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The Exiled Lands of Conan Exiles can be a tough place to navigate. Filled with perilous cliffs, arid plains, and infested with all sorts of beasts and bandits that want to take all your hard-earned resources. Today we’re going to be looking at the Map Room, a craftable item that can help you to quickly and easily teleport around The Exiled Lands and avoid all the terrible dangers that await you.

What is a map room?

The Map Room is an extremely large placeable item crafted within your inventory. It takes the form of a large circular map of The Exiled Lands, a smaller version of the large map room you can find beneath The Unnamed City. Able to be placed within your base like other decoration pieces, as long as you have enough space, that is, the Map Room is a critically important item to have access to in the mid to late game and can save you tonnes of time and effort, along with removing a large amount of danger from your travels.

What does it do?

The Map Room is tied to the ten obelisks you’ll find around The Exiled Lands. These obelisks are tall black monoliths of stone, surrounded by a purple fog that gives the Corruption debuff. They’re found spread fairly evenly throughout the landmass, with at least one obelisk in almost every biome apart from the Highlands, which unfortunately doesn’t have an obelisk but does have a few not too far away.

After linking your character’s bracelet to an obelisk by interacting with it, you unlock the ability to teleport to that obelisk from the respective podium attached to your Map Room. You’re able to link your character’s bracelet to all ten obelisks at once, allowing you to use your map room to teleport to almost any location on the map, whether you’re going to the rain-soaked jungle or the frozen north.

Unfortunately, the Map Room is a one-way teleport. You’re able to quickly go to any obelisk you’re linked to, either on foot or with your horse, though you’ll still have to make your own way back. It still saves a tonne of time, though, so it’s a very worthwhile investment.

How do I make one?

With the map room being such an essential and useful part of any base, you’ve probably already guessed that it’s not going to be cheap. Unfortunately, you’re correct; map rooms are quite expensive to craft. However, when you consider that you usually only have to craft one or two map rooms over your entire playthrough, the cost isn’t that bad. To craft a map room, you’re going to need the following:

  • Cartographer Feat
  • 200 Corrupted Stone
  • 35 Iron Reinforcement
  • 75 Alchemical Base
  • 50 Crystal

Some of these ingredients are a bit more costly than others, but overall, the Map Room isn’t too expensive, especially considering how valuable it is to have access to.

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How do I get the resources?

Whilst it might look like a tough requirement, most of the resources used to craft the Map Room are commonly farmed for a wide variety of different things. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best ways to attain these ingredients:

Cartographer Feat:

The Cartographer feat is a prerequisite for crafting the map room. The feat is learned by speaking to The Archivist underneath The Unnamed City. This feat requires no feat points and is a permanent unlock, so you can’t lose it by consuming a Yellow Lotus Potion or a Potion of Natural Learning. The Archivist can be found in The Archives, which are accessed by going down the stairs just behind the Obelisk in The Unnamed City.

Corrupted Stone:

Corrupted Stone is one of the more difficult to attain ingredients for the Map Room. The ability to craft these stones is given with the Cartographer feat, and you’ll need exactly 200 of them to make the map room. Corrupted Stone needs to be crafted at an Alchemist’s Bench, and it requires 2 Stone, 1 Ichor, and 1 Demon Blood, with a crafting time of 10 seconds per stone.

  • Stone can be found loose on the floor or by hitting rocks with your pick, axe, or pickax, though you probably already have quite a bit of stone if you’re looking to craft a map room.
  • Ichor is a low-grade monster byproduct that can be harvested from a wide variety of enemies. The easiest choices are giant snakes, scorpions, and spiders, all of which can be found quite easily in the western and central desert. A quick trip to the Skittering Cavern on the west side of map square F5 should provide more than enough. This ingredient is best harvested using a Pick, the best quality you have. Ichor can also be passively farmed from tamed Spiders, but it’s much slower than trying to farm it from enemies.
  • Demon Blood is a high-grade, fairly scarce monster byproduct that can be harvested from quite a few different enemies. The easiest options are Bat Demons, Demon Spiders, Undead enemies, and Dragons. You’ll also be able to find a decent amount if you’re farming the bosses within the Unnamed City, though farming demon blood from regular enemies like Bat Demons aren’t that much faster and require slightly less effort. Fortunately, Bat Demons can be found throughout The Unnamed City, and you can quite easily farm them regularly for demon blood. Corrupted Enemies will give you a good amount of Demon Blood, but they are much harder to fight than regular enemies, and they are also much less common, so don’t rely on them too much, but do kill and harvest them if you can do so safely. This resource is best harvested with a Pick, the best quality you have.

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Iron Reinforcement:


Iron Reinforcement is one of the more simple ingredients on the list, and it’s easily attained. If you’re looking to build a map room, you’ve likely already learned how to make iron tools, and you’re probably already up to steel, if not further. Iron Reinforcements require Iron Bars to craft, which of course, are made by smelting 2 Ironstone down into a single bar in a furnace. To make the reinforcements, you’ll first need the Blacksmith feat, unlocked at level 10 and requiring two feat points. You’ll need to craft two iron bars together in a Blacksmith’s Bench to create one Iron Reinforcement. In total, you’ll need 70 iron bars, and each reinforcement takes 30 seconds to craft.

