Best Places for Conan Exiles Bases

Best Places for Conan Exiles Bases

The best places for Conan Exiles bases depend on your needs. Some people live out of a single box in a PvP battlefield, while others want an outstanding mansion on a PvE server.

I love building unique bases, often inspired by a real-life or fantasy movie picture. But if I place one in a not-so-great spot, I’ll move, completely resetting my progress. That’s why I take my time to find the perfect base location.

Top Five Base Locations In Conan Exiles

Lookout Point128,158 (J-5) Desert
The Crevice-144,-99 (D-11)
  • Ironstone
  • Coal
  • Water
Relicwatcher Rise-241,55 (B-7)
  • Coal
  • Ironstone
  • T4s
  • Brimstone
Heliograph Heights369,26 (O-8)
  • T4s
  • Gold 
  • Brimstone
Tundra and Snow LineG-11 Tundra/Snow

Base Criteria in Conan Exiles

Best Places for Conan Exiles Bases lian location
Original Screenshot

The criteria for Conan Exiles base locations for me are rather specific. I will spend hours looking for the perfect base location in survival games, and I’ve had a few good ones on the Exiled Lands.


In Conan Exiles, it’s essential to have decent access to resources. Iron is one of the most important resources to have available. However, even more, practical ones like water and Plant Fiber should be taken into account.

Nearby Hostiles

This may be something you want or don’t want, but scout the surrounding area either way. If you want to live near T4 thralls to befriend or lessen the chance of being attacked, choose your spot accordingly. In my list, I consider both options.

Obelisk Access

I prefer to live near an obelisk, though it isn’t mandatory. If you live near an obelisk, you can teleport there via your map-room, which you can place anywhere. I like to have a few in spots where there aren’t any obelisks.

Server – Official, Private, or Single-Player

When you play single-player, anything goes. But if you’re on an official server, there are strict rules about how big your base can be. On private servers, you must read the rules or ask an admin about them.

PvE Vs. PvP Bases in Conan Exiles (safety first)

This criterion means a lot in survival games. While the Conan Exiles crowd isn’t as toxic or needlessly violent as the Rust crowd, considering what type of server you’re on is still a good idea. You can’t have sandstone walls out in the open, or you will hop on to find that you’ve been raided.

The Best Base Starter Locations in Conan Exiles

Best Places for Conan Exiles Bases river
Original Screenshot

These bases are good for starter bases, but you may outgrow them, especially when you start using higher-tier items and/or have a large clan. But they are wonderful if you need a place to sleep.

Bonebreaker’s Bend

bonebreaker's bend conan exiles
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Desert
  • Approx. Coords – 80,173 (I-5)

Bonebreaker’s Bend is a small camp in the desert right on Noob River. While I wouldn’t build inside the camp, it’s a good reference point that I would build nearby. The camp is a good source for T4 performers, armorers, tanners, carpenters, and cooks.

I suggest building on the cliff above them or in the grassy area nearby; there is water with easy access no matter where in the area you build. Just make sure you’re out of range of the cannibals in the camp.

Claw Outcrop

Conan Exiles Bases Claw Outcrop
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Desert
  • Approx. Coords – 46,117 (H-6)

This camp is so small that you could safely build in it with just one good guard. The camp has almost any T4 you need (except a fighter), and iron is not too far. It is right on the river too, though you will have to climb down to reach it.

So you could build down the cliff, but I recommend keeping it high to avoid dangers. This area is near the Black Galleon, so farming thralls is always an option.

Lookout Point

Conan Exiles Bases Lookout Point
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – River
  • Approx. Coords – 128,158 (J-5)

This camp is on a peninsula between the desert and the jungle. There is ironstone all around the camp and plenty of water below. As for thralls, though they aren’t the best, you can get almost every type of T4 here, even a fighter.

As for specific building spots, I would build on the other side of the rocks with the iron so that you won’t get attacked but still have easy access. This is a good way to build near camps because the range on NPCs isn’t great.

