Sunken City Guide

The Sunken City Guide: Atlantis in Conan Exiles

A Sunken City guide will let you decide if you want to explore every inch of the city or go straight for the objective. You only need to fight one boss, but I prefer the long route, which gives plenty of recipes and rare materials.

The Sunken City has a special place in my heart. Partly because it’s Atlantis, which reminds me of one of the best things Disney ever brought us. But I also love the city because it has the recipe for one of the best sets of daggers in the game, my main weapon.

The lore is also amazing, especially if you have been paying attention to Conan lore. Everything is connected, but it’s not always straightforward how they are connected. This is something that appeals to me. But even without it, the Sunken City is a top-tier dungeon.

Sunken City Overview

conan exiles sunken city
Screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • Location – Dagon’s Embrace gulf in the eastern jungle
  • Entrance – Small boat on the edge of the water
  • TP Player Code – 354007 141782 -20106
  • Key Item Unlocks – None
  • Item Farms – Pearls and Scales of Dagon
  • Recipes – Ancient Lemurian weapons, fishing improvements, and Dagon items

The Sunken City is worth the visit, even though it isn’t a mandatory dungeon. You can hop on over after you defeat the Witch Queen but know that it is more difficult than that boss.

This is still the natural order of things and should be done before going to the north in the snow and volcano. But if you miss it, you can always go back after level 60 for a quick run-through.

Sometimes, it’s easier to enjoy the sights whenever you are over-leveled. Other times, it takes the fun out of it. So that’s up to you and your playstyle. I prefer somewhere in the middle.

Sunken City Lore in Conan Exiles

sunken city lore in conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Sunken City is mentioned many times in Conan Exiles lore. The one that sticks out the most to me is the Witch Queen’s tales of it, as it was the city of her people, the Lemurians, worshippers of Dagon.

Then, the cataclysm shook the lands and flooded the city, leaving it completely submerged and unable to sustain them. The city has a happy past, but the life of the Lemurians afterward was far from that.

They were murdered, enslaved, and exiled by nearly every tribe they met. They had much to offer others, but it was taken advantage of, leaving a huge scar from the past, propelling the Lemurian Witch Queen to take unwilling followers via her mask.

Preparing for the Sunken City

preparing for the sunken city conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • Recommended Level – around 40 for a good challenge but a good chance of success.
  • Breathing Help – bring breathing potions if possible. If not, make calculated movements.
  • Other Items – sandstorm mask (sandstorm affects the area,)  hatchet (Scales of Dagon,) full gear (there will be bosses)
  • Team Size – at least one T4 thrall leveled or at least two friends.
  • Get the Obelisk – there is an obelisk at Dagon’s Eye, which is quite close to the Sunken City. But if you die, you can also spawn at the entrance of the dungeon

How to Get to the Sunken City

conan exiles get to the sunken city
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Sunken City entrance is located Northwest of Dagon’s Embrace. It is almost directly under the entrance to the Palace of the Witch Queen. To reach it, you have to go through a hidden portal. A portal that I happened upon by accident.

Whenever I saw a boat, I clicked on it in hopes of being able to use it. I didn’t expect it to take me to Atlantis. But it did. Whenever you click on the boat, it takes you to a new land.

All you have to do is follow the path that leads to a drop-off. Jump in, and you will find yourself in the Sunken City. There are hints that you should jump, so it’s quite intuitive when you get there.

Sunken City Walkthrough

conan exiles sunken city
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Sunken City has several buildings and is quite large, so navigating it can be difficult. If you don’t have an Underwater Breathing Mask, you have a limited amount of time to reach each building.

When I went through it, I didn’t even use breathing potions, so I rushed to each building, at times losing a chunk of health as I passed through the door. That’s why I firmly believe it is designed so that you don’t need any potions, but it is extremely helpful to have them.

Note: this is for full completion, but you only need to fight the last boss to complete the dungeon.

Before the Jump

conan exiles sunken city - before the jump
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

There’s a “boss” called The Watcher Above that you can fight before you reach the city. He’s in the temple above the water up the path when you enter the boat. The altar by him teaches the Ancient Lemurian Axe.

After the Jump – The Captain Below

conan exiles sunken city - the captain below
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

If you have a breathing mask, go ahead and take your time. Search the treasure chests on the bottom of the ocean and do the buildings in whatever order suits you. But without one, head to the nearest building, which should be straight ahead.

This is the first temple. It holds the Captain Below and a couple Cultists of Dagon. It’s the easiest boss in the dungeon, but don’t underestimate the dungeon because of this fight. It’s a prep fight.

After the fight, you can grab the Ancient Lemurian Sword and Ancient Lemurian Shield stelas. Don’t forget to loot the Captain, too, because he will have Pearls on him and may even drop his weapons.

The Second Temple – Half-Child of Dagon

conan exiles sunken city - the second temple - half-child of dagon
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Now swim directly to the left when you leave (clockwise) and enter that temple. It will take a minute, so make sure you swim straight to avoid drowning. This guy is a pain. His title may not show, but he’s actually called Half-Child of Dagon.

