Conan Exiles Glowing Goop Guide

Conan Exiles Glowing Goop Guide

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While its origin is unknown, Glowing Goop is an interesting-looking plant that grows in the waters of Conan Exiles.

But can this glowing plant be used for anything, or is it just the developer’s way of making the waterways of the game prettier than they already are? Glowing Goop is a handy resource for some players, and in this Conan Exiles Glowing Goop guide, you’ll find out what you can do with it.

What is Glowing Goop?

conan exiles glowing goop
Image by Wild Jester

Glowing Goop is a blue-colored plant that only grows underwater. You can find it on the sea, lakes, and even rivers from Conan Exiles without much effort because of its bioluminescence.

Glowing Goop is a crafting ingredient that can be handpicked or harvested with a tool (Sickle). Resources you will obtain after harvesting this aquatic plant:

  • Glowing Goop;
  • Plant Fiber.

Glowing Goop Uses

While you’ll find Glowing Goop in specific zones of the Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah maps, you can only craft a very limited amount of items using this ingredient:

  • Absinthe
  • Cyan Dye
  • Glowing Essence
  • Glowing Stick
  • Tome of Kurak


conan exiles absinthe
Image by Wild Jester

Absinthe is a beverage that you can make inside a Fermentation Barrel using:

  • 15 Glowing Goop;
  • 1 Purified Water;
  • 5 Leavening Agent.

To unlock the Absinthe recipe, you must learn the Specialist Brewing I Knowledge (after learning the Primitive Cook Knowledge). If you’re playing on the Exiled Lands, learn the Specialist Brewing I Knowledge by interacting with a leather book found inside The Den camp (8-E on the map grid).

If you’re on the Isle of Siptah map, loot the corpses of human NPCs summoned from Leyshrine surges, as they can randomly drop Specialist scrolls.

Drinking Absinthe will affect your character’s temperature, making this drink appropriate for mildly cold environments as it slightly warms you up for a short time. However, Absinthe contains alcohol so expect to become a little tipsy upon drinking it.

Be careful not to drink multiple cups, or you’ll get drunk and risk getting alcohol poisoning for a while, which will cause a small amount of health loss. Absinthe will also quench your thirst.

Cyan Dye

conan exiles cyan dye
Image by Wild Jester

Cyan Dye is one of the many dyes available in the game for you to find or craft. Fill a Glass Flask with water and take it to a Dyer’s Bench with one Glowing Goop to make Cyan Dye so you can start customizing one of your armor pieces by dying it in cyan color!

Once you have the dye in your inventory and the armor piece you wish to change the color, click over the armor icon and on the “Dye” button.

Any dyes you’re currently carrying with you will show up on the right side of your screen – select one of them after choosing the correct armor part you wish to change the color and click “Save” once you’re done changing colors.

You can dye your armor pieces unlimited times and revert them to their original colors if you wish to.

See more about dyes in this guide: Conan Exiles Dye Guide

Glowing Essence

conan exiles glowing essence
Image by Wild Jester

Glowing Essence is a mixture inside a flask you can make at any Alchemist’s Bench using:

  • 10 Glowing Goop;
  • 2 Aloe Leaves.

Unlock the Glowing Essence crafting recipe by learning the Dredger Knowledge at the Dregs dungeon entrance.

conan exiles dredger knowledge
Image by Wild Jester

This recipe and Knowledge are exclusive to the Exiled Lands map, meaning you can’t unlock them in the Isle of Siptah expansion map. You can still get Glowing Essences in both maps since loot chests and NPCs will randomly drop them, so you won’t only rely on crafting them every time during your gameplay, like many other items.

You can use Glowing Essence to make Witchfire Powder, Breathing Potions, Sloughing Fluid, and even special arrows (Light Arrow, Oil Arrow). If you need to go underwater but don’t have enough Glowing Essences to make Breathing Potions, don’t worry!

There are a few other items in the game that will help you stay underwater for longer like the Fish Gill Potion and the Underwater Breathing Mask, for example.

Glowing Stick

conan exiles glowing stick
Image by Wild Jester

Unlock the Glowing Stick crafting recipe by learning the Dredger Knowledge inside the Dregs dungeon on the Exiled Lands map, the same way you unlock the Glowing Essence recipe. This is another recipe unavailable on the Isle of Siptah map. The Glowing Stick is a portable torchlight that you can handcraft with:

  • 1 Bone;
  • 3 Glowing Goop.

