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In the world of Conan Exiles, any self-respecting brewer or baker needs to know how to get their hands on Leavening Agent. The use of yeast is critical to a fluffy loaf of bread and a tasty glass of wine. However, between the bloodshed and violence of The Exiled Lands, Leavening Agent can be hard to come across.

Today I’ll show you what Conan Exiles Leavening Agent is, where you can find it, and how you use it. Grab your chef’s hat and gloves, and let’s get started.

What is a Leavening Agent?

Leavening Agent
A single Leavening Agent, as seen in the player’s inventory. Image by Eradicati0nn

Within Conan Exiles, Leavening Agent is a plant from which you can harvest yeast, critical in the process of brewing alcoholic beverages and baking bread. The plant is processed in the cooking or brewing process, creating yeast that is then used to create your final product.

Leavening Agent appears in-game as a tall, green flower, narrow and abundant with leaves.

What Does it Do?

As mentioned earlier, Leavening Agent is used in the fermentation and brewing of many alcoholic beverages. Alongside that, it’s also used in the baking of bread. Leavening Agent can also be used to feed horses, making it a cheap and potentially viable source of Dung for your composting heap.

Where is it Found?

Leavening Agent plants
A small cluster of Leavening Agent plants, is found in the Highlands. Image by Eradicati0nn

Leavening Agent is found across a few different sections of The Exiled Lands. As a rule of thumb, it can be found amongst grassy or overgrown areas and does not seem to grow in the desert, the frozen north, or other harsh environments.

Below, I’ll include a list of locations in which you can forage for Conan Exiles Leavening Agent. Foraging is often regarded as the best way to gather Leavening Agent, as you can easily acquire hundreds of this plant with a good sickle.

Foraging Leavening Agent

The Highlands

A cluster of Leavening Agent plants outside the entrance to New Asagarth.
A cluster of Leavening Agent plants outside the entrance to New Asagarth. Image by Eradicati0nn

Leavening agents can be found abundantly throughout The Highlands, growing in small and tight groups. There are far too many locations around The Highlands to pin down every spawn point, though I do have a recommendation. Leavening Agent can often be found growing around Hops plants, and large green-leafed bushes. Following these hops often make life easier for gathering Leavening Agent.

New Asagarth & The Devil’s Squat

The Devil's Squat
The Devil’s Squat is filled with Hops, Leavening plants, and wolves. Image by Eradicati0nn

New Asagarth is the city at the center of the Highlands, inhabited by The Heirs of the North. This city, and the plains around it, contain a heavy amount of Leavening Agent and can serve as a great place to forage for this plant. Do be careful though, as you can easily draw the ire of the local Cimmerians, or their mammoths.

The Devil’s Squat is a small clearing just south of New Asagarth that also provides a good amount of Leavening Agent. Alongside hops, this area can easily provide you with a good amount of Leavening Agent should you visit it with a decent quality sickle. The Devil’s Squat is home to a large pack of wolves, so you’ll likely need to put them down before you can harvest the Leavening Agent.

Eastern Island

The island between The Forgotten City of Xel-ha and Buccaneer Bay.
The island between The Forgotten City of Xel-ha and Buccaneer Bay. Image by Eradicati0nn

If you live in the far eastern reaches of the Jungle, you’re not out of luck. A cluster of Leavening Agent can also be found on an island between The Forgotten City of Xel-ha and Buccaneer Bay. It won’t provide as much Leavening Agent as you’d manage to gather in the Highlands, but it can provide a good amount in a pinch if you find yourself in need.

If you need a larger and more sustainable quantity of Leavening Agent, my best advice is to construct an outpost in the Highlands with a Transportory Stone. This is a high-level method, requiring numerous expensive resources and a fully upgraded Tome of Kurak. However, not only will a teleporter in the Highlands give you access to Leavening Agent, but also abundant access to iron, demon blood, feathers, fur, thralls, and plenty of other resources easily gathered in the Highlands.

Isle of Siptah

Like plenty of other resources on the Isle of Siptah, Leavening Agent can be found abundantly around some of the more dangerous locations on the map.

