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The world of Conan Exiles is not a solitary one. No, the world is filled with characters ready to meet you. Some of these Conan Exiles characters are front and center in the storyline, whereas others are squirreled away in the quiet corners of the world.

Today, we’ll be finding all of the characters you can interact with in Conan Exiles. Some people are incredibly important, whereas others can provide interesting tidbits of lore and information about Conan Exiles and the more expansive franchise. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Makes a Character Noteworthy In Conan Exiles?

It could be argued that every NPC encountered in Conan Exiles is a character. That is technically true, but a vast majority of those NPCs are nameless fighters, archers, or thralls that serve simply as enemies to slay or enslave. Therefore, I won’t be counting them as characters you can interact with.

Instead, we’ll focus solely on characters in the game designed to serve the player character, either by giving them lore or teaching them things. I also won’t be including a majority of merchants in this list, as while they aren’t aggressive to the player, they have little to offer other than the ability to buy an item or two. That being said, there are a couple of noteworthy characters that serve as combat encounters, and thus I’ll include them below for lore purposes.

Therefore, let’s take a look at all the characters within the world of Conan Exiles. Of course, it’s only appropriate to start with the man himself, Conan.

Conan the Barbarian

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Conan the Barbarian, the namesake of the series, is a major character that is seen pretty much immediately. The opening cutscene of the game shows him cutting Razma of Shem down from a cross, then fending off Sandstorm Creatures.

He then also does the same to you, freeing you from the cross and allowing you to start your journey in The Exiled Lands. Without this interaction, the events of the game would never happen, thus making Conan the Barbarian critical to the story of Conan Exiles.

Unlike most others met during the game, Conan the Barbarian is not an exile. He does not wear the serpent bracelet that keeps many others stuck in The Exiled Lands, thus leading us to believe he is simply exploring. For this reason, he doesn’t seem to care much about your quest to remove the serpent bracelet and leave The Exiled Lands.

Throughout the game, he’s found in the tavern in Waterside, located in Sepermeru, The City of the Relic Hunters. He seems to be searching for Razma of Shem, and when she eventually reaches Sepermeru, she seems to indicate that she will leave The Exiled Lands with Conan the Barbarian and venture back to Shem together.

The Archivist

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The Archivist is a ghost of a Giant King, located in The Archives beneath The Unnamed City. Even in death, he serves as the master of The Archives and The Library of Esoteric Artefacts. He also grants you the knowledge to craft the Map Room, and gives you some context as to the fall of The Giant Kings. Unlike most ghosts, he can be interacted with and spoken to.

In life, The Archivist was part of The Triumvirate, a council of Giant King leaders comprised of himself, Warmaker Klael, and The Priestking. When they went to war with The Lemurians, The Archivist was eventually summoned to The Circle of Swords by The Witch Queen for a peace treaty. The Circle of Swords was a place of peace, where magic was unable to be used due to various incantations upon the site.

Despite this, The Archivist was betrayed and slain by The Witch Queen and defecting members of The Silent Legion. After his death, his spirit remained in The Archives, seemingly bound by his affinity to the site.

The Archivist is an important story NPC, as he gives you clear directions on the artifacts you need to gather to restore The Keystone and free yourself of the serpent bracelet


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Braga is a Cimmerian found near The Mounds of The Dead. He’s passive towards you and will give you information about the Cimmerian tribe located in The Mounds of The Dead. Like yourself, he is trapped in The Exiled Lands by his serpent bracelet, though it can’t be seen past his armor.

Braga seems to be one of the only Cimmerians capable of critical thought. His dialogue explains how the members of The Forgotten Tribe found in The Mounds of The Dead are delusional about their situation, believing themselves to be trapped in Crom’s afterlife. He also gives some information about the biomes around The Mounds. This includes mentioning The Black Keep, New Asagarth, Telith’s Island, and the tomb of The Barrow King.

Braga previously traveled through The Exiled Lands with Ophirean, a Shemite who freed him from the cross. Unfortunately, Ophirean somehow died on their travels. Further evidence of their journey can be found in Ophirean’s journals, located around the map.