If I hadn’t had a party of five, we would have struggled because he has a ton of HP and annoying breath attacks. You can harvest valuable Scales of Dagon and learn the Ancient Lemurian Trident. He may even drop it too!

The Third Temple – Daughter of Dagon

conan exiles sunken city - the third temple - daughter of dagon
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The next temple is directly straight across if you want to do this in the most efficient way possible. This boss is called the Daughter of Dagon, but again, her name will not appear.

She is surrounded by soldiers and won’t attack unless you get close to her, but her soldiers will. I hated her explosion attacks and pools of poison, but once you read her movements, it’s easy to dodge.

After you defeat her, read the runestone because it gives you the Breath of Dagon recipe, which is an improved water-breathing potion. You can also harvest her for Scales of Dagon.

The Fourth Temple – Treasure Room

conan exiles sunken city - the fourth temple - treasure room
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Once you swim out, go straight across and to the left a bit. This is the closest temple. It’s not a rough swim compared to some of the other swims but the tunnel after you get there is a bit lengthy, which may make you nervous as it did me.

In this room is a simple fishman that is an easy fight. He drops Scales of Dagon and Pearls. There are no runestones in this building, but there are a ton of chests with gold and silver.

The Fifth Temple – Son of Dagon

conan exiles sunken city - the fifth temple - son of dagon
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

This is the longest swim, and I nearly die every time I don’t bring a breathing potion, but it still works out so that I haven’t died yet. In this room is the Son of Dagon and he acts much like his sister.

You can cheese him by closing the gate on him, but that’s not what I did. After you gather his Scales of Dagon, check the stela for the Deep Sea Fisher recipe. Not much else to this creepy room.

The Sixth Temple – The Scholar

conan exiles sunken city - the sixth temple - the scholar
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

This is another long swim, but if you do it right, you can make it. Find the shortest route around the statues and swim slightly down and to the left. His name is the Scholar and he’s another simple bleed damage fish.

He’s annoying but middle on difficulty compared to other bosses in the dungeon. After you defeat him, you can grab the Ancient Lemurian Aloe Extract, which makes sense considering the bleed damage this guy does.

The Final Temple – Before the Boss

conan exiles sunken city - the final temple - before the boss
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The final temple has the final boss, The Ritual Keeper, the hardest boss in the dungeon. You can easily reach this temple if you swim straight for it, but it is still quite the swim.

Once inside, you have to flip a switch to open the door to a hallway. There are also other rooms with mini-bosses and treasure, but you can ignore them. However, the first mini-boss by the switch will demand attention.

I did get a little lost in this temple. You have to flip the switch and then run down the corridor before the gates close. Again, I ignore the small enemies and run straight to the boss’s room.

After the gates, it’s pretty straightforward, but you will reach a door with a well that you have to jump down to avoid major fall damage slowly. It’s so annoying, but if you do it right, you will take minimal damage.

The Ritual Keeper Boss

conan exiles sunken city - the ritual keeper boss
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

When you make it to the boss room, you have to fight a couple of mini-bosses to reach her. The most frustrating part is trying to fight both of them at the same time. If you took the slow way through the dungeon, you’ll recognize them as the son and daughter.

After you defeat them, the Ritual Keeper will be ready, much like the Witch Queen fight. I think that the son and daughter are more difficult than the Ritual Keeper, but she’s still a pain.

She does bleed damage, but after you defeat her, she may drop the Daggers of Dagon, which do bleed. Either way, you can learn the recipe for them from the stela in the boss room.

After the Fight

Once the boss falls, two teleporters will appear. It doesn’t matter which one you take, but it’s easy to see which you want. One takes you back to the jungle, while the other takes you to the desert.

Before you leave, don’t forget to take in the all-powerful Dagon in the background and be glad you don’t have to fight that guy. If you’re looking for a place to head to next, check out The Barrow King dungeon to the far west.

Or for another of my personal favorites, the Midnight Grove dungeon located north of the Unnamed City. This is a long dungeon with a lot to offer both loot-wise and to pique your interest.


Question: Can You Drink Water in the Sunken City?

Answer: Yes. This may not make sense because you are drowning as you swim through it and drinking won’t help, but at least you won’t die of thirst in the Sunken City.

Question: How Do You Get Out of the Ritual Keeper Room?

Answer: There is a glitch if you wait too long after killing the boss. It traps you in the room as the portals disappear and the door is locked. You need an admin code if this happens.

Question: How Do You Get a Breathing Mask?

Answer: The Underwater Breathing Mask isn’t a recipe but a random drop from the T4 Black Hand pirate called Beastmaster Teimos. Find him at the Animal Trainer Camp near Buccaneer Bay.

Sunken City Importance in Conan Exiles

The Sunken City is an interesting and fun dungeon, but it isn’t necessary for the story. Most of the weapon recipes are good, but the Daggers of Dagon are the best compared to other weapons in that class.

I think the Sunken City is the coolest dungeon in the game, and I believe it was done well. There is a huge side story behind it involving the peaceful Lemurians and the history of the Witch Queen.

Plus, the bosses are strong enough to challenge you but not so overpowered that you force close Steam after a defeat. I’m talking to you, Champion of the Arena.

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