Conan Exiles Gameplay Overview

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Are you considering a new survival game, and Conan Exiles made your list? Are you already kicking the tires but struggling with some of the mechanics? Have you been playing for a while and just kind of wondering what the point even is? Well, I’m here to fully address all but the last of these questions, which I’ll only be partially addressing due to my word count restriction and the abstract nature of the game. She’s chaotic on purpose and, often, by accident.

I’ll start by saying that Conan Exiles, especially at this point in time, is a fun game. There are areas that are curiously still broken about it, but there are also corners where it excels. The world of Conan is brutal and the perfect stage to execute a survival game. The game does follow the same formula as several other popular releases of its time, which is to say you’ll find more to do with friends. However, even if you only plan to play by yourself, you will get your money’s worth out of the initial purchase (especially at its 5-year-old pricing).

TL:DR: Conan in a Nutshell

Conan Exiles is cut from the same cloth as several survival games that came out around the same time. Survival is not really the focus and won’t take much consideration after the first few hours of Conan Exiles gameplay. Instead, you will be focused on base building, resource gathering, and Co-Op or PvP elements, which is where the game shines. The world of Conan will be your sandbox, and your own actions will make up the story.

You will truly advance from a starved, penniless criminal that crawls out of the high desert into a dangerous and wealthy barbarian with a huge operation to tend to. Managing resources is at the core of Conan Exile’s gameplay, and the more efficiently you learn how to do it, the more successful you will be in each server you join. It’s exciting to build bases in new biomes and unique areas, so the replayability is very high. Additionally, server settings are easily modified, and changing them will often create a whole new gameplay experience.

The world of Conan is a perfect stage for a survival game. Dig around in the giant wasteland, fight weird monsters and worship brutal gods until you’re the queen of the desert!

My Experience With Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

Though not necessarily in my primary genre, I was excited about Conan Exiles well before its release in 2017. I had played Age of Conan for about a year when it was first released, and I thought the material would lend itself well to a survival game. The launch was a bumpy ride, but my friends and I were accustomed to the nature of these games already.

I vividly remember my girl Chef screaming her lungs out at little pixel green and red blocks, for hours on end, while we tried to make any aspect of the builder work for us. I can still see us streaking across the desert, with little to no gear, just to see where the world might end and what other players had managed to build. I know we died too many times to count and I know less than half of those times were our fault. What I recall the most, besides the fun and potential we saw in the game, were the missing components that eventually caused us to move on.

This is why I was silent in disbelief, years later, when she suggested we give the game another go. While the game was and likely never will be close to perfect, it was a much more playable version of itself. We explored almost every aspect of it, on almost every type of server. It was a fun, more malleable escape from my main game, and a great way to pass the time with online friends. While I never crunched numbers for the wiki or led a huge clan, I do possess the kind of comfort with its gameplay that comes from hundreds of hours of exploring the Exiled Lands.

The History of Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is based on the world of Conan the Barbarian. Conan was created in the 1930s for a collection of short stories by Robert E. Howard. The barbarian lived in the Hyborean age in a harsh world of magic and monsters. These stories were not turned into a novel until almost the 1950s after the creator had already passed away. Several authors and comic book creators built on Conan and his world until the 1980s when Arnold Schwarzenegger skyrocketed the character into a household name with the movies Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer.

The world of Conan is a popular playground for video games. There have been dozens of games made about him and the brutal pre-historic fantasy desert he adventures in. In fact, this is not the first game even Funcom has made in the world of Conan. Their first barbarian romp was in an MMO format and called Age of Conan. I was ready at my keyboard in 2008 when it was released, and on to something else only a few months later when the rest of their population left. While no hard numbers were ever released on their player base, it turned into a ghost town rather quickly. You can still play for free if you’re interested, but I have the feeling it will be a little lonely.

With 2017 came a smattering of lobby-style survival games, and Funcom came in swinging with Conan Exiles. The rumor is that Conan Exiles pulled them through a pretty dark situation with the MMO. Here was a genre where you didn’t have to fully commit to end-game content; you just needed a great sandbox for players to create their own. This worked well for Funcom and Conan’s world. It is their most successful game to date, which has presumably allowed them to launch into a new Dune-related project. They also continue to work on Conan Exiles, with huge new updates, DLC, and patches.

The Story of Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles History

The character creator in Conan Exiles will actually be the beginning of your journey. If the story is important to you, I highly suggest reading through the race and religion descriptions. The character creator may be one of the most condensed information sources in the game, and if it’s not it is certainly the easiest to access. The rest of the world’s story will need to be gathered in pieces as you adventure, and stitched together as you progress.

