Conan Exiles Fast Leveling Exploits

Conan Exiles Fast Leveling Exploits: Get to Level 60 ASAP

Conan Exiles fast leveling exploits will get you to max level in no time. There is so much locked behind levels in Conan Exiles, so if you want a certain weapon or armor set, you need to level to reach it.

That’s why leveling fast at times can be important. You don’t need to be a certain level to equip anything, but you do need to be a certain level to make them. This has tripped me up many times before, so learning how to level has helped me more than once.

I want to note that there are two types of leveling exploits. There is the type of leveling exploit anyone can use to make the most of what you can do in the game, and then there is the other type, which you can do as an admin.

I will discuss both, and no, I don’t consider either cheating as long as there is transparency about your methods.

Overview of the Fast Leveling Exploits in Conan Exiles

  • You gain XP from combat, journey steps, harvesting, and crafting in Conan Exiles.
  • Farming Obsidian and Black Ice are good for leveling.
  • Fighting Rocknoses may be the quickest creature to level with.
  • Crafting Large Chests is one of the best ways to level.
  • It takes 7,259,525 experience to reach level 60 from level 1. You can’t change this, but you can change how much XP you get from each method.
  • There are only level restrictions for crafting and learning from steles, not equipping.
  • You can adjust XP settings to make leveling faster.
  • You can grant levels in admin mode.

Best Conan Exiles Leveling Exploits

Conan Exiles Fast Leveling Exploits
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

There are only a few ways to get experience, and thus level, in Conan Exiles. Generally, the higher the tier or level of the creature/material, the more experience it gives you. But there are a handful of methods that exploit the leveling procedures of the game.

Farming Obsidian

conan exiles farming obsidian
Screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • Location – volcano
  • Difficulty – 2/5

Farming osbidian is something I do on a regular basis even after I’m max level. Obsidian items are great, but when I farm them, it’s to get goldstone, which can be turned into gold coins.

So, there are plenty of reasons to farm obsidian, and you can go to the volcano from the start. But before you do, you need something to keep you warm through the snow and then cool in the volcano. Of course, armor to keep you warm and cool is better, but early on, that’s implausible.

Instead, I recommend Spiced Slivers because you can grab them from the Heirs of the North camps on your way to the snow. When you get to the snow, you can grab some ice to keep you cool in the volcano.

Rocknose Farming

conan exiles rocknose farming
Screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • Location – Desert
  • Experience per creature – 9000
  • Difficulty – 1/5

Rocknose are easy to take on and give ridiculous experience for how weak they are. Though you shouldn’t underestimate them, if you have decent armor or can outmaneuver them, then this is quick XP. If you’re level one when you kill one, it automatically takes you to level 6 if there aren’t any multipliers active.

Each biome has a different Rocknose, but early on, you’ll probably only see the standard Rocknose. If you slay a Corrupted Rocknose, he will give you over twice as much XP though he’s quite difficult early on.

I haven’t found an ideal place to farm regular Rocknoses, but Shattered Springs is loaded with other types. As for the desert Rocknoses, in my experience, they tend to hang out in valleys and near cliffs rather than out in the open. Remember that they can disguise themselves as rocks.

Ape Farming

conan exiles ape farming
Screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • Location – Jungle
  • Experience per creature – 16200
  • Difficulty – 2/5

Gorillas and Apes are good for farming early game. Gorillas are harder, but Grey Apes give more experience for some reason. I call this a win, but I also recommend farming Gorillas for Thick Hide. You need this for heavy armor. When farming, you can get from level 5 to 15 with around seven Ape kills.

The Jungle is the area to the far east, and there is a lot to do there. But if you’re below level 30, I suggest farming Apes and Gorillas until you aren’t because anything else in the area is going to be tough if you’re under-leveled.

But you can get yourself to level 40 pretty quickly without ever leaving the Jungle. Then you can head to the Witch Queen, Sunken City, and then head north to farm the Buccaneer Bay pirates.

Farm Black Ice

conan exiles farm black ice
Screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • Location – Frost Temple (and surrounding areas)
  • Difficulty – 3/5

This is an easy method but does require avoiding enemies. If you can make it to the hallways covered with Black Ice, then you can get a ton of experience in a short amount of time. Plus, you get Black Ice, a valuable material that doesn’t spoil.

If you’re having trouble finding Black Ice, head to the Mounds of the Dead and then travel north to the snow. Stay alongside the amount as far north as you can go without climbing.

Follow this trail to the Frost Temple, collecting Black Ice as you go. There are a few other spawns, but this is by far the best path.

Sunken City

conan exiles sunken city
Screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • Location – Jungle
  • Difficulty – 4/5

If you’re at least level 50, the difficulty lowers significantly, but since we’re talking about leveling, this is one of the most time-consuming methods. To reach this dungeon, head to Dagon’s Embrace and look for a boat. Enter it, and it will take you there.