Circle of Swords (or rather west of it)

Conan Exiles Bases circle of swords
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Tundra
  • Approx. Coords – -186,-67 (C-10)

I don’t encourage building in the center of the swords because that’s where Rotbranch can spawn. But if you build on the river to the east or one of the streams to the west, then you should be good.

The Mounds of the Dead is my go-to spot for thrall farming and taming because there are so many of them, but you can still control how many you aggro. There’s a chance for Star Metal to spawn to the north, iron in multiple spots, and brimstone in the springs to the south.

South of Tower of Bats

Conan Exiles Bases south of tower of bats
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Desert
  • Approx. Coords – -60,159 (F-5)

South of the Tower of Bats there’s an open area with very few enemies. To the west there are a ton of spiders and in turn, gossamer. This is one of the best places to get iron early game as it clutters the cliffs here.

If you feel like traveling north, you will find a good chunk of crystal right across the river and to the east, brimstone, coal, and a good farming spot at the Summoning Place.

Best Established Bases in Conan Exiles

Best Established Bases in Conan Exiles
Original Screenshot

This is my favorite group of base locations because they will follow you as you build your base and are the most versatile. You can even find little nooks to build in PvP bases in almost all of these.

Xel Ha Docks

Xel Ha Docks Conan Exiles
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Jungle
  • Approx. Coords – 321,170 (N-5)

The Xel-ha Docks is a place I could easily get attached to. The area is gorgeous, and there is great access to almost anything you need. Iron and coal are on the surrounding islands, and brimstone is in the water.

There are also two nearby dungeons and an obelisk, so the jungle isn’t a bad place to live at all. The docks won’t support a huge base but it’s definitely more impressive than the starter locations.

A Light to Guide Them Home

A Light to Guide Them Home Conan Exiles
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Jungle
  • Approx. Coords – 355,120 (M-6)

An alternative jungle home is this old lighthouse. There are birds and crocodiles to farm on the river where you have access to water. But remember, if you choose this base, some servers don’t allow building in ruins.

If you can build here, then you can have easy access to gold and thralls via Buccaneer Bay to the north and two dungeons to the south. However, this is one of the worst choices for resource access.

The Great Dam

the great  dam Conan Exiles
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Highlands
  • Approx. Coords – -14,-59 (G-10)

I love this option. The lake is right there, which is where I usually build. The whole area is great, from the aqueduct to the bridge, but I prefer to build on land on the shores of the lake.

There are plenty of nearby camps with some great archers and fighters. Even Dalinsa wanders around here sometimes. There are a ton of oysters along the lake, iron to the south, and obsidian in the volcano, which is the perfect distance (safe but still a day trip.)

The Crevice

The Crevice Conan Exiles
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Tundra
  • Approx. Coords – -144,-99 (D-11)

This is a popular base, so if you’re on a large server, it may be taken. Otherwise, claim it fast. The area is gorgeous. You can build inside the cave or near the trees outside. I chose both – outside for a cozy house and inside for my workshop.

You’re still a good distance from Star Metal spawns, the volcano, and everything the south offers. There aren’t any amazing thrall spawns nearby, but you can head to the Mounds of the Dead or New Asagarth if you’re in a pinch.

Bridge of the Betrayer

Bridge of the Betrayer Conan Exiles
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Snow
  • Approx. Coords – -83,-96 (E-11)

I don’t recommend building on the bridge because it’s kind of bad manners, even if it’s allowed. But building on the shores below can be perfect. You can choose Highlands or Snow for your base. If you want, you can have both.

The only thing to watch out for is a Silent Legion Warrior who is fairly strong, so make sure he’s not nearby when you’re building. To the south near Godslcaw Passage, there’s a ton of iron, and you’re within walking distance of New Asagarth.

Relicwatcher Rise

Relicwatcher Rise Conan Exiles
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Savanna
  • Approx. Coords – -241,55 (B-7)

Relicwater Rise is one of my favorite places for late-game bases because you can get really creative. It looks like nothing but you can build up easily rather than out to make an amazing base.

You’re right next to the oasis, which has coal and iron nearby. Plus, the brimstone mine Shattered Springs is super close too. I don’t love the surroundings, but at least they’re relatively safe because not much will scale that wall.