To use a Glowing Stick, place it in your Hotbar and select it so your character will hold it in one of their hands. This light helps you see better in dark places, at nighttime, and even underwater.

Alternatively, you can also use Glowing Sticks to craft Glowing Standing or Wall Torches with the help of a Branch at an Artisan’s Table.

Tome of Kurak

conan exiles tome of kurak
Image by Wild Jester

Upgrade your Tome of Kurak to level 3 and unlock the Abyssal Mounts (the demonic Horse and Rhino from the Circle of Power) by placing inside a Thaumaturgy Bench the following ingredients:

  • 10 Glowing Goop;
  • 1 Savory Flesh;
  • 1 Sorcerous Spell Page.

Don’t forget to keep your own Tome of Kurak in this bench and select the correct option to upgrade it so you can advance your sorcery knowledge. Glowing Goop helps for sure with this small part of the process, as you can see.

Glowing Goop Locations

You can find Glowing Goop only where water is present, but not every water source has it. The locations where you’ll find Glowing Goop in both Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah maps are shown below.

At the Exiled Lands, Glowing Goop grows inside the Dregs Dungeon, the Sunken City Dungeon, Hanuman’s Grotto cave, by the swamp/jungle environment (visit the Descent of Dagon), and at the Oasis of Nekhet.

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conan exiles glowing goop locations
Image by Wild Jester

At the Isle of Siptah, you will spot Glowing Goop along the coast of the isle, at the southern side of The Gash, in the Scryer’s Heights and Sweetwater lakes, by Sweetwater Falls, in the Glowing Cavern and inside the Drowned and Twice Drowned Vaults.


conan exiles isle of siptah
Image by Wild Jester

Randomly, you’ll find small amounts of Glowing Goop while looting points of interest (inside loot chests or NPC corpses that drop it).

How to Harvest Glowing Goop

Harvesting Process/Tools

There are two ways of harvesting Glowing Goop: by hand and with a tool. Handpicking Glowing Goop is a slow and less beneficial way of gathering this plant since you’ll only get a small quantity each time you pick it (at least one unit per time).

Using a tool is highly recommended for the efficient harvest of Glowing Goop and, overall, any other kind of plant that provides you with resources.

Use a Sickle to harvest Glowing Goop faster and in larger quantities, avoiding other kinds of tools such as hatchets, picks, and pickaxes since those will only destroy the plants and not give you any resources.

conan exiles harvesting glowing goop
From left to right: Harvesting Glowing Goop with an inappropriate tool, handpicking it, and with a Sickle – Image from Wild Jester

Breathing Underwater

Glowing Goop grows in shallow water, but it will also grow in the deepest areas of lakes and other waterways. It seems too risky to reach the bottom of these places and spend time collecting resources without losing your breath before emerging to the surface, right?

conan exiles breathing underwater
Image by Wild Jester

In Conan Exiles, you can get items that allow you to stay underwater for longer and get Glowing Goop more safely, in case you don’t see any near the shore. These items are listed below:

  • Fish Gill Potion
  • Breathing Potion
  • Breath of Dagon
  • Underwater Breathing Mask
  • Riptide
conan exiles underwater breathing mask
Image by Wild Jester

Fish Gill Potion

conan exiles fish gill potion
Image by Wild Jester

Unlock the Fish Gill Potion recipe at level 30 after learning the Potionmaker Knowledge. Craft this potion on an Alchemist’s Bench with:

  • 1 Water-filled Glass Flask;
  • 1 Alchemical Base;
  • 1 Purple Lotus Powder;
  • 1 Crimson Lotus Powder.

After you drink this Fish Gill Potion, you will breathe underwater for a longer time than a Breathing Potion, but never forget to pay attention to the time you’re spending underwater while harvesting Glowing Goop.

Breathing Potion

conan exiles breathing potion
Image by Wild Jester

The Breathing Potion recipe is unlocked together with other recipes like the Glowing Stick at the Dregs dungeon entrance (Exiled Lands map only) once you learn the Dredger Knowledge. Craft this potion at an Alchemist’s Bench with:

  • 1 Water Orb;
  • 5 Glowing Essences.

