Conan Exiles Ironstone Guide

Conan Exiles Ironstone Guide: Get Your Pickaxe Ready

A Conan Exiles Ironstone guide will teach you how to gather, where to gather, and what to make with this valuable metal. Ironstone is something I’ve gathered thousands of, half of it just because it was there.

But whenever I ran short and didn’t remember where I found the Ironstone I had, I was forced to go on an adventure to find some. That, paired with the maps I found for resources online, helped me make the most of my Ironstone trip.

To find Ironstone on your own, look at the base of cliffs and mountains. This is where Ironstone forms naturally and where you’ll have the most luck. They don’t appear out in the open or in caves but seem to love the shade of overlooks.

There also isn’t any Ironstone in the volcano, and there is very few south of the volcano in the snow. Anywhere else you travel, count on being no more than one block from Ironstone.

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All about Ironstone in Conan Exiles – 30-Second Version

Conan Exiles Ironstone Guide
Screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • Ironstone is used to make Iron Bars.
  • You need Iron Bars to make Steel Bars.
  • Pickaxes are the best tool for harvesting Ironstone.
  • Other tools can give you Ironstone but not as much.
  • The Tower of Bats and Pariah’s Overlook are the best early-game Ironstone spots.
  • Iron Bars can make hundreds of items.
  • The best iron farming spots are the Tower of Bats, the Unnamed City (biome, not capital,) and around the Mounds of the Dead. 
  • Ironstone can be harvested from Ironstone Rocknoses, Corrupted Rocknose, Coal Rocknose, Moss Rocknose, Silver-vein Rocknose, and Gold-vein Rocknose.
  • The Rocknose has a 15% chance of giving you Ironstone when in a pen.

How to Get Ironstone in Conan Exiles

getting ironstone in conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Ironstone is a plentiful resource, but as with any resource, if you don’t know where to get it, then it doesn’t matter how plentiful it is. If you value efficiency, know your path before leaving your base.

If you have the carrying capacity, then around Paraiah’s Overlook. From here, go west until you reach the Unnamed City. Then, head north and circle around the area there, zigzagging to Sepermeru, up to Mounds of the Dead. Finally, head east, but don’t go far past New Asagarth.

Rocknose – Harvesting

conan exiles ironstone - rocknose - harvesting
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

If you head to Godsclaw Passage, you can find Ironstone Rocknoses to harvest Ironstone from their carcass. Others that give less Ironstone include the Corrupted Rocknose, Coal Rocknose, Moss Rocknose, Silver-vein Rocknose, and Gold-vein Rocknose.

If you want mostly Ironstone, then harvesting the Ironstone Rocknoses is the way to go. But if you see any Rocknose that isn’t regular, harvesting it will save you time alter because you’ll eventually need the materials each of them gives you.

Rocknose Pet

conan exiles ironstone - rocknose pet
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Rocknose pet will give you Ironstone over time if you put them in a pen. There’s an 80% chance that they will give you stone and a 15% chance they will give you Ironstone. The 5% is left for a rarer item such as crystal, gold, or silver, depending on the type of Rocknose.

There is no Ironstone Rocknose pet, so every Rocknose pet has the same chance to give you Ironstone. But if you don’t get Ironstone and get the other rare item, I’d consider that a good thing.

Harvesting Ironstone – Hotspots

conan exiles - harvesting ironstone - hotspots
Screenshot from Map Vault

You won’t travel far in the Exiled Lands without running onto Ironstone. I know I’ve only had trouble finding it once. Either way, it’s easy to overlook it unless you know where you’re going. Thankfully, as long as you stay south of the volcano and snow, a hotspot is nearby.

Tower of Bats

The Tower of Bats is in the center of F-5. There are Ironstone nodes all around the bottom but not on top of the tower. I suggest starting at the south side because you can find most of the deposits there.

Mounds of the Dead

The Mounds of the Dead is located between the snow and the Unnamed City biome. There are Ironstone nodes all over this area. The best place to farm them is to the far west of the city though there are nodes all over between there are New Asagarth.

