Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas - Bases That Should Be Landmarks

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas: Bases That Should Be Landmarks

Conan Exiles unique build ideas will take your base to the next level. I’m an advocate for making a base you can be proud of or even a build that you don’t use for anything but tours.

I love looking at unique builds because my only criterion is that they are unique. In other cases, I may consider the material cost, how long it takes, how functional it is, and if it requires mods. But in this case, I only care about that special touch.

I also didn’t want to add tutorials because those are primarily for copying the creator and maybe learning a few tricks. Instead, I wanted inspiration pictures for ideas, rather than blueprints.

This list was quite difficult for me to make because I found around a hundred builds I liked. But I eventually narrowed it down to ones to hopefully inspire you but not overwhelm you.

My Top Five Unique Builds in Conan Exiles

Japanese VillageLinkLiderpina
Cliffside ManorLinkUnknown
Treehouse VillageLinkLuna
Stygian VillageLinkTheraic
Gothic CathedralLinkVarr

Cliffside Manor

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas - Cliffside Manor

The Cliffside Manor build is everything I hoped it would be. I am a sucker for cliffside builds because I know how much work goes into making one. In some games, it’s much harder to work on cliffs, but Conan Exiles is no walk in the park.

The details for this cliffside base are what really impresses me. The interior is well-decorated and the outdoor space is well-used. Touring this house is a great way to get started with building on cliffs in Conan Exiles.

Tower Defense

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Tower Defense

There’s something about this old build from 2017 that I love. There are many builds that use tons of mods to make their base work, but this one utilizes the little things that not many do, like the spikes.

This is a good concept for a PvP build, right down to the Mitra temple. There is a great guard post, space below for pets/thralls to fight off intruders, and plenty of space for your workshop/storage.

Lakeside Village

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Lakeside Village

This is so adorable and the perfect way to either organize your stuff or have a small clan. This could be expanded so far, giving each new clan member a new home, letting them build it and attach it to the main base.

The whole concept reminds me of the floating market town Talon on Raya and the Last Dragon. Ever since I saw the movie, I’ve wanted to try something similar, but I never thought about making the spider shape like this.

Gingerbread House

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Gingerbread House

This relies heavily on mods, but I don’t care. It’s so cute, and the fact that they put it in the snow makes it even more perfect. The reason I shared it right now is to give you the concept of using a single mod.

While using a hodge podge of materials can be fun, it’s also unique to make one mod work this well. I couldn’t find which mod they did use, but it’s one I will find before the Christmas season begins.

Gothic Cathedral

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Gothic Cathedral

If you like gothic architecture, then you’ll love this build. In my own home, I’m more into cottage decor and a shabby chic style, but in the game, I try to get as unique as possible with my builds.

This one reminds me of something out of Castlevania or Bloodborne. The aesthetic is so perfect. I want to see more of this vibe in Conan Exiles builds, even if I have to do it myself.


Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas CAThedral

This is Wild Jester’s entry for a YouTuber’s collab contest in 2022. I think about that contest a lot and would love to host one myself. Wild Jester had to make what someone else had drawn.

When I saw what everyone had to make, I quickly decided that Wild Jester had the hardest build. She did so amazing that if you look at the pictures afterward, you may think that hers was easy. But I know the truth.

Japanese Villa

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Japanese Villa

This is my all-time favorite Conan Exiles build. It uses a ton of mods, but I don’t care; it’s amazing. The mod list is also mentioned by the user on this post, which allows you to subscribe to all of them with one click.

But I suggest picking and choosing which ones you want because all of them together are extremely large. You probably don’t want a direct copy of her Japanese village anyway, but instead to use it for inspiration.

Roman Empire

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Roman Empire

This is incredible, and I would love to see the interior. The Roman-inspired mansion is complete with what looks like a hundred pillars, large statues, and white marble throughout.

I’m not sure which mods they used, but the inspiration here is enough to get the creative juices flowing. I’ve built a Greek-inspired base in ARK and it was one of my favorite builds to date, so I recommend it to anyone.

Simple Waterside Retreat

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Simple Waterside Retreat

As simple as this looks at first glance, the more you look at the details, the better it gets. What makes it so good is that it looks so professional, with little to no flaws. I have a hard time making everything match up right but they do it so well.

The primary mod here is from Dude’s Delightful Decorations, which adds a ton of happy medieval decorations and building pieces. I imagine this is where all of the Black Hand pirates stop off for coffee and pie from their honorary aunt.

Stygian Villa

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Stygian Villa

They call this the Stygian Villa; I call it the one with a pool. They used mods such as Stygian Building Kit to make this, but I’m not any less impressed. You can see just as impressive builds in the background.

