Conan Exiles Wolf Cub Guide

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It’s really remarkable (seriously!) how Funcom starts you in an ugly, desolate wasteland. They leave you there for at least 30 levels, grinding away in the dust and dirt. When you finally reach the highlands, you almost can’t believe it exists. The massive trees over green slopes look alien and out of place. You run at it blindly, oblivious to the danger, excited to look around every cliff and tree.

I remember the first time I spotted an alpha wolf in the distance. I had climbed into the elevated aqueduct and run north for miles and miles, completely under-leveled and not even close to prepared for the highlands. I sprinted right up to her, determined to get a closer look at such a monstrous-looking animal. The massive white wolf didn’t reach me before its surrounding pack tore me to pieces.

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A wolf is a top-tier companion in Conan Exiles. To get a wolf pet, you need to find a wolf or frostwolf cub and raise it in an animal pen. These cubs can be found scattered around the highlands area of the exiled lands, with the frostwolf cub being a little harder to get your paws on. When you put the cub in the pen, feed it some raw meat to get the process started. Different meats give different chances to craft the greater wolf variant, which has much better stats than the standard wolf pet. Any wolf is a good boy, but spending your time leveling a greater variant makes sense.

Frostwolf Cub Vs. Wolf Cub

I came out on the other side of my adventure-bound and determined to have one of my own. Of course, the white alpha wolf I saw on my trip to the highlands is the greater wolf variant. Same as any other pet, it has a greater chance of being created from the standard wolf cub by using its favorite food.

Unlike most other pets, there is an impressive variety of wolf cub called the frostwolf cub. This baby animal can be hunted down and, in conjunction with the correct food, increases your chances even further of “crafting” the white wolf. The frostwolf cub is more difficult to find than the wolf cub and often will need to be spawned by killing an alpha wolf (and its pack).

Frostwolf Cub and Wolf Cub Locations

It’s really up to the player whether they’d instead collect many of the more prevalent wolf cubs to increase their chances of getting a greater wolf variant or whether they’d rather put more time into hunting down the elusive frostwolf cub to boost the process. I’ve done it both ways, and there has never been a clear winner. I usually end up going with a little of both.

Check your map of the Exiled Lands for numbers and letters along the edges; I’m going to give you the corresponding coordinates for frost wolf pups and wolf pups. If you show up to a spot looking for a frostwolf cub and find an alpha wolf, the location is still good. You’ll need to kill it and check back in 15 minutes.

Both types of cubs are found in the highlands. Wolf cubs are scattered around F9 and the blocks to the north and west of F9. Frost wolf cubs are located right on the corner between D9, D10, E9, and E10.

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How to Raise a Wolf Pet

Once you’ve snagged a few wolf cubs, or if you’re lucky, a frostwolf club, you’ll want to hike it back to the animal pen. You’ve probably already constructed an animal pen if you’re messing around in the highlands. If not, the basic model requires 300 stone, 400 wood, and 20 twine and is able to raise four wolf pups at one time.

Extra wolf pups may temporarily be stored in a box or a preserving bin until you’re ready to put them in the animal pen. They only require one item of food (in this case, meat) to “craft” into a combat pet in the animal pen. If you leave the full-grown wolf in the animal pen with additional food, it will start crafting dung and consuming the stack, but there is no need to leave extra food in the pen for it to live.

Once the adult wolf is in the animal pen’s inventory, all you have to do is put it in your inventory and place it in the world. Bring up its interaction menu to set it to follow or access its inventory! I’m sure you’ll want to pick a killer name for your new best friend.

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How to Raise a Greater Wolf

The greater wolf has much better stats and dangerous-looking white skin. While a greater wolf cub cannot just be found in the wild, you can raise a greater wolf from a regular wolf cub or a frostwolf cub. There are two things that will increase your chances to “craft” a greater variant in the animal pen: the food you feed it and the type of cub.

A wolf cub’s favorite food is exquisite meat, but raw pork also works well (which can be found on the boars in the area). The shade spiced version of exquisite meat (shade spiced perfect cut of meat) will yield the highest chance to “craft” a greater wolf at 30%, while the standard exquisite meat gives a 20% chance.

The frostwolf cub has higher food crafting percentages to get the white wolf. Shadespiced fatty meat gives a 50% chance of “crafting” a greater wolf. Regular raw pork is still 40%! You’ll notice the frost wolf cub enjoys different food than the wolf cub. If you feed the frost wolf cub exquisite meat or its shade spiced upgrade, you’ve again fallen victim to the game. They yield the same chances as the wolf cub, meaning all your work securing a frostwolf cub was a waste.

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How to Hunt With a Wolf Pet

The wolf comes out of the gate swinging with a leap/knockdown that will throw smaller foes to the ground. Each basic attack will apply a stacking sunder effect (up to 5 times), quickly degrading your opponent’s armor. While not as agile as a big cat, wolves do juke prey often and attack from the side. They perform better with more space. I like to pull enemies into open areas to give mine more room.

Wolves’ knockdown feature only takes 15 seconds to refresh and applies to any enemies in its path. It acts as crowd control, which makes them great against several opponents.

What food you leave in your wolf’s inventory depends on what attributes you’d like to increase when it levels up. Cooked pork does a nice spread between strength, agility, and vitality and has the highest health regeneration. When the pet is injured, any applicable food will add a health regeneration buff, but higher-value food applies a better buff. It must be consumed to add the buff, and they go through it quickly.

If your wolf will not be your primary, or you simply like rolling a big damage dealer, there is a case for only leveling your wolf’s strength by feeding it abysmal flesh. They gain damage very quickly, while the other stats don’t level very well at all. They are most efficient as squishy damage dealers but (same as other pets) can be trained into any style you want.

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It’s the Big Bad Wolf

Wolves are an excellent side-kick option for the Exiled Lands. They do well against multiple opponents, and their sunder effect is a significant advantage on heavily armored bosses. It doesn’t hurt that the white wolf is a handsome murder puppy and fits right in with end-game armor sets. Their combat animations might be the most realistic of all the pets, and the flat white looks great in any biome.

I’m more of a cat lady myself, but no one can argue the appeal of a big bad wolf. Now that you’ve got yours, maybe we’ll run into each other in the Exiled Lands and settle the cats vs. dogs once and for all!

Wolf Cub FAQ

Question: Where can I find a wolf pup or a frostwolf pup?

Answer: Both of these baby animals can be found in the highlands biome.

Question: Do I need a better animal pen to raise a frost wolf pup?

Answer: No, you can raise a frost wolf cub in any pen except for a stable. If you are having difficulty, try using a different slice of meat.

Question: Will a white frost wolf pup turn into a white alpha wolf?

Answer: Not necessarily. A frost wolf pup only provides a better chance to “craft” a greater wolf combat pet (a white alpha wolf). You can also raise this version from a regular wolf cub.

Question: Is it more efficient to find a frostwolf pup or collect several wolf pups?

Answer: This is up for debate. I personally prefer the spray and pray method of gathering whatever I can find quickly (usually mostly standard wolf pups).

Question: What should I feed my wolf cub?

Answer: Shadespiced perfect cut of meat gives a 30% chance to “craft” a greater wolf. Its basic version, exquisite meat, offers a 20% chance.

Question: What should I feed my frostwolf pup?

Answer: Shadespiced fatty meat gives a 50% chance to “craft” a greater wolf. Raw pork is still a 40% chance.

Question: What’s the most uncomplicated food to keep in my wolf pet’s inventory?

Answer: The most hassle-free meal is cooked pork. It has an excellent health bonus, is easy to find, and levels up a great spread of attributes.

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