Conan Exiles Circle of Power Guide

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The addition of sorcery to Conan Exiles has brought many features to the game, and with those, new crafting stations were necessary to improve your gameplay in diverse aspects and create alternatives to the already existing things.

The Circle of Power is one of those stations that allows you to craft gear, get new pets, and even help retrieve your dropped loot more easily through the use of magic.

About the Circle of Power

The Circle of Power is one of the stations added to Conan Exiles during the Age of Sorcery. Even though you’ll need ingredients to get everything available at this stone circle, this station works differently than many others in the game since you must become a sorcerer if you wish to fully use it to communicate with the underworld and perform all the rituals you have learned.

Sorcery in Conan Exiles consists of three categories: Spell casting, Ritual Magic, and Alchemy. The Circle of Power falls under Ritual Magic.

You will find out after a while that Ritual Magic is a game changer and one of the most useful sorcery-related features since it offers you the ability to do rituals for your benefit but also provides you with a certain type of workstations, followers, and gear with demonic powers that you can’t obtain through other means.

Keep reading this Conan Exiles Circle of Power Guide for learn all about this Ritual!

conan exiles - circle of power in action
A ritual in process. – Image from Wild Jester

During one of the Age of Sorcery Chapters, players could get the Magian Chalk Circle as a Battle Pass reward for completing challenges. The Circle of Power – Chalk Circle belongs to the Bazaar (in-game store). These two Chalk Circles are functional stations and work exactly like the original Circle of Power from the base game – they’re just cosmetic variants.

How to Get a Circle of Power

To know how to craft and start using the Circle of Power, you must previously learn Basic Sorcery as well as certain Words of Power that unlock the Circle’s recipe. To unlock those Words of Power, make sure you own a Thaumaturgy Bench and have already upgraded your Tome of Kurak a few times. You can learn more details about this process and how to use the Circle of Power by following the steps below.

Step 1

Unlock Basic Sorcery as the first step that will lead you to obtain the Circle of Power. This is the base of all your occult knowledge that provides you with the Words of Power: ancient languages that, once learned, will allow you to perform rituals and cast spells.

If you’re playing on the Exiled Lands, go through the Shaleback Hollow cave (E-5 on the map grid; be careful with the Undead Kappas inside this area) and reach its end to interact with the tome on the stone table so you’ll unlock Basic Sorcery.

conan exiles basic sorcery learning place
Image from Wild Jester

If you’re playing on the Isle of Siptah expansion map, get inside the cave near the Riverwatch Keep gate (N-10) instead.

Upon unlocking Basic Sorcery, new things will appear in your character’s Knowledge section, including the recipe of the Arcane Staff and the Thaumaturgy Bench, which are your strongest allies as a sorcerer. You’ll notice that a few Words of Power related to spell casting are also present in there already. You can learn several things over time, and the Circle of Power is one of them.

Conan Exiles Basic Sorcery Knowledge
Image from Wild Jester

Step 2

Craft a Thaumaturgy Bench and place it on the ground. Then, transfer your Tome of Kurak that you’ve got from the cave where you unlocked Basic Sorcery to the bench inventory, together with the required crafting ingredients to start upgrading it. By clicking on the Tome of Kurak icon on the right side of the Thaumaturgy Bench (Crafting Section), you’ll see which ingredients you’ll need to collect to start the upgrades.

You may be familiar with most of the resources you’ll need to upgrade your Tome from level one to 15 (max level), but maybe not with one of them: the Sorcerous Spell Page. You will need one of these pages per level, meaning you must collect multiple of them until you fully finish upgrading the Tome.

conan exiles sorcerous spell page
Image from Wild Jester

There are a few ways of obtaining these Sorcerous Spell Pages:

  • Sorcerers have a chance of dropping a Sorcerous Spell Page, so go to camps and kill them. They can also drop Satchels, which are consumables you can open to get a random number of items like basic materials and sorcery-related things, including the Sorcerous Spell Page. However, this Page has a low chance of dropping from those Satchels, so luck and perseverance are crucial factors that will help you collect these.
  • Find and interact with scrolls lying on tables or other surfaces at points of interest (some camps or dungeons).
  • Get a Sorcerer thrall (any tier) and put it in your Thaumaturgy Bench so it can craft Sorcerous Spell Pages with 10 Failed Sorcerous Spell Pages or one Plant Fiber, one Sacrificial Blood in a Flask, and one Inking Brush instead.