The Summoning Place

The Summong Place has nodes surrounding it too. There aren’t any super-densely populated areas, but this is one of the best places to start getting Ironstone, and it’s super close to the river.

Pariah’s Overwatch

South of Pariah’s Overwatch, the coast is crowded with Ironstone. You can find it along the stream. There are no nodes north of the area so don’t bother searching anywhere but from the south to the Arena entrance.

Sepermeru Outskirts

All along the outskirts of Sepermeru, there are Ironstone nodes. The best places are around Ironbreaker Ridge and north of Oasis of Nekhet. There aren’t any between the city and Shattered Springs.

Descent of Dagon

Descent of Dagon has a ton of Ironstone around the outside on the ground. You can also find some rare Silver nodes sprinkled with it, which I recommend gathering while you can. The same goes for the silver mine in Sepermeru.

Godsclaw Passage

conan exiles ironstone godsclaw passage
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

This entire area is great for Ironstone. You can check north of New Asagarth, south of it, between the city and Godsclaw Passage, and between the passage and Mounds of the Dead. Anywhere you look here, you’ll find iron as long as you stay south of the snow.

Westwatch Keep to the Unnamed City

The Unnamed City biome (not the city) has a ton of iron. Inside the city, there is literally zero Ironstone. But if you go north and follow the red, you will find some of the most densely populated nodes on the map.

The Jawbone

The Jawbone is the area to the west of the Unnamed City. Here you’ll find plenty of Ironstone to last you for weeks. Don’t go past Rhineohorn Ridge or south of B-5 and you will make the most of your time.

What to Do with Ironstone in Conan Exiles

conan exiles ironstone crafting
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

There’s only one primary purpose of Ironstone in Conan Exiles. While you can use it to make Shadespiced Iron Ore, a great food for some pets, specifically the Rocknoser, as you can use it to turn a Pebblenose into a Greater Rocknose.

But the primary purpose is to make Iron Bars. To do so, put at least two Ironstone in any Furnace. Then, you will get one Iron Bar per two Ironstone you place in the furnace after 10 seconds. This is without any bonuses or a thrall powering it.

What to Do with Iron Bars in Conan Exiles (Exiled Lands)

conan exiles iron bars
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

There are many items you can make with Iron Bars, and I’ve listed them all, grouping some when I saw fit. However, I did not list the Isle of Siptah items because there are just so many, most of them armor sets.

If you want something stronger than Iron, you can check out Wild Jester’s amazing Hardened Steel guide. This is the step after Steel. I often skip steel and used Hardened Steel instead.

Crafting Tables and Such

  • Alchemist’s Bench – this station is used to make potions, orbs, and random ingredients.
  • Blacksmith’s Bench – used to craft weapons.
  • Casting Table – used to make molds, coins, and jewelry.
  • Firebowl Cauldron – used to make important bases for other means.
  • Fluid Press – turns items into blood, ichor, and more.
  • Lesser Wheel of Pain – used to tame thralls.
  • Sacrificial Stone – used to make Soul Essence and Sacrificial Blood flasks.
  • Thaumaturgy Bench – used for Tomes, Spell Pages, and other sorcery items.
  • Thrall Pot – used to feed thralls.
  • Tinker’s Bench – used to make patch kits, upgrades, and more.


  • Climbing Boots – reduces stamina use when climbing.
  • Climbing Gloves – reduces stamina use when climbing.
  • Barachan Reiver Outfit – heavy armor that adds 100 total health.
  • Mad Prophet Set – light armor with no bonus.
  • Heavy Set (Basic) – starter heavy set; adds 75% carry weight.
  • Medium Set (Basic) – starter medium set; adds 75% carry weight.
  • Hyperborean Slaver Set – heavy set that adds strength weapon damage.
  • Aquilonian Set  (Epic) – good medium armor that adds agility weapon damage.
  • Hyena-Fur Set (Epic) – good medium armor with weather resistance, extra health, and follower damage.
  • Kambujan Shaman Set (Epic) – good medium armor with weather resistance and strength weapon damage.
  • Khayne’s Set (Epic) – great medium armor with health and strength weapon damage.
  • Reptilian Set (Epic) – medium armor with health and stamina (non-scaling) bonus.
  • Stygian Raider Set (Epic) – good medium armor with strength weapon damage.
  • Vanir Fur Set (Epic) – decent medium armor with extra stamina (non-scaling).
  • Iron Jewelry – looks cool, that is all.


