Conan Exiles Blood Guide

Conan Exiles Blood Guide: Make Use of Your Barbaric State

A Conan Exiles Blood guide will help you harvest the ingredient and make the most of it. Conan has five primary blood types, and all have their own purpose. While Demon Blood is most valuable, learning about regular Blood first is good.

Everything you find in Conan Exiles is important in some way. I find Blood to be one of the least important because it’s easy to skip over, but whenever you want it and don’t have it, then it can be a pain to get it. That’s why I keep it on hand.

Conan Exiles Blood Overview

  • The five types of blood are Demon Blood, Blood, Sacred Blood, Black Blood, and Venom-purified Blood
  • Demon Blood is used for the Map Room
  • You cannot harvest Blood directly from creatures
  • You must use a Fluid Press to make Blood unless you use a religion
  • The best tool for getting heads and carcasses to make Blood is a cleaver and hunting knife, respectively

How to Get Blood in Conan Exiles

Getting blood in Conan Exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

There are multiple ways to get Blood in Conan Exiles. Most of the methods will give you other ingredients, too, so you are greatly rewarded for taking the time to make or gather blood.

Harvest then Process

Before making blood with worktables, you must collect certain items. But unlike Demon Blood, you can’t harvest blood directly from the creature. Instead, you have to get a carcass, head, or limb.

Use a cleaver for the highest chance of getting a head and a hunting knife for the highest chance of getting a carcass.

Fluid Press

The Fluid Press allows you to take heads and carcasses and turn them into blood. Heads usually give 1-5 Blood, and Carcasses give 5-10. Depending on the animal, they also give you bones, pelts/hide, chitin, and more.

These animals (all variants of the animals listed) give you heads/carcasses that can be turned to blood:

  • Yakith
  • Bear
  • Aardwolf
  • Elephant
  • Antelope
  • Bison
  • Rhino
  • Crocodile
  • Elk
  • Wolf
  • Shaleback
  • Gazelle
  • Gorilla
  • Jaguar
  • Hyena
  • Rocknose
  • Mastodon
  • Pelican
  • Panther
  • Salamander
  • Shoebill
  • Tiger
  • Tuskbeast
  • Boar
  • Ostrich
  • Sabretooth
  • Lion
  • Camel
  • Komodo
  • Yeti
  • Scorpion


The Grinder option only works for Severed Arms and Severed Legs. But since these items don’t have many uses, it’s a good idea to make Blood with them. Put them in the Grinder for two Bonemeal and 1 Blood each.


 Religion Conan Exiles Blood Guide
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Each religion gives you a special tool that can harvest certain things. There are two religions that use their tools and recipes to help you get blood, and you can probably guess at least one of them.


To make Blood as a follower of Derketo, you need either the Pleasure Dome of Derketo or the Pleasure Palace of Derketo. Then you can use 50 Oil and a Silver of the Unfulfilled to make Blood.

This sounds like a scam, but if you have a ton of oil (Bark and Ichor) then you may find it beneficial. The Silver of the Unfulfilled can be harvested from bodies with Derketo’s Kiss.

Jhebbal Sag

Jhebbal Sag’s method can be super helpful if you’ve been farming Demon Blood and have an excess. You can use the Retreat of Jhebbal Sag or Grove of Jhebbal Sag to turn one Demon Blood into 5 Blood.

What to Make with Blood in Conan Exiles

Blood Crafting Conan Exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Blood is not a popular ingredient in Conan. It can only make a handful of things without mods. But a couple of them are important enough that getting Blood is inventiable if you want to complete the game.

Potion of Bestial Memory

  • 1x Water-filled Glass Flask
  • 3x Yellow Lotus Blossoms
  • 10x Raw Ash
  • 3x Blood

Potion of Bestial memory will reset your attribute points. It can be used on yourself, a thrall, or a pet. It only lasts two minutes, so you shouldn’t make it until you want to use it to redo all of your attribute points.

To learn this recipe, you need the Midnight Alchemist knowledge which you can get from the Child of Jhebbal Sag near The Den.

