Conan Exiles Glass Flask Guide

Conan Exiles Glass Flask Guide

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The Glass Flask is a translucent vessel used in Conan Exiles to store elements that can’t be kept inside regular containers (like liquids and gaseous materials).

This flask appears to be fragile, as well as whatever you store in it, but your character can’t hold it in their hands or spill anything to the ground, making the quest for obtaining both Glass Flasks and enough resources to make them functional the only two things you should be worried about.

Learn all you need to know about this vessel with our Conan Exiles Glass Flask Guide below.

Glass Flask Requirements

Learn how to craft the Glass Flask by progressing your character to level 15 and unlocking the Firebowl Cauldron Knowledge with 3 points. You can previously learn the Blacksmith Knowledge at level 10 with 2 points to learn the Glass Flask Mold crafting recipe.

Conan Exiles Glass Flask Guide
Image from Wild Jester

Glass Flask Mold

This mold is an indispensable item to help you get Glass Flasks.

glass flask mold conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

The Blacksmith Knowledge will also teach you how to craft a Casting Table and a Furnace. Once you have both crafting stations, add fuel (Wood or Coal, for example) inside the Furnace and 15 Iron Bars to get one Glass Flask Mold, then transfer it to your Casting Table.

This Mold is reusable for as long as you wish to keep it, so you won’t need to craft more than one unit unless you have multiple Casting Tables where Glass Flasks are being crafted simultaneously.

casting table conan exiles
A Casting Table – Image from Wild Jester

Glass Flask

Once you have a Casting Table, it’s time to gather some items to start making your first Glass Flasks. Each flask requires the following resources:

  • 3 Glass
  • One Glass Flask Mold
glass flask conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

You can obtain Glass by picking up or mining Crystal from some caverns and caves in the Exiled Lands (Hanuman’s Grotto, Cavern of Fiends, Warren of Degenerates, Scuttler’s Shortcut, The Passage) and around points of interest in the Isle of Siptah expansion map (like Vaults and Leyshrines).

You will need 2 Crystals inside any fueled Furnace to get one Glass. When you have enough Glass and a Glass Flask Mold inside your Casting Table, you can start crafting Glass Flasks.

glass-and-crystal conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester
crafting-glass-flasks conan exiles
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Other Ways of Obtaining Glass Flasks

One of the things that I find excellent in Conan Exiles is the possibility of choosing which ways we want to get (voluntarily or not) an item we might need sooner or later. If you wish to get Glass Flasks in other ways than just by crafting (if you find it tedious), you can try going for something else:


Buying Glass Flasks from a merchant NPC (Vennor Skinflint) with Silver Coins is a good option. He will sell you about ten flasks for a coin each time. Location: Sepermeru City (Exiled Lands), Camp of the Castaways (Isle of Siptah).

buying glass flasks conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

Collect Silver Coins by looting chests or enemies while exploring, as this is the most convenient way of getting them since you don’t need to search for Silverstone and go through the crafting process to get this form of currency.

At a point in your gameplay, it is possible that you’ll need several Glass Flasks, and one coin per ten of them sounds like a great deal – as long as you keep finding the right loot chests. Some points of interest, like dungeons or underwater areas with sunken ships are prone to have chests with coins inside.

silver coin conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

Silver Coins are also craftable: get five coins by putting a Coin Mold and one Silver Bar inside a Casting table. Smelt three Silverstones inside any Furnace to get a Silver Bar. You’ll find Silverstone by:

  • Mining Silver nodes from the Descent of Dagon, Rhinohorn Ridge, The Jawbone, and the Abandoned Silver Mine if you are in the Exiled Lands, or nearby Vaults if you are at the Isle of Siptah;
  • Looting random corpses or world chests;
  • Leaving a grown Silver-vein Rocknose inside your Animal Pen, fed with Stones. There’s a tiny chance that this pet will generate Silverstone;
  • Using Silver-vein Rocknoses carcasses. One of these carcasses inside a Fluid Press will give you a few resources, including 5 Silverstones.
silver-bar-and-silverstone conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

You may also be interested in the Silver Dust Guide or the Gold Ore Guide.


Loot chests: While you’re exploring points of interest (camps, dungeons, etc.), the chances of finding multiple items in those are usually high. The presence of loot chests is quite beneficial, and you’ll encounter these mainly in the places previously mentioned.

These chests can hold varied things like tools and weapons, potions, crafting ingredients, and more, including Glass Flasks.

Like many items, these flasks have a certain chance of spawning inside chests, meaning you won’t be finding them all the time, but enough times for you to collect them once in a while, likely enough to fulfill a few of your current needs, saving up some resources by preventing you from crafting them until later.

