Conan Exiles Glass Guide

Conan Exiles Glass Guide

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With so many items to craft, there is no doubt that Conan Exiles is a game rich in resources. Glass is one of those resources you’ll need to collect so you can enjoy the game at its fullest, either to enrich your base or to make your character more powerful. For more information, keep reading this Conan Exiles Glass Guide.

What is Glass?

Glass is a material made out of Crystal in Conan Exiles. While in reality, we make windows with glass, in Conan Exiles, you don’t need it while building any structures. However, there’s a small group of items made with Glass. Also, if you’re looking into using sorcery (alchemy and ritual magic) for your benefit, you’ll see how this fragile material is more valuable than it seems.

Glass Descriptions from Conan Exiles
Image from Wild Jester

How to Get Glass

Glass is a crafting material that you can obtain in Conan Exiles in different ways. You can get Glass by:

  • Looting chests from points of interest or enemy corpses that drop it;
  • By crafting it.

Getting materials by crafting instead of looting is usually the best option since you’ll get them in larger quantities, enough to last longer.

How to Craft Glass

Like many items in Conan Exiles, there are some steps you must take before having enough skills to craft Glass, but getting it is easier than you expect. Here’s what you need to craft Glass:

  • Any Furnace. A Furnace from any tier can make Glass as long as it has fuel (like Wood or Coal) inside.
  • Crystal. Two Crystals are needed to make one Glass piece.

You can start crafting Glass early in your game by unlocking the basic Furnace recipe at level 10 after learning the Blacksmith Knowledge, which also unlocks more things, including the Glass Flask Mold and the Casting Table.

Conan Exiles Furnace
A lit Furnace. – Image from Wild Jester

Where Can you Find Crystals to Make Glass?

Crystal Descriptions from Conan Exiles
Image from Wild Jester

You can find Crystals on the Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah maps and pick them up, mine them from nodes or even find some inside NPC corpses or loot chests while exploring. Handpicking Crystals is not as profitable and time-saving as mining them with a tool. A pick or a pickaxe is recommended for mining Crystals efficiently.

On the Exiled Lands map, you’ll find most Crystals inside certain caves and caverns (Hanuman’s Grotto, Warren of Degenerates, Cavern of Fiends, Scuttler’s Shortcut, The Passage). Here’s a video showing the Crystals locations and how to go through them:

In the Isle of Siptah map, Crystals are not as common as they are in the base game map, but you can still find them in certain areas, usually nearby some points of interest (especially Vaults and Leyshrines), either in the form of Crystal nodes or chips/bits.

Isle of Siptah map locations for Crystal Conan Exiles
Image from Wild Jester

If you would like to know more about Crystal, here’s an in-depth guide about it: Conan Exiles Crystal Guide

What can Glass be Used for?

Glass is classified as an “ingredient” in Conan Exiles, meaning it’s a crafting material/resource used to make one or more items in the game. You can use Glass together with other resources to craft the following things:

  • Glass Flask;
  • Weapons: The Glasser;
  • Crafting stations: Precision Alchemist’s Bench, Trade Alchemist’s Bench;
  • Decorations: Wall Lantern, Debaucheries of Derketo DLC Wine Basket/Rack/Shelf, Battle Pass Age of Sorcery: Chapter 2 Acheronian Illusionist Mirror.

Importance of Glass

The use of Glass in Conan Exiles appears to be somewhat limited, as you may have noticed while reading this guide. However, it’s still a precious material if you consider the crafting process of empty flasks, used as containers for liquids of varied purposes, as well as the crafting of a few advanced workstations that you’ll use later in your gameplay. Use most of your Glass supply on Glass Flasks. Even though you can also find Glass Flasks while exploring, you’ll find them in smaller amounts – which may not be enough to fulfill your needs. It’s possible to find merchants selling Glass Flasks in both official maps, but crafting is still the best way of getting these in bulk since Crystals will be easier for you to collect in the long run eventually.

Glass Flask

Glass Flask Descriptions from Conan Exiles
Image from Wild Jester

How to make a Glass Flask:

  • Since you’ve unlocked the Blacksmith Knowledge at level 10, you can craft a Glass Flask Mold inside a Furnace with fuel and 15 Iron Bars. This Glass Flask Mold is reusable, meaning you won’t need to make a new one again unless you lose it.
Blacksmith Knowledge Glass Flask Mold unlocked Conan Exiles
Blacksmith Knowledge unlocked. – Image from Wild Jester
  • Add 6 Crystals to a Furnace with fuel to get 3 Glass units.
Furnace How to make crystal Conan Exiles
Image from Wild Jester
  • Learn the Firebowl Cauldron Knowledge at level 15 to unlock the Glass Flask recipe.
Glass Flask recipe Conan Exiles
Image from Wild Jester
  • Place the Glass Flask Mold and 3 Glasses inside a Casting Table to make one Glass Flask.
Casting Table Conan Exiles
Image from Wild Jester

Glass Flasks are no more than containers for liquids, and water is the liquid you’ll be adding to them most of the time to craft a wide variety of items in Conan Exiles. Exceptionally, you can use Glass Flasks inside a Sacrificial Stone to get Soul Essences or Sacrificial Blood in a Flask.

