Conan Exiles Archeronian Pick Guide – A Less Expensive Star Metal Pick

Having Star Metal tools can make you feel like a top player in Conan Exiles. They’re difficult to make since their crafting resources are challenging to harvest. I always see top dogs in the servers flexing their star metal tools, and it’s not always without merit.

But I can’t help but prefer a good set of Archeronian tools instead. While there may only be a pick and sickle, I don’t have to risk a week’s worth of grinding to repair them with a rare and challenging material to harvest.

For those on the fence about whether they should invest in Archeronian tools or focus on Star Metal tools, I present to you the humble Archeronian pick.

Bottom Line Up Front – Not the Worst Pick to Craft

The Archeronian Pick is the highest pick you can craft before things get tough. Take a look and see why it’s a practical pick despite not being a Tier IV pick.

Knowledge Unlock:Archeronian Tools Knowledge
Knowledge Prerequisites:Hardened Steel Tools Knowledge
Level Unlock:60
Knowledge Point Cost:13
Crafting Station:Blacksmith Bench
Crafting Resources:4 Shaped Wood, 30 Hardened Steel Bar, 10 Alchemical Base
Resource Collection Quantity:14 Resources/Hit

The Archeronian Pick – A Great Resource Gatherer Without the Heavy Cost

acheronian pick Description conan exiles
In-game description of the Archeronian Pick. Image Credit: Will Butterworth – Image by Will Butterworth

No matter your level in Conan Exiles, you will be out in the Exiled Lands harvesting ore. The pick is your best friend for this adventure. Like most survival games, tools in Conan Exiles have different tiers. The higher the tier, the more effective the pick is. The tier also indicates what type of ore the pick can harvest.

The Archeronian pick can harvest all but the most valuable of ores–Star Metal. It’s here where the Star Metal pick has an advantage.

But what is the Archeronian pick?

It’s a pick used to harvest stone and other ores throughout the Exiled Lands. In terms of lore, the pick comes from the kingdom of Acheron, which has been extinct for a very long time. It’s mostly known for its use of hardened steel, which makes it far more durable than iron and stone tools.

The pick frankly belongs in a heavy metal music video, too. It’s dark black with a gleaming edge, making it look like it’s made from obsidian rather than hardened steel.

Aside from looks, the pick is also effective at mining ore. You’re able to collect anything from 14 to 16 resources with it. That puts it on par with what you can collect from a Star Metal pick. Its ability to collect as many resources as a Star Metal pick without requiring expensive resources to repair it is one of the main reasons it’s my favorite.

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How to Unlock the Archeronian Pick

How to Unlock the Archeronian Pick conan exiles
Unlocking the Archeronian Pick. Image Credit: Will Butterworth – Image by Will Butterworth

Much like most of the tools in Conan Exiles, you’re going to need to learn how to craft Archeronian tools. That requires unlocking a few Knowledge prerequisites beforehand. You’ll also need to level quite a bit since the pick is a Tier III tool.

Follow these steps to unlock the Archeronian pick so you can make harvesting ore much more efficient.

Unlock the Hardened Steel Tools Knowledge Prerequisite

  • Level Unlock: 50
  • Knowledge Point Cost: 11

Like any technology or skill tree, Conan Exiles has a Knowledge tree. You need to unlock specific Knowledge to unlock other branches within that Knowledge. For tools, you start with stone and work your way up.

To unlock the Archeronian pick, you must unlock the tools before it. The Hardened Steel Tools Knowledge unlocks at level 50. It also costs 11 Knowledge Points.

After unlocking the Hardened Steel Tools Knowledge, you can unlock the Archeronian Tools Knowledge.

Unlock the Archeronian Tools Knowledge

  • Level Unlock: 60
  • Knowledge Point Cost: 13

It’s time to grind a few levels. You’ll need to be level 60 and have 13 Knowledge Points available to unlock Archeronian Tools Knowledge. The good news is you don’t need to do anything extra. Just craft, fight, and discover new vistas and dungeons to gain experience.

After unlocking Archeronian Tools, there’s one last step to take before you can start the crafting process.

Build the Blacksmith’s Bench

Blacksmith Bench conan exiles
The blacksmith’s bench. Image Credit: Will Butterworth – Image by Will Butterworth
  • Level Unlock: 10
  • Knowledge Point Cost: 2
  • Crafting Resources: 250 Stone, 50 Iron Bars

You’ll need the blacksmith’s bench to craft the Archeronian pick, so if you don’t have that unlocked already, now’s the time. The blacksmith’s bench unlocks early in the game. It only requires you to be level 10 and have 2 Knowledge Points available.

Build the blacksmith’s bench by putting 250 stone and 50 iron bars in your inventory, then use your Construction Hammer to place it. With Archeronian Tools unlocked, you should see the recipe to build a pick inside the blacksmith’s bench.

How to Craft the Archeronian Pick

Archeronian Pick conan exiles
Crafting the Archeronian Pick. Image Credit: Will Butterworth – Image by Will Butterworth
  • Crafting Station: Blacksmith’s Bench
  • Crafting Resources: 4 Shaped Wood, 30 Hardened Steel Bar, 10 Alchemical Base
  • Crafting Time: 20 Seconds
  • XP Gained: 2380

One of the reasons why I enjoy the Archeronian pick is that it’s easy to craft. While you may need to travel around the map to collect some resources, none are rare, like star metal ore.