The first way mentioned is the most common and the easiest to collect Sorcerous Spell Pages.

Step 3

Upgrade your Tome of Kurak to level 3 to learn the following Words of Power: Abyssal Mount (Horse) and Abyssal Mount (Rhino), so you can summon these mounts at the Circle of Power by performing a ritual. You will also unlock the Circle of Power recipe once you level up your Tome to this level.

conan exiles abyssal mount (rhino)
Image from Wild Jester
conan exiles abyssal mount horse
Image from Wild Jester

To upgrade the Tome of Kurak to level 3 inside your Thaumaturgy Bench, you will need:

  • One Sorcerous Spell Page – you can get it in different ways (as mentioned in step 2).
  • One Savoury Flesh – harvest it from carcasses of diverse animals like Deer, Gazelles, Mountain Goats, Wild Boars, etc.
  • 10 Glowing Goop – find this alga underwater in specific areas of both Exiled Lands (The Dregs and Sunken City dungeons, Hanuman’s Grotto, Oasis of Nekhet, Descent of Dagon) and Isle of Siptah maps (along the coast of the isle, Drowned and Twice Drowned Vaults, Glowing Cavern, Scryer’s Heights and Sweetwater lakes, Sweetwater Falls, The Gash).
conan exiles tome of kurak level 3 upgrade
Upgrading the Tome of Kurak to level 3. – Image from Wild Jester

You should keep upgrading your Tome of Kurak to higher levels since there are multiple things you can do with the Circle of Power, but those will be only available if you learn more Words of Power besides the ones from level 3.

Everything you can do at the Circle will be available once your Tome reaches level 13. You can upgrade your Tome until level 15. This is subject to change in the future, like other content in Conan Exiles.

  • Once you upgrade your Tome of Kurak to level 7, you’ll learn the Word of Power: Summon Corpse;
  • Upgrade the Tome to level 11 to learn the Word of Power: Abyssal Call;
  • Upgrade the Tome to level 12 to learn both Words of Power: Abyssal Bow and Abyssal Maul;
  • When your Tome is upgraded to level 13, you’ll learn the Word of Power: Abyssal Armor.

Step 4

It’s time to craft your Circle of Power! For that, you’ll need a Construction Hammer on your hands and the following materials in your inventory:

  • 200 Bonemeal
  • 100 Bricks
  • 50 Steel Bars

You can find the Circle of Power under the Sorcery category, located in the Crafting Stations section of the Building Menu.

conan exiles crafting the circle of power
Image from Wild Jester

All Circle of Power Rituals


After you have upgraded the Tome of Kurak to level 3 at the Thaumaturgy Bench, you can start summoning two new kinds of followers in your Circle of Power: the Abyssal Steed and Demon Rhino, which are pet mounts that will take you anywhere you need.

These creatures are a little different from other animals you will commonly find on the map: with a terrifying appearance, they really seem to have come from an unreal place – the abyssal depths!

conan exiles summoning demon rhino
A player summoning a Demon Rhino mount. – Image from Wild Jester

Opposite to common pet mounts, these creatures won’t need to be raised in an Animal Pen or the Stables with food since they will be spawning from the Circle of Power as mature species as soon as you summon them.

