Conan Exiles Lemurian Warrior Armor Guide

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If you plan to keep going for new adventures and look for more treasures than you own once you fully level up your character, Epic armor sets should be something you’ll be interested in.

The Lemurian Warrior armor is one of those, and this guide will teach you how to craft it while also showing you the benefits of wearing the same kind of armor pieces that the Lemurians wore in the past.

Since these were travelers, known as the people of the sea, it makes sense for you to learn the Lemurian Warrior armor recipe somewhere near the water, but be ready for what you’ll have to face before you can put your hands in it.

Lemurian Warrior Armor Stats

Lemurian Warrior Armor description
Image by Wild Jester

The Lemurian Warrior Armor is classified as an Epic and Medium set, with:

  • A total Armor Defense of 400 points;
  • Total Temperature Resistance: Cold – 5 points (1 per piece), Heat – 5 points (1 per piece);
  • Bonus: +15% Strength Weapon Damage (+3% per piece).
conan exiles lemurian warrior armor stats
Image by Wild Jester

Learning the Lemurian Warrior Armor Recipe

The Lemurian Warrior knowledge that includes the recipe of the five armor pieces from this set is something you won’t learn like the regular crafting recipes, unlocked with Knowledge points. Instead, you’ll have to learn it while exploring the Exiled Lands.

conan exiles lemurian warrior armor
Image by Wild Jester


Reach level 60 to learn the Exile Epics knowledge, which opens doors to diverse Epic armor sets, including the Lemurian Warrior Armor. Make sure to have previously learned the Star Metal Tools knowledge too.


You can unlock this armor recipe after killing the Witch Queen boss and interacting with her throne. Find her at the Palace of the Witch Queen, located inside the Forgotten City of Xel-ha, by the jungle environment from the Exiled Lands (O-6 on the map grid).

lemurian warrior armor recipe location conan exiles
lemurian warrior armor recipe location – Image by Wild Jester
conan exiles palace of the witch queen
Palace of the Witch Queen – Image by Wild Jester

Reaching the Witch Queen’s throne means engaging in combat with the Queen herself and her two Guardians. Take down a Guardian at a time to make the Queen get out of her throne and approach you.

conan exiles Witch Queen's throne
Image by Wild Jester

The Guardians are the “big and heavy” type of enemy, which gives them the disadvantage of moving around slowly, giving you enough time to escape their attacks, which consist in hitting what surrounds them with a giant axe and stomping the ground.

The ideal time for you to hit them with your weapon is right after they perform an attack, as they take some time to recover and get back to their previous position. They’re 1-skull bosses, and you can easily take them down, considering that you keep paying attention to their next attack.

witch queen guardian conan exiles
Image by Wild Jester

Green lasers will be triggered upon the death of her first guard, forcing you to move quickly to the areas free of their range while trying to kill the second guard. These lasers will do some damage but won’t kill you right away unless your health is already low.

witch queen guard and laser conan exiles
Image by Wild Jester

The Witch Queen is a robust, aggressive human NPC 3-skull boss that moves and attacks fast, so you should be careful with her and be ready to defend yourself from her harsh attacks.

Effective against other human enemies, a weapon of choice is a one-handed mace – capable of not only dealing significant damage to this boss (depending on the mace) but also stunning her and even knocking her down with special attacks.

If you opt for a two-handed weapon instead, use one that hits the enemy quickly – katanas are appropriate if you own any.

witch queen fight conan exiles
Image by Wild Jester

If you need a detailed tutorial to help you reach and go through the Palace of the Witch Queen (including beating the boss), make sure to check out this guide: Conan Exiles Witch Queen Guide

conan exiles witch queen's throne
Image by Wild Jester

Interacting with the Witch Queen’s throne will teach you recipes for some Lemurian gear:

  • Lemurian Warrior Armor
  • Lemurian Royal Armor
  • Lemurian Pike
  • Lemurian Sword

Once you unlock the Lemurian Warrior Armor Knowledge, your character won’t lose it upon resetting its previously learned Knowledge with Yellow Lotus Potions or Potions of Natural Learning.

How to Craft the Lemurian Warrior Armor

After you obtain the Lemurian Warrior Armor Knowledge, use an Improved, Campaign or a Garrison Armorer’s Bench to access this armor pieces recipe. Epic armor sets are unavailable on the basic tier 1 Armorer’s Bench.

Each Lemurian Warrior Armor piece requires one Perfected Medium Padding and some Leather. You’ll need more or less Leather depending on which kind of piece you wish to craft.

crafting the lemurian warrior armor
Image by Wild Jester


Leather is a common crafting ingredient that you can get from putting Hide or other resources some creatures drop (heads, Fur, or even other kinds of hide or pelts) inside a Tannery fueled with Bark.

It’s actually one of the first materials you’ll manage to craft during your early-game stage, and you can obtain it easily since several animals through the map drop Hide (Gazelle, Deer, Shaleback, Ostrich, etc.).

There are other ways to get Hide, like stretching creature skins (Hyena, Feline and Wolf Pelts, Reptile Hide, Bat Skin) at a Tanner’s Table.

Perfected Medium Padding

Perfected Medium Paddings are of high quality since they’re sturdy and used for more advanced and protective gear pieces, making their crafting process more expensive and complex than armor pieces that require regular Medium Paddings instead.

To get a Perfected Medium Padding, you will need to put the following resources inside an Improved, Campaign, or Garrison’s Armorer’s Bench:

  • 28 Hardened Leather
  • 14 Rhino Hide
  • 7 Twine
lemurian warrior armor perfected medium padding
Image by Wild Jester

You may be interested in this Hardened Leather guide: Conan Exiles Hardened Leather Guide


lemurian warrior armor
Image by Wild Jester


As one of the great rewards for killing the Witch Queen, you are worthy of the visually detailed Lemurian Warrior Armor once you’re far in your gameplay.

While it’s not the most resistant Epic gear you will put your hands on, it’s still a great way of helping you make a more customized armor build for your character since it’s good enough to match different pieces from other sets you’d like to equip in it.

Players who enjoy mixing different gear pieces, especially from every category (light, medium, heavy), can benefit from wearing a couple of pieces from the Lemurian Warrior Armor.

The convenience of adding kits such as armor plating or having the help of a Shieldwright in the game only makes endgame armor like this one better by improving their potential. Now that you’ve learned how to get this armor set, are you ready to face the wrath of the Witch Queen?

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