The best part is the pool though, which you can’t swim in. In every survival game I’ve ever played, I’ve tried to make a pool. My Conan Exiles attempt was when I put walls in the water. It worked, but this looks so much better.

Villain Tower

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Villain Tower

Obviously, a villain lives here, but I still want to visit at all costs. They used a handful of mods, including Age of Calamitous, which is my favorite game-changing mod in Conan Exiles.

Whatever goes on in this building though, is not something we are supposed to know about but can’t stop thinking about. It reminds me of the Dark Tower in Mordor, which is likely partially where the villain tower trope came from.

Moving to Sepermeru

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Moving To Sepermeru
Image from Fandom

Have you ever thought about moving to Sepermeru with building privileges? Well, this guy tried it and regretted it because it made the Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker NPCs stop spawning.

But I think it was worth it because this is what Seperemeru should have looked like to begin with. The large building is the perfect place for a base if you don’t care about the thralls around you.

Pirate Ship

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Pirate Ship

I’ve seen pirate ship builds, such as people building on the one near Buccaneer Bay, but this one is done without mods, completely from scratch. The user that made this beauty was inspired by the ship in this video.

This is a perfect example of how it is perfectly fine to use someone else’s art as inspiration. After all, art should be an inspiration that keeps use fueled for generations. So if it’s a pirate’s life for you, then so be it.

The Dungeon Builder

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas The Dungeon Builder

This labyrinth was built by a player for their friends/server. This is just one floor of the dungeon that this player build, and I’m so impressed with how amazing they did. They closed it off after taking a screenshot, so there is a ceiling.

There are also bosses and traps throughout the dungeon to keep things interesting. The record time to complete this dungeon is over an hour with multiple clans quitting (even when working together).

Sorcerer’s Fortress

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Sorcerer's Fortress

Sorcerer’s Fortress is a great build for a large clan and may be the most complex build on this list. That’s because it is comprised of many builds within a build. This is a great project for your clan to make together.

I’ve made villages with my clan before, and it’s always a good time. Someone makes the boundaries with stone or something and then everyone builds their house within their given area.

Castle in the Water

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Castle in the Water

This is genius. They sunk a building in the water and built on top of it, complete with a drawbridge, so that no one can get in without a lot of trouble. This isn’t even finished yet, so you can imagine how extravagant it becomes.

But even without the final build pictured, the foundation for the base is an incredible idea that I will eventually try. Who needs a moat when you can build a castle in the lake?

Zamorian Falls

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Zamorian Falls

This is a gorgeous location where I would never have thought to build a base. In other survival games, I always try to find waterfalls, but in Conan Exiles, I usually build somewhere with green grass.

A lot of the map is desert and savanna, which are my least favorite biomes. So this gives me hope that you can build a beautiful base in the desert with ideal access to water.

Treehouse Master

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Treehouse Master

I have a thing for treehouses, even went through an intense Treehouse Masters phase, so I cannot resist latching onto each one I see. This one is the right kind of simple and inspires me to try the same.

The way that the stairs twirl around the tree is perfect. It makes me not care about the small size, because if I could build this, I’d just make my workshop on the ground level and have this as my getaway.

Treehouse Village

Conan Exiles Unique Build Ideas Treehouse Village

You’re probably not surprised to see another treehouse build, but the way they made a community in the trees amazes me. It is similar to the water village above but in the trees instead.

If I could have any of these builds in real life, it would be this one. It’s so unique, cozy, and functional. The vibe it gives me is that of the meme with all the swords on the table, and that warms my heart.


Question: Do I Need a Base in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Not really, but it’s extremely difficult to live without one. You at least should have a place for a workshop and a few boxes for your possessions. This is much more difficult to have on PvP servers.

Question: What is the Best Place for a Conan Exiles Base?

Answer: Lookout Point is my number one starting base area. It has almost everything you need in it, from T4s to resources. It’s also in the desert and has plenty of room for any base.

Question: Can You Build in Cities in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Not unless the admin gives you access. Otherwise, you can only build near most cities in Conan Exiles. So if you want an impressive city town (which will make NPCs stop spawning there) ask an admin.

Unique Builds, Your Way

My favorite part about unique builds in Conan Exiles is that you can change anything you want about them to make them your own. It only makes them better because they will be even more unique.

Some of my favorite builds I’ve made were small lakehouses, while some of my other favorites were rainbow, stained glass cathedrals. While some took me an hour, others took me days.

When it comes to unique builds, you can add as many mods as you want or not add any mods at all. You can use every DLC or forgo anything aside from the basic Conan Exiles building materials. As long as your unique build makes you happy, then it’s a success.

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