Conan Exiles Fast Travel Guide

Conan Exiles Fast Travel Guide

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Fast travel is a mechanic that you can find in many games nowadays, and Conan Exiles is no exception. In this guide below, you will learn more about the existing fast-traveling methods in the game to reach different parts of the map effortlessly.

Bottom Line Up Front

There are three kinds of fast travel in Conan Exiles:

  • The Map-Room: Only available in the Exiled Lands, and it can be unlocked by the Archives (E-6 on the map grid), in the Unnamed City. Speak to the Archivist to unlock the Cartographer’s Knowledge and get the Map-Room recipe. After you crafted and placed it, the next step is to activate its pillars, and for that, you need to travel to the obelisks scattered through the map (there are about ten to find) and attune your bracelet to them, so you can get back to the Map-Room and start teleporting from there for free to each obelisk location. You can only teleport from the Map-Room to an obelisk, but not the other way around, meaning you must travel back home on your foot or by riding a mount each time.
  • The Transportory Stone: Available on any map and can be unlocked by upgrading the last levels of Basic Sorcery through the Tome of Kurak on a Thaumaturgy Bench. To unlock Basic Sorcery, visit the Shaleback Hollow cave (E-5), in the Exiled Lands, or the Riverwatch Keep cave (N-10), in the Isle of Siptah. Use 50 Brimstone and 3 Sacrificial Blood in a Flask to ignite a Transportory Stone. Place at least a second Stone as a destination point in another location, igniting it as well. Travel by accessing the floating stones between both Transportory Stones. You can place multiple Stones until the limit is reached. You can fast travel back and forth any time you wish between your Stones!

Make sure to use a corruption cleanser once you finish traveling (dancer thralls, corruption cleansing items like Cleansing Brew or Heart of a Hero) if you’re using a Map-Room or a Transportory Stone.

  • The Portals and Warps: These are exclusive to the Pippi – User & Server Management mod (, so you must install and enable it in your game to use this kind of fast travel. Anyone can use Portals to fast travel, but setting them up require admin permissions. To set up Portals and Warps, go to the starting point and open the Admin Panel, then select the Warps tab and click on the Create Warp button. Give a name to the Warp (name of the location you’re at) and create it. Go to another map location where you’d like the destination to be, setting up a new Warp. While you’re at one of the points, go to the Admin Panel and spawn in at least two Portals (found at the item list in the Building Category, under the Cheat Panel). Now place one Portal on the starting point and at the destination. Interact with a Portal to access the permission and customization settings window. Choose one of the Warps you’ve created (under the Portal Destination section) so you can fast travel to the destination or starting points, depending on where you’re currently setting the Portal. Then set up the next Portal and start traveling. Fast traveling through Portals is free by default, but the cost of traveling can be customized.


conan exiles map-room
Image from Wild Jester

What is the Map-Room?

The Map Room is an interactive object that you can craft and place. It is also a form of fast travel, exclusive to the Exiled Lands, being unavailable on the Isle of Siptah expansion map.

How to Unlock the Map-Room?

Go to the Unnamed City and enter the Archives. Going through the Dawn Gate (the eastern entrance of the Unnamed City) is one of the best options to reach the Archives faster. You’ll find some enemies on the way, so be careful. You can access the Unnamed City through other entrances as well.

unlocking the map-room
Image from Wild Jester

Here, you’ll meet the Archivist NPC. By interacting with him, you will learn game lore as well as the Cartographer Knowledge, which unlocks these two recipes below:

  • Map-Room
  • Corrupted Stone
conan exiles cartographer knowledge
Image from Wild Jester
conan exiles cartographer's knowledge
Image from Wild Jester

You can find the Cartographer’s Knowledge under the Decoration section of your Knowledge interface.

How to Craft and Use the Map-Room?

Use your Construction Hammer to access your Building Menu and select the Decorations tab. You will see the Map-Room under the Special category. To craft a Map-Room, you will need these resources:

  • 200 Corrupted Stones
  • 35 Iron Reinforcements
  • 75 Alchemical Base
  • 50 Crystals

You can only place the Map-Room over structure pieces. You’ll need to build a platform of at least 8 x 8 square foundations. If you wish to protect it inside a closed room, between walls and a ceiling, make sure your room is at least two walls tall to place it down.

conan exiles craft and use the map-room
Image from Wild Jester

Trying different structure designs like round towers and using the Map-Room only as a decorative piece is also possible. Once placed, you can see the Exiled Lands minimap in the Map-Room, along with small pillars. These pillars will only be functional after you attune your character’s bracelet to each obelisk located on the map.

conan exiles not attuned bracelet
Image from Wild Jester

The Map-Room and obelisks are the things that link your character to this way of teleportation in Conan Exiles. 