How to fill up a Glass Flask with water:

Filling up a Glass Flask with water is as simple as it sounds: reach a water source (river, lake, or well) and start filling up your Glass Flask as you would with a Waterskin. Alternatively, put 10 Ice with a Glass Flask inside a Campfire (Campfire, Large Campfire, Bonfire) to fill it up. If you have an Alchemist thrall (any tier) at your Alchemist’s Bench, transfer your Glass Flask to the bench and let your thrall fill it up for you instead.

Fill Glass Flask
Image from Wild Jester

After filling a Glass Flask with water, you’ll obtain a Water-filled Glass Flask.

Water-filled Glass Flask description Conan Exiles
Image from Wild Jester

What is a Water-filled Glass Flask for?

  • Dyes for your armor pieces;
  • Purified Water;
  • Water Orbs;
  • Potions;
  • Elixirs.

High-tier Alchemist’s Benches

With the help of advanced materials, Glass allows you to craft both Trade and Precision Alchemist’s Benches. You can unlock these workstations at level 58 by learning the Grandmaster Alchemist Knowledge. Both Trade and Precision Alchemist’s Benches share the same crafting recipe, so you’ll need to collect the resources below for each of them:

  • 100 Glass
  • 100 Steel Reinforcements
  • 200 Hardened Bricks
  • 100 Insulated Wood

With 40 slots available, the Trade Alchemist’s Bench crafts items way faster than every other Alchemist’s Bench available in the game, but at the same cost as a tier 1 Alchemist’s Bench.

Trade Alchemist's Bench Conan Exiles
Image from Wild Jester

The Precision Alchemist’s Bench crafting speed is the same as the lowest tier Alchemist’s Bench. However, it’s still the best choice if you want to save up resources while crafting items since it’s cheaper to make them in a Precision Alchemist’s Bench than in any other bench. It has 40 slots available in its inventory as well.

Precision Alchemist Bench Conan Exiles
Image from Wild Jester

The Glasser

The Glasser weapon description Conan Exiles
Image from Wild Jester

You can craft this two-handed Agility weapon with 40 Glass units, 30 Star Metal Bars, and a Fragment of Power at a Blacksmith’s Bench (tiers 1 and 2) after learning its recipe at the Archives (by the Unnamed City in the Exiled Lands) with a Fragment of Power. If you’re in the Isle of Siptah map, interact with floating Flotsam crates to get Supply Materials for a chance of getting this weapon (be aware that you may get broken weapons from Supply Materials obtained from Flotsam crates). The Glasser stats:

  • Damage: 42
  • Armor Penetration: 17%
  • Effect: Bleed
  • Durability: 900
  • Weight: 1.72

The Glasser looks like two broken glass bottles, and your character will perform attacks similar to the ones it does while holding a regular pair of daggers.


Glass Decorations Conan Exiles
Image from Wild Jester

You can enrich your base using objects made of Glass together with other crafting materials.

  • The Wall Lantern is an elegant light source that belongs to the base game. Even though it’s cheap to craft, you can only unlock it once you reach level 41.
  • The Wine Basket, Wine Rack, and Wine Shelf are a must for any tavern, pantry, or cellar. If you own the Debaucheries of Derketo Pack, unlock the Connoisseur at level 10 to craft these decorative pieces with wooden resources and Glass.
  • The Acheronian Illusionist Mirror is a pretty and mysterious wall decoration that you can craft with a small amount of Insulated Wood and Glass if you’ve unlocked it in the Battle Pass (Age of Sorcery: Chapter 2).


Now that you’ve learned how to make Glass and that you can obtain it at an early stage of your gameplay, be ready to get some the next time you play Conan Exiles again. When you thought that Glass wasn’t really relevant and necessary to help you progress in the game, remember that you wouldn’t be able to craft certain potions and elixirs without it! Even though Glass is not essential for building your base or crafting many items (only a few), the game is still being updated with more content from time to time, so let’s see what the future holds for such fragile material in Conan Exiles.


Question: I don’t have any Glass Flasks to fill with water right now. Is there any other way I can get items that require Water-filled Glass Flasks without crafting them?

Answer: You can create diverse dyes, Sloughing Fluid, potions, and elixirs with the help of different ingredients, but many of them need Water-filled Glass Flasks. If you need these flasks but don’t have any resources to craft them, there is an alternative to some items that have a Water-filled Glass Flask on their recipe. Exploring the map allows you to loot chests and NPC corpses, increasing the chances of obtaining several dyes and even a few elixirs or potions at times. However, you can only obtain certain types of potions exclusively through crafting, so it’s better to invest time in getting Water-filled Glass Flasks. The process of crafting items has always been the most reliable way of obtaining things in Conan Exiles.

Question: Can I dismantle items made with Glass to get any Glass in return?

Answer: From the items made directly with Glass (Glass Flask, The Glasser, high-tier Alchemist’s Benches, decorations), some can be dismantled and give you a small amount of Glass in return (together with a few other resources), while others cannot be dismantled at all or won’t give you any Glass. The only items that can be dismantled and give you some Glass back are The Glasser, Wall Lantern, Wine Basket, Wine Rack, and Wine Shelf. To dismantle items, you’ll need to use a Dismantling Bench.

Question: Can I find any merchant selling Glass?

Answer: You can’t find any merchants in the game selling Glass, the crafting ingredient itself. However, you’ll find the merchant NPC called Vennor Skinflint selling Glass Flasks in exchange for Silver Coins in both Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah maps instead. He asks you for one Silver Coin per 10 Glass Flasks each time. Find this merchant by Sepermeru City in the Exiled Lands and at the Camp of the Castaways in the Isle of Siptah DLC map.


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