Child of Jhebbal Sag

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The Child of Jhebbal Sag is a passive Werehyena located southwest of The Den. It’s unknown if he’s more intelligent than other Werehyenas, or if he simply is passive out of circumstance.

In conversation, he tells of how he was exiled by his brother Impisi, The Brother of The Blood. Impisi became mad with a lust for the hunt, and when The Child of Jhebbal Sag tried to calm him, Impisi took it as insolence and exiled him.

The Child of Jhebbal Sag also serves as a merchant and religious teacher. You can purchase a Potion of Midnight from him for 5 Feral Flesh, and he will also teach you the Midnight Alchemist feat. His small story also leads you to The Midnight Grove to slay Impisi, which allows you to unlock the religion of Jhebbal Sag.

Gilzan the Treasure Hunter

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Gilzan the Treasure Hunter is a passive Relic Hunter located in Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters. He explains the plight of the Relic Hunters, alongside giving more context to the Purges that happen throughout the game. In conversation, he explains that the Relic Hunters live to gather any relics they can find, either by unearthing them themselves or stealing them from others.

He also explains that the Purge is sent by a mysterious outside force to loot any valuable artifacts recovered by those living within The Exiled Lands. His dialogue hints that whatever force dictates The Purge is deeply interested in the relics of The Exiled Lands, and thus is using those trapped within to unearth the artifacts to then be stolen by The Purge.

Jamila the Pirate Queen

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Jamilla the Pirate Queen is a story NPC located at Pariah’s Overwatch in the Desert. She is the leader of the Black Hand faction and tells the story of how she and her people were abandoned in The Exiled Lands.

According to her, she was the captain of a crew who suffered a mutiny. When her crew rebelled, they mutilated her hands with fire and left her to die. Now, much like the player character, she aims to escape The Exiled Lands and seek revenge on those that betrayed her. She is not bound by the serpent bracelet, but rather by circumstance.

The Kinscourge

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The Kinscourge is an aggressive boss found within The Black Keep. While he does not speak or offer any lore, he’s one of the most important story characters you can find in The Exiled Lands.

Long before the events of the game, The Kinscourge was known as Tyros the Deathbringer, the half-blood son of the Priest-King. He led the Silent Legion in the war against the Lemurians, capturing the outpost of Xullan. There, he met Telith, the daughter of the Witch Queen, and fell in love. He and his Silent Legion rebelled against The Giant Kings, joining the Lemurians in their fight for freedom. Tyros would eventually slay the Priest king, his father, at the Mounds of the Dead. In his dying moments, the Priest-King cursed Tyros with eternal life, branding him the Kinscourge. This curse also fell upon his compatriots in The Silent Legion.

Now, millennia after the events of the Lemurian rebellion, The Kinscourge, and his men guard The Black Keep. They’re all mindless undead husks, and while most would just regard him as a cool-looking boss, The Kinscourge is an integral part of the Conan Exiles story.

You can learn more about The Kinscourge in this video by yours truly


Image by Eradicati0n

Mek-Kamoses is a passive Stygian sorcerer located at Mek-Kamoses’s Spire. He is a worshipper of Set, and will teach you the ‘By Set’ emote. In conversation, Mek-Kamoses explains that he is a sorcerer of The Black Ring, a group of Stygian sorcerers that serve as antagonists in the wider Conan franchise.

He was sent to The Exiled Lands for opposing the rise of Thoth Amon, a major antagonist in the Conan franchise. He gives some context that Thoth Amon was instrumental in making The Exiled Lands a place for exiled prisoners, though much of this refers to a storyline that ended up as cut content from the game. Nevertheless, Mek-Kamoses gives some very interesting context about the origins of the modern Exiled Lands, and the mysterious forces that drive the Purge.


Image by Eradicati0n

The Mountaineer is a passive Cimmerian located atop Fingerfang Rock, southeast of The Shattered Springs.

He’s a teacher and dialogue NPC that will teach you the Mountaineer feat. For the cost of a single Fragment of Power, he will also teach you the Improved Climbing Boots schematic, granting you the Expert Mountaineer feat.

Outside of his merchant offerings, he seems to be a fairly simple man. He explains that he enjoys climbing, and uses it as a way to escape the conflict that is so often found on the ground. This is perhaps a world-friendly way to tell new players they can escape combat by climbing upwards, away from the fight.