All the locations of Leavening Agent on the Isle of Siptah, marked in green.
All the locations of Leavening Agent on the Isle of Siptah, marked in green. Image by Eradicati0nn

These plants can be found around the Leyshrine of the Goblinoid, the Leyshrine of the Serpent, the Leyshrine of the Fiends, and the Leyshrine of the Drowned. Leavening Agent is located in tight clusters, and a quick run of the center of the map can provide you with hundreds of agents.

There’s also a large amount of Leavening Agent found on the Isle of Dawn on the southern side of the map. This biome, also known as the Savannah, is a great location for Leavening Agent, though it can prove dangerous due to the local wildlife, Stygian mercenaries, and the intimidating Grey Ones that are native to the area.

Farming Leavening Agent

A slower yet lower effort and sustainable way to gather Leavening Agent is to farm it within your own home. This is a great option if you live far away from the areas where Leavening Agent grows, and can easily provide exponential resource growth to a point where you have more Leavening Agent than you might ever need.

Getting Seeds

A player gathering Leavening Agent using a Steel Sickle.
A player gathering Leavening Agent using a Steel Sickle. Image by Eradicati0nn

The first step to farming Leavening Agent is to gather seeds. The best way to do this is to farm a handful of Leavening Agent plants, and then place them in a dryer rack. After placing three Leavening Agents into a dryer rack and waiting thirty seconds, you’ll find yourself left with one Leavening Plant Seed. This three-to-one ratio may seem counter-productive at first, but the seeds will produce way more Leavening Agent than you put in, resulting in a substantial net profit.

Gathering Compost

Leavening Plant Seeds require a single regular compost per seed. The compost will be consumed when your plant is grown, so you’ll need a slow but consistent supply of compost to fulfill your farming needs.

Compost is attained by breaking down various items within the compost heap. Perhaps the cheapest way to create compost is to place five Plant Fibers, four handfuls of Bonemeal, and two pieces of Putrid Meat into the heap. After four minutes, these resources will break down into a single handful of compost.

Plant Fiber can be acquired by using a sickle on many of the bushes and plants within the game. Putrid Meat and Bonemeal can both be gathered and processed together. The best method is to simply run around your local NPC camps, killing and harvesting any NPCs you find there. When harvesting, you’ll get meat and bones. You can then go home and throw your meat into the Compost Heap, making them rot faster than usual and turn into Putrid Meat. You can then also take the bones and place them into a grinder, with every single bone producing four handfuls of Bonemeal.

Once you have your plant fiber, putrid meat, and bonemeal, throw them all into the compost heap to produce the compost you’ll need for farming.

Another method is to mix five plant fibers and 10 pieces of dung to create a single piece of compost. This can generally take a little longer than the previous method, as you’ll have to feed various resources to your pets and wait for them to produce dung. However, this is an overall cheaper option and is great if you already have a stockpile of dung.

Planting & Growing

Leavening Plants being grown in planters.
Leavening Plants being grown in planters. Image by Eradicati0nn

Once you have your seeds and compost, you’ll need to build some planters. You can use regular, crude, or improved planters to grow your Leavening Plants, the only difference between the three is the inventory size and the building health of the planter.

The crude planter only requires the Peasant feat, unlocked at Level 18 and costing 1 knowledge point. This is also the feat used to unlock the compost heap, meaning this method is locked behind a character level 18 requirement.

To grow your Leavening Agents, simply place one compost and one leavening plant seed into the planter and wait. It’ll take nine minutes and thirty seconds to finish growing, producing 25 Leavening Agent from your single seed. This is where you’ll start to see slow but exponential profits from your farming endeavors. While each seed only requires three Leavening Agents to create, it then produces an extra 25 agents, resulting in a net profit of 22 Leavening Agents from this process.

How Do I Use Leavening Agent?

So now you have acquired Leavening Agent, how exactly can you use it? As mentioned earlier, Leavening Agent is used to create various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, alongside being used to bake bread and feed horses. If you’re looking to make any of the alcoholic beverages, that can be done in the Fermentation Barrel. Bread can be made in any of the furnaces. Below, I’ll leave a list of the drinks and food you can make, alongside the requirements.

