Top Conan Exiles Discord Groups – Find the Clan that Makes You Feel Like Family

Exploring the Exiled Lands in Conan Exiles can be brutal and lonely. If you’re on your own on a PVE or PVP server, then competing with larger tribes can feel impossible. Having a clan, or community, of your own can change how you experience the game.

That’s why I’m bringing you the top Conan Exiles Discord groups for roleplayers and those looking for a community. If you love Conan Exiles, you already have something in common with the members of the following Discord groups. Find the one or two that sound the most interesting to you.

The Quick Glance – Top Discord Groups and what they’re All about

Only some people want to roleplay in a server. Some people may need to meet the group’s age restriction. To see if a group is worth investigating, look at some quick details about them in the table below.

Discord:Type:System:PVP/PVEAge Restriction (18+):Details:Discord Link:
Lost Realm of Hyboria 18+RPXboxPVEYesBrand new serverJoin Here
Era of the Great Serpent (Adult RP-PvE-C) ServerRPXboxPVP/PVE-CYesOffers small PVP elements for PVE playersJoin Here
Realm of MythosRPPS4PVPYesPlayer economyJoin Here
Path of WarRPN/APVPYesPVP heavyJoin Here
ElmyriaRPXboxPVE-CYesExtensive RPJoin Here
The Grim DescentRPPCPVE/PVPYesExperienced roleplayersJoin Here
EMPIRE: UprisingRPXboxPVE-CYesServer-wide eventsJoin Here
Dark Mystical KingdomRPPCPVEN/AModded serverJoin Here
The HiveCommunityXbox/PCPVE/PVPN/AMulti-Game CommunityJoin Here
PandemoniumCommunityN/APVE-CYesModded Community ServerJoin Here
Rise of the ExilesCommunityPCPVPN/AHigh-performance PVPJoin Here

Top Conan Exiles Discord Groups for Roleplayers – Create Stories and Find Fulfillment in the Exiled Lands

Conan Exiles can become stale whether you’re playing on PVE or PVP for a while. You need more exciting things to do. Discord groups that emphasize roleplaying can offer a new way to play the game. It’s one thing to survive the harsh world of the Exiled Lands and something different to do so with a story involved.

The Discord groups listed below all feature roleplaying in some variety. Whether you’re looking for something in-depth or just want to dip your toes into the roleplaying world, you’ll find a Discord group here.

1. Lost Realm of Hyboria 18+ – Best for Beginners

lost realm of hyboria 18+ conan exiles discord group
Lost Realm of Hyboria advertisement
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Server Type: PVE
  • Age Restriction: Yes

Never joined a roleplay Discord before? Then Lost Realm of Hyboria may be an excellent choice for you. It’s a brand-new Conan Exiles RP discord server, meaning members are just joining. It’s a great time to get in while the lore is still developing. You can pitch your ideas and start working on your character’s backstory.

Lost Realm of Hyboria is an 18+ server since it features some adult content. NSFW isn’t allowed, but you can assume there will be graphic violence and adult language. The members primarily play on Xbox and expect everyone to adhere to the server’s rules.

You can join the server by clicking here.

2. Era of the Great Serpent (Adult RP-PvE-C) Server – Best for PVE Combat Roleplayers

era of the great serpent conan exiles discord group
Era of the Great Serpent Welcome Message
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Server Type: PVE-C/PVP
  • Age Restriction: Yes

Some people want to be friends with their neighbors in Conan Exiles. Others want to destroy their base and steal their treasure. If you lean toward the latter group, then Era of the Great Serpent may be right up your alley. This Discord group has servers for the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah. So, if you’ve wanted to get your start on either, this is a great community to join.

Now, not everyone wants to murder their neighbors all the time. This group controls its PVP aspects so everyone can enjoy it. There are raid events, rules about engaging in war, and PVP weekends. So, if you play in PVE and have always wanted to try out PVP, this server may be a great way to slowly experience the harsh world of combat.

The server also has RP elements to it with open lands that they keep open for those who want to try to establish kingdoms. Just be sure you’re ready to protect your new kingdom.

You can join the server by clicking here.