During my runs to points of interest, I collect several items (even if that means becoming almost encumbered, with or without the help of consumables or followers that could help me relieve the weight of my inventory), head back home and store a wide variety of things throughout the time, avoiding using my workstations as much as I can, unless I’ll need more of those items in a larger quantity or to craft several of them beforehand for any reason I have.

loot-chest-coins conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

Enemy corpses: You can get Glass Flasks after killing certain enemies like human NPCs and looting their corpses. While the chances of a few of them dropping those exist, looting world chests is a more reliable way of obtaining the flasks.

What can I do with a Glass Flask?

You can use Glass Flasks to store liquids in Conan Exiles (except Soul Essence, which is not exactly a liquid but it’s also stored inside a Glass Flask).

Filling a Glass Flask with Water

You can use Glass Flasks to carry water. Here are the different ways you can opt to fill your flasks with it:

  • Approach a water source (lakes, rivers, wells) while making sure to have a Glass Flask in your hotbar, and use your interaction key or button to fill it up. Glass Flasks can also be filled up directly from your inventory – select them and press the “Use” button instead.
  • Let your Alchemist thrall (if you have any) fill up your Glass Flasks for you at an Alchemist’s Bench.
  • Add 10 Ice units to any lit Campfire (regular and Large Campfires, Bonfires) or a Kiln with a Glass Flask, and the Ice will melt into it.
thrall-fIlling-glass-flask conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

Once you have filled up a Glass Flask with water, it will turn into a Water-filled Glass Flask. This is the main purpose of Glass Flasks.

Water-filled Glass Flask

Once you get enough Glass Flasks with water inside (Water-filled Glass Flasks), you can use them to quench your thirst or craft the following helpful items:

  • 1. Potions and Elixirs;
  • 2. Dyes and Dye Colorants (Dark and Light);
  • 3. Water Orbs;
  • 4. Purified Water.
water-filled glass flask conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

1. Potions and Elixirs

Water-filled Glass Flasks play an important role in alchemy, as they are essential to help you create various potions and elixirs which you can consume for your benefit.

Once you have an Alchemist’s Bench (any tier) and have learned the desired concoctions recipes, all you need to do is to store enough crafting ingredients inside your bench and start making what you need, as long as you don’t forget to keep having Water-filled Glass Flasks in stock.

Besides one of these flasks, most potions will require ingredients that cause a chemical reaction when mixed, like Alchemical Base and Lotus Flowers-based ingredients. There are a few potions available at some religious altars, but these also include the Water-filled Glass Flask in their recipe.

If you wish to know more about potions, elixirs, and other items you can consume in the game, you can take a look at the Consumables Guide page by clicking on this link:

potions conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

2. Dyes

Dyes are part of Conan Exiles’ vast customization feature, allowing you to:

  • Change the base color of your armor pieces;
  • Craft some warpaints;
  • Craft Colored Candles;
  • Change the lighting color of the Radium Gem Wall and Standing Torches.

Dark and Light Dye Colorants will lighten or darken an already crafted dye to change its original shade, preserving its color. Combine one previously crafted dye with a colorant to create a new dye item. Example: Combine one Red Dye with one Dark Dye Colorant to obtain Dark Red Dye.

You can create a large number of dyes at a Dyer’s Bench (after reaching level 25) with different kinds of natural resources and Water-filled Glass Flasks. You’ll get an empty Glass Flask back upon creating a new Dye.

dyes conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

3. Water Orbs

A Water-filled Glass Flask and one Ichor are all you need to craft a Water Orb inside an Alchemist’s Bench. This orb works as a throwable weapon and crafting ingredient.

Water Orbs are present in the recipe of other orbs (Demon-fire, Gaseous, Grease, and Purple Lotus). Water Orbs are also part of the crafting recipe from Healing Arrows and Bone Shrapnel Grenades, together with other resources.

You can also try to attenuate gas clouds or fires (usually a result of throwing other orbs or even explosives) with a Water Orb.

water orbs conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

4. Purified Water

To get Purified Water, you’ll only need a Water-filled Glass Flask and to use a Stove (unlocked at level 29) or an Improved Stove (unlocked at level 55).

Purified Water is part of the recipe from various drinks, soups, and feasts of the game, meaning that if you wish to depend on this kind of consumables to give you temporary bonuses, you will need several cups of this water. Purifying water is a simple thing to do but can still be a tedious chore for some players.

However, there are some workarounds to obtain different things like Purified Water in Conan Exiles, and one of them is by looting chests or even enemy corpses, meaning you will be able to store a reasonable quantity of Purified Water in your base through time, even if you partially (or totally) skip the crafting process.

