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Gathering resources in Conan Exiles is as essential as breathing. There’s no doubt about it, the whole game revolves around crafting and building. The argument could be made that we craft to fight, but I don’t see it that way. Combat is just a means to a loot-filled end, more craftable items, and a larger, more glorious base.

Processing plants, while you traverse the Exiled Lands, quickly becomes second nature. I’m always looking for bark, lotus flowers, and vines. Any item that doesn’t weigh much, but that I’m usually out of at my base. My inventory looks a total mess by the time me, Squirrelly Dan, and Freckles roll back into town, and that’s the way we like it.

TL:DR: It’s Vine Time

So why add vines to your already clogged-up inventory? Vines themselves aren’t particularly intriguing, but what you can do with them is. First, and most importantly, vines are the best food to feed your horse while it levels. It makes sense to add collected vines straight to your horse’s inventory while out exploring. Second, vines are a condensed version of fiber and twine and can be converted into these items back at the tanning table. Lastly, vines themselves are an ingredient in some items like the fish and shellfish traps.

You can add vines to your inventory by harvesting one particular small palm tree. This tree can be found regularly in the desert and jungle biomes and has vines visually hanging from it. Vines will drop regardless of the tool you use to harvest. The higher-grade tool you use, however, the more vines will drop, and the sickle gathers the most vines overall.

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Where to Find and Harvest Vines

Vines are harvested from a specific small palm tree found in the desert and jungle biomes. This palm is much shorter than the other trees (except for one other palm) and is covered in, well, vines. It is darker and bulkier against the horizon than the skinnier palms it is usually surrounded by. You may harvest the vines when harvesting wood with the axe or bark with the pickaxe. This is an efficient way to collect two resources at once.

If you’d prefer to not fill up your inventory with either of these or would like to collect more vines per swing, try using the sickle. The sickle can seem like a tough spend when you first start making iron gear because it’s not necessary for harvesting (you can always use your hands to pick a plant in Conan Exiles). However, it will quickly become your favorite tool. It collects more items from each plant, eliminating how far you need to search for your ingredients and the bonus of finding rare plants out in the wild.

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The higher-grade tool you use, the more vines you will collect, whether that be sickle, axe, or pickaxe. You will still collect the most per swing and per vine tree with the sickle.

You could also just farm Rotbranch for vines, so don’t say I didn’t tell you that one. Thanks, Conan Wiki!

(Don’t actually attack Rotbranch, she’s a legendary boss that requires a raid or cheesing method to kill. Let her sleep and get your vines from vine trees.)

Hay is for Horses, and so are Vines?

My number one recommendation for using vines is to feed your horses while they level. Vines will add a 14% increase in vitality when they are consumed each time your mount gains a level. This will effectively increase your mount’s health pool the most, adding to its survivability the next time you’re in a tight situation. I often find Freckles still running about and causing chaos after a cross-world run back to my body.

If you had a different stat envisioned for your horse, that’s a shame. As of today’s Conan Exiles build, none of the others are viable and some don’t affect anything at all. Best to stick to vitality and stack up on vines.

Once your horse is max level, you can switch out vines for asura’s glory to get the highest health regeneration buff. Honestly, though, vines are easier to come by and are usually the only thing I feed my horses even once they’re maxed. It is unlikely a PVP opponent will attack your horse and if a legendary boss does you’re pretty unlucky. Vines health buff is more than enough for my max-level, high vitality horses to survive in the Exiled Lands, and it’s very easy to keep in stock.

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The Tanner’s Table: Where Vines Shine

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To get the most out of your vine harvesting adventures, you should consider crafting a tanner’s table. This crafting station is not to be confused with a tannery, which processes hide into leather. The tanner’s table is more of a convenience station, turning things like reptile hide into hide or bear pelt into thick hide. For our purposes, your extra vines can be processed straight into fiber or twine at the tanner’s table.

A tanner’s table only requires 100 wood to build. It can be learned at level 10 under the tanner’s feat along with the tannery. You’ll find this feat under the building structures category. It’s such a cheap crafting table that I built it just to decorate with before I even knew what it was for!

Once you’ve placed your tanner’s table, add your vines and choose your outcome. I like to craft vines straight into useful twine and skip the middle-man: fiber. One vines makes one twine or three fiber. It takes three fiber to make one twine.

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Vines weigh the same as one fiber, so you can see that vines are a more weight-efficient thing to farm if it’s one of your concerns. Several hundred stacks of vines will weigh significantly less than the fiber required to make the same amount of twine. You can also store the stacks of vines to turn into three times the fiber later if you’re trying to dung farm or anything else that requires bulk fiber.

Vines and You: Untangling the Mess

Once you spot the vine palm tree, you’ll be shocked you didn’t put it together sooner. Using a sickle to pull vines straight from the tree is the most time-efficient way to make a full-stack. If you’re like me, though, I’m usually out of bark and looking to kill two shoebills with one stone by using the pickaxe.

My full stacks go straight into my horse’s inventory for Freckles to munch on. This is particularly important if you are still leveling a horse and want to add to its vitality, horses are angels in Conan Exiles and we can’t stand losing one out in the desert due to a low health pool.

Extra vines get processed straight into twine at the tanner’s table or stored in a chest nearby to process into three times the fiber. They are a convenient and helpful item, once you know the best way to use them!

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Vines FAQ

Question: Can I get vines from any tree?

Answer: No, there is only one specific tree that drops this item. It is small with vines that hang from the branches.

Question: Where can I find the one specific tree that drops vines?

Answer: If you are near “newb” river, or in the jungle, you will find a lot of these trees.

Question: Do I need a special tool to get vines?

Answer: No, you can harvest vines with an axe, pickaxe, or sickle.

Question: What tool should I use to get the most vines?

Answer: You should use a sickle to get the most vines from each tree or use upgraded tools to get more vines.

Question: What is the main purpose of vines?

Answer: To feed your horse, of course. Vines increase vitality for a horse.

Question: What do I do with my excess vines?

Answer: Process them straight into twine at the tanner’s table.

Question: Is there a reason to collect more vines than I need?

Answer: Yes, they are a more efficient way to store or carry fiber.

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