Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas

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Conan Exiles has one of the best building systems in the survival genre. Easy to learn yet challenging to master, many have found the system satisfyingly intriguing since its release in 2017. However, even the best architects need some inspiration. Today, I am providing exactly that, showing you some impressive floor plans you can use to craft your designs. Many of these floor plans have accompanying build videos and come with requirement lists.

conan exiles floor plan

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This article includes ten blueprints alongside images and often videos of the finished product. The designs fall into three general categories: small, medium, and large builds, with one ultra-large design. These designs intend to touch on multiple facets of in-game architecture, and of course, feel free to adapt or change them as you please. These blueprints are both guidelines and inspirations.

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Before we begin, let’s address some terminology used in this article. Firstly, what exactly is a floor plan? It is a top-down view of a building design showing the foundation layout and count for that construct. I may use the term baseplate or blueprint interchangeably in place of floor plan, but they are all essentially the same thing.

Furthermore, many of these blueprints will include a requirement list. I use this to show what materials you need to replicate my design, though you can achieve most of them with a different material set. For those requirement pages, there are a few terms to familiarize yourself with:

  • BG means Base Game and refers to material packs included in the basic version of Conan Exiles.
  • DLC means Downloadable Content. Materials marked as DLC will come from Conans DLC packs, available for individual purchase on your preferred platform.
  • BP refers to Battle Pass. These items or building pieces were available from past or current iterations of Conans’ Battle Pass and may not be available anymore. When other letters precede this term, they denote the age and chapter in which the battle pass was active. For example, AoSC1BP means Age of Sorcery: Chapter 1’s Battle Pass.
  • BLB means Black Lotus Bazaar and denotes content from Conan’s in-game storefront. These materials are purchased with Crom Coins, a premium currency, and may not always be available at all times.

Additionally, these builds are all mod free. You may spot some advanced building tricks, but I will explain them further when they arise. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Cosy Sandstone Cabin – Small Build

Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas cosy sandstone cabin requirements
Baseplate and requirements for the Cosy Sandstone Cabin.

Our first floor plan is for a Cosy Sandstone Cabin. I built this home in the redwoods on the Isle of Siptah, though it will fit nicely in almost any biome. This build uses materials from the base game, DLC, and the Black Lotus Bazaar. However, it also uses Arcane building pieces from the Age of Sorcery: Chapter 1 Battle Pass. These pieces are no longer available to unlock in-game, though they may eventually become available again.

As one of the smallest builds in this article, the Cosy Sandstone Cabin aims at a roleplay environment, designed as a comfortable home for one occupant. Creating this cabin is simple, aside from the relatively complex slotted baseplate, an architectural trick that proves fiddly for some. I have a guide on that process, though you can replace it with fence foundations or flat walls.

cosy sandstone cabin Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas
The Cosy Sandstone Cabin is shown in-game.

This Cosy Sandstone Cabin is great for roleplay or PvE servers where you can focus on building an attractive home. If you love living in the forest or the idea of a simple cabin lifestyle, this cabin is perfect. The complete build guide is available here.

Small Aesir Fort – Small Build

Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas small aesir fort requirements
Baseplate and requirements for the Small Aesir Fort.

The second design is for a Small Aesir Fort. I built this stronghold in the tundra of The Exiled Lands, though given how biome-agnostic the Aesir set is, this building can fit almost anywhere.

The primary material of this building is the Aesir Fort set, which is available intermittently on the Black Lotus Bazaar. The pack is themed on Nordheimer culture and evokes a stake wall-like design that is otherwise absent from Conan Exiles. The Aesir set is essential to the design, as the sloping walls and curved floors are missing in other bundles. If this material pack is unavailable when you read this, it may be worth skipping this design entirely, as it is near impossible with other building materials.

small aesir fort Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas
The Small Aesir Fort is shown in-game.

Though relatively compact, this Small Aesir Fort can serve you well in a PvE environment. I managed to outfit the interior with an ample workshop, and though it lacks space for larger amenities, it would make for a good outpost or attachment to your main base. It is easy to build, though the curved Aesir walls can be troublesome on uneven ground.

This Small Aesir Fort is quite a unique construction. The Aesir set is incredibly unique and impressive, cementing itself as a fan favorite shortly after release. For solo players or fans of the Nordheimer lore, this build is perfect. The complete build guide is available here.

Small Manor House – Small Build

small manor house requirements Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas
Baseplate and requirements for the Small Manor House.

The third design is for a Small Manor House. I built this house in the Tundra of The Exiled Lands, but it would also work incredibly well in the Highlands or most places on the Isle of Siptah.

