amor with the simple flexibility kit applied to it

When all your armor pieces have the simple flexibility kit applied to them, you’ll notice your armor doesn’t quite eat into your stamina as much when climbing. It’s time to conquer the cliffs!

Questions and Answers

Question: How do You Use flexibility Kits on Your Armor in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Remove the armor from your slot if you’re wearing it and place it in your inventory. Drag the flexibility kit onto the armor. You’ll know it’s modified if you see the background of the armor image change color.

Question: Can You Stack Flexibility Kits on Your Armor in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Yes, you can stack flexibility kits on your armor in Conan Exiles. You just need to drag the kit onto different armor pieces. Remember that there’s a cap on stamina cost reduction at 95%.

Question: Can You Wear Different Tiers of Flexibility Kits on Your Armor at the Same Time in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Yes, you can wear different armor pieces with varying tiers of flexibility kits simultaneously. Your helmet might have a simple flexibility kit, while your chest piece might have a gliding joint flexibility kit.

Craft Flexibility Kits to Give You an Edge

Flexibility kits can give you that last boost when you need just a little more stamina to make it to the top of a cliff, but your armor keeps eating into your stamina. The simple armor flexibility kit is a great beginner’s modification to make your armor support your exploration rather than hinder it.

If you’re looking to reduce your stamina costs even more, then be sure to look into crafting the armor flexibility, advanced armor flexibility kit, and gliding joints flexibility kit.

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