All you will know when you build your character on the cross is that you are some sort of criminal sent to a dangerous land for your crimes. Your crimes are randomized on a board around your neck (some of them can be quite comical). You’ll pick your race and religion, giving you some say in how your story begins. Once you’ve made your decisions, you’ll be set to rot on the cross. Eventually, Conan himself will cut you down and leave you on the Broken Highway to start figuring things out for yourself. Your mysterious bracelet will keep you bound to the Exiled Lands to learn its mysteries.

There are some spoilers ahead!

I like to find items as I play, but if you’d rather know the gist now here it is. The focus will be on you making your own story, but there are scattered pieces that put together the lore of the world. In fact, you are not even the main character in the world of Conan Exiles. That would be Conan. Your only mission is to survive, and eventually, prosper. You can even remove the bracelet if you want, by completing some end-game content, which simply ends the game.

You will discover that the world and the fence were a product of war between man and another race called the giant kings. There is only one giant king left, who you can find and talk to in the game. Conan is on the hunt to end the sandstorm and free the humans, or so it seems. As far as I’m aware there is no solid explanation why humans still wear the bracelet, except that it used to enslave them to the giant kings. No one knows what nefarious power rules now, or why they employ the bracelets. Seems like a problem for Conan.

Servers and Mechanics

You’ll have a couple of options when setting up your first game and honestly, I regret that games started going this route. Instead of just clicking through an opening menu and seamlessly starting an adventure, you must make some consequential decisions about server settings before you’ve even had a taste of gameplay. There are three basic server options to consider: single-player, private servers, and official servers. The private servers and official servers can be either player versus player (other players are hostile) or cooperative (other players cannot attack you or your items).

Private servers can be adjusted in all manner, including faster resource collection, retaining loot on death, and follower limits. These aspects can drastically change the game. For this reason, I suggest you don’t choose one of these as your first play-through unless you know the owner. Ideally, it’s nice to do a single-player play-through until you understand the core concepts, and then choose a moderately populated official server for your first big adventure.

Getting Started: The Basics

When you drop into the Broken Highway, the instructions are pretty light. Either Funcom assumes you’ve already played this type of game before, or they really want you to figure it out for yourself. There are progression quests, but they are boxes to check off instead of instructional adventures.

The first thing you should know is that the monsters on the Broken Highway will not harm you. Take your time familiarizing yourself with the menu, buttons, and map before heading off to take care of your thirst and hunger meter. Conan Exiles seems like a harsh survival game, but the reality is you will rarely die of natural causes. Funcom uses resource management to add depth to the game, and it will only be difficult to feed yourself for the first couple of hours. Surviving a sandstorm is as simple as wedging yourself under a cliff until the shelter meter is mostly full.

Unless someone has tampered with the server settings, you will lose everything when you die and respawn either here or at your last bedroll or bed. If you can make it back to your body, you can retrieve as many items as you can carry.

As you jog northeast into the real map, things will start to get dangerous. The progression quests should be nudging you to craft your first set of equipment, which will help you secure even more resources and start building. Combat is important in Conan Exiles, but resource management is the real measure of success in the game. This is a collecting and crafting game, with a side of combat and RPG elements to keep things interesting.

You can truly choose your own adventure at this point. There won’t be another path to follow, and nothing to warn you that the monsters in this cave are far more dangerous than the monsters in the last. Because death has real consequences, you’ll find yourself playing with a level of caution that you may not have experienced in other games, especially if your pack is full of treasure.

Materials and Resources

Image From Conan Exiles Fandom

As a survival game and base builder, Conan Exiles revolves around resource management. Build a set of tools, armor, weapons, crafting stations and even a base, and then tear it all down to build a better one. If this sounds tedious to you, then I would suggest looking into another game. There are certainly even other survival games that may be better suited to your interests. This one is very resource-heavy, and with PVP, base raiding and item drop at death Conan Exiles can be one of the most unforgiving games any gamer could get involved in.

Your resources directly affect how well you perform in the world, no matter what type of server you’ve chosen. It is certainly easier to retain resources on a Co-Op server, but the full Conan Exiles experience can only be found on a PVP server. Keeping items secure from other players and the purge is part of the fun.