Also, you won’t need to craft saddles – you can mount them without adding one of those on their back. They will level up once you start riding them. Unlike other pets, these kinds of mounts can’t carry any resources for you since they don’t have any inventory slots available.

conan exiles riding an abyssal steed
Image from Wild Jester

Take note that the Abyssal mounts are temporary/time-limited: after you summon the Abyssal Steed or Demon Rhino, you can only keep them for a limited period before they vanish (they may run away or even go berserk and attack anyone around them – be careful), meaning you’ll have to summon a new mount later again if necessary.

They are still convenient to use if you’re not into the pet-raising process or only want a quick mount to take you somewhere at the moment but don’t want a follower for a lifetime. There is no limit to how many Abyssal mounts you can summon from the Circle of Power, but always remember that they will disappear after a while!

Abyssal Steed

  • Crafting requirements: one Sacrificial Blood in a Flask, 10 Demon Blood, and 10 Bones.
conan exiles abyssal steed
Image from Wild Jester

You can harvest this mount to get the items below:

  • Savoury Flesh
  • Hide
  • Bone
  • Horse Carcass

Demon Rhino

  • Crafting Requirements: one Sacrificial Blood in a Flask, 10 Demon Blood, and 5 Horns.

You can attack others while mounting this Rhino.

Conan Exiles - Demon Rhino
Image from Wild Jester

Harvesting this mount’s carcass will give you the following items:

  • Exotic Flesh
  • Rhino Hide
  • Thick Hide
  • Rhinoceros Carcass

To get Sacrificial Blood in a Flask, use a Sacrificial Stone to sacrifice a human NPC and perform a Blood Rite to collect their blood into a Glass Flask.

conan exiles sacrificial blood in a flask
Image from Wild Jester

Summoning these creatures will give you Light Corruption.


To perform this ritual, you must die anywhere on the map, and your corpse needs to remain intact (can’t despawn) so you can summon it.

Ingredients required to summon your corpse inside the Circle of Power:

  • One Sacrificial Blood in a Flask
  • 50 Brimstones
  • One Glass Flask
conan exiles summon corpse
Image from Wild Jester

Once you have these, hit the “Craft” button. Doing this will call/teleport your latest corpse over the Circle.

The Summon Corpse is a convenient ritual to look into and quickly retrieve the loot you dropped the last time you died, especially if you’re far away from the death area or if you died inside a dungeon, for example. If you’re playing on a server or session where the setting “Drop Loot on Death” is disabled, then it’s unnecessary to make this ritual.

The Summon Corpse ritual will make your character heavily corrupted. If you become Tainted, let some time pass until the effect is gone before you can cleanse yourself from corruption. Use corruption cleansers like entertainer thralls, Cleansing Brew, or the Heart of a Hero for example.

If you’ve died multiple times and already summoned your last corpse, you can try summoning the previous ones, however, the Circle of Power main purpose is to retrieve your latest corpse. If your corpse is nearby, it may not be necessary to spend resources on doing this ritual.

conan exiles corpse summoned 2
Image from Wild Jester
conan exiles corpse summoned 1
Image from Wild Jester


Like the Abyssal Mounts, the Abyssal Call (also known as Summoned Demon) is a temporary follower you can summon at your Circle of Power. You’ll gain a small amount of corruption by summoning a creature from the Circle of Power. You will learn the Word of Power: Abyssal Call after upgrading the Tome of Kurak around eleven times in your Thaumaturgy Bench.

conan exiles abyssal call creatures
Image from Wild Jester

Ingredients required to summon these demonic creatures:

  • One Sacrificial Blood in a Flask
  • 10 Demon Blood
  • 5 Human Flesh

Performing this ritual at the Circle will summon a demonic creature during a limited period that can help you during combat. Even though you can summon multiple abyssal creatures, you should only use one at a time. The game features allow you to have a demonic and another type of active followers to help you fight enemies.

conan exiles abyssal call summoned
Image from Wild Jester

These Summoned Demons can level up but can’t earn any perks. Once they start leveling up, their health pool will increase like any other kind of follower, and they will heal over time if they get hurt. You can also feed it with a variety of foods which will help restore its health faster.

conan exiles abyssal call food
Image from Wild Jester

This temporary pet will help you not only during combat but also to carry items for you since it has an inventory with ten slots. If the time for them to disappear has come, they can go berserk and may attack anyone nearby or run away until they vanish.