You can also opt for foods and drinks that don’t require Purified Water to be made or get them by looting while exploring the map you’re playing in.

purified water conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

Sacrificial Blood in a Flask

With the Age of Sorcery expansion, some of the already existing items in Conan Exiles have suffered changes, meaning you can now use them for more things than before. The Glass Flask is one of those altered items, now compatible with the implemented sorcery features.

This flask is crucial to extend your Sorcery knowledge (by helping you craft Spell Pages or upgrade your Tome of Kurak) and to help you create reagents to cast spells.

Also, you will need Sacrificial Blood in a flask to perform summoning rituals inside your Circle of Power and to ignite Transportory Stones.

sacrificial blood in a flask conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

To get Sacrificial Blood in a flask, you must learn Basic Sorcery and get a Sacrificial Stone, placing a Glass Flask inside it.

You must capture a human NPC with a truncheon and bindings (like you would to convert them in a Wheel of Pain, for example) and drag them onto the Sacrificial Stone, performing the Blood Rite and collecting the NPC’s Sacrificial Blood into the flask.

Performing this ritual will make you slightly corrupted.

dragging-npc conan exiles
Dragging a human NPC to the Sacrificial Stone – Image from Wild Jester
blood-rite-conan exiles
Performing the Blood Rite to get Sacrificial Blood – Image from Wild Jester

Soul Essence

Get Soul Essences with the help of Glass Flasks inside a Sacrificial Stone.

soul essence conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

The process is not very different from obtaining Sacrificial Blood: capture a human NPC and drag it into your Sacrificial Stone, and, once you have a Glass Flask inside it, select the appropriate ritual you wish to perform to obtain the desired item (the Soul Drain ritual in this case).

You will get 5 Soul Essences per Glass Flask. Doing this will heavily corrupt your character. You can use corruption cleansers (dancer thralls, Heart of a Hero, Cleansing Brew, Champion’s Leggings) to remove the corruption later.

The Soul Essence is mainly used to help you corrupt your character’s Attribute perks. The corruption gained from this is permanent until you reset your Attributes. You can also use it as a crafting ingredient to make the Elixir of Rebirth or upgrade your Tome of Kurak.

soul drain conan exiles
Soul Drain ritual – Image from Wild Jester


Question: After I Use an Item Made with a Glass Flask, Do I Get the Flask Back so I can Reuse it with Something else?

Answer: Unlike reality, Glass Flasks in Conan Exiles aren’t supposed to be reusable most of the time, meaning that they will be lost upon use, forcing you to craft or find new ones.
However, there are two exceptions: drinking all the water from Water-filled Glass Flasks until they’re empty or mixing dyes with Dark or Light Dye Colorants at a Dyer’s Bench will give you your Glass Flasks back.
There are no current plans to change how this works, but keeping an eye out for future game updates is always a good idea since the developers are often prone to change old and recent content.

Question: Should I Spend my Silver Coins on Buying Glass Flasks from the Merchant NPC?

Answer: Yes, buying Glass Flasks is worth your effort from collecting Silver Coins, as it will save up your time crafting both Glass and the flasks at your crafting stations, which can be somewhat repetitive.
Also, coins can come by easier in the long run, and if you start saving up as soon as you get to loot several world chests and find what you need to craft them, you’ll feel safer investing in trading them with merchants that sell helpful items at a low price.
Vennor Skinflint (NPC located at Sepermeru City (Exiled Lands) and in the Camp of the Castaways (Isle of Siptah)) will sell you 10 Glass Flasks for only one Silver Coin at a time.

Question: What is the most Important Thing I can Do with a Water-filled Glass Flask?

Answer: Crafting potions and elixirs that will improve your performance while you’re doing strenuous activities is the most important thing, as it’s what makes the Water-filled Glass Flask a fundamental crafting ingredient since your character depends on the use of alchemy to boost its stats if their gear is not enough on its own.
Some foods and drinks can also help with that, so making Purified Water with Water-filled Glass Flasks is something you should also try if you wish to level up your cooking and brewing skills.
Various potions, elixirs, foods, and drinks can randomly spawn inside loot chests and enemy corpses: if you loot them, you’re skipping the whole crafting process, including making Water-filled Glass Flasks, but remember that it’s necessary to craft these sometimes, in case you plan to get the mentioned things more effectively and in large quantities.


After learning more about Glass Flasks, you can see they are more accessible than expected. Having more than one way of getting these make it easy to get more in large amounts.

Consider collecting these flasks made of Glass at an early stage of your gameplay, so you’ll have enough to craft several items later without worrying about your flasks stock often.

Storing diverse crafting ingredients ahead of time is one of the best moves you can do for yourself if you wish to play more efficiently and prevent engaging in extra tasks during your mid and end-game.

Now, it’s up to you to decide what to use Glass Flasks the most – for sorcery, cooking, brewing, or dyes!

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