In the beginning, you can use your bare hands to pick up branches, stones, and fiber from bushes. You will quickly make yourself a set of stone tools that will grant you the ability to collect wood, stone, ironstone, hide, meat, bark, and other essential resources. These materials will allow you to build crafting stations, which will allow you to craft weapons, armor, and other more advanced items. Better tools collect more resources per swing and better armor and weapons will allow you to explore more of the map for more resources. These materials can be used to build a stronger base to store all of your valuables inside. It’s an endless cycle and wildly addictive.

Resources are scattered around the map and can look rather unassuming. Instead of harvesting nodes that stick out like sore thumbs, like some other survival games, Funcom’s resources blend in seamlessly with the world around you. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the game. It makes you really feel like you’re harvesting the world for resources.

While you may find some useful items as drops out in the world, most things you use (including the base you live in) you’ll build or craft with your own resources. Often you’ll kill a challenging monster and the only reward will be the resources you are able to pull from its carcass!

Feats, Attributes, and Perks

Image From Conan Exiles Fandom

So outside of resource management, what is the game made up of? There are some RPG elements to Conan Exiles and they happen to be the only asset that no one can take away from you. Character progression is a nice way to balance an otherwise brutal game. In Conan Exiles, this is defined by the recipes you know and how powerful your character grows to be. Even if you’ve lost all of your other resources, a high-level character will be able to build them back more quickly than a low-level one would.

The first character menu to consider is your attribute panel and attributes points. Every time you gain a level, you’ll be awarded more attribute points to spend. By adding points to different attributes, you can change what aspects of the game your character is good at. If you dump everything into strength, for instance, your character will hit like a truck. If you dump everything into agility, your character will hit like a truck while using a bow. Check out the descriptions of each stat to learn how they affect your character. While it may be tempting to dump all of your points into extertise in the beginning to carry more treasures, I would suggest strength and vitality instead for survivability.

At pre-determined intervals, each attribute bar has additional rewards called perks. You must commit a certain number of attribute points in order to gain the perk, but they are usually worth the investment. For instance, if you dump 20 points into strength (which already increases your damage with strength-based weapons, among other things) you’ll be rewarded with the Blood-Mad Berserker perk. This perk decreases your damage intake when below 25% health, and increases your damage output.

Your second character progression menu is the feats menu. Think of it as a recipe book where you must pay to unlock each page, but the pages often contain several related recipes. Every time you level up you will receive feat points to spend on new feats. Focus on survival and tools feats and you can’t go wrong, the rest are relatively optional learning. Even bases can wait until you have the feats points to spare.

Both the attribute panel and the feats panel cannot initially be fully completed by your character and the attributes menu never will be. The idea is that you will have to sacrifice some knowledge and power to master others. If you want to be a master armorer, you’ll need to commit to that path and perhaps sacrifice some other area of interest. If you’d like to be a dangerous archer, then you won’t be much good in another area of character development.

However, don’t dwell on this too much. There is an easy-to-make recipe that will reset both of these panels whenever you like. All you need is to find some yellow lotus flower, which is the only lotus that is easy to find in the beginner area, and an alchemist’s table and you can reset both in a matter of a couple of minutes. Players often “respec” depending on what adventure they’ll be on that day, or what nice weapon they’ve just found. The potion expires quickly, which means that you will have to make that decision before you leave your base.

Additionally, you can eventually learn all the feats on your character panel if you choose to put the time into it. Many feats can also be found out in the world and learned independently of your level and feat panel.

Combat and Mechanics


It won’t take you long to figure out that you’ll need to know your way around a sword (or a spear, or an axe) as an Exile. It seems like everything in this world is out to get you. Equip a weapon, or several, on your action wheel to start using them against your next enemy.

Your efficiency with the weapon will be determined by your attributes and perks. This combined with the quality of the weapon will determine your damage. The same goes for armor: your attributes and perks will combine with the quality of your armor to determine how effective it is.

Instead of learning about each weapon through some kind of RPG element, your character will already know how to wield it when they pick it up. Each weapon will come with a different set of pre-determined moves for that weapon type and may even come with modifications that make it more suited for certain tasks or more dangerous in general.

Most weapons have a debuff that their type applies. For instance, daggers apply a bleed that does damage over time to your enemy. It also ignores armor, which makes it a much more helpful weapon for heavily armored foes as opposed to something like a two-handed mace. Having several options on your action wheel is the best way to stay out of trouble when you’re exploring new areas. A ranged weapon, like a bow, is a great way to add some extra damage when pulling an enemy, even if you don’t use one as your main weapon.

There is also a give and take when it comes to armor. Lighter armor will allow your character to perform large dodges and rolls, while heavy armor will keep you stationary. Shields can block attacks but at the cost of stamina. Some armor will have added stat bonuses and warming or cooling properties, which will become pretty important when you start exploring the map further north.