  • Serpent-Man Shield – basic, but good shield.
  • Wooden Targe – shield that staggers.
  • Abysmal Daggers – lower-tier daggers.
  • Abysmal Sword – lower-tier sword.
  • Blunted Javelin – lower-tier spear.
  • Iron Tools – good tools that can mine most things.
  • Serpent-man Weapons – great daggers that do bleed and cripple.
  • Cutlass – average, low-class sword that applies cripple.
  • Katana – has nearly the same stats as Cutlass but applies bleed.
  • Lance – not good, but can efficiently be used while mounted .
  • Iron Weapons (Basic) – good, but still tier one or two weapons.
  • Blunted Arrows – no damage but has armor pen and can stun.
  • Serpent-man arrows – good arrows.
  • Crossbow – shoots straight and far but not as good as most bows otherwise.
  • Iron Arrows (multiple) – used as a base for other types of arrows.
  • Arcane Staff – basic weapon used in thaumaturgy.
  • Religious Weapons and Zeals – most religious altar weapons are made with iron.


ironstone conan exiles
  • Steel Bars – iron bars make the next type of metal when combined with Steelfire.
  • Iron Reinforcement– another item used for many other armor pieces, weapons, and misc items.
  • Molds – made in Casting Table to make coins, jewelry, and more.
  • Simple Fittings and Kits – used to upgrade armor and weapons.
  • Warhorse Saddle Light – a basic saddle that offers protection and allows you to ride horses.
  • Elevator – operating elevator pieces.
  • Exploding Trap – a landmine.
  • Iron Leg-hold Trap – bear trap.
  • Vapor Trap – gas mine with gasses that pass through masks.
  • Braziers – many light sources to place in your house.
  • Candleholder – cute decor for candle.
  • Cauldron – purely ornamental.
  • Chop Chop Figurines – multiple iron action figures to collect from the Chop Chop game related to Conan.
  • Decorative Iron Bar – self-explanatory.
  • Iron Dishes – for decoration; has tea pot, standard dishes, and more.
  • Display Racks – different ones that can display weapons, armor, or shields.
  • Gong – fun for annoying friends.
  • Witchfire Torches – these blue torches give off no heat.


Question: What is the Best Ironstone Farm in the Game?

Answer: The best Ironstone farm is the area around the Tower of Bats because it is accessible to anyone with only lower-level enemies around. The area south of the tower is densely populated with iron nodes.

Question: Is Ironsone Useless without Smelting it?

Answer: Yes, more or less. Having more than a handful of Ironstone that isn’t smelted down will only cost you time because you’ll eventually smelt it anyway, as Ironstone can’t craft anything other than Iron Bars.

Question: How many Items Can Iron Bars Craft?

Answer: Hundreds. If you include the items you can craft in the Isle of Siptah, there are over 300 items you can craft with Iron Bars, letting you know just how important the metal can be.

Ironstone will Get You Far, But is Not Endgame Material

Ironstone is the metal that will probably last you the longest. Steel, obsidian, and star metal are all better, but ironstone is so plentiful that it’s hard to move on from it. Steel is next, and for it, you have to make it via an annoying process.

All you have to do with Ironstone is smelt it, and you’re good to go. The stuff you can make with ironstone will get you through half of the levels in the game, and it’s such a step up from the previous gear, so skipping it is hardly an option.

Not to mention, you need it to make Steel Bars anyway, so you really can’t skip it even if you don’t use any Iron items. The game forces you to take most of the steps until late game when you have more options available.

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