Muriela the Artisan

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Muriela the Artisan is a religious teacher in The Exiled Lands, located in Muriela’s Hope. She’s an Acolyte of Mitra and will offer to teach you the religion of Mitra.

Like many other Mitraen acolytes, Muriela’s dialogue is packed full of zealotry. She’s subtle, but she will try to influence the player to join her in the worship of Mitra. Mitra acolytes are typically characterized as domineering in their religion and attempt to proselytize others into the religion. Muriela is no different, and while she is a fairly simple NPC, her dialogue hints at the views of the worshippers of Mitra.

Nunu the Cannibal

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Nunu the Cannibal is a Darfari religious teacher found in Shaman’s Rise. Unlike most other Darfari in The Exiled Lands, he’s passive and will attempt to guide the player character into the worship of Yog.

The Darfari is often forgotten amongst the other races and factions within the game. Due to being relegated to the role of early-game cannon fodder, many overlook their lore, but their culture is incredibly interesting. As a worshipper of Yog, Nunu the Cannibal will tell the player the ways of Yog, and how Yog can save them. The dialogue is laced with the typical Lovecraftian flavor one would expect from worshippers of Yog, and Nunu provides an intriguing introduction to the religion.

The Outcast

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The Outcast is a religious teacher and dialogue NPC located in The Outcast Camp, found in the Frozen North. He is an intelligent and passive Frost Giant that seems to see beyond the realms of men.

The Outcast was part of a larger group of Frost Giants. Due to his intelligence and connection to The Outer Void, he was eventually beaten viciously by Hrungnir of the Frost, rendering him blind. He was then exiled from the group, forcing him to live alone on the border of the Frozen North.

The Outcast, alongside teaching the worship of Ymir, offers some incredibly interesting dialogue. He explains that he sees the world beyond that of men and that nothing is real. He often speaks with impressive intelligence, and he even has some dialogue lines referencing the works of HP Lovecraft, alongside other properties outside the world of Conan the Barbarian.

Petruso the Sandstorm Maniac

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Petruso the Sandstorm Maniac is a passive NPC located in the Sandswept Ruins. He is critical to the story and is the only person that can construct the Heart of the Sands from the broken Scourgestone pieces.

Toward the end of the Lemurian war, the Giant Kings decided to release a sand elemental toward the Lemurian city of Xel-Ha. Petruso stood in the way of the coming sandstorm, binding it to himself, locking the sandstorm in place, and causing it to loop endlessly. This is the lore reason why the sandstorm consistently rolls through the southern Exiled Lands during the events of the game.

By binding the sand elemental to himself, Petruso was seemingly doomed to eternal life, as long as the sand elemental continued to live. Like many others, this drove him mad, but he seemingly retains just enough sanity to help guide the player character towards constructing the Heart of the Sands and freeing themselves from the serpent bracelet.

Razma of Shem

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Razma of Shem is a woman shown in the intro movie of the game being released from a cross by Conan. She was a Shemite princess who was sent to The Exiled Lands as a prisoner and is designed to parallel the actions of the player character.

Razma’s journey is mainly chronicled through journals found throughout the map, likely as the player character trails just behind her. Eventually, Razma can be found in The Witch Queen’s Palace in Xel-Ha, possessed by her mask. The player must defeat this possessed Razma to free her from the mask.

After this, she can be encountered within her house in Sepermeru. Here, she will tell the player about the memories of The Witch Queen, which still linger within her mind. This is a massive lore dump that gives tonnes of information about the history of The Exiled Lands and the events of the Lemurian war.

She remains within her home after she is defeated in the Witch Queen’s Palace, though she indicates that she may leave with Conan and travel back to Shem. It’s unclear how she plans to do so, but it’s presumed that she will free herself from the serpent bracelet, much like the player character will.

The Barrow King/The King Beneath

Image by Eradicati0n

The Barrow King, also known as The King Beneath, is an aggressive boss character found in a tomb west of The Mounds of the Dead. He is the reanimated corpse of The Priestking, father of The Kinscourge. Upon defeating him, he will drop the Diadem of the Giant Kings, an artifact required to craft The Keystone.

