Conan Exiles Godbreaker Armor Guide

Conan Exiles Godbreaker Armor Guide: Not Champion’s Armor, But Still Pretty Darn Good

A Conan Exiles Godbreaker armor guide will help you get one of the best armor sets in the game. Godbreaker Armor is a knowledge that unlocks three types of armor. The legendary Godbreaker armor is ranked just under the Arena Champion armor – the best in the game.

In fact, I often prefer the Godbreaker armor due to the extra carry capacity. That, paired with the lighter weight, ensures you can move more freely. One reason the Arena Champion’s armor is considered better is that the full set gives full protection from heat and cold.

But overall, I think the Godbreaker armor is just as good, and just as easy to get. However, “just as easy” is a relative term and doesn’t mean that the Godbreaker armor won’t be a pain to get a full set of.

Godbreaker Armor Overview

  • Total Base Armor – 1208
  • Total Cold Resistance – Max (50)
  • Total Heat Resistance – 5
  • Stat Bonuses – Stamina +5, Carrying Capacity +15%, Strength Weapon Damage +3%, Agility Weapon Damage +3%
  • Location – Warmaker’s Sanctuary (Champion’s room)

Godbreaker Armor Piece-By-Piece

Godbreaker armor Conan Exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Godbreaker armor has great stats as a set, but getting that full set won’t be easy. So I suggest mixing and matching. To do that, you need to know what each piece does to make the best decision.

Godbreaker Helmet

Godbreaker helmet conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The helmet’s extra benefits include protection from noxious gas and sandstorms. This includes protection from the hot sprints and gaseous orbs (which you may see in PvP.) The helmet also grants extra stamina.

Godbreaker Plate

Godbreaker plate conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The benefit of the Godbreaker Plate is that it heals you one HP every five seconds, which cannot be interrupted by taking damage. This stacks with any other health regeneration that you have.

Godbreaker Grips

Godbreaker grips conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The grips are the only piece that grants extra strength weapon damage. So if you use strength weapons, it’s a good idea to choose the gloves before the other pieces, especially the leggings.

Godbreaker Leggings

Godbreaker leggings conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Godbreaker Leggings grant agility weapon damage, my favorite because I love daggers and katanas. But on top of that, the leggings increase stamina gained from each tick but don’t increase the frequency of ticks.

Godbreaker Boots

Godbreaker boots conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Godbreaker Boots are the piece that gives extra carrying capacity. But they also transfer durability when you’re hit to your weapon, which can prove valuable when you wield a legendary.

Where to Learn Godbreaker Armor

Kaels Stronghold Map Location conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

To learn all three Godbreaker armor types, you must enter the Warmaker’s Sanctuary dungeon. The Warmaker’s Sanctuary is located at Kael’s Stronghold, northeast of Sepermeru.

You don’t have to head here the first time you reach Sepermeru. I’d wait until I was at least level 50 or had a few max-level thralls or friends. After all, you can’t use some recipes until you’re max-level.

What to Expect

Warmakers Sancutarty Outside conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Warmaker’s sanctuary has skeletons and wights that you must deal with before reaching the Godbreaker stele. When you reach the Arena with the Arena Champion, I suggest using the stele to teach you Arena Champion’s Armor while you’re there.

Watch for traps that can be seen when you get close as spikes sticking out of the ground or landmines. You must follow a few steps in the dungeon before reaching the Godbreaker armor stele.

Step 1: The Inner Sanctum

Hallway In Warmakers Sanctuary conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

In the statue room, you must go into each door to fight the bosses. There are three of them that drop statues that you must place on the correct spots on the map on the Inner Sanctum. Don’t worry about placing them in the wrong spot because it doesn’t hurt much as long as you don’t let them stack.

After you defeat all three bosses and place the statues, you will get three key fragments that create the Inner Sanctum Key. Use the key to open the door that was previously locked.

Step 2: The Trap Room

This is the room with a ton of traps that are easy to avoid if you pay attention. In this room, look for a large boss wight that will drop the Key to the Arena. He’s annoying, but he doesn’t hit too hard.

After you get the key, find the arena room at the other end of the trap room. Inside, there’s an Arena Champion, one of the game’s strongest bosses. She does so much damage that without a few thralls or teammates, it’s a challenge that will keep you up a night or two.

Step 3: Ice Cave

Now, you don’t have to fight the Arena Champion; you can run past her, and she will give up after a while. The next area is the ice cave with a ton of spiders and other enemies.

Inside, there’s a ton of treasure, but if you just want to get the armor knowledge, run past until you reach a door with a green forcefield. Once you enter, you cannot go back through.

Step 4: Champion of the Warmaker

Godbreaker Armor On Warmaker conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

This is the boss that’s wearing the Godbreaker armor and the room where you will learn the knowledge. He’s called the Champion of the Warmaker, and he’s much easier than the Arena Champion.

Not only does he not hit as hard, but he’s much slower. So he’s easy to dodge. You don’t have to fight the Warmaker to learn the knowledge; you can just grab the red stele in that room. But you do have to have armor scraps, which the Warmaker drops.

Killing the Arena Champion and the Warmaker is the only way to get the armor scraps. So you have to kill at least one of them to make a piece or two of armor. This won’t be your only visit if you want the full set.

Everything You Need for Godbreaker Armor

Stele For Godbreaker Armor conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Finding everything you need to make something in Conan Exiles can be overwhelming. It’s even worse when you think you have everything but then have to gather something from the other side of the map when you were just there.

