Conan Exiles Stone Consolidant Guide

Conan Exiles Stone Consolidant Guide

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After you have leveled up your character enough and built a base somewhere in the lands of Conan Exiles, you’ll feel like it’s time to upgrade everything you’ve done so far and craft building pieces that can resist anything that could easily take them down.

And this is where Stone Consolidant comes in – to firm up objects and materials so they become resistant enough to any elements that can threaten the safety of your lair. In this Conan Exiles Stone Consolidant guide below, you’ll learn more about this crafting ingredient.


Stone Consolidant is mainly used to help you craft Hardened Bricks inside a Furnace (any tier). By harvesting Plant Fiber (use a Sickle on bushes to get more of this resource) and Resin (use a pick or pickaxe on trees or dry Wood at a Dryer to obtain it), you can start making your Stone Consolidant inside a Firebowl Cauldron, which you’ll unlock at level 15.

Use Hardened Bricks (made with Bricks and Stone Consolidant) to upgrade your base structures to the highest tier. You can also mix Stone Consolidant with other materials to craft decorations at an Artisan’s Table or build advanced furnaces (Fuel and Heat-Efficient Furnaces).

Craft Stone Consolidant ahead, so you’ll have the necessary resources for when you’ve progressed enough during your gameplay and want to reinforce things at your base.

What is Stone Consolidant?

Stone Consolidant is a crafting material made with natural resources and essential to craft sturdy things during your journey. It will help reinforce your buildings and craft decorative pieces and advanced workstations.

This Consolidant is a necessary ingredient to protect your structures from the harsh elements of Conan Exiles.

conan exiles stone consolidant Guide
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*The Stone Consolidant description from the image above is outdated, still mentioning the old crafting recipe of this material. Hopefully, the developers will update it to correspond with the current crafting recipe.

How to Get Stone Consolidant

To get Stone Consolidant, you’ll need the following resources:

  • Plant Fiber
  • Resin

You can unlock the Stone Consolidant recipe after reaching level 15 since that’s the level you’ll learn the Firebowl Cauldron Knowledge, which will allow you to craft this ingredient, together with some crafting stations (Firebowl Cauldron, Casting Table, Alchemist’s Bench), Glass Flasks, and various alchemy items (Alchemical Base, Dragonpowder, Steelfire, Aloe Extract, Yellow Lotus Potion, Reaper Poison, Violet Curative).

conan exiles stone consolidant recipe
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After getting a Firebowl Cauldron, you should put at least 6 Plant Fibers with 2 Resin units inside it so you can craft Stone Consolidant.

Conan Exiles Stone Consolidant Guide crafting-stone-consolidant
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Plant Fiber

Plant Fiber is one of the most accessible resources you can collect in Conan Exiles. It’s available through several areas of the official maps, in different kinds of bushes and points of interest (loot chests, NPC corpses).

Plant Fiber bushes are very common, so you’ll find them frequently while exploring the map you’re playing on compared with other bushes that aren’t as abundant as Plant Fiber ones. Together with different resources, you’ll get Plant Fiber from harvesting most kinds of bushes and shrubs.

While you can handpick Plant Fiber from bushes, using a tool like a Sickle will make you harvest this resource more efficiently and in larger quantities. You can also get Plant Fiber through Planters (use Seeds and Compost to grow it) and the Tanner’s Table (with Vines inside it).

conan exiles plant fiber
Image from Wild Jester
Image from Wild Jester


You can get Resin through the many trees that grow on the map you’re playing in. Avoid looking for Resin from dead trees, though – as those won’t provide it (choose to chop them if you’re looking for Branches and Dry Wood instead). Put your hatchet away – you will need a pick or a pickaxe to obtain Resin from trees.

You can also get Resin the same way you get Plant Fiber: by looting points of interest, but this isn’t a viable alternative to get a significant amount of Resin.

Another way of obtaining Resin is through a Dryer as a by-product of crafting Dry Wood with Wood logs. However, it will take a while to get enough Resin for what you need through this way due to the time it takes for the Dryer to process Wood, so choose harvesting trees as the primary way of getting Resin, especially with a pick.

Pine trees and more “greenish” large trees are likely to drop more Resin than palm trees. However, it’s great to know that now you can get Resin from diverse environments and not depend on going to the northern areas each time you need to harvest pine trees like in the past, especially if your base is far away from those areas.

Conan Exiles resin
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harvesting-resin-from-pine-trees Conan Exiles
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conan exiles harvesting resin
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You can use Stone Consolidant solely to craft other items in the game:

  • Hardened Brick
  • Fuel-Efficient Furnace
  • Heat-Efficient Furnace
  • Devolved decorations (Insignia, Statues, Eldarium Plint for Trophies)
  • Khitan Legionary Statue
  • Pool of Refreshment

Hardened Brick

This type of brick is essential to craft plenty of high-tier building pieces (Tier 3), advanced crafting stations, religious altars, decorations, and Vaults. Hardened Bricks are the main reason Stone Consolidant is a highly relevant crafting ingredient since these bricks will help players reinforce their structures significantly.