Alchemical Base:

Alchemical Base is a highly sought-after ingredient for plenty of recipes in Conan Exiles, and it’s arguably the most expensive ingredient in this recipe, in terms of resources at least. Crafting an alchemical base requires the Firebowl Cauldron feat, unlocked at level 15 and requiring three feat points. Alchemical Base is crafted in a fire bowl cauldron, requiring two silver dust, one gold dust, and two ichor. It takes 20 seconds to craft each alchemical base. Ichor is quite easy to attain, as detailed earlier, but Gold and Silver are going to be the difficult parts of this recipe. Fortunately, there are a few places to find these resources.

  • Found in the underwater treasure chests in Buccaneer Bay in the north-east jungle
  • Found in the hidden chests found in Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters
  • Smelted from Silverstone or Goldstone at a 3:1 ratio, which can be mined with a pick from Obsidian in and around the Volcano, or from Gold or Silver-veined Rocknoses, respectively

There is one more method that is highly luck-based but can make this step trivial if you get lucky enough. Tier 3 Bearer enemies can be killed, and their supply materials looted from them. These materials have a loot pool of 5 different items, which includes an alchemical base. If you’re lucky enough to find a Tier 3 bearer and loot alchemical base from their supply materials, you’ll receive the item in multiples of 250, which means you’ll either get 250, 500, or maybe even 1000 alchemical bases, more than enough for your map room.

This method is very dependent on luck and RNG, so I wouldn’t recommend it over the other methods. Once you’ve attained bars or coins, you’ll need to put them in a grinder to grind them down into dust. One coin will grind down to 2 dust, whereas 1 bar will grind down to 10 dust. In total, you’ll need 75 gold dust, 150 silver dust, and 150 ichor to craft the 75 alchemical bases needed for the map room.


Crystal is perhaps the easiest to attain ingredient in this recipe. Crystals are easily found in caves and don’t require a tool to harvest, though the best pickaxe you have is recommended, as hand-harvesting the crystals is much slower than using a Steel pick or better. There are a few good places to farm Crystals, though some locations are a bit more dangerous than others.

  • The Cavern of Fiends on the west side of map square F3 contains a large number of crystals. It also contains lots of Imps, which can be a good source of demon blood.
  • The Warren of Degenerates in the southwest concern of map square F6 contains lots of crystals and Imps, though it’s smaller than the other caves.
  • Hanuman’s Grotto near the center of map square H3 contains an enormous amount of crystals, though a three skull enemy named Valis the Loyal roams the cave and is hostile to intruders, making this cave more dangerous than the rest.

Only 50 pieces of crystal are required for the map room, and you’ll find that you gather this amount pretty quickly. It is the easiest to attain ingredient by far. Crystal is also fairly common loot from a wide variety of human enemies, so you might already have some lying around at home. Now you can craft your map room! Remember that you’ll have to bind your bracelet to any given obelisk to be able to teleport to them first.

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Do I have to maintain a Map Room?

Not necessarily, no. However, before your go throwing it down out in the open, do remember that your map room is an item owned by you. It can be damaged by purges, enemies, or other players if you’re in the PvP game mode. Therefore you’ll want to keep your Map Room safe from the general wear and tear of living in The Exiled Lands. It’s not the end of the world.

If your Map Room does get damaged, though, you can repair it. The cost to repair it scales with how much damage the item itself has taken, and at maximum, it will require 150 corrupted stones and 27 iron reinforcement. Not too bad of a cost, really, but it can be an inconvenient cost if you’re gathering resources to build something else. Therefore, make sure your map room is tucked safely away in your base.


Question: My server has a few easily accessible map rooms in other people’s bases; should I still make my own?

Answer: This depends on what sort of server you’re playing on. If you’re on a PvP server, avoid wandering into other players’ bases to use their map room unless you have their permission. However, if you’re playing on PvE or PvE-C where your base cannot be destroyed, and PvP is either disabled or time-restricted, the owner of the map room has likely chosen to leave it out in the open so that people can use it.

As long as you’re not having to jump through their defenses and clamber their walls, it’s probably a safe bet that you can use their map room, so you could use theirs. However, bear in mind that they may one day move the map room or stop playing on that server, so a time may come when you have to craft your own.

Question: The Map Room is huge; where should I put it?

Answer: The map room is indeed massive, and it can be very troublesome to place. If you’re not able to place it in an open space because you’re in a dangerous area or on a PvP server, the best method is to build an 8×8 room with foundations, a single row of walls, and then place the map room down from a slight elevation.

Don’t try to add roof pieces or extra walls beforehand, as this can stop the map room from being able to be placed. A map room will also fit perfectly inside a 7×7 room with walls two tiles high, the placement is very tight and requires practice, but it can be done

Question: The Map Room is quite expensive; is it worth it?

Answer: Unless you have unfettered access to a map room close to your base, then it is worth building one of your own. It saves tonnes of time & resources and cuts out a large portion of danger on your travels.


The map room is a fairly expensive but incredibly important item for playing on The Exiled Lands. The landscape is rough and unforgiving, and enemies will do their best to stop you from traveling in peace and safety. Having access to your own map room within your base is an incredibly valuable asset for you and your clan to use, and though it is indeed expensive, the utility it provides is well worth the cost.

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