Conan Exiles Unnamed City Guide

Conan Exiles Unnamed City Guide: Red Skies, Dangerous Enemies

A Conan Exiles Unnamed City guide will take you through this vast and important city in Conan Exiles. If you look at your map, you’ll see a large red area. That’s the Unnamed City.

In this city are dangerous corruption areas, seven primary bosses, and a ton of great loot. If you only stop in one place to get not Keystone items, then I suggest this area, as it will keep you geared up for a while.

This is my favorite place to farm Fragments of Power and the Legendary Repair Kits. You can also get endless Hearts of a Hero, but they spoil, so you shouldn’t farm them before you need them.

Finally, the Unnamed City is home to some of the best thralls in the game. So if you can grab one or two while you’re there, you can come back and fight the bosses with a much better chance. Beat them at their own game.

Conan Exiles Unnamed City Overview

  • Location – C-6 (center)
  • Recommended Level – 50+
  • Dungeons – no
  • Keystone Items – none
  • Merchants – none
  • Exclusive Loot – yes

Unnamed City Locations

Conan Exiles Unnamed City Guide
Image by Emily Medlock

There are six main locations within The Unnamed City. Each served a purpose at one point, but now, only a couple are worth visiting. However, I am a sukcer for map completion, so I always at least pass through every point of interest.

Citadel of the Triumvirate

Citadel of the Triumvirate conan exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

Citadel of the Triumvirate is located on the line between C-5 and C-6. It’s a big building with a hallway that contains corruption. There are five treasure chests inside with a Giant Snake boss that guards a Legendary Chest and Relic Fragment.

When slain, the snake will drop Demon Blood and a Skeleton Key. The snake isn’t fun to fight because it has poison and a lunge attack that can hit around a shield. I recommend fighting it from behind.

The Archives

The Archives conan exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

The Archives are the undoubted most important location in the Unnamed City. Inside (north of the obelisk), you will find The Archivist. He will teach you Cartographer, allowing you to build a Map Room. He also has a lengthy dialogue.

The Map Room allows you to teleport to any obelisk on the map. On the north side of the room, you can get the Library of Esoteric Artifacts knowledge. This allows you to build the Artisan Table.

The Aviary

The Aviary Conan Exiles
Image from Fandom

The Aviary is a less important area but a cool place to visit. It is located in the southeastern corn of the city and is marked by a corruption-filled manmade crater with an Albino Bat Demon inside.

The bat is the same as the one atop the Tower of Bats. Both give a Bat Demon Head, Bat Skin, Brimstone, and Demon Blood. But the one at the Aviary doesn’t drop blood. Instead, it drops a Fragment of Power and Legendary Repair Kits.

The Dawn Gate

Conan Exiles The Dawn Gate
Image by Emily Medlock

The Dawn gate is the official entrance into the Unnamed City. It is located in the middle of C-6. This is the best place to enter the city if you take the road and go around outposts like the Den.

The Spawning Pools

Conan Exiles The Spawning Pools
Image by Emily Medlock

The Spawning Pools is a space far west in the Unnamed City. It is home to a Dragon which once bred hatchlings for the Giant-Kings. Young dragons are still lurking about, being guarded by the large Dragon (The Red Mother) boss.

The Slave Pits

Slave Pits Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

The Slave Pits is likely the least important area, consisting of hallways once home to the Giant-Kings’ many slaves. It is located in the center of C-6 and contains mini-bosses that randomly spawn.

The Bosses of the Unnamed City

There are seven main bosses in the Unnamed City and several mini-bosses. Each of the main bosses will drop a Fragment of Power and a Legendary Repair Kit. This is my favorite place to farm both of these. Especially since there’s a 30% that each will drop a legendary item.

Guardian of the Flame

Guardian of the Flame Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock
  • HP – 14,867
  • Armor – 109
  • KB Defense – 25

The Guardian of the Flame is another skeleton-like boss. He is difficult to knock back and can only be interrupted with a parrying shield. I recommend having one player block his attacks while the other player or thrall attacks him.

