Conan Exiles Consumables Guide

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Consumables are items you can use for different purposes. The ability to change your character’s status, upgrade gear pieces, and unlock Knowledge recipes are just a few of the many things consumables allow you to do in Conan Exiles, making these items some of the most important things to look for in the game. During this guide, you’ll get to know the different consumables and learn which ones are more appropriate to give to your character in any situation you’ll find yourself in while you’re playing.

TL;DR – Summary

Consumables are some of the most important items of Conan Exiles since you depend on many of them during a big part of your gameplay journey to survive and achieve better results on several tasks you’ll have to perform with your character. There are plenty of consumables available in the game and diverse consumable categories as well since these sorts of items are used for several purposes like healing, upgrading gear, boosting or giving new abilities, feeding, or even unlocking more item recipes. You can obtain consumable items by crafting, looting world chests or enemy corpses, or even by interacting with special spots in certain areas (for example, interacting with the shelves from the Archives by the Unnamed City (Exiled Lands map) will give you consumables, and picking messages in a bottle by the shore will give you consumables (Isle of Siptah map)).

How to use a consumable item (depending on the item you’re trying to use/consume):

  • Open your inventory and, while having the item selected, press the “Use” or “Consume” button;
  • Place the item in your Hotbar and use the action button to use it;
  • While in your inventory, drag the item over your gear piece to use it.

Some of the most common consumables:

  • Healing items (wraps, Aloe extracts);
  • Foods and drinks (such as Sealed Waterskin, Grilled Steak);
  • Gear kits (Repair kits);
  • Potions and elixirs (Yellow Lotus Potion);
  • Others (Supply Materials, Fragment of Power).

Types of Consumables

Conan Exiles - healing items
Image from Wild Jester

There is a wide diversity of consumable items in Conan Exiles. Consumables can fall into multiple categories:

  • Status modifiers;
  • Gear improvements/upgrades;
  • Knowledge and emote unlockers;
  • Warpaints;
  • Mystery bags;
  • Miscellaneous.

Status Modifiers

A status modifier is an item that can alter one or multiple conditions of your character. These conditions don’t include only the character’s health, hunger, or thirst but also other statuses that can affect its performance during several tasks. These kinds of consumables can be either beneficial or harmful, as some can boost your condition (like the Elixir of Might or the Lasting Feast) or poison you (like Shadespiced foods or the Black Lotus Potion). Through your gameplay, you’ll find out which items are better to consume and during which occasions you should use them the most.

Each type of status modifier is listed below:

  • Regenerators: healing;
  • Regenerators: stamina;
  • Hunger/thirst inhibitors;
  • Temperature changers;
  • Status boosters (buffs).

Regenerators: Healing

Conan Exiles - Regenerators
Image from Wild Jester

About consumables, healing items are some of the most used during your gameplay since you must carry them almost wherever you go. You can use a few of these items to stop bleeding and restore your health points, and each of them may be more or less effective in doing that. Other consumables under this category will remove a negative effect from you, like effects coming from poison or corruption. Depending on which items you are going for, always try to obtain the most appropriate as soon as possible.

Items that will restore health points:

  • Wraps (Rough, Healing, Numbing, Stutter, Infused);
  • Aloe-based vials (Weak Aloe Extract, Aloe Extract, Concentrated Aloe Extract, Pure Aloe Extract, Infused Aloe Extract);
  • Foods and drinks with healing properties (such as Healing Waterskin and Honeyed Wine).**

** Note: Not every food or drink with healing properties is currently doing its intended function, so prefer relying on items like the ones mentioned here or on any Aloe Extracts or Wraps instead.

Items that will cure you from poisoning:

  • Antidote and Set Antidote (cures Poisoned effect caused by poisonous creatures or projectiles attacks);
  • Violet Curative (cures Food and Alcohol Poisoning effects, but it makes you drunk for a short period; Antidote also removes this kind of Poisoning effect, but only when it’s working as intended).

