Best Conan Exiles Cheats and Console Commands

Best Conan Exiles Cheats and Console Commands: Konami Code Activated

The best Conan Exiles cheats and console commands will make the game much easier. Not everyone likes cheats, and most servers don’t allow them. But there are certain circumstances when they are necessary or can improve the quality of the game.

For example, admins can enter ghost mode when someone’s inventory gets stuck underground and grab it for you. I’ve had this happen multiple times. That’s why I like to think of some cheats as anti-glitches.

That said, if you want to spawn in everything you could ever ask for, and the server owners agree to it, then by all means, go for it. It’s not my playstyle, but it can be fun, especially whenever you spawn in stuff for prizes for Conan games.

My Top Five Favorite Cheats and Console Commands

Command NameConsole CommandWhat It DoesWhy I Love It
Make AdminMakeMeAdmin [AdminPassword]Enters admin modeBecause it beats going into Server Settings
Learn EmoteLearnEmote [emote]Learns specific emote Because it’s the best command that doesn’t affect gameplay
Enable GhostGhostAllows you to fly and pass through thingsBecause it’s the best anti-glitch code
Spawn ItemSpawnItem [ItemID] [Quantity]Spawns in item via IDBecause it can be fun for games or puzzles
Get Server HealthGetServerHealthShows FPS, Player Count, and moreBecause you need these stats on a regular basis as an admin

How to Use Console Commands in Conan Exiles

Cheat Panel Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

Although it’s easy to use console commands, doing it the first time can be tricky. Anyone can make themself an admin in single-player mode, so if you want to test it out, that’s a good place to start.

Make Yourself an Admin

If the server allows it, you won’t need a password to make yourself an admin. Either way, you’ll have to go to the exit menu and click on Server options. Then there’s a button called Make me an Admin.

This automatically makes you an admin in single-player mode but may require a password on other servers. Ask the server owner for the password, or if you’d like to create one, the easiest way is to use the server rental site (Apex, G-Portal, etc.)

Click Tilde and Enter Command

After you’re an admin, you can go to the Admin Panel by going to the menu and clicking Admin Panel. This will give you instant and user-friendly access to 90% of what you can do as an admin.

However, you can also press the (`/~) key and enter direct commands. To spawn in items and such, you need spawn codes, which are difficult to remember, and unless you have an easy dual monitor setup, then getting them can be a pain. That’s why I prefer the Admin Panel most of the time.

Admin Mode Commands

Conan Exiles Cheats and Console Commands
Image by Emily Medlock

The Admin Panel is self-explanatory, so getting into admin commands via cheat commands seems like a good option. These commands are all you need to get started as an admin.

Make Admin

  • Command – MakeMeAdmin [AdminPassword]
  • What It Does – it puts you in admin mode.

Make Normal

  • Command – MakeMeNormal
  • What It Does – it puts you out of admin mode.

Toggle God

  • Command – God
  • What It Does – it puts you in God mode, making you invulnerable to everything except the green wall.

Learn Emote

  • Command – LearnEmote [emote]
  • What It Does – it teaches you the chosen emote.

If you wonder why this is in admin commands rather than something more frivolous, it’s because emotes are one of the best parts of Conan Exiles. I dreamed of learning every emote on the same character, and I still haven’t done it yet.

Keybind Admin Commands

Keybind Admin Commands Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

These are a few commands that are set to keybinds rather than an admin code. You can use them in a pinch to take care of threats, stir up trouble, and make building your base easier.


  • Command – Shift+Delete
  • What It Does – it destroys single targets.

There are far fewer exceptions to this one as opposed to the admin panel command. For this one, you can kill or destroy most targets, but it doesn’t work against things built together.

Kill/Destroy Radius

  • Command – Ctrl+Shift+Delete
  • What It Does – this will destroy everything in an area.

Instead of targeting one thing, this will kill everything in a set radius. Whether you have a home, pets, or NPCs gathered together, this command will kill them all, so be careful when using it.

Infinite Building Items

  • Command – Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F10 or NoBuildingCosts
  • What It Does – grants an infinite amount of the specified item.

If you want a grand base but don’t want to spend hours gathering materials, this is the way to go. To use it, you have to have at least one of the item in your inventory, and it will automatically make an infinite stack.


  • Command – Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X
  • What It Does – creates a sandstorm

There aren’t many situations when you’d want to do this, but it can be fun. It takes a while for the sandstorm to reach you, but using this command does start one, so there is no need to double-click.

Getting Around the Map Commands

Getting Around the Map Commands Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

These commands are all about getting around the map. As someone that sometimes is short on time and needs to get something done on single-player, these are the ones I use the most.

Toggle Invisibility

  • Command – Invisibility
  • What It Does – it makes you invisible to everyone.

Invisibility will make you invisible to other players, NPCs, and creatures. The reason for this may be to troll other players because there are better options for making yourself invisible.


  • Command – Cloak
  • What It Does – makes you invisible to NPCs.