Unlike other bosses in the city, he doesn’t have any exclusive drops but does drop many of the best weapons and armor.

The Commander

Conan Exiles Bosses The Commander
Image by Emily Medlock
  • HP – 14,867
  • Armor – 109
  • KB Defense – 25

The Commander is similar to the Guardian of the Flame. His stats are identical, and he also has no unique drops. He’s more difficult to face because he has skeleton minions that fight with him, making the first half of the fight super annoying.

The Watcher

Conan Exiles Bosses The Watcher
Image by Emily Medlock
  • HP – 14,867
  • Armor – 109
  • KB Defense – 25

The Watcher is another skeleton that fights like the other two, but he has a hammer he swings around instead of a sword like the others. As for drops, don’t fight him if you’re looking for exclusives because he doesn’t have any.

Winged Death

Winged Death Conan Exiles Bosses
Image by Emily Medlock
  • HP – 15,359
  • Armor – 103
  • KB Defense – 50

The Winged Death is a bat with a high defense stat. The boss is even easier than the skeletons because the area you fight him gives you an advantage on placement. Watch him move and keep bleeds/poisons on him.

His exclusive drops are:

  • Quivering Arrows – does 18 damage and 13% armor pen.
  • Vermin Boots/Pants – simple light armor with added health and agility weapon damage.
  • Black Feather Helm – strange helm that corrupts the player that wears it.
  • Riptide – a spear that does 57 damage and allows you to breathe underwater when holding it.

The Gravewalker

Conan Exiles Bosses The Gravewalker
Image by Emily Medlock
  • HP – 17377
  • Armor – 78
  • KB Defense – 60

The Gravewalker is a Wight larger than those in other areas of the Exiled Lands. It has better stats than most of the other bosses in the area but fights a lot like the skeleton bosses.

The Gravewalker drops Glowing Goop and Witchfire Powder but, like the skeletons, does not have exclusive drops.

The Red Mother

Conan Exiles Bosses The Red Mother
Image by Emily Medlock
  • HP – 18717
  • Armor – 65
  • KB Defense – 1000

The Red Mother is super tanky, which makes sense considering it is the mother of all dragons. It’s not a tough fight as long as you manage your stamina well because it’s easy to stay close and dodge its attacks.

Watch out for tail swipes, stomps/bites, and fire breaths; you should be good. As for drops, the Red Mother has some of my favorite exclusive drops in the game.

  • Reach of the Red Mother – a great bow that has good damage and armor pen.
  • Fangs of the Red Mother – a decent throwing axe with 39 damage.
  • Final Breath of the Red Mother – a blue torch with a burn time of 167 hours, making it the best torch in the game.
  • Lifeblood Spear – a good spear with 43 damage that heals 1 HP every five seconds, even in combat.
  • Blade of the Seven Winds – a sword that looks amazing, but even better, it does 100% armor pen.
  • Dragonscale Helm – a helmet with max cold and heat resistance and a whopping 110 armor.
  • The Horned Helmet – a heavy helmet with 5000 durability and 240 armor.
  • God Eye – a headpiece that looks like an eye patch and adds strength weapon damage.

The Brute

Conan Exiles Bosses The Brute
Image by Emily Medlock
  • HP – 14,867
  • Armor – 109
  • KB Defense – 25

The Brute is a serpent-man skeleton boss. He’s a larger boss that’s easy to kite, and, thus easy to take down. His attacks aren’t even that good, so he’s all-around an easy boss compared to others in the area.

  • Helm of the Brute/Gauntlets of the Brute – decent armor that grants stamina and strength damage.
  • The Predatory Blade – only does one damage on heavy attacks but 91 damage on light attacks. It is the strongest one-handed sword in the game.
  • The Shank – daggers with good damage at 45 with nearly 19% armor pen with bleed and cripple.

The Dragons

  • HP – 40, 998
  • Armor – 84
  • KB Defense – 1000

The Red Dragon and Green Dragon are bosses exclusive to the Spawning Pools. They aren’t the main bosses, but they have insane health. They are harder to kill than the main boss, their mother.