Your stamina will affect how long you can run, how many dodges you can perform, how much you can block with a shield, and how high a cliff you can scale. While this is technically an attribute issue (directly affected by grit) it’s also a movement mechanic. Getting used to your stamina pool is how you learn to move your character efficiently across the desert.


Image From Conan Exiles Fandom

Crafting goes hand in hand with resource and material collection. The whole point of collecting resources is to turn them into something useful, and that’s where the game’s crafting system comes in. Crafting can be done in two places, either in your inventory crafting menu or at a crafting station. After an initial couple of hours of gameplay, you’ll be using mostly crafting stations to craft equipment and other essentials. When you first start the game, it’s a good idea to build as many crafting stations as possible to get a general idea of how they work.

Many of the crafting stations have recipes in their menus that you can follow. Some require fuel to operate and some have no clues at all as to how they work or what they do. The carpenter’s bench and armorer’s bench are good examples of crafting stations with recipes and the grinder and fluid press are good examples of crafting stations without.

If your crafting station doesn’t have any recipes in its inventory, you can either look it up or try putting different items in until you find something that works. Be careful, you can turn a valuable item into something much less valuable if you’re not sure what you’re doing yet. Best to use items that are pretty low value until you understand what the machine does.

Great examples of machines that require fuel are the furnace and the stove. Both of these can use a range of fuels, like wood, coal, or oil, and they must have fuel in their inventory to operate. There are some stations, like the tannery which uses bark, that cannot use these other traditional fuels to operate. Collecting or manufacturing fuel for crafting stations will be one of your biggest chores in Conan Exiles.

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Animal Followers and Thralls

If you’ve played other survival games, everything’s probably making a lot of sense up until this point. Most of them involve some sort of resource gathering, combat, and crafting system. Each must find a way to set itself apart from the others, and one of those mechanics for Conan Exiles is its in-depth follower system.

You can have two major types of NPC companions in the Exiled Lands: animal or human (thrall). These followers must be captured from the world around you or from the purge when it attacks. Animals are taken as cubs, usually after you murder their family, and raised in an animal pen back at your base. Thralls are created by knocking out NPCs, dragging them back to your base, and placing them on an ever-spinning torture wheel until their minds break and they become your permanent slave.


Image From Conan Exiles Fandom

Thralls can be categorized as combat thralls or crafting thralls. Combat thralls follow you into battle or defend your base. They can be geared with any equipment you choose and have decent-sized inventories (and no encumbrance limits) to help carry your goods. They also have their own stat trees, which you can try to level how you see fit by feeding them certain foods.

Crafting thralls must be stationed at a crafting station relevant to their profession. They can do anything from increasing the crafting speed of the station to improving the items crafted there. They can even add additional recipes to the station, but be careful, they can also be stolen by other players.

These thralls come in different quality levels, or tiers. There are four tiers. The last tier, or T4, is reserved for named combat and crafting thralls. You’ll easily spot them out in the world by their unique names, but they are the rarest kind of thrall to come across. For instance, my favorite T4 combat thrall is Dalinsia Snowhunter which can be found (if you are lucky) wandering the southern half of the Highlands.

T4 crafting thralls are just as valuable as combat thralls. They have their own specializations in their profession, which boost their already massive contribution to whichever crafting station you place them at. If you find a T4 blacksmith that turns out to be a bladesmith, the next sword you make at their station will have an added 23% damage bonus. If they are an edgesmith instead, the next sword will have the highest possible armor penetration bonus at 23%. Their other quality bonuses will still be higher than a T3 blacksmith, but their added specialty will help you craft the best-in-game weapons.

Animal Followers

Animal Followers
Image From Conan Exiles Fandom

Animal followers come in two varieties: mounts and combat. Animal followers that participate in combat can be found all over the map, though you must find the baby version of the animal to turn it into a follower. They are usually much easier to capture than thralls and can have great stats out of the gate. The key to standard animal followers is to raise a “greater variant” of the animal, which is the best version of the animal that can be a follower.

What you feed the baby animal in the animal pen will affect your chances of raising a greater variant. Some species have relatively easy parameters for raising the greater variant, and the process is much more difficult in others (usually higher value companions). Your best option, outside of researching what they like to eat, is to collect many babies for more chances to end up with the superior follower.