Once an obelisk and your character’s bracelet are both attuned, the respective pillar in your Map-Room becomes active, and an option to teleport will show up: press the interaction key/button to fast-travel right away to the place the obelisk is.

The Map-Room is a one-way-only trip. Once you’ve used it to teleport to another part of the map, you must travel back to it on your own foot or by riding a mount instead. You can use the same Map-Room infinite times, with zero costs per trip.

You can find a detailed guide about the Map-room in this article: Conan Exiles Map Room Guide


conan exiles obelisks
Image from Wild Jester

Obelisks are dark stone monoliths that are involved in a mist of corruption. In total, there are 10 obelisks in the Exiled Lands map:

obelisks in the exiled lands map
Image from Wild Jester

Here’s a more in-depth guide about every existing obelisk: Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations

Before using your Map-room, go to the area where these obelisks are and attune your bracelet to them so the corresponding Map-Room pillars can become active. Standing near an obelisk will make you corrupted. Stay away from obelisks to stop gaining corruption.

obelisk attuned conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

Transportory Stone

conan exiles transportory stone
Image from Wild Jester

The Transportory Stone is a more recent way of teleporting yourself to different parts of the map (added to the game with patch 3.0/Age of Sorcery). You can use Transportory Stones on any map you’re currently playing on.

How to Get a Transportory Stone?

There are some stations linked to the sorcery feature in the game, and this Transportory Stone is one of them. After you’ve learned how to become a sorcerer and unlocked several Words of Power, you will discover new spells and even crafting recipes like the one needed to build the Transportory Stone.

You can learn Basic Sorcery by going to the Shaleback Hollow cave in the Exiled Lands map or to the cave near the Riverwatch Keep camp in the Isle of Siptah map, as shown below:

After entering one of these areas, you’ll see a book you need to interact with to unlock Basic Sorcery and receive your first Tome of Kurak, Arcane Staff and spell reagent Pouches.

sorcery cave conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

Access the Knowledge section to see two new spells and the Thaumaturgy Bench recipe unlocked. Craft this Thaumaturgy Bench to upgrade your Tome of Kurak and keep learning new Words of Power until you get the Transportory Stone recipe.

While holding a Construction Hammer, access the Building Menu and go to the Crafting Stations section. Under the Sorcery category, you’ll see the Thaumaturgy Bench in there.

  • Place down the Thaumaturgy Bench once you have the required crafting resources;
  • Drag the Tome of Kurak inside the bench inventory;
  • Upgrade the Tome of Kurak around 13 times with the required resources.

Upgrading this Tome will slightly corrupt you, so use a corruption cleanser (be in the presence of a dancer thrall, consume Cleansing brew, etc.) if you wish to heal yourself at any time.

Cost of upgrading the Tome of Kurak on the Thaumaturgy Bench to unlock the Transportory Stone recipe:

  • 1 Tome of Kurak
  • 1 Sorcerous Spell Page
  • 100 Witchfire Powder
  • 50 Black Blood

Once the Transportory Stone knowledge is unlocked, you can find it on the Building Menu under the Sorcery category (Crafting Stations tab). Necessary crafting materials:

  • 200 Bricks
  • 100 Silver Bars
  • 100 Alchemical Base
  • 3 Torches
transportory stone resources conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

Where and How to Place a Transportory Stone?

You can place multiple Transportory Stones through different locations on the map, as long as they are in areas where you’re allowed to build. If you’re playing on a session with the player structure damage setting enabled, opt for placing Transportory Stones inside buildings to protect them from enemy attacks.

Otherwise, you’re free to place them without any protection surrounding them. You can’t place Transportory Stones too close to each other.

transportory stone protected conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

Opposite to how the Map-Room works, the Transportory Stone allows you to travel back and forth each time. But for this to be possible, you need to place at least two Transportory Stones in different locations on the map before you start traveling between them – a starting and a finishing point for teleporting are always necessary.

With the help of your Construction Hammer, place one Transportory Stone at your base or on the main “teleporting center” location you prefer to travel back to most times and keep it ignited, and then go to the next location and set up the next Transportory Stone, igniting it as well. Both Stones will be automatically connected to each other.

How to Ignite/activate a Transportory Stone?

To ignite a Transportory Stone and make it fully functional and ready to use, you’ll need to place in it:

  • 50x Brimstone
  • 3x Sacrificial Blood in a Flask
ignite conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

To get Brimstone: Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations

To get Sacrificial Blood in a Flask: You must knock down three human NPCs from camps with a truncheon, drag them into a Sacrificial Stone and perform a Blood Rite ritual to exsanguinate blood from them. With the help of Glass Flasks, you can obtain Sacrificial Blood in a Flask.