3. Realm of Mythos – Best for Tense Character Economy Roleplay

realm of mythos conan exiles discord group
Realm of Mythos Discord advertisement
  • Platform: PS4
  • Server Type: PVP
  • Age Restriction: Yes

Featuring a character-based economy and trading system, Realm of Mythos focuses on realistic roleplay. You can set up shop, but doing so will also make you a target for roving groups of bandits or worse. They use boosted rates on the server to minimize the grind. It allows traders and players to harvest what they need without spending hours on the task.

There are also server events designed to bring the community together. To ensure no one can gang up on each other, they keep the clan size to a maximum of six. You’ll also need to be at least 18+ to join the server.

You can join the server by clicking here.

4. Path of War – Best for PVP Roleplayers

path of war conan exiles discord group
Path of War Discord advertisement
  • Platform: N/A
  • Server Type: PVP
  • Age Restriction: Yes

Path of War describes itself as a server for those who love PVP. It’s a community built for people who don’t feel bad about killing and stealing each other’s loot. Path of War isn’t just your typical PVP server, however.

The group includes fantasy races you can play as and build a character’s story around. While they don’t have a specific lore or story they follow, the group encourages you to create your own story as you go. That said, if you team up with some members, you can craft a story together that might change the server as a whole.

You need to be 18+ to join the group.

If PVP is your cup of tea, then you can join the server by clicking here.

5. Elmyria – Best for Hardcore Roleplayers

elmyria conan exiles discord group
Elmyria Welcome Message
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Server Type: PVE-C
  • Age Restriction: Yes

If you love Conan Exiles and want to immerse yourself in the world, lore, and your character, then you need to join Elmyria. It’s an incredible Discord group with extensive lore and a unique class system that even has sub-classes attached to them. You receive a character sheet for your character and can become involved in quests in the game and through writing.

The group also has a unique settlement system for its clans. You start with a hamlet and can slowly progress to a city. There’s a player-driven economy and stories that impact characters both locally and server-wide.

You can expect wars, too, in which all bets are off as the server turns into a PVP bloodbath in designated areas. Elmyria offers a lot to those who want to invest in the world around them.

You can join the server by clicking here.

6. The Grim Descent – Best for PC Roleplayers

the grim descent conan exiles discord group
The Grim Descent Welcome Message
  • Platform: PC
  • Server Type: PVE/PVP
  • Age Restriction: Yes

The Grim Descent is a PC-only Discord group that features serious roleplaying. It has custom lore and is heavily modded to help players roleplay to their full extent. The stories span both server-wide and can influence local politics, too. You’re basically able to make your character, toss them into the world, and interact with others accordingly.

It’s also a massive group with over 300 members. You’re sure to find a clan that you vibe with or even start your own and recruit newcomers to your guild. It’s a bleak world, but having a few friends around can help.

You can join the server by clicking here.

7. EMPIRE: Uprising – Best for Server-Wide Events

empire uprising conan exiles discord group
EMPIRE: Uprising Discord advertisement
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Server Type: PVE-C
  • Age Restriction: Yes

If you love feeling involved in a larger story, then you may want to join EMPIRE: Uprising. It’s a story-based RP Discord group that involves its members in server-wide events and challenges. While the group emphasizes server-wide stories, it encourages its members to develop their own stories.

The size of the server is quite impressive, too, with over 70 members. The community enjoys playing the game, fighting great battles, and having a good time with each other. While you need to be over 18 years old to join the server, you’ll find that the community welcomes newcomers.

The group also allows kingdom-building. It has a few open regions ripe for the taking if you have the battle sense to conquer them.

You can join the server by clicking here.

8. Dark Mystical Kingdom – Best for Modded Roleplays

dark mystical kingdom conan exiles discord group
Dark Mystical Kingdom Discord advertisement
  • Platform: PC
  • Server Type: PVE
  • Age Restriction: N/A

You may enjoy Conan Exiles but want something fresh in the world. Dark Mystical Kingdom may have what you’re looking for. It uses several mods like Savage Wilds, Kalimdor Exiles, and Emberlight to create a heavily modded server that looks like nothing else. Combining different mods allowed the group to create custom biomes and bosses.