Alcoholic drinks are made within the Fermentation Barrel.
Alcoholic drinks are made within the Fermentation Barrel. Image by Eradicati0nn


Absinthe – 1 Purified Water, 15 Glowing Goop, 5 Leavening Agents
Ale – 1 Purified Water, 10 Hops, 5 Leavening Agents
Cactus wine – 1 Purified Water, 30 Plant Fibers, 5 Leavening Agents
Desert Grog – 1 Purified Water, 20 Leavening Agents, 5 Plant Fibers, 10 Spices
Desert Rum – 1 Purified Water, 20 Leavening Agents, 5 Plant Fibers, 10 Spices
Desert Wine – 1 Purified Water, 5 Desert Berry Pulps, 5 Leavening Agents
Firewater – 1 Purified Water, 10 Brimstone, 5 Leavening Agents
Frenzywine – 1 Purified Water, 10 Leavening Agents, 1 Grey Lotus Flower
Highland Wine – 1 Purified Water, 5 Highland Berry Pulp, 5 Leavening Agents
Honey Whisky – 1 Purified Water, 10 Leavening Agents, 1 Honey, 2 Raw Ash,
Honeyed Wine – 1 Purified Water, 20 Honey, 5 Leavening Agents
Jungle Grog – 1 Purified Water, 20 Leavening Agents, 5 Plant Fibers, 10 Spices
Jungle Rum – 1 Purified Water, 20 Leavening Agents, 5 Plant Fibers, 10 Spices
Mead – 1 Purified Water, 2 Plant Fibers, 5 Honey, 5 Leavening Agents
Phykos Rum – 1 Purified Water, 10 Orange Phykos, 5 Leavening Agents
Pirate Rotgut – 1 Purified Water, 10 Leavening Agents, 2 Putrid Meat, 4 Plant Fiber
Resin Wine – 1 Purified Water, 10 Reson, 5 Leavening Agents,
Shroom Beer – 1 Purified Water, 10 Shroom Amanita, 5 Leavening Agents,
Stygian Liquor – 1 Purified Water, 10 Leavening Agents, 1 Serpent Venom Glad, 1 Spice
Wine – 1 Purified Water, 5 Desert Berry Pulp, 5 Highland Berry Pulp, 5 Leavening Agents
Fiery-hot Imperial Tea – 1 Purified Water, 5 Leavening Agents, 2 Rare Spices


Bread – 5 Seeds, 2 Plant fibers, 1 Leavening Agent

Bread is made inside any of the furnaces, upgraded or otherwise.
Bread is made inside any of the furnaces, upgraded or otherwise. Image by Eradicati0nn

Alongside these uses, Leavening Agent can be used to feed horses. If you have a horse kept within a stable, you can feed it Leavening Agent to provide a chance to produce dung. As I touched on earlier, dung can be used to create compost, and thus this is something you may want to consider if you’d prefer to use the dung and plant fiber method to produce compost for farming. However, that’s a choice you’ll have to make for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions – Conan Exiles Leavening

Question: Can I gather Leavening Agent from NPCs?

Answer: Like many other items, it’s possible that Leavening Agent could drop as loot from slain NPCs. However, it’s an incredibly impractical farming method, and thus I would advise either foraging for Leavening Agent or farming it in your base.

Question: What tool is best to use when harvesting Leavening Agent?

Answer: The best tool to use is the highest grade Sickle you have. Even just an Iron or Steel sickle is much better than using the bare hand, but if you have an even better quality sickle, feel free to use it.

Question: Does using ‘Potent Compost’ make more Leavening Agent from the seeds?

Answer: No. Potent Compost is used for growing different plants that can’t be grown with regular compost, and thus the potent variety does not affect Leavening Plant Seeds.


In the world of Conan Exiles, violence and hardship are all too common. Sometimes, you’d prefer to sit back in front of an open hearth with a flagon of ale and some crusty bread. Today we’ve learned all about Leavening Agent, how to acquire it sustainably and how you can use it. Now, you can live out your dreams of becoming the best baker or brewer the Exiled Lands have ever seen. Grab your sickle and clean your cups, it’s time to get brewing. Best of luck, Exile!

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