Mounts are a recent addition to Conan Exiles and a pleasant surprise for most long-term players. To raise a horse to ride, you’ll need to build stables and a saddler’s work table. Find a foal for your stables and feed it fiber to begin its crafting process. Horses have all the same stats, so there is no need to try and look for a special foal or try to feed it something special in the stable. You must have a saddle crafted and equipped to ride a horse in the Exiled Lands.

A horse will follow you in addition to your combat follower, whether that happens to be a thrall or another animal. This means adding a mount to your team also provides around double the inventory space. While you will move much faster while mounted and running than your other follower on horseback, they will act as they do when you climb a cliff and clip in behind you as you run.

Conan Exiles actually has a great mounted combat system. It’s effective, difficult to master, and heavily affected by gear. It can also be countered by an experienced player on the ground. There is even a whole weapon category that can only be used on horseback: the lance. If you have big PVP dreams, start practicing mounted combat with NPCs to gauge what suits you best!

Any of the NPCs that follow you (including a mount) gain experience and level up. They will gain experience if they are following you, whether they participate in the battle or not. At each level, they will add points to their own attributes, which can be found on their character panel. You can tell which attributes are most likely to grow as they level by the growth percentage number listed next to the attribute. What you feed each follower can increase this growth percentage, and in this way, you can have some effect on how they level. They will also gain randomized perks, which further customize the finished follower.

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Base Building

Image From Conan Exiles Fandom

The whole point of Conan Exiles is to build the cutest base on your server! Don’t worry about anything else in this article; what’s important about this game is that you can build a really nice-looking house for you and your friends to hang out in.

Building materials, like everything else, become higher quality the more you progress in the game. Your first base of sandstone and thatch (if you bother to build one) can easily be broken into by only a high-level player and a decent weapon. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to upgrade a building panel. Instead, you must tear it down and replace it with more advanced materials. There are three tiers in Conan Exiles. The first tier can be destroyed with steel weapons or anything more destructive. The second requires explosives, and the third requires massive amounts of explosives.

Employing building techniques, like sandwiching formation blocks inside fence blocks or honeycombing wedge blocks inside more complex fence structures, is the recipe for success when constructing an impenetrable base in Conan Exiles. Keep in mind players can also climb walls, so you’ll need to incorporate palisades or traps to keep them on the ground. All of this needs to be employed without sacrificing the durability of your formation.

Base location is also crucial. Consider building against an indestructible game formation or on top of something really difficult to climb in a pillar style. The fewer resources you’ll need to use to complete your structure, the quicker it will go up, and the more viable your defense will be on a PVP server. Using a pillar-type base can simulate the same effect. Perching something up high so that there are only a few entry points means there will be only a few entries to reinforce.

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Trickery should also be considered and employed by even honest players in Conan Exiles. Building fake entry points, trapped treasure rooms, and honeypot walls are all on the menu when it comes to keeping other players out. The more resources they waste trying to get in, the more likely they’ll be to just leave your stuff alone.

Eventually, a player would be lucky to make it past your archers and to your wall. If they do manage to get close enough, it will take several expensive explosives to get through just one of the panels. Maybe they’re in your base, or maybe they’re in an elaborate maze of explosive panels with a sign that reads, “Disco Inferno.” Once in your base, the attacking party will have to get through your melee defense system. After that, it’s likely most of your valuables will be behind a vault system that will be even more expensive to crack into, requiring basically a trebuchet or a god. It’s up to you how everything is set up and how difficult you will make it on intruders.

The Purge and The Sandstorm

The Sandstorm
Image From Conan Exiles Fandom

What if you’re not on a PVP server? Is there any reason to construct a formidable base? You may wonder why you’d bother with anything other than a collection of crafting machines in the desert, but Funcom has some computer-generated fun in store for their PVE and solo players (that also happens to keep PVP pretty interesting as well).

The first environmental struggle you’ll need a base for is the sandstorm. You’ll know a sandstorm is coming by a darkening sky and shadows skittering on the ground. The sandstorm will kill you without the right gear, so it’s important to find shelter as soon as possible. You can shelter in a cave, crevice, or even crouched under an NPC’s tent when necessary, but these are complicated solutions to always have on hand or when you’re ready to log out for the evening. Once you install ceiling panels or a roof on your first structure, you’ll notice your shelter meter is suddenly full. As long as your structure stays intact, it will serve as full protection against sandstorms.

