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Conan Exiles has many sought-after resources, but Crystal is an interesting one. Shimmering transparent chunks of stone, Crystal is used in crafting some significant items throughout your Conan Exiles gameplay, but sometimes finding these crystals can prove troublesome. Today you’ll be learning how to gather crystals efficiently. Empty your backpack Exile, let’s do some crystal hunting.

What Is Crystal?

Crystal is a white, brittle stone often found in the many caves throughout Conan Exiles, though you can find it above ground too. It appears as a shard of translucent stone in the inventory, weighing 0.05 per stone and having a max stack size of 1,000. Each stack of 1,000 will take up exactly 50 units of weight in your inventory, meaning that you can carry a fair amount before you become over-encumbered.

Crystal is a high-grade ingredient with a few vital uses and thus is often sought after by PvE and PvP players alike. Crystal usually takes the form of translucent or opaque shiny, spiky deposits of crystals. They’re pretty hard to miss. On the Isle of Siptah though, they can appear as small black stones on the ground around Leyshrines. If you’re ill-prepared, it can be one of those resources that you may struggle to find, but fortunately, there are quite a few spots packed to the brim with crystals, which I’ll be showing you today.

What Is Crystal Used For?

Crystal is a vital resource to be able to access. You won’t be using it in as many applications like Steel, Hardened Brick, etc. However, there will come a time in the mid to late game when you’ll need to gather crystals.

Here are some of the products you can create using Crystals

Crystal can be used for a fair few important resources and building pieces within Conan Exiles. Perhaps the three most important things made using Crystal are Dragonpowder, Glass, and the Map Room. Dragonpowder is a key component of explosive devices, a critical part of the PvP side of the game. The main use is to make Explosive Arrows and Explosive Jars, both of which are used heavily in PvP to raid and destroy enemy bases. Glass is used in a small number of decorative items, but also makes Glass Flasks at a Casting Table. You can also create the end-game Alchemist benches with Glass, which are very useful to have access to.

Finally, the Map Room is the only way to enable fast travel across The Exiled Lands through the Obelisks system. If you’re not familiar with fast traveling, you can learn more here. The Map Room is the only option when it comes to quickly being able to quickly traverse The Exiled Lands, and is a very important component of both PvE and PvP gameplay. The mid-game goal of many bases will be to make and place down a map room, so having access to the crystal to do so is important.

Where Can I Find Crystal?

Crystal appears in different locations depending on if you’re playing The Exiled Lands or The Isle of Siptah. Let’s take a look at some of the best locations on both maps to see where we can find ourselves some precious crystals. Do bear in mind that smaller deposits of the crystals can be found overground in many different locations, these deposits are something you’ll find on your travels and can provide a small but welcome amount of Crystal. However, for this section, we’ll only be looking at areas where vast quantities of crystal are present, making for lucrative farming trips.

The Exiled Lands

Most of the noteworthy crystal deposits in The Exiled Lands reside in caves. Crystal can be found elsewhere, both overground and underground, but generally, these are some of the best spots, especially if you put some or all of them together into a single farming run.

Warren of Degenerates:

The Warren of Degenerates is a small cave located in the bottom-left corner of Map Square F6, located just a bit north of Fleshtearer Falls. This cave contains many Imps, fairly weak early game enemies that shouldn’t prove too much of a struggle to anyone with a basic grasp of Conan’s combat system. This cave has some fairly large crystal deposits across the walls and floors. These deposits are easily harvested, allowing you to procure a considerable amount of crystals. There are other caves nearby too, so the Warren of the Degenerates is best used as part of a farming route across multiple caves.

The Warren of Degenerates and Cavern of the Fiends, two caves abundant with Crystal

Cavern of the Fiends:

The Cavern of the Fiends is on the middle-left side of map square F6, two squares south of the Warren of the Degenerates, close to Shaman’s Rise. This cavern is also populated by imps, including a fairly easy mini-boss in the Imp King, and also has plentiful crystal deposits. Due to how close this cave is to the Warren of Degenerates, it’s another good option to put into a farming run of multiple caves. This cavern also has the benefit of having plenty of imps to slay, which can provide you with a decent chunk of Demon Blood, another important resource.

Scuttler’s Shortcut:

Scuttler’s Shortcut is a cave located in the top right corner of Map Square F7. It is populated by lots of spiders, making this location a good place to get Gossamer, required for making silk. This cave also has lots of crystal deposits scattered throughout. I would advise not going too deep into the Scuttler’s Shortcut though, as at the end of the cave you’ll find a large chamber with a massive Demon Spider in the center, a boss fight that can be tough if you’re not prepared. Due to its proximity to the Cavern of Fiends and Warren of Degenerates, Scuttler’s shortcut is another great option to include in a farming run. This cave also houses Harpagus the Hatcher near the summoning circle within, who will be able to introduce you to the religion of Zath.