Harvesting carcasses from Summoned Demons will give you the following resources:

  • Hide
  • Thick Hide
  • Demon Blood
  • Feral Flesh
  • Bone
  • Brimstone


The Abyssal Bow and Maul are weapons you can get through the Circle of Power, provided by demons from the abyss. You can craft them with:

  • One Sacrificial Blood in a Flask
  • 10 Demon Blood
  • 10 Shaped Wood (for the Abyssal Bow) or 10 Hardened Steel Bars (for the Abyssal Maul)
conan exiles abyssal bow
Image from Wild Jester
conan exiles abyssal maul
Image from Wild Jester

These special weapons can’t be moved from your inventory to any other container, only to your hotbar whenever you need to use them. The only way of removing or losing Abyssal weapons is by dying or letting their decay timer reach the zero mark: they will disappear forever, and no one (including you) will ever be able to find them in your corpse loot, meaning you’ll have to craft new weapons at your Circle of Power.

The Abyssal Bow and Maul have a special property that other weapons in the game usually don’t have – they are Insatiable: this means that to extend these weapons’ lifetime, you must keep killing (anything or anyone) since their decay timer starts counting down as soon as you summon them.

Choosing tougher creatures to kill will prolong the timer more efficiently compared with weaker ones. If you stop playing the game or are not using the weapons, their timer will keep counting down. You can extend the lifetime of each weapon to a maximum of 60 minutes.

conan exiles abyssal maul in action
Extending the lifetime of the Abyssal Maul by killing. – Image from Wild Jester

Abyssal Bow

This Bow is an Agility weapon with 28 damage points and armor penetration of 9.45%. You don’t need to worry about crafting projectiles while using the Abyssal Bow since this one comes with its own unlimited Abyssal arrows, so you can shoot as many times as you wish!

conan exiles abyssal bow show
Image from Wild Jester

Abyssal Maul

This Maul is a brutal, two-handed Strength weapon. Causing the Sunder effect, it can deal 72 damage points and 47.25% armor penetration.

conan exiles abyssal maul show
Image from Wild Jester

Using these weapons will heavily corrupt your character.


You can get the Abyssal Armor the same way you get the Abyssal weapons – by crafting it and summoning the demon that carries this armor through your Circle of Power, as long as you have the specific ingredients to perform the ritual:

  • One Sacrificial Blood in a Flask
  • 10 Demon Blood
  • 3 Heavy Paddings
conan exiles abyssal armor summoned
Image from Wild Jester

Once you upgrade your Tome of Kurak to level 13, you’ll learn the Word of Power that unlocks the Abyssal Armor recipe.

conan exiles abyssal armor upgrade
Image from Wild Jester

This armor pieces are time-limited, carrying the Insatiable property like the Abyssal weapons, so you must keep killing to extend their lifetime to prevent them from disappearing quickly. Wear the Abyssal Armor pieces while you’re killing, paying attention to their decay timer.

You can’t remove from your inventory or lose the Abyssal armor unless:

  • You die;
  • The pieces decay;
  • The pieces lose all their durability.

Wearing the Abyssal Armor will make you heavily corrupted, which is the price you must pay for the high benefits of becoming more powerful through sorcery. Make sure to find ways (like consuming certain items) or spend Attribute points (on Vitality) to increase your character’s health since corruption makes it weaker and more vulnerable to die even while wearing high-end gear.

conan exiles abyssal armor
A heavily corrupted player wearing the Abyssal Armor. – Image from Wild Jester

The Abyssal Armor set pieces are Light but surprisingly good, as they give you diverse bonuses and high protection, with a total armor defense of 1000 points. The bonuses will help you during strenuous activities, especially in combat.