You may not even recognize the map anymore! The group has also created a series of mazes, parkour challenges, and new quest systems. It also uses boosted server rates to keep harvesting more interesting.

Dark Mystical Kingdom has its stories, but it’s more of an open world for you to explore at your own leisure. Complete quests, partake in events and challenges and immerse yourself in a brand-new world.

You can join the server by clicking here.

Top Conan Exiles Discord Groups for Communities – Find New Friends and Conquer Together

While roleplaying can add an extra element to Conan Exiles, only some people want to dive deep into their creativity. Some people just want to find friends to fight enemies with. If you fall into that category, then you might find the following Discord groups helpful.

These groups focus on building a community around the game, or games, that they love. They make finding people to play with just a bit easier. Take a look at the groups to find the one that clicks the best with your needs.

1. The Hive – Best for Multi-Game Players

the hive conan exiles discord group
The Hive Welcome Message
  • Platform: Xbox/PC
  • Server Type: PVE/PVP
  • Age Restriction: N/A

You may play Conan Exiles, but you may be a big fan of Ark: Survival Ascended, Minecraft, or even Valheim, too. The Hive is the best Discord group for you. It brings together players who love survival games like Conan Exiles. You might find a group that enjoys all the games you do and can join them.

The group also hosts its own private servers for its members. You don’t have to worry about interacting with “randos” anymore.

They also host online events like gaming nights to bring the community together. The community comes together to play Call of Duty or skribbl. These events have grown so popular that the admins plan to organize tournaments and attend cons.

With over 11,000 members in the group, you will indeed find a group of new friends.

You can join the server by clicking here.

2. Pandemonium – Best for Modded Community Server

pandemonium conan exiles discord group
Pandemonium Discord advertisement
  • Platform: N/A
  • Server Type: PVE-C
  • Age Restriction: Yes

Just because you may not be into roleplay doesn’t mean you don’t want to use mods. This Conan Exiles discord group has a few big mods to make its server more enjoyable. Mods like Pippi, Less Building Restrictions, and ModManager help make the server run better while offering some quality-of-life mechanics.

That said, the group strives to keep the experience in Conan as vanilla as possible. They want to keep the core gameplay. However, they’ll have daily hidden monster spawns that players can track down and kill to keep things interesting—doing so rewards schematics.

The group also has PVP tournaments for those who want to test their mettle. Being part of the group can also earn you rewards in the game. Every time you gain a point, you can spend them on in-game rewards.

You can join the server by clicking here.

3. Rise of the Exiles – Best for PVP Players

rise of the exiles conan exiles discord group
Rise of the Exiles Discord advertisement
  • Platform: PC
  • Server Type: PVP
  • Age Restriction: N/A

Love PVP? Then, you need to check out this server. Rise of Exiles features high-performance PVP servers. It emphasizes a lack of lag to ensure players have the best chance of fairly destroying one another. Unlike other PVP servers, the group highlights a friendly community to avoid a toxic environment.

It also stresses that it’s relaxed, so if you want something more casual, these might be your people. With over 400 members, the PVP community is strong in Rise of the Exiles.

You can join the server by clicking here.

Questions and Answers

Question: Does Conan Exiles have an Official Discord Server?

Answer: No, Conan Exiles does not have an official Discord server. The developer, Funcom, also does not have an official Discord server.

Question: How can I Find a Conan Exiles Discord Group?

Answer: Besides the list above, you can also Google Search “Conan Exiles Discord group” and have a list of active and inactive groups to explore.

Question: Are there Age Restrictions or Content Restrictions in Conan Exiles Discord Groups?

Answer: Yes, there are usually age or content restrictions in Conan Exiles Discord groups because the game, itself, has an ESRB rating of M (Mature). Each Discord group has its own rules, so it’s worth reading those to determine what content or age restrictions it enforces.

Discover a Clan Both In-Game and Out of it Through Discord Groups

Whether you’re a roleplayer or just a player, a community is waiting to meet you. These Discord groups offer new and exciting ways to play the game, all while bringing people together. You may just find a clan of friends outside the game, too.

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