Select the “Ignite” option of the Transportory Stone interface. This process is a ritual. Ritual Magic in Conan Exiles is one form of sorcery, and sorcery makes you corrupted. Corruption cleansers like Cleansing Brew, Heart of a Hero, Champion’s Leggings, or dancers can heal your character from this curse.

The ignition will keep your Stone active and ready to use any time you wish to travel between others Stones you have placed on the map.

conan exiles the ignition
Image from Wild Jester

You can deactivate/extinguish a Transportory Stone for free by selecting the desired option on its interface (“Extinguish”). You can ignite the Stone any time again as long as you have new materials to do so.

extinguish conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

Traveling between Two Points

Once your Transportory Stones are set up and ignited, smaller floating stones indicating the names of the locations where each fast travel point is should be present inside the current Transportory Stone you’re about to use.

floating stones conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

To fast travel between the current area you’re in and the desired location you want to go to, aim at the correct stone and press your interaction key or button to teleport.

Traveling back and forth any time you wish is free, only igniting the Transportory Stones costs resources. There is a very small cooldown between your latest travel and the next time you want to travel to another location again.

The Dark Side of a Transportory Stone

Transportory Stones involve using sorcery (by performing rituals in this case) for your own benefit. Fast traveling between these Transportory Stones will force you to use Demonic Energies to help you travel from one location to another effortlessly while avoiding threats and saving time.

This advantage comes attached to a dire consequence – the curse of corruption which will be upon you if you decide to teleport yourself!

conan exiles tainted status
Image from Wild Jester

Teleporting between Transportory Stones multiple times within a short period will make your character heavily corrupted, whereas the “Tainted” status will be off limits temporarily, as it will stack a lot. While you slowly heal over time from this negative status, stay in a safe place until you are less corrupted since you’ll be as fragile as a glass of wine!


What is a Portal?

conan exiles portal
Image from Wild Jester

A Portal is a teleportation gate used to fast travel to different areas of a map. Portals look like black holes with a glowing light. Learn how to customize them later in this guide under How to set up and use Portals. Since Portals belong to a mod from the Steam Workshop, you can only fast travel with Portals if you play Conan Exiles on PC.

This mod is called Pippi – User & Server Management and is found at this link:

Installing Pippi – User & Server Management Mod

To install Pippi – User & Server Management mod:

  • Step 1: Go to the Conan Exiles Workshop on your Steam app and browse for the mod name on the Search bar or go here:;
  • Step 2: Install this mod by clicking on the Subscribe button and wait until Steam downloads it;
  • Step 3: Go to the Mods section on the Funcom launcher and drag Pippi mod to the correct area to enable it in your game**;
  • Step 4: Launch the game after doing this and log into your session.

**You can alternatively enable the mod after launching the game and going to the Mods section through the Main Menu, but that requires a game restart.

What is a Warp?

A Warp is a form of fast travel that allows you to teleport between two locations, in this case, with the help of Portals that must be placed in the same areas you have previously set up the Warps.

How to Set Up Warps?

Setting up Warps is the first step you have to take before fast traveling. Make sure to have admin rights in the server or session you’re currently playing in to set up Warps, then go to the Admin Panel and click on the Warps tab.

Here, you’ll see a panel with several options from the Pippi – User & Server Management mod. The Warps must be Enabled for everything else to work (under the “Warps System Settings” check if the Enable Warps option is enabled, if not, select it, but it should be by default).

enabled warps conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

There are a few Warps already set up to some areas on the map by default – you can use these if you prefer or create new ones for different locations instead. You can set up multiple Warps through many parts of the map (and this applies to any map you’re currently playing in).

default warps conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester
custom warps conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

 To create a new Warp:

  • Step 1 – Click on Create Warp button under “Actions”;
  • Step 2 – Type a name you wish to give to the current warp;
  • Step 3 – Add a description to the current warp you’re creating. Mentioning the name of the location the warp is currently being created is helpful;
  • Step 4 – Click on Create button to finish creating your custom warp.
create warps conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

To update previously created Warps:

  • You can rename or edit your previously created warps by selecting them on the Warps list at the left side of the panel at any time and clicking on the Edit buttons under the Warp Basic Info at the center.
  • To update/change the location of an already existing Warp, select it on the left side of the panel on the Warps list and click on the Update Location button, found under Warp Settings at the center of the panel.
edit warps conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

How to Set Up and Use Portals?

