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Conan Exiles Silk is one of nature’s miracles, both light and delicate, while simultaneously being quite sturdy and versatile. It takes dye well and is a flashy statement, especially by Conan Exile’s standards.

It is a luxury item in the real world and even more rare in the Exiled Lands. Only truly wealthy and extravagant exiles use silk to craft their attire, so why not you?

If only the most luxurious threads and bandages will do, some silk harvesting and crafting are in your future. Only the ickiest creatures make the finest materials in this survival game, which always seems somehow fitting.

You will either be spending a lot of time with spiders or a lot of time with grubs if you require silk for your first aid kit or your attire in Conan Exiles.

TL:DR: The Silk Road

There are two ways to get silk in the Exiled Lands. The first is to farm gossamer from spiders and their eggs and then craft it into silk. You’ll need a sickle to use on spider corpses or the egg pods.

The eggs give the most silk and can be prioritized over simply killing the spiders. After you’ve collected twice the amount of gossamer than the silk that you need, you may either turn it into silk in your inventory crafting menu or take it back to your tanner’s table to keep your hands free.

The second way is to capture a T4 named tanner thrall and station them at your artisan bench. Search areas like Sepemeru in B7 and the Black Galleon in I7 to find a T4 tanner thrall to capture.

You will then have access to a recipe that turns 10 fat grubs into 1 silk. Make grubs at your base by building a compost heap, crafting some compost, and keeping at least one compost in its inventory. The compost heap will passively fill with grubs.

Silk is used in advanced crafting at the armorer’s bench and the alchemist’s bench. Use it at the armorer’s bench to make high-end light armor. Use silk at the alchemist’s to make the best craftable bandages.

How to Craft Silk

The Silk

Silk is made from gossamer which you’ll find when harvesting spiders and spider eggs with a sickle. You may turn gossamer straight into silk in your inventory, but there is a more convenient method.

There is a recipe to turn gossamer into silk at a tanner’s table. If you need to turn large quantities of gossamer into silk, consider crafting a tanner’s table for 100 wood. This way your crafting queue will stay freed up in your inventory.

Whether you choose to craft it in your inventory or at the tanner’s table, it will take 2 gossamer to make 1 silk.

Where to Farm Silk

So where do you find all of this gossamer? You’ll need to deal with spiders to harvest gossamer and you’ll need to have a sickle. If you’ve been avoiding crafting a sickle or upgrading your current sickle, now is the time. Gossamer won’t drop from spiders or their eggs unless you use a sickle to process them.

The better your sickle, the more gossamer you will get from either a spider corpse or an egg sac. If you cannot afford to upgrade your sickle quite yet, consider applying a tool upgrade kit. This will increase the productivity of your sickle for far fewer resources, and spider runs are dangerous activities that you should consider making the most of.

There are a couple of great places in the beginner area of the Exiled Lands to hunt for spiders and their eggs. You can try either the Skittering Cavern in western F5 or Executioners Entrance in southeastern I6. 

Both of these cave systems are packed full of spiders and eggs for gossamer collecting. The eggs drop quite a bit more gossamer than spider corpses, so it’s best to focus on these once you get in the cavern.

Spiders swarm and can easily overwhelm a new player if they rush into the cavern too quickly. If you are unsure, simply pull the spiders to the entrance. You can pull small sections at a time until a large enough area is cleared to operate in.

Be wary in the Skittering Cavern, in particular, this is the location of the spider world boss, and its attack will melt most players’ faces right off. Fortunately, there are tons of normal spiders and eggs sacs well away from the 3 skull monster to harvest.

Consider bringing a follower that is easy to move around, if you bring one at all. Many deaths occur in the caves of Conan Exiles simply due to the player’s follower not getting the heck out of the way. A crocodile is a great companion for spelunking for gossamer. They are the only follower that has no physical box to worry about maneuvering around.

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Grubs to Silk: Advanced Silk Crafting

Skittering Cavern

There is a more advanced way to produce silk that will cut down on your run time quite a bit. You can make silk at your base, but it will require finding and capturing a T4 named tanner thrall and building an artisan’s table.

Building the table is no problem, it only requires 40 to make the basic version, but finding a T4 named tanner thrall to station there will take some effort, some luck, and some pretty decent gear already.

Thralls spawn, for the most part, randomly across the exiled lands. There are spawn locations with a very high percentage chance to spawn a named T4 thrall, but there is usually nothing that dictates which T4 thrall you will get if one spawns. The most efficient way to fill your base with T4 thralls is to head to areas where their spawn points are densely packed.

There are a couple of runner-ups, like the Den, the Mounds of the Dead, or Sepemeru, but the location with the most T4 thrall spawns is the Black Galleon in I7. If you are on the hunt for a T4 tanner, I would suggest farming the ship until you find one.

The thrall will unlock a recipe to turn 10 grubs into 1 silk. You will be the envy of all your wealthy friends!

Setting up a Grub Factory at Your Base

Finding enough grubs to turn into any decent amount of silk may sound incredibly inconvenient, but grub farming is very easy in Conan Exiles. Instead of collecting them on your travels, it’s best to set up a grub operation at your base.

First, you’ll need to build at least one compost heap, but because of the relatively low cost of materials and how grub production works, I’d suggest putting down five or more. Go nuts! You’ll need 20 shaped wood for every heap, which can be crafted at the carpenter’s bench.