This will not make you invisible to other players, just NPCs. It won’t uncloak you even when you attack, so they likely won’t hit you because they won’t be able to find you. Though still watch out for AoEs.


  • Command – Walk
  • What It Does – exits other movement modes.

If you’re in ghost mode or fly mode and you want to go back to normal, the fastest way to do it is to enter walk mode. Of course, relogging does the same thing, but that would be a painful route to take.

Enable Ghost

  • Command -Ghost
  • What It Does – grants ghost mode.

Ghost mode is one of my favorite commands because it can help you out of sticky situations. It makes you invisible to players, grants fly, and allows you to pass through objects.


  • Command – Teleport
  • What It Does – teleports you.

In most cases, the better option for me is to open the map and shift+right-click where I want to go or use ghost mode if it’s close. But if you know where you want to go is nearby, and you can’t reach it, this may be the fastest option.

Enable Fly

  • Command – Fly
  • What It Does – grants fly.

When you use fly, you can fly. Pretty simple, but there are a few things to know about it. Fly mode is glitchy, which is why I prefer ghost mode. You are weighed down by items you carry, and the speed is not steady in fly mode.

Teleport to Player

  • Command – TeleportToPlayer [PlayerName]
  • What It Does – teleports to a specific player.

If someone says, “come here,” and you don’t feel like walking or flying, this is your best bet. You need to know their in-game name for it to work, but if you do, you can zip right to them.

Toggle Sprint Cost

  • Command – NoSprintCost
  • What It Does – stamina doesn’t drain when running.

This is straightforward, but I want to note that this doesn’t grant unlimited stamina. It just means you don’t use stamina when you sprint. You still do when you jump or attack, but not when running.

And You Get a Car Commands

Spawn Items Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

This is the command list you need if you want to bless your players. This gives you a lot of control over other players, with or without their consent. It’s the best list for helping someone who is about to break.

Spawn Item

  • Command – SpawnItem [ItemID] [Quantity]
  • What It Does – spawns specified item.

This is my favorite command for super cheat mode. You have to know the item code, but if you do, it’s a piece of cake – or 99. Under normal circumstances, this isn’t a cheat I use, but for single-player and in-game giveaways, it’s perfect.

Summon Player

  • Command – SummonPlayer [PlayerName]
  • What It Does – teleports someone to you.

If your player dies and you’re in the middle of a boss fight, sometimes, this can ease everyones’ anxieties. But I find that it is most useful when someone gets stuck because you can instantly free them.

Teleport Player

  • Command – TeleportPlayer[PlayerName] X[float] Y[float] Z[float]
  • What It Does – teleports player to the specified location.

For this, you need to know exactly where you want to teleport the player and the player’s name. If you want to teleport ehm to you, use Summon Player. But if they have a different request, use this one.

Player Can Be Everywhere

  • Command – PlayerCanBuildEverywhere [PlayerName]
  • What It Does – lets players build anywhere.

You have to grant this individually by player. When you do, that player can build in areas that you aren’t normally allowed to build. However, there is a limit to how many items can be in the area.

Level Follower

  • Command – LevelFollowerUpTo [value]
  • What It Does – levels follower.

You can level the follower of your choosing to any level, including max level, which is 20. To do so, you have to choose a follower to level by looking at them as names do not work for follower commands.

Follower Attributes

  • Command – SetFollowerStat [stat] [value]
  • What It Does – change follower stats.

Use this command if you aren’t happy with your follower stats and want to cheese them instead of raising them with the right foods. You must do each stat individually and can’t max everything with one command.

Set Energy Player

  • Command – SetEnergy [type] [Value]
  • What It Does – changes corruption, heat, etc.

You can use this to remove corruption or cool a player off. So far, there aren’t any other energy commands but even if it only does corruption, it’s still a good option when you don’t have a dancer nearby.

Purge Commands

Purge commands are specific cheats that allow you complete control over the Purge. This has been helpful for me because there are times when the Purge straight-up stops working.

  • Fill Player Purge Meter – FillPlayerPurgeMeter
  • Fill Player Clan Purge Meter – FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter
  • Empty Player Clan Purge Meter – EmptyPlayerClanPurgeMeter
  • Fill Clan Purge Meter – FillClanPergeMeter
  • Fill All Clan Purge Meters – FillAllClanPurgeMeters
  • Empty All Clan Purge Meters – EmptyAllClanPurgeMeters
  • Start Purge – StartPlayerPurge
  • End Purge – EndPurge
  • Start Next Purge – StartNextPurgePhase
  • Start Next Wave – StartNextWave

Putting the Hurt On Commands

Boar Attacking Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

If you want to take something out, then this is where to look. There are plenty of reasons you would want to destroy something, and it’s usually for a good reason. Like maybe you’re ashamed of your build, or the foundation piece is glitching out again.

Damage Target

  • Command – DamageTarget [Value]
  • What It Does – does set damage.