Consumables with Corruption cleansing properties:

  • Cleansing Brew;
  • Heart of a Hero;
  • Corrupting Brew (only cleanses you if you’re already fully corrupted).

Regenerators: Stamina

Conan Exiles - Stamina
Image from Wild Jester

Stamina regeneration consumables are items that replenish your stamina at a faster rate, usually handy during combat. To help restore your stamina points, you should consume the items below:

  • Drinks (Blackcove Rum, Herbal Tea, Ice Tea, Bitter Tea, etc.);
  • Foods (Feast of Derketo, Feast of Mitra, Feast of Set, Feast to Yog, Lasting Feast, etc.).

Note: Some stamina regenerators aren’t working as intended, so opt for functional items instead (like Blackcove Rum and Herbal Tea).

To prevent your stamina from draining fast instead, spending your attribute points wisely and increasing your stamina pool by opting for gear and consumables that give you more stamina points is a good choice.

Hunger/Thirst Inhibitor

Conan Exiles - foods and drinks
Image from Wild Jester

Most Conan Exiles foods and drinks are hunger or thirst inhibitors, and each of them will satisfy your character’s needs more or less successfully upon consumption. Players who eat/drink low-tier items of this kind will have to consume a bigger quantity of these more frequently than if they opt to consume better-quality items instead. Several hunger and thirst inhibitors carry side effects that can be either beneficial or harmful to your character. Those effects are classified as status modifiers as well, causing your character to:

  • Suffer temperature changes;
  • Get food or alcohol poisoning;
  • Regenerate health or stamina points;
  • Get a new status (corruption, charisma, underwater breathing, etc.) or a boost on an already existing status (carrying capacity, strength weapon damage, etc.).

Every side effect above except for corruption is temporary. Corruption must be cleansed with a cleansing consumable, armor piece with cleansing properties or by being in the presence of an entertainer NPC.

Temperature Changer

Conan Exiles - Temperature Changer
Image from Wild Jester

There are consumables in Conan Exiles that can alter your character’s temperature. Alternatively, you can opt for wearing armor that protects you from cold or warm temperatures. Look mainly for foods and drinks to balance your character’s temperature if you don’t have appropriate gear for the environment you’re in currently.

Examples of consumables that warm you up:

  • Firewater;
  • Spicy foods (such as Spiced Fowl);
  • Phykos Rum.

Examples of consumables that cool you down:

  • Ice Tea;
  • Purified Water;
  • Sealed Waterskin.

Exceptionally, there is an elixir that works differently than most consumables from the game – the Vehemence Elixir – which will cool you down if you’re feeling warm and warm you up when you’re cold.

Status Booster

Conan Exiles - status booster
Image from Wild Jester

A status booster is an item that improves/increases your character statuses, usually for a limited period of time (opposite to what armor pieces do, which give boosts permanently while those pieces remain equipped). If your character doesn’t own a specific status previously, that item will offer it an extra ability instead. As consumables, status boosters can be in the form of:

  • Foods/drinks;
  • Potions/elixirs;
  • Powder/dust;
  • Books (that provide buffs);
  • Biles.

These boosters can increase any of your character statuses values below:

  • Health;
  • Stamina;
  • Armor;
  • Carrying Capacity;
  • Concussive Damage;
  • Follower Damage;
  • Strength Weapon Damage;
  • Agility Weapon Damage;

Or add extra status/abilities to your character (also temporarily):

  • Charisma (Potion of Endowment);
  • Night vision (Night-Eye Potion, Argossean Dream Dust);
  • Underwater breathing (Breathing Potion, Fish Gill Potion, Breath of Dagon);
  • Corruption (Corrupting Brew, Curative Mixture);
  • Enraged effects, Unrelenting (Berserker Draught);
  • Berserker’s Protection (Frenzywine).

Consumables with multiple effects: These items will boost or add more than just one status to your character at once upon consumption. Examples: Purified Flesh, Ambrosia, Berserker Draught.

