Conan Exiles Absinthe Guide

If I’m heading up into the Snow Biome in Conan Exiles, I always ensure I have one thing in abundance–absinthe. Just like a bit of alcohol on a cold day, absinthe can make surviving the frozen temperatures of the biome possible.

There’s no better time to learn the critical art of brewing, so take a look at how to become a master of brewer of absinthe.

Bottom Line Up Front – Make This Drink Part of Your Snow Biome Gear

Brewing absinthe takes one part unlocking Knowledge and one part adventuring. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll need to start brewing your absinthe in Conan Exiles.

Knowledge UnlockSpecialist Brewing I
Knowledge PrerequisitesPrimitive Cook Knowledge
Level Unlock0
Knowledge Point Cost1
Crafting StationFermentation Barrel
Crafting Resources1 Purified Water, 15 Glowing Goop, 5 Leavening Agent
Status EffectsDrunken, Warming Up

Absinthe – A Mad King’s Favorite Drink

conan exiles absinthe description
In-game description of absinthe. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Absinthe is a consumable that causes the Drunken and Warming Up status effects. It helps travel through the Snow Biome since it increases body temperature. The Snow Biome is notorious for its freezing temperatures, which can kill you just as quickly as any creature living there. In fact, I think the cold has killed me more than sabertooth tigers or Frost Giants.

In the game’s lore, absinthe is a drink for the artists and party-goers. Many seek its potent effect for the visions it produces. It’s even said that the Mad King of Ophir prefers absinthe over any other alcoholic beverage.

For players, absinthe is an excellent consumable to have on hand when exploring the frozen northern portions of the map.

How to Unlock Absinthe in Conan Exiles

Since I always recommend having a few bottles of absinthe on hand when traveling through the Snow Biome, it’s helpful to know how to access it. Unlike other consumables, weapons, and tools, it isn’t immediately unlocked when learning a new type of Knowledge.

The recipe for absinthe falls under Specialist Brewing I Knowledge. You can only find that out in the world. To help you unlock the recipe, follow these steps.

1. Unlock Primitive Cooking Knowledge

You won’t be able to craft absinthe without first unlocking Primitive Cooking Knowledge. The great thing about this particular Knowledge is that you can unlock it right at the start of the game. You only need one Knowledge Point to unlock it, so you can access it after your first level-up.

Following the Survivor Journey at the start of the game will also lead you through unlocking Primitive Cooking Knowledge.

2. Unlock Brewing Knowledge

conan exiles fermentation barrel unlock
Unlocking Brewing Knowledge. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Once you have the Primitive Cooking Knowledge unlocked, you can unlock Brewing Knowledge. This one takes a bit longer than Primitive Cooking to unlock, though. First, you’ll need to hit level 37. You’ll also need 4 Knowledge Points that you can spend on it.

Brewing Knowledge gives you the Fermentation Barrel recipe, which you’ll need to craft absinthe in.

3. Find the Special Brewing I Knowledge

The last step to unlock the absinthe recipe is to find the Special Brewing I Knowledge out in the world. You’ll find the Knowledge in an area called The Den. It’s full of werewolves and other enemies, so you’ll need to fight to get to the Knowledge journal.

conan exiles specialist brewing journal map
Special Brewing I Knowledge journal location on map. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The Den is one of the more accessible areas, I find, when starting. I consider it a beginner’s first test to see if their weapons and armor are up to the task for the wider world. If you’re still struggling to survive and want that recipe, just run past the enemies and get to journal.

There are tons of cliffs around that you can climb to escape enemies if needed.

specialist brewing journal conan exiles
The Specialist Brewing I Knowledge journal. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The journal is sitting on a bench in the southeast portion of the Den. Interact with the journal to learn Specialist Brewing I Knowledge. With that unlock comes the ability to brew absinthe.

How to Brew Absinthe in Conan Exiles

How to Brew Absinthe in Conan Exiles
Brewing absinthe. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Crafting Station: Fermentation Barrel
  • Crafting Resources: 1 Purified Water, 15 Glowing Goop, 1 Leavening Agent
  • Crafting Time: 30 Seconds

Brewing absinthe is a relatively easy task. The most challenging resource to gather is Glowing Goop, but that’s only because it’s primarily found underwater.

Follow these steps to brew absinthe.

1. Craft the Fermentation Barrel

Knowledge UnlockBrewing
Knowledge PrerequisitesFluid Press Knowledge
Level Unlock37
Knowledge Point Cost4
Crafted ByConstruction Hammer
Crafting Resources50 Insulated Wood, 10 Iron Reinforcement

Having unlocked the Brewing Knowledge, you should have access to the fermentation barrel recipe. This is the crafting station where you’ll be brewing absinthe. To make the barrel, you’ll need the following crafting resources:

  • 50 Insulated Wood
  • 10 Iron Reinforcement

Put the resources in your inventory and craft the barrel through the Construction Hammer.