Alternatively, you’ll find Breathing Potions while looting chests and enemy corpses since they can randomly drop some of these potions instead, which is great especially if you’re playing in the Isle of Siptah map since the Dredger Knowledge isn’t available to learn in there.

As this Breathing Potion is one of the items you’ll get more easily to help you stay underwater for longer, it’s also the one with the shortest effect. Make sure to carry enough potions with you every time you’re planning to dive deep but don’t have other alternative items at hand.

Breath of Dagon

conan exiles breath of dagon
Image by Wild Jester

Consuming a Breath of Dagon potion will let you stay underwater for a long time before you start losing your breath, but it’s harder to learn this potion recipe than to learn the recipe from the potions previously mentioned.

The reason behind this is the Dagon’s Breath Knowledge, which is essential to unlock the Breath of Dagon potion recipe. You can learn the Dagon’s Breath Knowledge inside one of the rooms from the Sunken City dungeon (Exiled Lands map). You can craft this potion at an Alchemist’s Bench.

Underwater Breathing Mask

conan exiles underwater breathing mask
Image by Wild Jester

The Underwater Breathing Mask gives your character the “Iron Lungs” status, which also helps you stay underwater for a longer time than usual, making this mask a useful gear piece for when you don’t carry any other underwater breathing items.

This mask is dropped by the named fighter Beastmaster Teimos, found in the Animal Trainer Camp (N-8 on the map grid, with a 75% of spawning chance) by the jungle environment on the Exiled Lands (you can’t find him on the Isle of Siptah expansion map though).


conan exiles riptide
Image by Wild Jester
conan exiles riptide
Image by Wild Jester

The Riptide is a legendary weapon (one-handed spear) that will grant you the ability to breathe underwater permanently as long as you have it equipped in your hands. You can randomly get the Riptide by killing and looting the Winged Death boss on the Unnamed City in the Exiled Lands.

The Riptide is a javelin that can also be used as a weapon to cause damage to your enemies at a close and long range since you can either poke or throw it at them. However, it’s highly recommended that you avoid throwing the Riptide since it will be lost if you do it, as you cannot pick it back like any other throwable weapon.

Similar Resources/Alternatives

Like Glowing Goop, there are a few other resources in Conan Exiles that you can harvest and use for crafting items like drinks and dyes. These resources can be something to look into just in case you wish to have a wider variety of items or run out of Glowing Goop, for example.

Be aware that you can only craft Cyan Dye or Absinthe if you have Glowing Goop, but you can find some of these while exploring points of interest anyway. Here’s a small list of crafting resources that you’re able to harvest in the wild that will help you get different dyes, beverages, and some other items at your crafting stations:

  • Orange Phykos;
  • False Mandrake;
  • Desert Berries;
  • Highland Berries.

Orange Phykos

conan exiles orange phykos
Image by Wild Jester

Like Glowing Goop, Orange Phykos is also an alga and only grows underwater, so try looking for it by water sources like lakes, rivers, or the sea.

conan exiles glowing goop and orange phykos
Image by Wild Jester

Harvesting this plant gives you a small chance of obtaining some Orange Phykos Cutting, which you can use together with one Compost inside any Planter and grow Orange Phykos at your own base.

Similar to Glowing Goop, Orange Phykos is also used to make dye and an alcoholic beverage that is strong enough to warm you up. Here are all the items you can get using Orange Phykos and a few more ingredients:

  • Orange Dye;
  • Pure Orange Dye;
  • Phykos Rum;
  • Spice;
  • Orange Phykos Cutting (at a Dryer).

False Mandrake

conan exiles false mandrake
Image by Wild Jester

You can harvest False Mandrake from bushes in the wild. The purpose of this resource is similar to the one from other plant-based resources in the game. Here’s what you can craft with False Mandrake:

  • Purple Dye;
  • Bitter Tea;
  • Spice;
  • False Mandrake Seeds.

To know more about False Mandrake, take a look at this in-depth guide: Conan Exiles False Mandrake Guide

Desert Berries

conan exiles desert berries
Image by Wild Jester

Even though berries aren’t similar to Glowing Goop in aspect, you can still harvest them the same way and craft some items that fall under the same category.