Conan Exiles - Berserker Draught potion
The result of consuming the Berserker Draught potion. – Image from Wild Jester

Consumables with variable effects: These items will give you a random effect every time you consume them – from increasing your defense or agility weapon damage to providing you extra stamina points, poisoning you, or having no effect at all – try your luck with these ones! Examples: Frost Lotus Potion, Potion of Lost Souls.

Conan Exiles - Frost Lotus Potion
Image from Wild Jester

Biles: These must be applied to weapons in order to increase your character statuses while equipped, as long as your weapons weren’t previously modified. Available Biles: Bile of Grit, Encumbrance, Agility, Accuracy, Strength, Vitality, and Survival.

Conan Exiles - Available Biles
Image from Wild Jester

Gear Improvements/Upgrades

There are ways of improving/upgrading weapons and armor pieces in Conan Exiles: by using specialized thralls or applying items over each piece to make them more efficient, damaging, or even making them more durable.

You can obtain most of these consumable items by looting enemy corpses and chests or crafting them at your workstations. Most will last permanently once applied to your gear pieces, but others will be gone after a few uses or minutes. These items are one-use only.

Temporary Improvements

You can upgrade your weapons temporarily with these consumables below:

  • Reaper Poison;
  • Scorpion Queen Venom;
  • Specter Coating (only effective against undead enemies);
  • Oils (Oil of Agony, Penetration, Balance, Concussion, and Bounty).
Conan Exiles - Temporary Improvements
Image from Wild Jester

Poison: Hitting enemies with weapons infused with poison or Specter Coating will cause a negative effect on them that drains their health over time. However, not all existing weapons in the game will accept this type of upgrade on them due to their own properties, but many will do.

Conan Exiles - weapons infused with poison
Image from Wild Jester

Oil: This can be applied to several weapons to increase one of their benefits, such as concussion or penetration. However, adding oil to a weapon will significantly decrease its lifetime (durability) by a very high percentage, so make sure to repair it once the oil disappears (which only lasts for a few minutes while you handle the weapon). The Oil of Bounty is used for tools.

Permanent Improvements

There are permanent improvements/upgrades for both weapons and armor pieces. These items are also classified as tools and will last in your gear pieces for an undetermined time.

Conan Exiles - Permanent Improvements
Image from Wild Jester

With the exception of repair kits:

  • You can only apply permanent improvements to gear pieces that are pristine (not damaged), so make sure to fix any gear piece (to its maximum durability) before upgrading them.
  • Only one permanent improvement per armor, tool, or weapon is allowed. Once applied, it cannot be removed or replaced.
  • Adding improvements to your gear will decrease its total durability. Reinforcement Kits will make your weapons and armor pieces more durable, though.

The use of repair kits is limited, so unlocking the recipe of a gear piece to repair it more freely with crafting resources is sometimes a better option – and necessary once your piece breaks. Prevent breaking completely an armor piece, tool, or weapon if you haven’t learned its Knowledge (for example, Legendary tools such as the Black Blood Pick) if you plan to fix it with a repair kit since you can’t repair fully broken gear with kits.

There are different types of permanent improvements for your gear:


  • Platings;
  • Joints;
  • Diverse kits (Armor Patch, Flexibility, Reduction, and Rebalance Kits).


  • Paring Blade;
  • Kits (Damage and Weapon Repair Kits**);
  • Weapon Fittings (Balanced, Fencer, Master, Blunted, and Spiked).

** These kits will also repair your tools.


  • Tool Upgrade Kits.


  • Reinforcement Kits.

Knowledge Unlockers

Many consumable items in Conan Exiles will teach you new things that you wouldn’t learn by usual means (depending on which map you’re on). Some exploration is required to find these items to extend your knowledge. By obtaining these items, you can use/consume them to unlock a wide variety of new recipes or even emotes. What you can obtain while exploring the diverse points of interest on the Exiled Lands map, you will have to obtain differently if you are playing on the Isle of Siptah map at times through consumable items, most of them in the form of scrolls. However, you can still find several scrolls to unlock more recipes if you’re playing in the Exiled Lands for specific things, especially if you’re planning to visit the Archives by the Unnamed City, for example.