  • Side Tip: You can make insulated wood by combining 1 dry wood and 2 resin in the carpenter’s bench. You can make iron reinforcement by combining two iron ingots in the blacksmith’s bench.

2. Gather Purified Water

The most straightforward resource to gather is purified water. All you need is a water-filled flask.

Stick it into a stove and make purified water from it. You only need one, so make some in bulk if you plan to craft a lot of absinthe.

3. Gather Glowing Goop from Underwater Sources

conan exiles glowing goop
Glowing goop. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Glowing goop is a unique resource in that it only grows underwater. There are a few areas where you can gather it. One of the most accessible areas is in the shaded rivers of the Jungle Biome. As long as you watch out for snakes and other enemies, you can gather a decent amount just by swimming around.

You will want to head to Hanuman’s Grotto, Descent of Dagon, and the Dregs for more significant deposits.

My preferred collection area is in the Sunken City. There are massive deposits where you can gather a lot of goop in one trip. Just ensure you bring something that can help you breathe underwater for longer.

  • Side Tip: Use a sickle to gather even more Glowing Gloop than with your bare hands.

4. Head to the Highlands to Gather Leavening Agent

conan exiles leavening agent
Leavening agent. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Leavening Agent is basically the game’s version of yeast. You can find it growing in the Highlands area. It’s recognizable by its long stalk.

My favorite place to gather leavening agents is around New Asagarth. You’ll find it growing all around the settlement. Just be careful because the villagers won’t be happy to see you. The good news is that you can collect seeds while collecting leavening agents. With a planter, you can grow it in the future, so you don’t have to keep visiting New Asagarth.

5. Brew Absinthe in the Fermentation Barrel

With all your resources collected, you can put them in the fermentation barrel and brew absinthe. It only takes around 30 seconds for the drink to finish. I’d recommend putting in large stacks of the resources so you can craft many absinthe bottles.

Once it’s finished, you have yourself a potent alcoholic brew.

What Does Absinthe Do in Conan Exiles?

conan exiles absinthe description effects
Status effects from absinthe. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Before you start downing bottle after bottle of absinthe, it’s worth knowing how it works. The last thing you want is to end up putting your character in a bad state when enemies start attacking.

Take a look at the different status effects you receive when you drink absinthe in Conan Exiles.

1. Drunken – Makes Fighting More of a Challenge

An inevitable status effect you’re going to receive from absinthe is Drunken. There are different stages to this effect, so you’ll want to be mindful of how much absinthe you drink in a specific amount of time. The first stage merely causes blurred vision.

However, this can make fighting difficult, as it may cause you to miss your enemies—auto-lock on your enemies to avoid this problem. If you continue to spam drinks, however, then you’re going to face even worse drunken status effects.

Plan your absinthe chugging accordingly!

2. Warming Up – Walk Through the Snow Biome Bare

The reason to make absinthe is because of the Warming Up status effect it provides. There are different tiers to how much warming the consumable does to your character, too. Absinthe provides top-tier warming effects. You’re practically able to walk around the Snow Biome sans armor.

I wouldn’t recommend it, but you could get away with it.

3. Residual Drunken Side Effects – Beware of Alcohol Poisoning

If you plan to spend a lot of time in the Snow Biome, you might think of drinking absinthe after absinthe to stack the warming effect. After all, it only lasts for 60 seconds. The problem with this is that you’re going to inevitably run into harmful side effects that come as a result of the Drunken status effect.

A Headache, for example, can reduce your stamina pool and make you thirsty. You can also gain Alcohol Poisoning, which damages you, reduces your stamina, and makes your vision blurry.

So, be mindful of just how much you drink in a short amount of time.

alcohol poisoning conan exiles

Questions and Answers

Question: What does drinking too much absinthe do in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Drinking too much absinthe in Conan Exiles can cause you to gain the Alcohol Poisoning status effect. This can damage your character, eat away at your stamina, and make fighting difficult with blurred vision.

Question: Where do you get the absinthe recipe in Conan Exiles?

Answer: You can unlock the absinthe recipe in Conan Exiles by interacting with the journal in The Dens. The journal unlocks the Specialist Brewing I Knowledge.

Question: Can you grow Leavening Agent in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Yes, you can grow Leavening Agent in Conan Exiles. When you harvest Leavening Agent in the Highlands, you can gain sands. Plant those seeds in a planter, add compost, and you’ll be able to start your own Leavening Agent farm.

Warm Yourself Up with a Nice Brew of Absinthe

Whether you plan to live in the Snow Biome or are just passing through, absinthe is a consumable you’ll want to make for your survival. It’s easy to brew in terms of crafting resource difficulty, but you will need to travel deep into the Dens to find the recipe in the first place. Make some absinthe, toast to the Mad King, and brave the Snow Biome.

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