Potion of Midnight

  • 1x Water-filled Glass Flask
  • 5x Blood
  • 3x Bonemeal
  • 20x Yellow Lotus Powder

The Potion of Midnight is a unique potion that you can buy from the Child of Jhebbal Sag for Feral Flesh. Or you can make it with the Midnight Alchemist knowledge. It only lasts 30 seconds, but when you drink it, it takes you to Midnight Grove, a dungeon.

Blood Sausage

  • 5x Blood

This is a super easy food to make, and it only takes five Blood. You must use a bonfire, campfire, or kiln to make it. Once you make it, you can use it to make the Feast of Jhebbal Sag, an even better food.

Potent Compost

  • 2x Compost
  • 2x Blood
  • 2x Raw Ash

You can use Blood to make Potent Compost. You can use it to grow lotus flowers of all kinds in the Crude Planter. But to make the compost, you need a Compost Heap, which you learn via the Peasant knowledge.

Tome of Kurak

This is a tricky one because you need one to make one, which is considered an “upgrade.” That’s what Conan Exiles intended when they made the Age of Sorcery expansion, which adds magic.

The ingredients you need vary, but there are multiple things you can combine with Blood and Sorcerer Spell Pages to learn more spells in the Thaumaturgy Bench.

How to Get Demon Blood in Conan Exiles

Demon Blood Conan Exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Demon Blood is quite important in Conan Exiles. You need it to make the map-room and various other items. However, this isn’t something you will happen upon early game because, of course, but it comes from more than just demons.

Harvest and Fluid Press

One way to get Demon Blood is by putting certain heads in the Fluid Press, which gives you 1-50, depending on the item. These are the heads/parts you can use to make Demon Blood in the Fluid Press:

  • Bat Demon Head
  • Green Dragon Head
  • Red Dragon head
  • Demonic Spider Head
  • Corrupted Liver (best)

Just Harvest

There are over fifty creatures in game that give you Demon Blood. From bats to children of Jhil, Demon Blood is everywhere mid-to-late-game. To harvest it, you should use either a high-tier, upgraded pick or skinning knife.

What to Make with Demon Blood in Conan Exiles

Demon Blood Items Conan Exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Demon Blood and regular Blood cannot be interchanged. The former is rarer but is easier to harvest once you find creatures that have it because it is meant to be harvested and not pressed.

Cloth Pouch

  • 2x Leather
  • 2x Demon Blood
  • 3x Gold Dust
  • 3x Bonemeal

A Cloth Pouch is an item you can make in the Thaumaturgy bench. They are used as regents that you keep on you to cast spells rather than as ingredients when making items on the bench.

Corrupted Stone

  • 2x Stone
  • 1x Ichor
  • 1x Demon Blood

Corrupted Stone can make statues, but its primary use is to make the Map Room. While one Demon Blood doesn’t sound like much, you need 200 stones to make the Map Room, which allows you to teleport to obelisks.

Elixir of Rebirth

  • 1x Water-filled Glass Flask
  • 1x Soul Essence
  • 3x Alchemical base
  • 10x Demon Blood

The Elixir of Rebirth is a potion that allows followers to learn skills without training. This lets you reroll all of their perks but doesn’t work unless the follower has already learned some perks.


  • 1x Demon Blood
  • 1x Scorpion or Spider

If you put a Scorpion or Spider in the Animal Pen (of any kind), it will gradually produce either Ichor or Dung, depending on the type you put in there. This happens over time and consumes the Demon Blood as it happens.

Tamed Scorpion or Scorpion

  • 1x Demon Blood
  • 1x Spiderling or Scorpion Hatchling

You can put a Spiderling or Scorpion Hatchling in the Animal Pen, and it will grow into an adult. The chances of getting a higher tier one are low, but the chance of it growing up with Demon Blood is 100%.

Serpent-man Arrow

  • 10x Branches
  • 10x Iron Bar
  • 3x Feather
  • 10x Demon Blood

Use the Carpenter’s Bench to make Serpent-Man Arrows. They are decent arrows but aren’t necessarily worth the ingredients they take. You must learn the recipe at the Well of Skelos.


dragonpowder conan exiles
  • 2x Demon Blood
  • 10x Brimstone
  • 50x Crystal
  • 100x Steelfire

This sounds like a lot of ingredients, and the truth is, it is. But you need Dragonpowder to make Godbreaker Armor, which is some of the best in the game and anything used to make this armor is worth it.