Portals are the items that allow you to fast travel, but they can’t be crafted like the Map-Room or Transportory Stones. To get Portals, you need to access the item spawning list on the Admin Panel and spawn Portals through there instead (they’re listed under the Building Section).

Spawn as many Portals as you need and add them to your Hotbar, so they’re ready to be placed anywhere you wish to.

  • Place a Portal at the location you set up a Warp at.
  • Setting up Warps before Placing portals is optional but highly recommended: you’ll need to choose which Warp your Portal will be linked to after you’ve placed it since you must configure the Portal to make it functional.
  • Choose to place Portals anywhere on the map, wherever is more convenient to you or to other players (at points of interest, random locations, inside player-made buildings).
portal placement conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

After placing a Portal in a Warp zone, interact with it to open the Portal menu. Several options will show up. If you’re using this for your own server, then changing the Whitelist, Clan Ownership, and a few other accessibility settings can be of your interest.

Otherwise, you can ignore these. It’s possible to customize each Portal color, size, and name to your own taste.

portal edition conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

To make it ready for use, choose a Portal Destination (the Warp zone you want to fast travel to). The Portal Destination list shows all the available Warps you’ve created and the default Warps from the Warp panel. You can change the current Portal Destination at any time. Click on the Apply button once you’re ready.

portal destination choice conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

Not setting up a Portal in the destination location means you’ve made a one-way-only teleportation. If you want to fast travel back and forth as you do with the Transportory Stones, you must set up a Portal on the starting point and a second Portal in the destination where you’ve teleported to.

  • Set up a Warp location at your starting point and place a Portal;
  • Travel to your destination point and then set up a Warp location there and place a new Portal;
  • Interact with the destination point Portal and choose the starting point Warp in the Portal Destination settings, then apply the changes;
  • Go back to the starting point, interact with the Portal and choose the destination point Warp in the Portal Destination settings, applying the settings.

Now you’re able to travel between two places back and forth.

warped back conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

You can place more Portals linking to the same destination and fast travel between each other by performing the steps above. Enter a Portal by approaching it. A loading screen will appear for a few seconds and you’ll be teleported to another area in just a few seconds.


Question: I’m Playing on the Exiled Lands Map. I Already have a Map-Room. Can I Still Use Transportory Stones?

Answer: Yes, you can learn both ways of fast traveling and use them without an issue since they don’t interfere with each other’s functionality.
The Cartographer Knowledge (Map-Room recipe) isn’t related to the Transportory Stones Knowledge, and the process of learning both is quite different, but they work in harmony because they’re connected to dark forces that are likely the reason why your character becomes corrupted each time you fast travel.

Question: I Want to Leave My Map-Room or Transportory Stones Outside My Base. Can Anyone Else Use them?

Answer: Yes. Any other player (even if they aren’t in your clan) can still use your Map-Room or Transportory Stones that you have left unprotected.
Map-Room: Other players must have their bracelets attuned to obelisks to fast-travel to other parts of the map so they can successfully use your Map-Room as if it belonged to them.
Transportory Stones: If they are ignited, players can teleport to any other Stones you’ve placed on the map. This situation can be concerning just in case you’ve placed Stones inside your own base, for example.
To be sure no other players but you and your clanmates use your own Transportory Stones, you have to extinguish them if they are unprotected.

Question: What is the Best Fast Travel Method I should Opt for?

Answer: The best method to fast travel is the Transportory Stone. Even though you can unlock the Map-Room more quickly than the Transportory Stone, this Stone offers a more customizable way of teleportation in Conan Exiles:
With Transportory Stones, you can switch the fast travel destination location to somewhere else if you change your mind later. However, this isn’t possible with a Map-Room and obelisks;
You can use Transportory Stones between multiple maps;
Transportory Stones occupy less space than a Map-Room;
More convenient to use overall.
In Conan Exiles, good things have bad things attached to them. It takes time and several resources to unlock and ignite multiple Transportory Stones, not to mention the fact you can get heavily corrupted if you fast-travel often. But it’s worth the effort since this fast travel method is quite beneficial.
Opt for the Transportory Stone if you don’t have full access to Portals. Otherwise, you can choose Portals instead if you’re using Pippi mod in your Single Player session or a server.
Portals offer some advantages like the freedom of placement (they can be placed anywhere on the map), and you can travel as many times as you wish between them without becoming corrupted.
However, Portals can’t be considered the best fast travel method in several cases as they are limited to a certain group of players since they belong to a mod, and mods are only available for the PC version of the game (Conan Exiles on consoles doesn’t have mod support).
Also, only players with admin permissions can spawn and place these Portals.

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