The second hazard for your base to navigate is the purge. The purge is a collection of NPCs that will march directly for your base with the intention of destroying anything they can. They are generated by your structures and will advance toward them, only stopping if something intercepts them along the way. Look for the helpful purge meter on your UI. It is filled by you completing tasks in the game, and once you’re at 75%, a purge will begin to have a chance to spawn. The difficulty of the purge that spawns is determined by your base location, so best not to build a beginner structure in an advanced zone unless you don’t mind it getting smashed.

There are some areas in the game where purge spawn is turned off. These locations are primarily in the beginner area, but there are some glitched-out spots further north. If you build a base that the game thinks is impossible to march to, it will spawn the purge inside of your base instead.

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What’s the Point?

This is the most asked question regarding Conan Exiles gameplay, and it’s the hardest one to answer. Grumpy players will say there is no point and that you shouldn’t waste your time. Annoying players will say you have to create it yourself and that you should try a different genre if that’s too “hard” for you. Pragmatic players will say that while you can find a lot of value in player-made challenges, Funcom may have dropped the ball on fleshing out the world’s content.

I say that thieving, blowing things up, and building magnificent bases are the points. I say that harassing someone with much better things than you until you’re friends is the point, or helping someone just starting out with some extra resources is the point. I say that if Conan Exiles is on sale, and you don’t mind a more free-range approach to gaming, you should pick it up and try it out yourself.

That’s Barbaric

Conan Exiles
Image From Twitter

Adventuring and exploring the Exiled Lands, defeating monsters, building bases, and crafting your own equipment are all part of the appeal of Conan Exiles. The game definitely throws you right into the action, and you’ll be experiencing each of these gameplay aspects right off the rip. Playing Conan Exiles on a PvP server is a trying experience, but you can certainly make the game much more accessible by adjusting your server settings. Funcom allows you to customize the gameplay as much as you need to so that it’s the right experience for you.

Are you ready to dive in? If you have dreams of building a sweeping castle on a lake with archers on every tower or a monstrous mansion haunted by white tigers, you can build it. If you want to rush into battle with ten of your closest friends and actually loot the other players that you take down, saddle up. If you want to sneak and thieve and blow walls out of the most brutal base on your server, they’re waiting for you. There may be a lot still wrong with Conan Exiles gameplay, but there are a lot of us still having a wonderful time.

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Conan Exiles Gameplay FAQ

Question: Is Conan Exiles a hard game?

Answer: If you play Conan Exiles on an official PvP server, it is undoubtedly a challenging game. Even if you excel against the environment and NPC enemies, other players will be waiting to take whatever they can from you. There is a steep learning curve to the game already, but playing on a player-versus-player server will be a lot to learn at once. However, you can create or join any kind of server you like. Some of these will even have boosts to resource collection and other players there to help (PVE). These servers make the game much more forgiving.

Question: What is the point of the game Conan Exiles?

Answer: If you are looking for a game with a story, a clear winner, or very much end-game content at all, this may not be the game for you. The point of Conan Exiles is a little more nuanced. It is a sandbox to play in. Each server will be a different experience, especially once you get used to the map and how the mechanics of the game work. There are some dungeons to explore and some story to put together, but relatively little for such a popular game. Players will make up the majority of the “point” after your first couple of games.

Question: Is there a story in Conan Exiles?

Answer: There is a story, but it’s challenging to find and follow. You will not be the main character of the world, and nobody will be relying on you for much of anything; Conan will be taking care of that elsewhere. All you need to figure out how to do is survive. The story that you do put together is there for world-building, not something that you play through yourself. Funcom is trying to sell the idea that players make the story, which is true to an extent, but it would be nice if they added a bit more in this department.

Question: Where do you go first in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Head northeast and find a spot to set up on the river. Once you’re cut off of your cross and dropped onto the Broken Highway, all you’ll need to do is follow it until you can cut north and find the river. Keep in mind that when you leave this stretch of desert, you’ll start to run into hostile creatures. You can reasonably outrun them until you can find a safe spot along the river to set up a couple of crafting stations and start your adventure. Monsters get more difficult the further north or east that you run, so be careful how far you explore!

Question: How do you get good at Conan Exiles?

Answer: Nobody is good at Conan Exiles; they have good allies. Seriously, your success on a PvP server hinges on making friends. It is difficult and time-consuming to survive alone. To get better at the core game, there are some easy adjustments you can try. First, learn how to place bedrolls. They are your respawn points and can save you a lot of heartaches. Second, upgrade your tools first. Better tools allow you to harvest more resources in less time, making you more efficient overall. Last, set up either a thrall taking or animal follower operation as quickly as possible. Not only will they double your combat power but also your inventory. Resource management is the core of the game, especially iron.

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