Conan Exiles - exploration scroll
Image from Wild Jester

The consumables that expand your character’s Knowledge are divided into different categories:

  • Armor Schematics;
  • Weapon Schematics;
  • Diverse gear and ammunition scrolls;
  • Gear upgrades scrolls;
  • Specialist Brewing and Cooking scrolls;
  • Alchemy scrolls;
  • Religious Knowledge items;
  • Placeable items;
  • Language Dictionary scrolls;
  • Miscellaneous scrolls.

Note: To learn how to find the consumables that teach you new emotes upon use, make sure to read the topic after the Miscellaneous Scrolls category explanation.

Armor Schematics

These will unlock the Knowledge of a variety of armor sets recipes. Examples of some of the many Armor Schematics you can obtain in Conan Exiles:

Conan Exiles - Armor Schematics
Image from Wild Jester

Weapon Schematics

These schematics unlock the Knowledge of several weapons recipes. Examples of some existing Weapon Schematics:

Conan Exiles - Weapon Schematics
Image from Wild Jester

Diverse Gear and Ammunition Scrolls

Like the Armor and Weapon Schematics, there are other types of scrolls that teach you recipes for gear pieces and even ammunition, such as:

Conan Exiles - Ammunition Scrolls
Image from Wild Jester

Gear Upgrades Scrolls

These scrolls will teach you recipes to upgrade your gear pieces:

  • Scroll (Grandmaster Armorsmith);
  • Scroll (Grandmaster Weaponsmith);
  • Scroll (A Memory of Oils).

Specialist Brewing and Cooking Scrolls

These scrolls allow you to learn recipes from high-tier foods and beverages. However, you can only find these Specialist scrolls on the Isle of Siptah DLC map since you can learn this kind of Knowledge differently on the Exiled Lands map. Some of the available Specialist Brewing and Cooking scrolls are listed below:

  • Scroll (Specialist Brewing II);
  • Scroll (Specialist Cooking X);
  • Scroll (Pirate Cuisine) – this one holds a different name, but will also teach you the recipe for high-tier foods and one drink.

Alchemy Scrolls

Scrolls of other consumable items recipes (wraps and potions) can also be found in Conan Exiles. Examples:

  • Scroll (Ancient Lemurian Wraps);
  • Scroll (Dagon’s Breath);
  • Scroll (Midnight Alchemist).

Religious Knowledge Items

These items will teach you religions upon consumption, as long as you haven’t learned them yet:

  • Everice of Ymir;
  • Eye of Set;
  • Flesh of Remembrance;
  • Precepts of Mitra;
  • Skull of Yog;
  • Tablet of Derketo;
  • Tapestry of Zath.
Conan Exiles - Religious Knowledge Items
Image from Wild Jester

Placeable Items

Several scrolls can teach you recipes for items to enrich your base, like the:

  • Scroll (Darfari Banners);
  • Scroll (Deep Sea Fisher) – unlocks the Improved Fish and Shellfish Traps as well as some fish trophies recipes;
  • Scroll (Fast Elevators);
  • Scroll (Kiln);
  • Scroll (Merchant Signs) – unlocks diverse standing and wall sign recipes.

Language Dictionary Scrolls

These Language Dictionary Scrolls unlock a decorative papyrus scroll that the player can craft, place and type text into. There are about 28 Language Dictionary Scrolls to learn in total, from the Atlantean and Lemurian to the Zingaran language. However, they won’t teach you or your character how to speak these languages. Every scroll recipe and placeable item looks the same, only their names change.

Conan Exiles - Language Dictionary Scrolls
Image from Wild Jester
Conan Exiles - Papyrus Scroll
Image from Wild Jester

Miscellaneous Scrolls

These contain recipes of items that don’t fit inside any of the previously mentioned categories, such as:

  • Scroll (Tablet of Power) – once you learn this scroll Knowledge, you can craft a Tablet of Power which will give you 60 additional Knowledge points upon consumption.