You’ll need regular Bricks (made with Stones inside furnaces) with Stone Consolidant in any Furnace with fuel to get Hardened Bricks.

You should look into crafting these reinforced bricks ahead, as soon as you have unlocked the Stone Consolidant recipe and gathered enough resources, since you may need plenty of Hardened Bricks later in your gameplay.

To know more about Hardened Bricks, visit this page: Conan Exiles Hardened Brick Guide

conan exiles hardened brick
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hardened-brick-tier-3-buildings Conan Exiles
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Fuel and Heat-Efficient Furnaces

The Fuel-Efficient and Heat-Efficient Furnaces are the most advanced furnaces available in the game, helping you significantly with the crafting process of different items that you can transform into something else under high temperatures, especially high-end materials.

You can also use the regular Furnace to craft anything you need, but the crafting cost and speed may vary if you choose advanced furnaces to make things instead.

A Heat-Efficient Furnace will craft items at high speed, while a Fuel-Efficient Furnace will save up more fuel while crafting items. Using Smelter thralls inside your furnaces can also influence the crafting process time, and choosing the best fuel source will keep your stations lit and working for longer!

conan exiles fuel and heat-efficient furnaces
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Devolved Decorations

The Devolved decorations are exclusive to Isle of Siptah DLC owners since it’s in this expansion map where you can learn how to craft these. Unlock Devolved Insignias, Statues, and the Eldarium Plinth inside the Elder Vaults scattered through the Isle.

Use Decaying Eldarium with Stone Consolidant inside an Artisan’s Table to craft these decorations. Get Devolved Trophies by using the remains of Vaults creatures with Eldarium Plinths.

Here’s a guide you might be interested in if you wish to know more about Decaying Eldarium and these Devolved decorative pieces: Conan Exiles How to Get Eldarium

conan exiles devolved decorations
Image from Wild Jester

Khitan Legionary Statue and Pool of Refreshment

The Khitan Legionary Statue and Pool of Refreshment are decorations that enrich your base. These contain Stone Consolidant, and, together with other resources, you can make them at an Artisan’s Table.

The Khitan Legionary Statue belongs to The Imperial East Pack. You must learn the Khitan-Furniture Maker knowledge at level 14 (after learning the Furniture Maker knowledge) to unlock its recipe.

The Pool of Refreshment is an exclusive item from The Riddle of Steel DLC. Learn the Water Well knowledge at level 25 to craft this decoration.

Conan Exiles khitan-legionary-statue
Image from Wild Jester
Conan Exiles pool-of-refreshment
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Question: Can I Upgrade My Base to the Highest Tier without Stone Consolidant?

Answer: Usually, to reinforce your base pieces and make the sturdiest structures in the game (tier 3 building pieces, except awnings), you’ll always need Hardened Bricks, which forces you to get enough Stone Consolidant as part of the process.
However, there is an exception – if you upgrade your structures with Black Ice-Reinforced building pieces, you can avoid crafting Hardened Bricks, but only if you have enough Black Ice to do it.
This guide will teach you how to get Black Ice: Conan Exiles Black Ice Guide

Question: Is there Another Way of Getting Stone Consolidant?

Answer: Currently, there isn’t another reliable way of obtaining Stone Consolidant other than crafting it inside a Firebowl Cauldron. You may get it through loot chests or enemy corpses that drop diverse resources, but Stone Consolidant won’t spawn as frequently as other things, if it will, so always look into crafting it instead.

Question: Can I Get Hardened Bricks without Having to go through the Process of Crafting them?

Answer: Like other materials, you will randomly find Hardened Bricks at points of interest while exploring the map you’re playing in. Some enemies may drop them, but you’ll likely get them more by looting chests.
The most reliable way of obtaining Hardened Bricks, Stone Consolidant, and many more materials is always through crafting since it’s how you will get these in larger quantities whenever you have enough resources to make them in your crafting stations.


Advanced materials that you can use to upgrade your base are essential to protect it in the long run. However, these are some of the several things in Conan Exiles that you will only get if you keep leveling up your character to collect more resources efficiently and use them to craft those materials on a larger scale, which can be challenging for some players.

Stone Consolidant is a crucial part of the process of making high-quality items, as it plays the role of reinforcing objects and structure pieces you can place in your base to make it sturdier, so don’t waste time and start collecting enough resources to craft Stone Consolidant way before you’re even able to get your high-tier pieces!

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