Essence of Rot

  • 1x Fragment of Powder
  • 10x Demon Blood
  • 5x Bonemeal
  • 10x Alchemical Base

If you use the Firebowl Cauldron, you can make Essence of Rot, which you need the Library of Esoteric Artifacts (Knowledge) to learn.  So far, all it does is turn raw meat into putrid meat, so that’s not cool.

Corrupting Brew

  • 1x Purified Water
  • 1x Demon Blood
  • 1x Yellow Lotus Blossom

Corrupting Brew is a liquid that you make on the Stove. You must learn it from the Specialist Cooking I book. I don’t see its point because it corrupts you and doesn’t do much else.

Demon Blood-Sausage

  • 1x Demon Blood
  • 1x Raw Pork

You can learn to make these sausages via Specialist Cooking V. The food isn’t amazing, but it’s not bad. I say it’s worth it because it’s fairly cheap given it only takes one of each ingredient.

Shadespiced Demon Blood

  • 10x Demon Blood
  • 1x Shadebloom

This is not a meal you are supposed to eat. You are supposed to feed it to young scorpions and spiders to give them a better chance of turning into the adult pet that you want them to be.

Other Types of Blood in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Blood Guide types of blood
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

There are a few other types of blood that are rare and never need to be used but can provide a few items that you can’t get anywhere else. Two are tied to religions, and the other from a cult.

Black Blood

  • Acid Arrow – does acid damage, even through Sandstorm Mask.
  • Firespark Arrow – bleeds enemies.
  • Smoke Arrow – creates smoke.
  • Tome of Kurak – book to make book.

The only way to get Black Blood is to harvest it from the Child of Jhil bosses, and you can only get it with a pick or pickaxe. You can find them at the Lockstone Cave, Jhil’s Roost, The Scraps, and Bin-Yakin’s Seal caves.

Sacred Blood

  • Animal/Creature Lures – attracts attention of specific type of creature.
  • Hunter’s Potion – extra 50% concussive damage 5 for minutes
  • Night-Eye Potion – grants nightvision for 5 minutes
  • Jhebbal Sag Head piece – doesn’t do much.
  • The Sign of Jhebbal Sag – may spawn werewolf or make creatures disappear

Sacred Blood only comes from harvesting human corpses with the Blood Letter or Blessed Blood Letter, a Jhebbal Sag weapon.

Venom-purified Blood

  • Globe of Yezud – turns into a Black Spider
  • Zath Clothing – set with 80 armor and 100 extra health
  • Silk – with Zathite Bag
  • Zathite Daggers – mediocre daggers

Venom-purified Blood only comes from harvesting human corpses with a Zathite Ritual Dagger or Blessed Zathite Ritual Dagger, a Zath weapon.


Question: Can You Harvest Blood from Creatures?

Answer: No. You can only get their heads and put them in the Fluid Press. You can get Demon Blood from creatures, but only select creatures that re usually higher tier in caves and dungeons.

Question: How Do You Get Blood Crystals in Conan Exiles?

Answer: You can get Blood Crystals from Blood Crystal Rocknoses and Blood Crystal Golems. Finding them is random so they do not have set spawns apart form the standard Rocknose spawns.

Question: What is the Best Way to Get Demon Blood in Conan Exiles?

Answer: The best way to get Demon Blood is to take a good skinning knife or pick and head to the Unnamed City. The dragons there give a lot of Demon Blood each kill.

Never a Drop of Blood in Conan Exiles

It’s possible never to use blood in Conan Exiles. I sometimes go through the entire game without it. Demon Blood is important for opening certain dungeons and making the Map-room. But not regular Blood.

The thing you can craft with it that I always use is Potion of Midnight, which I usually buy with Feral Flesh instead. So yeah, it’s definitely not a necessary ingredient, but it’s useful to stock up on when you can.

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