Emote Unlockers (Isle of Siptah DLC Map Only)

Found inside bottles by the shore that you can pick up on the Isle of Siptah map, emote unlockers scrolls contain a variety of emotes for your character to learn. In the Exiled Lands, these emotes are learned differently, available at several locations on that map if you’re playing there instead.

Conan Exiles - Emote Unlockers
Image from Wild Jester


Warpaints are consumable items that you can apply to your character to decorate their skin. These can be found or crafted in the game, and you can apply a new warpaint even after you’ve already used one. Warpaints last temporarily in the character’s body, but that can be subject to change. Applying Sloughing Fluid over your character’s body (in the inventory interface) will remove the currently equipped warpaint before it runs out.

Conan Exiles - Warpaints
Image from Wild Jester

Certain enemy corpses will drop some warpaints, while others you can craft at a Dyer’s Bench with:

  • 1 Papyrus Scroll;
  • 1 Inking Brush;
  • 1 Dye (the Dye color will depend on which warpaint you are trying to craft).

Mystery Bags

Mystery bags are consumables that will drop other items once you use them. These come in different forms and can be acquired differently during your gameplay. Many consumables of this kind are dropped by enemies or found in loot chests, depending on the items.

Conan Exiles - Mystery Bags
Image from Wild Jester

Mystery bags available in Conan Exiles:

  • Satchels
  • Supply Materials
  • Salvaged Item
  • Zathite Bag
  • Sacs and Bag of Assorted Venoms
  • Heavy Coin Purse
  • Keyring
  • Bag of Essences
  • Eldarium Cache


There are four kinds of Satchels: Burlap, Cloth, Leather, and Samite Satchels. You can get these from killing Sorcerer NPCs found in several camps from the Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah maps. Once you open any of these items, they have a chance of dropping each time:

  • Nothing;
  • 1x Dead Sorcerer’s Map;
  • 1x Sorcerous Spell Page;
  • 1x Pouch – the Pouch material will depend on which type of Satchel you have opened. Example: opening a Cloth Satchel will give you a Cloth Pouch (Samite Satchels may give you Leather Pouches instead of Samite Pouches, but this might be subject to change in the future).

Supply Materials

The Supply Materials boxes are dropped by dead Bearer NPCs (which are in several points of interest on both maps) or found in loot chests and Flotsam crates (these crates are only available on the Isle of Siptah DLC map). There are ten different variants of Supply Materials, and the boxes obtained from Flotsam crates can give you different kinds of loot from the ones you’ll find by looting Bearers’ corpses or inside chests. The items obtained can also vary depending on the Bearer’s tier.

Examples of several items that Supply Materials boxes can drop:

  • Crafting resources such as Wood, Stones, Crystal, Plant Fiber, Ironstone, Alchemical Base, etc. ;
  • Creature loot like Feathers, Bones, Pelts, etc.;
  • Diverse Seeds;
  • Powders (such as Lotus powders);
  • A variety of potions (Lotus potions, Fish Gill, Night-Eye, Bestial Memory, etc.);
  • Diverse elixirs (of Enduring, Freedom, Vigor, etc.);
  • Drinks, Dyes, Glowing Essence;
  • Weapons (The Glasser, Gravedigger, Practice Great Sword, etc.).

Salvaged Item/Salvaged Building Materials

The Salvaged Item or Salvaged Building Materials is a consumable implemented in the game with the update 3.0. Obtaining Salvaged Building Materials is the result of having any kind of building pieces inside your inventory or containers that were turned into salvaged items automatically once you have logged back into your game.

To retrieve all of the materials you’ve spent crafting those building pieces, make sure to use those Salvaged Building Material boxes, and they will give you the materials back instead of the building pieces. The building pieces are available in the Building Menu, and you should have enough materials in your inventory to place them on the map.