Knowing what you need beforehand can reduce the stress of the situation. I won’t list the common ingredients here as you either have them or can quickly gather them, but I mention them below each entry.

Armor Scraps (28 per piece, total of 140)

You can only get armor scraps in the Warmaker’s Sanctuary from the main two bosses – Arena Champion and Champion of the Warmaker. You get 10-15 from the Warmaker and 5-8 from the Arena Champion. I suggest farming only the Warmaker because he gives more and is easier to fight.

Alchemical Base (16 per piece, total of 80)

To make an Alchemical Base, you need the Firebowl Cauldron. So learn the recipe and make the cauldron. For the base, you need Silver Dust, Gold Dust, and Ichor. Find the silver/gold bars or coins and grind them in the grinder.

There’s a great guide for getting gold dust here, and the method can also be used for silver dust. As for Ichor, just kill poisonous or venomous creatures (spiders, scorpions, salamanders) and harvest them with a hatchet or pickaxe.

Dragonpowder (2 each piece, total of 10)

Another Firebowl Cauldron recipe is the Dragonpowder, which you need for Godbreaker Armor but not the Rusted Armor. For Dragonpowder, you need Steelfire, Crystal, Brimstone, and Demon Blood.

Steelfire is made with Tar and Brimstone. Crystal is harvested from Rocknoses and spawns in random caves like Hanuman’s Grotto near the start. Brimstone is found from harvesting a ton of creatures, including Rocknoses. Finally, Demon Blood is only harvested from tough enemies like Corrupted ones or bats.

Star Metal Bars (Total of 117)

Star Metal Bars are extremely difficult to get because you find the ore in the snow and because the ore “spawns” randomly. To find the ore, hang out in the tundra and wait.

Around every 30 minutes, an event triggers, which has a chance for a meteor shower. Then meteorites will fall and crash land. When they do, they leave a shell you must destroy with explosives.

Only then can you harvest the ore with something at least as strong as a Hardened Steel Pickaxe. To smelt the ore into bars, you need brimstone, black ice, and a furnace.

Perfected Heavy Padding (1 each piece, total of 5)

You must know the Exile Epics recipe (a max-level recipe) to make this padding. You also need Hardened Leather, Elephant Hide, and Twine. The last is easy, but the other two will take some time.

You need to kill elephants that spawn in the Savanna for elephant hide. But for Hardened Leather, you need Leather, Thick Leather, Alchemical Base, and Oil. The Thick Leather is the hardest part, but you can use Bear, Rhino, Elephant, or Thick Hide. The heads also work to create Hardened Leather.

Chilled Godbreaker Armor

  • Total Base Armor – 1061
  • Total Cold Resistance – 5
  • Total Heat Resistance – Max (50)
  • Stat Bonuses – Stamina +5, Carrying Capacity +15%, Strength Weapon Damage +3%, Agility Weapon Damage +3%

Chilled Godbreaker armor is another set that you learn at the same time as the standard set. As a full set, the chilled armor has protection from heat but loses protection from cold.

It has all the same bonuses but slightly less armor. You need the same ingredients to make it, but it weighs more and is less durable. So unless you’re going to the volcano, it’s not worth it.

How to Make the Godbreaker Armor Stronger

Arena Room conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Godbreaker armor can have the stats nearly doubled with the right attributes and thralls working on the benches used to create the armor. It’s amazing as it is, but why not make it better?

Better Thralls

A T4 Sheildwright will grant the most extra armor. T4 Scoutwrights will grant the most weight reduction. Temperwrights will grant the most durability. So choose whichever is important to you as they all give the same bonuses.

Any thrall will grant bonuses and increase the stats of the armor. But I recommend getting any T4 to make sure you make the most out of this expensive armor or you may regret it.

Better Attributes

If you want to increase the power of the Godbreaker Armor, I suggest reassigning points if you’re max level. Grit is your best bet for pure armor increase as it grants a ton of armor per tick. But expertise can make you more nimble with heavy armor as it increases carry weight.

However, specific perks are helpful. The 15-point perk for Strength grants 100 armor when you’re below half health, and the 20-point one grants even more. Vitality pairs well with good armor as it increases your health pool, which ignores armor penetration.


Question: Can You Get Godbreaker Armor Before Level 60?

Answer: Not unless someone else makes it for you. You can wear it, but to get the recipes you need, like Exile Epics, you have to be level 60. This is end-game armor, so it should require an end-game level.

Question: Are There Godbreaker Weapons?

Answer: No. But the Warmaker weapons go with the Godbreaker armor as they were both used by the Warmaker. You can get the Warmaker weapon recipes in the same room as the armor.

Question: Does the Warmaker Drop Armor?

Answer: No. You cannot get Godbreaker armor from the Champion of the Warmaker. But he does drop armor scraps necessary to make the armor. He can however drop weapons.

Godbreaker Armor – To Skip or Not to Skip

Godbreaker armor is an amazing armor set, and I often wear it as my endgame set. If you can’t decide between the Arena Champion’s armor and the Godbreaker’s, I’d make whichever one I had more ingredients for.

After all, the Godbreaker armor has multiple steps and is usually more difficult to make. But by the time you’ve made it to the Warmaker’s Sancutary and can make either of these armors, you’re probably pretty stocked up.

That’s why I recommend taking it slow. I sometimes make the mistake of zooming through games on the first playthrough. Then I learn that in the second round, it’s better to stop and gather when you find new materials, don’t stay under-leveled, and just enjoy where you’re at in the game.

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