Multiple journey steps will give you experience in this dungeon, plus the experience you get from killing a dozen bosses. But altogether, I’d say it’s only worth doing it one time, even though you can get a chunk of gold and arguably the best daggers in the game.

Build a Fortress (or Craft Chests)

conan exiles build a fortress (or craft chests)
Screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • Location – anywhere
  • Experience per chest – 760
  • Difficulty – 1/5

If you want to do this the fun way, you can build the largest base possible, which is only ideal for PvE servers. But if you want the quick route, farm enough iron and wood to craft Large Chests.

You must be level 20, but if you are, you can make the chests, which take 5 seconds each to make. If you include the experience you get for farming the iron and wood, this may be the number one way to level in Conan Exiles. However, it is time-consuming, and if you hate repetition, this is going to get old fast.

Journey Steps

conan exiles journey steps
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Journey steps give you the most experience for the time you spend doing them. Not only do you get base experience from doing this, but you get to do things that give experience even without the journey step.

There are a dozen reasons why I recommend doing the Journey Steps as soon as you can. You learn so much about the game and what you want to do next. Though doing them in order is pointless.

Thrall and Farm

conan exiles thrall and farm
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

This is an enhanced version of farming Rocknoses or other creatures. The best way to do it is to find a T4 Fighter thrall then take him to camps and let him do all of the work while you reap the benefits.

Make sure you keep an eye on him because he can die, which loses you progress. I suggest helping your thrall out and testing how much he can handle before throwing him into a camp of 50 NPCs.


Crafting anything gives you experience, but it’s important to take the materials you need and the time it takes to gather them into account. Warpaint is one of the best options. Each gives you 100 to 500 experience and takes 10 seconds to craft.

There are so many warpaints that you probably have materials to make at least one kind. Though it won’t mean much after level 20 or so, it’s a good way to get started leveling.

Just find what crafting item gives you the most for what materials you have an excess of; whether you make warpaint or alchemy ingredients, you need to find what is most efficient for you.

Best Settings and Admin Methods to Level in Conan Exiles

Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Here is a step-by-step method to use your admin privileges to make reaching max level easy for everyone on the server. This way, you can feel like you’re learning the levels via an exploit rather than being handed them on a silver platter.

Adjust XP Multipliers

To adjust the XP multipliers, you must be an admin. After you make yourself an admin (if server owners permit it), you can change the multipliers for crafting, gathering, and more.

Go to Server Settings and adjust them. There is even a setting for the general XP rate for all activities. If you want to make this really overpowered, then change the resource respawn rates and the NPC damage taken/player damage taken to make farming NPCs a breeze.

Give and Level Follower

The next thing you can do is spawn in a good T4 Fighter and then use the GiveFollowerXP to make him max level. I recommend getting the perk that allows you to have two thralls at this point.

Then you can give yourself two thralls, which is almost always better than a thrall and a pet. If you don’t know which thralls to spawn in, take a look at my Thrall Fighter guide to find the strongest options.

Unnamed City Farm

conan exiles unnamed city farm
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Unnamed City has a ridiculous amount of potential experience. It’s not a good place to go to if you’re a low level, but if you have good thralls with you, they can do all of the work.

If you fight every boss (10) on the surface of the Unnamed City, not including the mini-bosses (RHTS), you will get over 500,000 XP. This will also grant you amazing tools, repair kits, and weapons. But even without all the other benefits, that will get you from level 10 to 25 with one run.

If you’ve adjusted any settings, it will be much more. But even if you’re max level and have insane settings, the Unnamed City is dangerous, so remember to stay safe and try to put your thrall between you and any threats.

If you have a friend, bring them along, and you can all make the most of your trip. Before you leave, grab the obelisk and head to the Archives to get the map-room which there are no level requirements for.


Question: How Long Does it Take to Reach Max Level in Conan Exiles?

Answer: This depends on your server settings. With vanilla settings, you can easily get halfway there in a day, but it may take up to a week to get to max level. If you play for twelve hours a day, expect it to take a couple of days.

Question: Can You Increase the Level Cap in Conan Exiles?

Answer: You can increase the level cap in Conan Exiles with the mod Age of Calamitous. But since that mod is huge and changes the game, you may want to choose something as simple as Navi’s Extended Leveling Mod.

Question: Can You Use Cheat Commands to Level in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Yes. You can go on the admin panel to grant levels and more to players via Change Player Stats. However, there are no console command codes you can use, so you need access to the admin panel.

Leveling the Normal Way in Conan Exiles

Even with normal rates, it doesn’t take long to reach the max level in Conan Exiles. This entirely depends on the rates of your server and the method you use to level. However, I don’t recommend going whole hog in one day.

This takes away from the natural flow of the game. Though this is great if you prefer to play through games over-leveled, it can be nice to play it naturally at least once.

Unless I’m playing with other players that are over-leveled and take me through higher-level areas, I usually don’t have a problem being under-leveled in Conan Exiles.

However, there are always times when leveling fast, whether for five levels or fifty, is beneficial. So knowing how is something wonderful to have in your back pocket.

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