Zathite Bag

Mostly spiders drop Zathite Bags if you harvest them with a Zathite Ritual Dagger. Once opened, these Bags have a chance of dropping:

  • Bones;
  • Ichor;
  • Weathered Skulls;
  • A random animal carcass.
Conan Exiles - Zathite Bag
Image from Wild Jester

Sacs and Bag of Assorted Venoms

Sacs are dropped by certain creatures (look for event monsters, Maelstrom, Pools of the Grey Ones enemies, etc.), so make sure to loot or harvest their corpses to obtain these items, since they’ll give you a variety of things once opened.

Venom-Sac will give you poison-related items:

  • Glands – Sand Reaper Toxin Gland, Serpent Venom Gland, Scorpion Queen Venom Gland;
  • Scorpion Queen Venom;
  • Mushrooms – Puffball Mushroom, Shroom Amanita;
  • Consumables – Reaper Poison, Scorpion Queen Poison

The Bag of Assorted Venoms is another consumable that will provide you with the same items a Venom-Sac does once opened.

Stomach-Sac will give you bone-related items:

  • Bones;
  • Weathered Skull;
  • Bonemeal;
  • Bone Arrows.

Blood-Sac will give you blood-related items:

  • Blood;
  • Black Blood;
  • Demon Blood.
Conan Exiles - Blood-Sac
Image from Wild Jester

Heavy Coin Purse

The Heavy Coin Purse gives you a small amount of Silver and Gold Coins once opened. Certain minibosses from pirate camps (such as Sipho Sailsworn and Askia the Lookout found in the Isle of Dusk, located on the Isle of Siptah map) can drop these purses.


A Keyring can drop between one to three Jailor’s Keys upon use. You can open cages from the Isle of Siptah map camps with Jailor’s Keys to set free human NPCs. Keyrings are dropped by specific enemies (like the Quartermaster Kung miniboss). An easier way of obtaining a Jailor Key is by killing Jailors found through diverse camps on the Isle of Siptah.

Bag of Essences

These bags will provide you with a small number of essences used on the Isle of Siptah DLC map Leyshrines to help you summon surges. A Bag of Essences can drop some of these essences below:

  • Lesser
  • Unstable
  • Greater

Eldarium Cache

Eldarium Cache is a bag that can give you between 3 and 5 Decaying Eldarium crystals once opened. Looting a few enemy corpses on the Isle of Siptah map increases the chances of getting an Eldarium Cache. As it’s a rare consumable item, venturing into vaults to obtain Decaying Eldarium in larger quantities is a more profitable and viable way instead.

Conan Exiles - Eldarium Cache
Image from Wild Jester


Some consumable items don’t fall under any of the categories above since they are used to provide other things to your character that are not related to anything else most consumables do. Some of these items are:

  • Fragments and Tablets of Power;
  • Potions of Bestial Memory, Natural Learning, Yellow Lotus;
  • Elixir of Rebirth;
  • Spell potions;
  • Sigils;
  • Fodders;
  • Lures;
  • Character customization items.

Fragments and Tablets of Power

Consume Fragments of Power or Tablets of Power if you wish to increase your character’s Knowledge points in order to learn more recipes through your Knowledge panel without having to reset what you’ve previously learned, especially if you have reached the level cap (level 60). Fragments of Power are also used to craft end-game items or unlock different Knowledge for special item recipes by the Exiled Lands Unnamed City Archives and by the Voidforge inside the Isle of Siptah’s tower.

Conan Exiles - Fragments and Tablet
Image from Wild Jester

Potions of Bestial Memory, Potion of Natural Learning, and Yellow Lotus Potion

These three potions do something completely different than what any other potion or elixir previously mentioned in this guide does, so separating them from the other categories above was necessary.

  • Potion of Bestial Memory – resets all of your Attributes and retrieves your spent points back, allowing you to spend them again in a new build you wish to go for next time, without having to start a new game.
  • Potion of Natural Learning – gives you all your spent Knowledge points back, resetting your manually learned Knowledge from your panel, so you can choose to learn any Knowledge from there once again now that you’ll have enough points to spend.
  • Yellow Lotus Potion – resets both Attributes and Knowledge, retrieving your spent points back, being a 2-in-1 Bestial Memory and Natural Learning Potions, and the most accessible option of the potions at an earlier stage of your gameplay.