I’ve actually started to fight these guys, then turned back with a huge, “nope,” because their health pools were too high. They don’t hit super hard but it doesn’t matter because they take ages to kill.

RHTS Mini-Bosses

Conan Exiles RHTS Mini-Bosses
Image by Emily Medlock
  • HP –  1120

These small bosses are located throughout the city. There are eight named ones throughout the city, but they do not live up to their names. However, they do drop Heart of the Hero and Legendary Repair Kits, an amazing way to get both.

Non-Exclusive Legendary Items from Bosses

These items drop from most of the main bosses in the Unnamed City but are still exclusive to the city. All of them are good items with some of them being top tier, meaning it’s difficult to find much better anywhere else.


  • Commander’s Helmet – protects against noxious gas, sandstorms, and gaseous orbs.
  • Legacy of the Nordheimers – a standard heavy helmet with cold resistance and 240 armor.
  • Nightstalkers Mask – grants dark vision.
  • Scorpion Helm – adds follower damage and concussive damage.
  • Commander’s Chestpiece –  standard medium epic chest piece with 193 armor and 60 extra health.
  • Exquisite Silk Shirt – amazing light chest piece with 117 armor.
  • Exquisite Silk Leggings – amazing light leg piece with 84 armor.
  • Scorpion Harness – cures poison every 30 seconds.
  • Wardancer Chest – light armor with decent stats.
  • War Mammoth Boots – heavy boots with extra carry weight.


  • Corrupted Axe – good axe that does bleed, corruption, cripple, and shield smash.
  • Drunkard’s Blade – good sword with cripple, but there are better swords in the city. However, this one does make those hit with it drunk.
  • Ghast Axe – pretty axe with bleed, corruption, cripple, and shield smash.
  • Ghast Sword – pretty sword with corruption and cripple, but is super lightweight.
  • Heated Argument – mace with heated, shieldsmash, and sunder.
  • Quake – mace with shieldsmash and sunder. On PvP, it causes the opponent’s screen to shake.
  • The Festering One – axe with bleed, cripple, shieldsmash, and poison.
  • Wight Blade – simple sword with cripple.
  • Black Tusk Shield – looks basic, but it’s a great shield.
  • Maelstrom – mace with sunder and great armor pen.
  • Rage Hammer – mace with good armor pen and damage. It supposedly makes your opponent stronger but zaps their stamina.
  • Lying Bastard Sword – good two-handed sword despite it appearing to be one-handed.
  • Sword of Crom – amazing two-handed sword with insane damage and good armor pen. Thralls can’t do damage with it, and it will drain your stamina instantly when you use it.

Unnamed T4 for the Unnamed City

Some of the best thralls in the game are not even named thralls. They are “T4” thralls called Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker. This isn’t their title; this is their name. This is so fitting, considering they live in the Unnamed City.

The Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker Named thralls (like the minibosses mentioned above) aren’t as good as these thralls. They have a third of the health and much lower stats all-around.


Question: Did the Unnamed City Ever Have a Name?

Answer: This is unknown. The city was run by Giant-Kings, but there is no indication that it was named. The only place in the city with a real name is the Citadel of the Triumvirate.

Question: Does a Sandstorm Mask Protect Against the Plague?

Answer: No. You can’t protect against corruption, but you can cleanse it by eating a Heart of the Hero or Cleansing Brew. You can also watch a tamed Dancer/Entertainer thrall to cure it.

Question: Is There an Obelisk in the Unnamed City?

Answer: Yes. It is located near the center on a circular platform. Aside from the red dust clouding vision, it’s hard to miss. I recommend heading there first if you have a Map Room at home.

The Unnamed City – Don’t Skip It

It’s not beneficial in any way, but for safety reasons, to skip the Unnamed City. The Unnamed City is one of the primary Capitals in the Exiled Lands. While it doesn’t have any Keystone items, skipping it is skipping a large part of the game.

The Unnamed City is an entire biome waiting to be explored. I suggest waiting until you’re near max level and geared up, or you will lose the will to live. But when you’re ready, it’s an adventure worth going on.

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