The Priest king is an incredibly important character in the story. Not only was he the father of The Kinscourge, but he also served as a massive driving force behind the Lemurian war that shaped The Exiled Lands as we know it. He was behind many choices during the war, including influencing The Warmaker to release the sand elemental.

Vathis the Hierophant

Image by Eradicati0n

Vathis the Hierophant is a member of the Votaries of Skelos. He is found at The Shrine of the Oracle in The Volcano.

Vathis is the leader of the Votaries of Skelos and the founder of the Cult of Skelos. He leads the cult in their studies, attempting to decipher the whispers from the Well of Skelos and find the Book of Skelos, a legendary tome of spells and sorcery. Vathis offers some interesting story details that give more context to the cultists located in the Volcano. He is also tied heavily to the Lovecraftian elements of the Conan lore, referencing Nyarlathotep and Tsathoggua in his dialogue.

Warmaker Klael

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Warmaker Klael is a passive Giant King located in the heart of the Unnamed City, outside the Citadel of the Triumvirate. He is the only remaining Giant King that is truly alive and seems to be wrought with guilt over the Lemurian war.

Though he served as Warmaker, Klael tells a grim tale of the Lemurian war and the losses the Giant King’s armies sustained. He seems dismayed that the Lemurians were used as slaves, and also gives extra context on the history of The Exiled Lands. He briefly mentions how he encountered a human years before the events of the game that stole the Serpent Ring of Set. Compared with the dialogue of Mek-Kamoses, we can infer that this human was Thoth Amon, who used the Serpent Ring of Set to turn The Exiled Lands into a prison.

As the final remnant of an almost dead race, Warmaker Klael provides an intriguing though somber look at the history of The Exiled Lands.

The Witch Queen

Image by Eradicati0n

The Witch Queen was a Lemurian queen who led her people to The Exiled Lands. After The Cataclysm sunk Lemuria, they managed to escape the Khari and travel west, eventually reaching The Exiled Lands, where they found the Giant Kings. Their friendship eventually devolved into war, with The Witch Queen’s daughter Telith falling in love with Tyros, The Kinscourge.

It’s unknown exactly what happened to The Witch Queen, but in her physical form, it seems she has been dead for a while. However, her spirit still lives within The Mask of the Witch Queen, an artifact required for crafting The Keystone. This mask possesses Razma of Shem, which leads to the ‘Witch Queen’ fight in her palace. The Witch Queen also lives on through various Lemurian lore stones throughout the map, that tell the story of the Lemurian war and the causes behind it.

You can learn more about The Witch Queen in this video:

Yakira, Priestess of Derketo

Image by Eradicati0n

Yakira, the Priestess of Derketo, is a religious teacher found in the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts. She seems to be one of the few remaining pure-blooded Lemurians, as most assimilated into the Hyrkanian and Turanian races.

Yakira is a dedicated priestess of Derketo and espouses the tenets of her goddess. She will explain the religion to the player character from the perspective of dual worship. Her explanation of religion is interesting and gives more context to a religion that is otherwise fairly untouched by most cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions – Conan Exiles Characters Guide

Question: Is it Possible to Recruit any of These Characters as Followers?

Answer: Unfortunately not. These characters are integral to the storyline and progression of gameplay, and thus cannot be recruited to join you as a follower.

Question: What About Thralls? Can I Knock Out and Enslave any of These Characters?

Answer: Again, no. Due to their important nature, these characters cannot be enslaved. This wasn’t always the case, as some NPCs were unintentionally able to be knocked out and converted to thralls in the past. This has since been fixed.

Question: How Can I Learn More About the Conan Exiles Lore?

Answer: Unfortunately, there isn’t a defacto resource for all elements of the Conan Exiles lore. Outside of Youtube videos, the primary way to learn the lore is by reading item descriptions in-game.


There are many Conan Exiles characters with a variety of purposes. Some are teachers, others are merchants, and a few provide detail to the story of the world. Today we’ve covered those notable characters to hopefully give you some more guidance and context to the world of Conan Exiles. If these details have sparked your interest, there’s plenty more lore to discover out there. Time to start lore hunting! Best of luck, Exile!

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