These potions are safe to consume, free of side effects. Your character will not forget the Knowledge you have learned from visiting points of interest through the map and interacting with things in those areas, even after consuming the potions (except if the potions are bugged).

Conan Exiles - Yellow Lotus Potion
Image from Wild Jester

Elixir of Rebirth

The Elixir of Rebirth was designed for your thralls only, with the intention of rerolling their default perks once you level them enough. You can adjust their perks with this consumable for better performance during combat – just drag the elixir onto their inventory slots and make them consume it.

Spell Potions

These potions are consumable items that are available for a short period and are not account-bound items as they are usually one-use-only free rewards from the Battle Pass chapters. These potions are an easy way of casting spells instead of using your Arcane Staff to cast them.


The Sigils are exclusive consumables from the Isle of Siptah DLC map and can be obtained by completing the Vaults. Consume them to obtain benefits while facing the Maelstrom enemies.


Fodders allow applying custom skins (from DLCs, Battle Pass, Bazaar) to pets you have raised. Craft Fodders inside an Alchemist’s Bench and keep your pets in your inventory, using your handcrafting section from the inventory interface to apply the desired skin to your pets before placing them on the ground.


Crafted inside Jhebbal Sag altars, Lures are classified as consumable items even if you can’t consume them – you must place them on the ground instead. Use these to attract a variety of creatures (depending on the Lure you’re using) within the surrounding area to lead them somewhere else for any plans you have for those creatures. Lures release a stench that makes a creature run quickly toward it.

Conan Exiles - Lures
Image from Wild Jester

Character Customization Items

Consume these items to unlock more options in your character’s customization interface. Make sure to own an Orb of Nergal station to change your character’s appearance during your gameplay. Available consumables:

  • Hyperborean Blood – unlocks Light skin;
  • Eyes of the Demon – unlocks Red eyes;
  • Eyes of the Wight – unlocks White eyes;
  • Reptile-Eye – unlocks Green eyes;
  • Wolf-Eye – unlocks Yellow eyes.
Conan Exiles - Customization Items
Image from Wild Jester

FAQs – Consumables

Question: Do I have to craft the advanced consumables to progress in the game and survive for longer, or can I stick with the most simple ones instead?

Answer: You can rely on simple consumables to feed your basic needs and still progress through your gameplay on Conan Exiles without using high-end ingredients in better quality consumables if you’re not up to it. Relying on basic waterskins and cheap foods, convenient healing items and gear upgrades will do the job, but remember that leveling up the quality of choices related to what you use in this game can lead to better and even more profitable results in the long run.

Question: Some of my consumable items have a decay timer. How do I stop them from decaying and disappearing or spoiling?

Answer: Consumables such as plenty of foods and even some drinks (including specific potions) are perishable, only lasting for a while, so you must keep them in the appropriate container if you’re not planning to consume them right away. A Preservation Box with Ice inside is necessary to prevent these items from decaying. Once you own this container with Ice, transfer any of your items inside it so the timer will stop, and now your items will be safe from spoiling until you plan to consume them.

Question: Will I die if I don’t have consumables to cancel negative effects?

Answer: For example, if you are poisoned and still have a fair amount of health left, your character will heal from poisoning over time since this is a short-term negative effect. However, if you have ten stacks of the poisoned effect (if an enemy has dealt multiple hits with poison on you, for example), then it will last for much longer, meaning that an antidote would be necessary to save your life. If you’re in an extremely cold environment but have nothing to warm you up, you won’t survive for longer – unless you move away from that environment on time to stop cooling down. Alcohol and food poisoning effects go away over time, and the survival rates are high if you’re healthy enough. Make sure your health is never under 70-50% if you’re running low on consumables to heal you from the harmful effects.


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