After that, chose a recipe to create at least one compost per heap. You can either use 5 plant fiber, 4 bonemeal, and 2 putrid meat or 5 plant fiber and 10 dung to create one item of compost.

Leaving animals in your animal pen and feeding them will result in plenty of dung for this operation, but you can also just grind up bones in your grinder and combine them with your leftover putrid meat.

Leave Your Compost in the Heap to Start Passively Producing Grubs

You only need one compost to produce grubs, but the more you have in your heap the faster grubs will produce. One compost produces one grub every 30 seconds for a maximum of 50 in each heap. It’s best to just set it and forget it when it comes to grub production. Return to your heaps in a couple of hours for 50 grubs (or 5 silk) in each.

It’s important to note that the grubs expire quickly. They are constantly being replenished in the compost heap, so you may not notice them disappearing, but when you pull them to make silk you’ll need to move quickly to your artisan’s bench.

What to Use Your Silk For

Conan Exiles Silk

Your first project with all of this silk will likely be to upgrade your bandages. You can craft a stack of 3 stutter wraps at the alchemist’s bench with 10 silk, 30 aloe leaves, and 10 alchemical base. Stutter wraps heal 185hp over 9 seconds and are the best craftable wrap in the game.

Why make something so fine and not turn it into some sick armor? If you’re looking for the best light armor in the game, it will certainly require silk to craft. Armor in Conan Exiles is split into light, medium, and heavy.

Funcom’s armor system is very enjoyable because it directly affects how your character moves and your playstyle. Unlike other games, it is not necessary to build heavier and heavier armor. The armor weights are only the categories, not the quality.

If you are looking for silk to build a light armor set, it is a high-quality armor set and your playstyle doesn’t rely on armor to take most of the damage. Armor made from silk will allow you to instead avoid most of the damage with long rolls, more dodges, and the ability to run further.

Silk armor sets can require 100s of silk to complete, and that’s if they only need silk. If they need layered silk (4 silk and 2 alchemical base) you will be murdering a lot of grubs.

A Word on Wraps

Conan’s healing system is a bit confusing, and wraps are a matter of personal preference and weight management. Wraps heal much more slowly than extracts, which is a little predictable, but they also heal less or around the same as extracts of the same tier. They are not any cheaper to make either.

For instance, stutter wraps require 10 silk, 30 aloe leaves, and 10 alchemical base and heal 185 hp over 9 seconds. For 50 aloe leaves and 20 alchemical base you can heal 200 hp in 5 seconds with pure aloe extract.

Silk is easier to get than alchemical base, so the argument could be made that stutter wraps are easier to craft, but for 1 alchemical base and 30 aloe leaves you can make a concentrated aloe extract that heals 160 hp over 5 seconds.

Wraps, like extract, stop healing if the player is hit. They have a much longer healing window, so it’s advisable to use them predominantly out of combat. That’s fine, except that food is a much more efficient out-of-combat hp regeneration aide. If all you have is time, the sated buff from decent oven-cooked food in Conan will be a much cheaper means to an end.

Healing wraps only obvious advantage is their weight. Wraps are much lighter than extract and great when inventory management is an issue.

They can sometimes be used in combat, depending on the circumstance, and they remove a bleed debuff. Some players don’t bother crafting wraps at all, but others find them very useful as a middle ground between food and extract, with an attractive weight ratio.

Keep Your Filthy Paws Off My Silky Drawers


I always have quite a bit of respect when I come across someone rocking silk armor in the Exiled Lands. Surely, they must be far less prone to mistakes than me. It must be nice having all of that extra carrying power and versatility. While I clunk along in the desert in my heavy threads, they’re light and breezy and covered in silk.

Farming silk is certainly not an overly difficult task, as long as you are not scared of spiders. The most important thing to remember is your scythe. You’ll have a hard time finding filling your inventory with gossamer if you didn’t bring one along to hit their corpses and egg sacs with.

The second most important thing to remember is that if you’ve found one spider, you’ve found a lot of spiders. Their crippling effect and sheer numbers can easily overwhelm a new player, so head into the caves with caution. Sometimes even the nicest pants aren’t worth it, come back and try again when you’ve gained a few levels.

Silk FAQs

Question: How do You Get Silk in Conan?

Answer: The easiest way to get silk in Conan is to farm gossamer from spiders and their egg sacs with a sickle. Two gossamer can be crafted into one silk. The egg sacs drop more gossamer than the spider corpses, so it’s best to prioritize them.

Question: Can You Make Silk at Your Base in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Yes! You must have a T4 named tanner thrall stationed at your artisan’s table to unlock the recipe to craft silk directly. This recipe will turn 10 grubs into 1 silk.

Question: Where is the Best Place to Find Gossamer in Conan Exiles?

Answer: My two favorite locations to farm gossamer are the Skittering Cavern in western F5 or Executioners Entrance in southeastern I6. Be wary of the large spider boss in the Skittering Cavern.

Question: What Tool do I Use to Farm Silk in Conan Exiles?

Answer: You must use a sickle on spider corpses or egg sacs to farm gossamer, which can be crafted into silk.

Question: What is Silk Used for in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Silk is used for crafting stuttering wraps at the alchemist’s bench, which are the best craftable healing wraps. Silk and layered silk are also used for advanced armor crafting at the armorer’s bench.

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