This design fuses multiple sets with a generally black-and-white theme. Many pieces come from DLC packs, which are available to purchase at any time. However, the rounded Stormglass windows are from the Stormglass Cathedral pack on the Black Lotus Bazaar. Like others, it may not be available at all times. You can still make this build work without them, but they offer a perfect finishing touch to this design.

small manor house Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas
The Small Manor House is shown in-game.

Though incredibly small, the Small Manor House will fit perfectly on any roleplay server. It is modest, elegant, and strikes an impressive visual considering the small form factor. This build uses the pillar trick, a somewhat complex building trick that manipulates the stability grid. It seems complex but in reality, it is surprisingly easy to achieve. I use this trick regularly. I have a guide on the pillar trick here.

This manor house is simple yet elegant, striking an opulent impression that few sets can properly achieve in Conan Exiles. The complete build guide is available here.

Viking Longhouse – Medium Build

longhouse requirements Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas
Baseplate and requirements for the Viking Longhouse.

The fourth build is a Viking Longhouse. I built this on the lake near the Mounds of the Dead on The Exiled Lands, but it should fit well in most non-desert biomes. This build’s requirements are simple, using Thatch, Frontier, and Aesir. Thatch is found in the Sandstone base game set, and Frontier comes from the Savage Frontier DLC. Aesir is from the Black Lotus Bazaar, but if you don’t have it, insulated wood from the base game is a great alternative. This build uses the pillar trick I detailed earlier on.

Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas longhouse
The Viking Longhouse is shown in-game.

This longhouse takes inspiration from fantasy depictions of longhouses. In reality, these buildings were usually somewhat mundane, but fantasy illustrations show these structures as something closer to stave churches. The building has a plentiful internal room with minimal support structures for the roof and should be great for a few clanmates on a PvE server. If this build only serves as inspiration, it should still provide some great ideas for your builds.

Rustic Tavern – Medium Build

Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas rustic tavern requirements
Baseplate and requirements for the Rustic Tavern.

The fifth build is a Rustic Tavern, and I built this in the highlands of The Exiled Lands. It should fit in most biomes, though it excels in any grassland area. This build uses only DLC and does not require any time-limited building pieces from the Battle Pass or Black Lotus Bazaar. Additionally, you can swap the materials with any other set without compromising on the final design. I designed this build with the pillar trick in mind, which I detailed earlier.

The idea with this design is to create something that feels simple and comfortable, with a medieval theme to the construction. The interior is spacious yet cozy and would be perfect for hosting a tavern on a roleplay or PvE server. There is plenty of room for expansion if you wish to include extra workstations or even modify this design into a larger base.

Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas rustic tavern
The Rustic Tavern is shown in-game.

Though quite simple, this tavern achieves its goals well. It’s modest and understated, though provides plenty of room on the ground floor, with additional first-floor space for bedrooms and storage. It looks attractive without going over the top and would be a perfect place for you and your clanmates to enjoy a quiet drink.

Roman Villa – Medium Build

Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas roman villa requirements
Baseplate and requirements for the Roman Villa.

The sixth build is a Roman Villa that I built in the western desert of The Exiled Lands. This build works perfectly in the desert, though also fits well in the grasslands, though not so much in rainy or forested areas. The requirements are simple, requiring the Architects of Argos and Jewel of the West DLC pack. The Battle Pass requirement comes mainly from the internal decoration; you are welcome to substitute them with other materials.

Roman designs always prove popular, and judging by the feedback I received, this design is no exception. It provides ample interior space for roleplay or PvE, allowing you to build social spaces or dense workshops. The building uses its space intelligently, creating an attractive design anchored on an interior courtyard that makes the villa look more elegant but also feels somewhat insulated. This build uses the pillar trick extensively.

Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas roman villa
The Roman Villa is shown in-game.

The Roman Villa is a perfect roleplay-friendly base that also lends itself well to PvE gameplay. If you can’t choose between practicality and aesthetics, this building is perfect. The complete build guide is available here.

PvE Pyramid Base – Large Build

pve pyramid base requirements Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas
Baseplate and requirements for the PvE Pyramid Base.

The seventh build is a PvE Pyramid Base, a build I recently constructed in the eastern desert of The Exiled Lands. This design can work in any biome, though functions best in the desert.

The primary requirement of this building is the Stygian Pyramid set. This material pack was released with the Age of War: Chapter 2, and is the most recent major building set added to Conan Exiles. It’s awe-inspiring, though as a Black Lotus Bazaar item, it is not always available. Pyramids are possible without it, though will not be able to work with this baseplate. Much like the Small Aesir Fort, I would advise skipping this design if you do not own the Stygian Pyramid set.

Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas pve pyramid base
The PvE Pyramid Base is shown in-game.

