Conan Exiles Dung Guide

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You knew what you were getting into, right? Sure, farming dung isn’t the most salacious thing you’ll experience in Conan Exiles. It might not even be the grittiest mechanic you’ve come across so far. After all, Conan Exiles bumpily revolves around some tough concepts: sex, slavery, sex slaves, and cutting damn near everyone in half.

I find the subject matter meshes well with the difficulty level. The dark theme sets the stage for the game’s inevitable heartaches. It seems to hurt a little less when I lose all my valuables in its violent landscape. Maybe that’s just me.

Funcom certainly has a dark vision for Conan’s dusty wasteland; dung playing such an important role in the player’s success seems to fit right in. Roll up your sleeves, let’s collect some dung.

Before we get too deep, the answer is simple. In order to produce dung, you need to keep a fully grown pet stored in an animal pen, and then feed it. That’s it. Dung will be crafted as the animal feeds. The max level on any required components is level 18.

Quick Note: Do not take your animal out of the Animal Pen if you need to farm dung or it will be converted to a combat pet.

What is dung used for in Conan Exiles?


To make plants grow, of course! Dung is turned into compost, which can be used in planters to grow plants. Seeds must be combined with either compost or improved compost to grow. To grow plants faster, upgrade your planter to an improved planter. Some plants require improved compost to grow.

Let’s break it down:

Dung is used to craft either compost or subsequently potent compost in the compost heap.

Compost requires 5 plant fibers and one 10 stack pile of dung.

Potent compost requires two compost, two ash, and 10 more dung. That’s a lot of dung!

You may use other degradable items to create compost, but where’s the fun in that?

Keep in mind, some plants will only grow with improved compost. If you have some rare seeds, you will likely need to put in the time and resources to craft improved compost. 

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Crafting an Animal Pen

animal pet

The most important component to farming dung is crafting your first animal pen. This is a massive building, and it will likely encumber you once pick up out of the carpenter’s table. This is important to note because a large area will need to be cleared before the building can be placed.

An animal pen requires 300 stones, 400 wood, and 20 twines. It’s important to note that the player must have already crafted a carpenter’s bench, and used this station to craft the animal pen.

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Stocking Your Animal Pen to Farm Dung

Animal Pen

Some players consider the animal pen’s primary purpose to raise combat pets, but we’re here to talk about dung. The animal pen accepts baby creatures that can be found scattered across the map. These baby animals are very heavy, and unless you want to crawl back to your pen, consider training a thrall to carry them for you.

The easiest one to find, by far, is the baby Shaleback. These little weirdos scuttle around a nest in between their parents and are happy to grow with a piece of fiber. If dung production is what you’re after, an animal pen full of these would be the easiest means to an end.

Once the baby animal is in your pen it only requires one food item to craft into a full-grown animal. Once it is fully grown, you will need to continue feeding it to produce dung. Check out our guide on the Conan Exiles Food Guide here!

If you intend to farm dung and other resources from the animal pen, it is important not to remove the animal once fully grown. This will convert the animal to a combat pet.

If you do not have the resources or space for an animal pen, you may craft a small animals pen. If you are frustrated with the length of time required to grow a pet, or raiders are smashing your base to pieces, there are two upgraded versions of the animal pen once you level up.

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Fun with Dung

Fun with Dung

While not an overly complicated item, dung production does take a while to build up to in-game. I usually reach the level required for planters (and dung production) before I’m ready to start working on it. Check out our full guide on Conan Exiles Dung here!

The complicating factors are how heavy animal babies are to carry and how long they take to mature on standard servers. You’ll likely have a chest slap full of seeds before you’re ready to farm.

As with anything in Conan Exiles, plenty of blood, sweat, and tears must be applied before the convenience of growing your own plants is permitted.


Dung FAQs

Question: Where can I find dung?

Answer: It must be “crafted” at an animal pen (any animal pen) by feeding a fully grown pet. The pet will stop producing dung and other resources if it runs out of food.

Question: What do I use dung for?

Answer: You can use dung to create compost or improved compost using a compost heap.

Question: What do I use compost for?

Answer: Compost is required in any type of planter to grow seeds into plants. Some seeds require compost, some require improved compost.

Question: Do I have to have dung to create compost or improved compost?

Answer: No, there are other recipes to create both types of compost. Dung is arguably the easiest ingredient to obtain.

Question: Will my animal produce dung outside of an animal pen?

Answer: No, and once you take them out, they won’t go back in.

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