Follow these steps to craft your first Archeronian pick.

Gather Resource: Shaped Wood

Just how easy is it to collect the resources needed to craft the Archeronian Pick in Conan Exiles? Shaped wood only requires 10 pieces of wood. You literally need to go out and get 40 pieces of wood, then turn it into shaped wood in a carpenter’s bench.

It’s that simple.

Gather Resource: Hardened Steel Bar

Making hardened steel bars is the hardest part of crafting an Archeronian Pick. It requires Black Ice. You can only gather Black Ice in some of the most dangerous areas in the Snow Biome.

Besides dealing with freezing temperatures, the Snow Biome is also home to some of the most dangerous people and creatures on the map. That said, Black Ice is still much more accessible to collect than star metal ore.

Prepare yourself for a journey into the cold and gather as much Black Ice as you can harvest.

  • Side Tip: You can find Black Ice inside the Temple of Frost. Head inside and collect the nodes close to the entrance of the Temple. You should be able to harvest a good amount before anyone notices you.

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Gather Resource: Alchemical Base

  • Crafting Station: Firebowl Cauldron
  • Crafting Resources: 2 Silver Dust, 1 Gold Dust, 2 Ichor
  • Crafting Time: 20 Seconds
  • XP Gained: 1

At first glance, making an alchemical base is challenging. It’s not. You need to know where to go to source your gold and silver.

My go-to spot is always Sepermeru. You should be able to find a good amount of gold and silver coins in the chests scattered throughout the city. Take all you can, turn them into silver and gold dust, and the hard part is over.

You can source your ichor from several different sources. I prefer to farm it by feeding my tames some fat grubs.

With 2 silver dust, 1 gold dust, and 2 ichor on hand, you can craft an alchemical base.

Craft in the Blacksmith’s Bench

With all your resources gathered, you can put them in the blacksmith’s bench. You should now be able to craft the Archeronian Pick.

It’s also worth adding a high-tier thrall to work at the blacksmith’s bench. They can craft the pick for you and make it far more durable. Tier IV blacksmiths, particularly Edgesmiths, can be challenging to find. They spawn randomly throughout the map.

One reliable way to find a Tier IV blacksmith is through the Purge. Kidnap them, break them, and then assign them to your blacksmith’s bench to make durable Archeronian Picks.

Why You Should Use the Archeronian Pick over the Star Metal Pick

I understand wanting to use the best tools possible, and I’m often the same way. But I do not understand the reasoning behind using a Star Metal Pick over an Archeronian Pick. Here are some reasons you may consider abandoning the Star Metal Pick.

Archeronian Picks Gather the Same Amount of Resources

One reason a lot of people prefer to use higher-tier tools is because they have higher harvest rates. That isn’t the case with the Archeronian Pick and the Star Metal Pick. They both harvest at the same rate.

You’ll still get between 14 and 16 ore, no matter which one you use.

Since they’re the same, choosing the tool that is easier to repair makes sense.

Repairing Archeronian Picks is So Much Easier

To repair an Archeronian Pick, you only need some shaped wood and hardened steel bars. Black Ice may be difficult to get to and harvest, but it’s a walk in a park compared to harvesting star metal ore.

Star metal ore comes from meteorites that fall to the ground at random. You have to be constantly looking for a meteor storm, then rush into the Snow Biome to grab it before anyone else. Even on a PVE server, harvesting star metal ore can turn nasty.

At least with hardened steel, you know the dangers awaiting you when harvesting Black Ice. It’s easier to plan for and strategize.

Your broken Star Metal Pick may be collecting dust for a while before you can harvest more ore. It just makes sense to use a tool that’s easier to repair.

You Can Overcome Durability Differences with a Tier IV Blacksmith

The Star Metal Pick has two advantages over the Archeronian Pick. It can harvest star metal ore, while an Archeronian Pick can’t, and it’s far more durable.

While you can’t do much with the ability to collect star metal ore, you can change an Archeronian Pick’s durability. You just need to find a Tier IV blacksmith and have them craft your Archeronian Picks in the blacksmith’s bench.

A Tier IV Tempersmith can craft an Archeronian Pick with a durability of 576. If you’re crafting a Star Metal Pick on your own, the durability is going to be 500. Durability shouldn’t keep you from using Archeronian Picks.

Questions and Answers

Question: How much does the Archeronian Pick gather in Conan Exiles?

Answer: The Archeronian Pick gathers 14-16 ore from a node like stone, ironstone, etc.

Question: Is the Archeronian Pick in Conan Exiles good?

Answer: Yes, the Archeronian Pick in Conan Exiles is good. It can harvest at the same rate as some Tier IV tools despite being a Tier III tool. It’s also easier to repair and durable when crafted by a Tier IV blacksmith.

Question: Can the Archeronian Pick gather star metal ore in Conan Exiles?

Answer: No, the Archeronian Pick cannot gather star metal ore in Conan Exiles. Only Tier IV picks can gather star metal ore.

Make Life Easier with the Archeronian Pick

With its ability to harvest ore at the same rate as a Star Metal Pick, I think it is obsolete compared to the Archeronian Pick. You can make your life easier in Conan Exiles by using the Acheronian Pick and skipping over the Star Metal Pick. Let the others squabble over star metal ore while you get real work done.

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