Scuttler’s Shortcut and Hanuman’s Grotto, another two caves filled with Crystals

Hanuman’s Grotto:

Hanuman’s Grotto is a smaller cave located in map square H3. This cave has a moderate population of Imps and a decent amount of crystals, however, I don’t recommend farming here. Firstly, it’s far away from the previous three caves, all of which are close together. Secondly, the cave itself leads to a small shrine where you’ll have to fight Valis The Loyal, a pretty tough boss. Due to its impracticality, unless you already live south of the river and the threat of death from Valis, I don’t recommend farming Hanuman’s Grotto for Crystal unless you live very close by.

Isle of Siptah

The Isle of Siptah is pretty harsh in regards to gathering crystals, with this resource being way more scarce than it is on The Exiled Lands. Some players have reported that you can gather crystals from enemy and chest drops inside vaults. This map emphasizes dungeons and combat for acquiring certain resources, either a great or awful design choice relative to your perspective. There are still a few decent spots to farm in which can provide you with those precious crystals.

Refuge of the Gremlins:

The Refuge of the Gremlins is located on the east side of Map Square H7 and is pretty hard to miss. It’s a massive ledged crater in the ground, similar to a quarry, with a large vault entrance at the end of the crater. This area is filled with Goblins. While they are plentiful, they shouldn’t give you much trouble. This spot has loads of crystal deposits, alongside some iron ore too, making this a good location for farming up Crystal.

The Refuge of the Gremlins, packed with Black Ice, Crystal, and Iron

Leyshrine of the Drowned:

The Leyshrine of the Drowned is located on the south-eastern side of Map Square I8 and is fortunately unpopulated by enemies. Due to being a Leyshrine though, this area has the downside of it being a fairly busy spot in PvE and PvP servers and can attract quite a few players. Nobody dreams of getting killed and having your gear stolen, so this is something to keep in mind before you head over there. Crystals at Leyshrines take the form of tiny black stones scattered across the ground that is picked up rather than harvested with a tool. There are loads of these stones scattered around the Leyshrine, making this a decent spot for gathering Crystal.

Leyshrine of the Drowned and the Demon. The small black stones on the ground are Crystals

Leyshrine of the Demon:

The Leyshrine of the Demon is located in the southwest corner of Map Square G10. This leyshrine is pretty much the same story as the Leyshrine of the Drowned. The area is unpopulated by enemies but can attract players, and again, crystals are scattered all over the ground as small black stones. This leyshrine also includes deposits of Iron and Brimstone in the immediate area, both of which are imperative to your progression at different points. All three of these spots are reasonably close to one another. Ideally, these destinations are best weaved into a single farming run. Your starting point will depend on where your base is located, it’s best to avoid trekking across the entire map in your pursuit of crystals. These three destinations should provide enough crystal to hopefully overcome the reduced availability of Crystal on the Isle of Siptah.


Question: What tool should I use to harvest crystal nodes?

Answer: The best tool for harvesting Crystal is a Pick. The Pickaxe and Hatchet will do an okay job, but if you want to get the best bang for your buck, it’s best to use a pick. I tested this out and received 13 crystals on average when harvesting with a steel pick. However, whilst using a steel hatchet, I only got 6 crystals, which is significantly less. Using the right tool makes sure you make the best use of your time, so I always recommend using a pick to harvest Crystal.

A player harvesting Crystal on The Isle of Siptah

Question: You mentioned that Crystal is utilized in creating Glass Flasks, what are they used for?

Answer: Glass Flasks can be used for a wide variety of things. Their main usage is for dyes and potions. More than that, they’re for combat and farming also. Water-filled flasks are mixed with various ingredients to create different types of orbs. This includes combat-focused orbs like the Gaseous Orb, which unleashes a poison cloud. You can also make Demon Fire Orbs and Grease Orbs. Grease Orbs are considered essential in breaking open Star Metal meteors, so being able to make those is important when you reach the Star Metal phase.

Question: Should I try to farm crystal from NPCs on The Isle of Siptah if it’s harder to farm in the usual way?

Answer: Yes and no. Players have reported that they can gather large quantities of crystal from running vaults, however, I didn’t see those results myself. I did a couple of vault runs, killing every enemy in the dungeon and looting the end chests, and I didn’t find even one pitiful handful of crystals. The loot pool appears quite varied so I may have just got unlucky, but if I wanted to gather crystal, I’d stick to the traditional methods. It may be a little slower, but at least it’s undeniably consistent.

Once you’ve acquired enough crystals, you can finally have the ever-useful Map Room!  


Crystal can be a vital resource to become competent in gathering on Conan Exiles, as it’s a key component in many essential features for both PvE and PvP gameplay. With this guide, I’ve shown you some of the best spots to find it on both The Exiled Lands and Siptah. I recommend considering where your base is located on the map of your choice and calculating a farming route with the spots given. I usually like to live in the northern Desert of The Exiled Lands, so I’d personally go from Scuttler’s Shortcut to the Warren of Degenerates, then down to the Cavern of the Fiends then back home with all my crystals. With just a little bit of pre-planning, you can easily stock up and have more than enough Crystal. Best of luck Exile!

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