This building is quite simple to reconstruct, offering plentiful room for all your crafting stations and storage needs. The defensive walls are perfect for your archers, and the wider corners can hold some thrall-breaking stations. Additionally, this build has also been purge-tested and works perfectly in the eastern desert. The PvE Pyramid Base is perfect for small to medium-sized clans. Spacious and luxurious, this building is also easy to expand, should you require more space.

You can find the complete build guide here.

Black Ice Stronghold – Large Build

black ice stronghold requirements Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas
Baseplate and requirements for the Black Ice Stronghold.

The eighth build is a Black Ice Stronghold. This design includes expansive workshop areas, structural defenses, and a dungeon complete with a treasure hoard. I built this base near Godsclaw Passage on The Exiled Lands, but it should work in most biomes.

This build uses primarily Black Ice, a base game Tier 3 material set. However, it does include Stable, Stormglass, and Stormglass Cathedral pieces. The first two are DLC sets, though the third is from the Black Lotus Bazaar, and may not be available at all times. However, you can achieve this design with only the base game if you make some minor concessions. This build also uses the pillar trick, which I detailed earlier.

black ice stronghold Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas
The Black Ice Stronghold is shown in-game.

I built this fortress during the Age of War: Chapter 1 as a secure place to hide your treasure from the incoming purge. Now the purge has received its long-awaited revamp, protecting your riches is more crucial than ever. This build has not been tested against the new purge at its location in Godsclaw Passage.

However, from my own experience, this base should be eligible for a purge if built elsewhere. This Black Ice Fortress is spacious and dominates the surrounding area. You can easily fit all your workstations in this build, and the aesthetics are impressive, helping to keep the building refreshing and gripping to look at.

You can find the complete build guide here.

Desert Castle – Large Build

desert castle requirements Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas
Baseplate and requirements for the Desert Castle.

The ninth building is the Desert Castle, located in the desert of The Exiled Lands. This design should work in almost any biome, even the jungle or redwood forests.

This design is quite complex and has numerous requirements. However, the Black Lotus Bazaar options are mainly decorative and thus can be ignored if you don’t have the relevant items. You can also replace the Nemedian elements with other stone-based material sets.

This build uses the pillar trick extensively and is a complex asymmetrical design. The Desert Castle is one of my favorite builds of the past year. I built it to break my usual castle design, an aim I managed to accomplish perfectly. The castle is modest compared to some larger designs, though includes plentiful interior space, and is perfect for either roleplay or PvE gameplay.

desert castle Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas
The Desert Castle is shown in-game.

This building works perfectly not only as a decently sized clan base but also as an attractive and engrossing place to live. The atmosphere inside the castle is dense and warm, providing separation from the environment outside.

You can find the complete build guide here.

For more Conan Exiles Castle Build Ideas check our guide here!

Gothic Mansion – Ultra Large Build

gothic mansion requirements Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas
Baseplate and requirements for the Gothic Mansion.

The tenth and final floor plan for today is the Gothic Mansion. It is an enormous building located in the Tundra of The Exiled Lands and works best in that environment. This design uses mostly DLC sets, though the Stormglass Cathedral set from the Black Lotus Bazaar plays a major part in this mansion. The decoration is also plentiful, using items from all Battle Passes and a vast swathe of items from the Bazaar.

This design is highly impractical for most Exiles to construct. It’s an enormous baseplate that spans four floors, and easily over ten thousand building pieces. The design took ten hours to build, and over thirteen to decorate. However, if you’re on a boosted server or are feeling particularly dedicated, this build is still possible.

Conan Exiles Floor Plan Ideas gothic mansion
The Gothic Mansion is shown in-game.

For this design, I chose the color palette of black and gold to make the mansion shine in the otherwise bleak tundra and used external shapes and lighting to properly elevate the aesthetics of the mansion. It is admittedly impractical for most, but an impressive and incredibly attractive build if you have the resources to construct it.

The complete speed build is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use these designs?

Answer: Of course you can! I encourage everyone to use my designs. Replicate them, adapt, adjust; it all helps with the learning process.

Question: How did you make these blueprints?

Answer: I make my blueprints in FORTIFY and process them in GIMP, a free Photoshop alternative. We have an article about making blueprints here.

Question: Is it possible to keep track of how many pieces I’m using in a building?

Answer: There may be a mod to do so on PC, but I am not aware of one. The only alternative is manually counting each piece, which itself is an arduous task.


There we have it: ten brilliant floor plans you can use! Feel free to use them as you will, but don’t limit yourself to rebuilding. The best way to learn is to adapt and change existing designs to discover how things fit together. With these ideas, you should be ready to build the base of your dreams. As always, don’t forget to stay tuned into ConanFanatics for all the Conan Exiles news, guides, and tips.

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