Desert Berries are mainly an easy source of food but also a crafting ingredient of diverse item recipes, as well as what helps raise a wide variety of animals in an Animal Pen. Here are the things you can get using Desert Berries:

  • Dyes (Abyssal Violet, Bright Purple, Cimmerian Blue, Faded Purple, Full Purple, Muted Purple, Royal Purple, Velvet Purple);
  • Berry Juice;
  • Desert Berry Pulp;
  • Dried Berries;
  • Shadespiced Desert Berries;
  • Desert Berry-Bush Seeds (at a Dryer);
  • Dung (Animal Pen);
  • Diverse animals (Animal Pen).

Highland Berries

conan exiles highland berries
Image by Wild Jester

Highland Berries are almost similar to Desert Berries. However, they grow in bushes from opposite environments, and you can also harvest them the same way you do with Glowing Goop. Use Highland Berries to craft items like dyes and drinks as well. Here are the things you’ll get by using Highland Berries:

  • Dyes (Abyssal Violet, Blood Red, Coagulated Red, Deep Red, Faded Red, Pink, Rusted Red);
  • Berry Juice;
  • Highland Berry Pulp;
  • Dried Berries;
  • Shadespiced Highland Berries;
  • Highlands Berry-Bush Seeds (at a Dryer);
  • Dung (Animal Pen);
  • Diverse animals (Animal Pen).


Question: Like other Plants, Can I Grow Glowing Goop at Home on a Planter?

Answer: It’s currently not possible to grow Glowing Goop at your base inside any available Planter since there are no seeds, spores, or cuttings for this type of underwater plant, opposite to the Orange Phykos, that sometimes drops the Orange Phykos Cutting once you harvest it – this Cutting from Orange Phykos can be used together with Compost inside a Planter to grow more of this plant, without having to go outside of your base to get more of it. Every time you need more Glowing Goop, you have no choice besides traveling to places to collect it.

Question: Which Areas are the Best to Get Glowing Goop at More Quickly?

Answer: If you’re playing in the Exiled Lands map: the best area to get Glowing Goop will depend on the location you’re currently settled on since this is a resource that only spawns in very specific spots of this map.
The Oasis of Nekhet, while not very rich in Glowing Goop, it’s still a great choice if you’re not looking into much trouble and don’t want to dive very deep just to look for this resource – you can harvest it easily there if you look well in the limits of those lakes and get enough for what you need.
The Dregs dungeon is the place you can reach more quickly if you’re still down south of the map, and it’s important going there to unlock the Dredger feat anyway – but be careful with the enemies from the Skulker’s End camp that guard the dungeon’s entrance.
If you’re playing in the Isle of Siptah map: the best areas to get Glowing Goop are along the shoreline (still underwater but in the less deep zones) of the biggest isle and in locations you can access easily, like the Sweetwater Falls, for example.

Question: How Important is Glowing Goop to Progress on Conan Exiles?

Answer: With the addition of Sorcery to the game with the patch 3.0 (Age of Sorcery update), Glowing Goop has become a necessary resource to advance your knowledge about sorcery – if you wish to take that path since this is an optional feature you can opt to use or not, as you need Glowing Goop to upgrade your Tome of Kurak that allows you to unlock more spells and rituals through the Thaumaturgy Bench.
Overall, Glowing Goop on its own is a somewhat useful resource that you can choose to use as an alternative to other crafting ingredients for items used for similar purposes like drinks and dyes, but not used to help your character progress through the game except the Tome of Kurak if you choose to become a sorcerer.
The Glowing Stick, crafted with the help of Glowing Goop is always a helping hand as it is one of the best portable light sources for when it’s dark and the only torch variant that stays lit underwater.


Whether you choose to grab Glowing Goop or not right away, remember that it can be a handy resource, easily spotted because of its unusual appearance. Knowing where it grows, it will become easier for you to grab some of it next time you go for a swim and get enough for what you need.

Plus, exploring several points of interest will always offer you the advantage of obtaining various things, like Glowing Goop itself or even some of the items you can get by crafting with it. Like other plants, Glowing Goop will eventually cross your way, and you’ll know what to do every time you find some!

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