This does not work on creatures but does work on NPCs and items. To use it, you must have the item in your sights. If you use 9999, anything will be instantly destroyed—however, the Destroy/Kill command is better.

Destroy Target

  • Command – DestroyTarget
  • What It Does – destroys target.

This is dangerous because if you look at the wrong thing, you can ruin someone’s entire campaign. It will destroy structures, trees, and even the ground. So yeah, this is overpowered in the wrong way.

Destroy Building

  • Command – BuildingDestroy [Value]
  • What It Does – destroys build.

This is another dangerous one I don’t recommend. You need the code to destroy the building, so if you type in the wrong code, then you could destroy someone’s base unintentionally.

Getting to Know Your Commands

Conan Exiles Cheats and Console Commands

These commands don’t do anything but give you info on other players. This is useful whenever you need to know someone’s Steam name, follow them around, or want a quick overview of their stats.

Toggle Player List

  • Command – ShowPlayers
  • What It Does – shows everyone online.

This will show everyone that is connected to the server; their in-game names and their Steam names. This is handy because it shows their Steam names as anyone can access a player list.

Identify Building

  • Command – BuildingIdentify
  • What It Does – shows building info.

This will show the building ID, owner ID, and more. It is important to have this information before you use Destroy Building, as it’s not easy to get the code otherwise. Check nearby structures so see if they are the same building ID before destroying.

View Player

  • Command – ViewPlayer [PlayerName]
  • What It Does – puts the camera inside the target.

This sounds weird, but if you want to see what someone else sees for any reason, then do it. They won’t know and won’t be able to see you, but you will be able to see stuff from their POV.

View Self

  • Command – ViewSelf
  • What It Does – puts camera back to you.

This is only used to undo the View Player in most cases, but if your camera gets all weird and glitches, then View Self can sometimes rest the camera. So it’s another anti-glitch command.

Player Data

  • Command – ToggleDebugHUD
  • What It Does – views player location and more.

This will allow you to see the location and ping of yourself and does not require admin mode. So you can let someone know your coordination and ping with the click of a button.

Server Commands

Server Commands Conan Exiles

Server commands will affect everyone equally. This quick list can be done in the Admin Panel quite easily, but some people are quick typers with great memories, so they prefer this option.

Broadcast Message

  • Command – BroadcastMessage [Message]
  • What It Does – sends a message to all online players.

Without a mod, this will send a popup to all players online, so only send it if it’s essential. Whenever the popup appears, plays have to manually close it, which can get them killed.

Get Server Health

  • Command – GetServerHealth
  • What It Does – shows server stats.

This shows you the FPS, player count, bases, and more. It’s super helpful whenever you’re cleaning house or want to know what everyone is up to. You got to make sure everyone is following the rules, after all.

Get All Server Settings

  • Command – GetAllServerSettings
  • What It Does – shows what you can do.

To see what you can change, use this command to list all of the available server settings you can modify. This will help you significantly with the next command that allows you to change those settings.

Set Server Settings

  • Command – SetServerSetting serverSetting[FString] Value[FString]
  • What It Does – modifies settings.

You can use this to change settings that you can’t change in the Server Settings tab. These are the settings that you normally can’t change unless outside of the game, but the command depends on your server rental service.

Photoshop Commands

Conan Cheats Conan Exiles

The last couple of commands is strictly for making things look better. They affect your screen and are different than the settings you may find in your graphics settings. Why they were chosen as commands, I’ll never know.

Shadow Quality

  • Command – r.ShadowQuality [Value]
  • What It Does – changes shadow values.

You can remove shadows by setting them to zero or improve them by making them higher than one, as one is the default. This is easier to test out than explaining how each value looks.

Dynamic Cloth Physics

  • Command – p.clothphysics [Value]
  • What It Does – changes cloth movement.

When set to zero, the cloth will not move. When set to one, it will be normal. But if you want the cloth to sway beautifully, increase the value, then it will look like it’s always a windy day.


Question: How Do I Use the Admin Panel In Conan Exiles?

Answer: Once you make yourself an admin or are granted the rights, you can use the admin panel to spawn in items, change the server settings, or put yourself into god, ghost, etc. mode. Everything is spelled out here and only takes a minute to get used to.

Question: Are Console Commands Only Available on PC?

Answer: No. You can use them as an admin on any console. Head to the menu and go to the admin panel rather than using direct commands via the tilde key. You can still do all of the same commands.

Question: Can You Make Only Certain Commands Available in Conan Exiles?

Answer: No. If someone is an admin, they will have unlimited access to all commands. The only way to control this is to make rules against certain commands with the punishment being a ban.

Are Cheats and Console Commands in Conan Exiles Right For You?

Most servers have strict rules against using console commands in Conan Exiles. So even if you do find out how to do it, don’t risk getting banned for it. Ask first, and if you really want to try out the console commands, head to single-player.

Console commands are in the game for a reason so that admins can improve the game for the people on their server. Abusing it for personal gain is almost always frowned upon. But then again, there’s a server out there for everyone. So you do you.

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