General Stats of each Abyssal Armor piece:

Abyssal Helm

Armor defense – 200


  • +15% Concussive Damage
  • +12% Follower Damage
  • +10% Strength Weapon Damage
  • +10% Agility Weapon Damage

Abyssal Mail

Armor defense – 350


  • +60 Health
  • +10% Strength Weapon Damage
  • +10% Agility Weapon Damage

Abyssal Gloves

Armor defense – 100


  • +30 Carrying Capacity
  • +10% Strength Weapon Damage
  • +10% Agility Weapon Damage

Abyssal Leggings

Armor defense – 250


  • +60 Health
  • +10% Strength Weapon Damage
  • +10% Agility Weapon Damage

Abyssal Boots

Armor defense – 100 armor


  • +15 Stamina
  • +10% Strength Weapon Damage
  • +10% Agility Weapon Damage

This armor will also offer satisfying protection against cold and warm temperatures.

conan exiles abyssal armor stats
Image from Wild Jester


Question: Can I craft Abyssal weapons on a Blacksmith’s Bench?

Answer: You can only craft Abyssal gear in the Circle of Power. Once you have unlocked the Words of Power that teach you the Abyssal Bow and Maul recipes at your Thaumaturgy Bench, it’s time to collect the required crafting ingredients to summon these weapons inside your Circle of Power. Once you start making them, your character will make a ritual, invoking a demon from the abyss that spawns over the Circle and instantly dies, so you can take the weapon off its hands and keep it.

Question: When it comes to defense, is the Abyssal Armor the best in Conan Exiles?

Answer: The Abyssal Armor is one of the best sets you can wear in the game since its pieces are highly protective, but it will make you heavily corrupted, so use consumables that increase your health pool or invest points on your Vitality Attribute to prevent your character from dying easily.
This armor is not very durable, but it will give you 1000 defense points in total, making it similar to the Cimmerian Steel, the Stygian Mercenary, the Champion’s, and the Rusted armor sets, if you’re looking to protect yourself from enemy attacks. These previously mentioned armor sets are by far more resistant to enemy attacks.
However, you can get even more sturdy armor in the game, like the Godbreaker and the Chilled Godbreaker sets, which have over 1000 points in armor defense value. These strong sets (including the Abyssal Armor) are also great for protecting you from harsh temperatures.

Question: Is the Circle of Power a good investment, since most things summoned from it are temporary?

Answer: While it’s not demanding, you should still learn how to make your Circle of Power and unlock every recipe linked to it through the Thaumaturgy Bench by upgrading your Tome of Kurak, as well as collecting enough crafting ingredients for what you can summon inside of the Circle since they are worth your time and effort. If you’ve recently died in a dangerous area of the map or far from your base, summoning your corpse is a quick way of retrieving all your loot without risking your life again.
Summon the temporary Abyssal followers if you need an extra hand in combat or to travel far if you’re in a rush: these demonic pets don’t need to be raised in an Animal Pen and can level up quite fast, not requiring as much maintenance as regular pets. The Abyssal gear summoned from the Circle of Power has great stats to use in combat, worth using before it vanishes, and you can extend its lifetime by simply harvesting the souls of whoever comes across your path.
These are helpful alternatives to the other things you can obtain in the game.


Image from Wild Jester

Whether you want to become a sorcerer or not in Conan Exiles, it’s up to you: convenience at the cost of corruption is what the Circle of Power is all about.

This stone is a crafting station based on your basic and advanced knowledge of sorcery in the game, opening doors to different options that lead you to the same purposes you can reach without being a sorcerer but through unusual means instead.

This Circle helps you get followers quickly, powerful gear, and even retrieve your lost loot back if you die – usually, something that may become a risky and tedious chore when you have to do it on your foot, making you spend more time than you wished.

However, using occult forces to perform rituals over the Circle of Power will corrupt your soul, but cleansing yourself will become part of your routine as soon as you get used to this station. Are you up to corrupting yourself in exchange for extra benefits, exile?

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