Gate of the Moon

Gate of the Moon Conan Exiles
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Jungle
  • Approx. Coords – 278,150 (M-5)

Gate of the Moon is another popular place to build but again, you need permission. It’s dark, mysterious, and the only real threat is a handful of jungle birds. It is on the road to the city, so you can go there anytime without having to traverse difficult terrain.

To get resources, you can go south for iron. But anything else, even T4 thralls, is quite a distance away. That’s why I don’t usually build here but I understand why some people like it.

South of the Den

South of the Den Conan Exiles
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Desert
  • Approx. Coords – -98,23 (E-8)

The Den isn’t a safe place but below it is. The oasis above Muriela’s Hope is a go-to for desert fans. There is coal and iron right there in the yard, gossamer and crystal next to the river, and T4 thralls at the Den.

Plus, the Den has merchants that sell pets. The Rocknose Egg will hatch into a baby that you can raise to be a Gold-veined Rocknose. If you raise it right, you’ll never have to be worried about money again.

Best Large Clan Base Locations in Conan Exiles

Best Places for Conan Exiles Bases islands
Original Screenshot

Your options are limited if you have a large clan that wants to build together. You want a secure base that can house you all without you walking over each other and waiting in life to craft.

Heliograph Heights and Below

island in conan exiles
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Jungle
  • Approx. Coords – 369,26 (O-8)

Heliogrpah Heights is a gorgeous platform high above Buccaneer Bay. This is the top island, with more than a dozen others spanning down to below the city of Xel-Ha. With this, you can have a clan as large as you like spread out across them.

The only things you have great access to here are brimstone and T4 thralls at Buccaneer Bay. But if you have a large clan, you probably have a few members that don’t mind traveling.

Edge of Snow and Tundra

Edge of Snow and Tundra conan exiles
Original Screenshot
  • Approx. Coords – G-11

This is where I usually build my base. Though I’ve experimented with the entire area, I prefer the lake above the Great Dam and to the west of the Passage exit. There is iron to the south, oysters for food, and black ice/obsidian to the north.

But the reason I like it most is that the trees are beautiful. You can build on the edge of the snow, and it’s not cold, but half of the yard will be covered in snow. It’s so unique and picturesque.

Freya’s Hovel

Conan Exiles Bases  Freya's Hovel
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Highlands
  • Approx. Coords – 8,-20 (G-9)

Freya is a decent archer thrall that you can find her hovel 100% of the time. After you befriend her, you can build a base near her hovel as the land there is quite fast and frankly, gorgeous.

I wouldn’t think of it as stealing her home though. There’s plenty of room for everyone with access to iron and coal. Anything else will take a trek, but since it’s fairly close to the center, at least it’s the same distance from everything.

Outside Sepermeru

Outside Sepermeru conan exiles
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Savanna

Sepermeru is a good place to live near. There’s an obelisk, merchants, and every resource you can imagine. You can’t build inside the city, but you can build close enough that it doesn’t matter.

This also gives you easy access to the Klael’s Stronghold dungeon, so even if you are in it and respawn outside, you have a quick route back.

Northwest of Unnamed City

Northwest of Unnamed City conan exiles
Original Screenshot
  • Biome – Savanna
  • Approx. Coords – C-7

This is similar to the above location but is right outside the Unnamed City instead. The Unnamed City is the best place to farm bosses and weapons. It’s also where you get the map-room.

There are no resources inside, but the red biome above it and the area around Sepermeru are loaded with resources. There is even a silver mine to the south, which is super rare.


Question: Is It Okay to Build a Village in Conan Exiles?

Answer: It depends on the server. On official servers, no. The rules against villages have gotten strict over the last couple of years. On private servers, you have to check specific rulings on that.

Question: What is the Best Biome for Building a Base?

Answer: The Desert is the safest in PvE, but the Highlands is a good spot all around as it has access to the most resources and is in the center of everything. But any biome can work, even the Volcano.

Question: Can You Build a Base in the Cities in Conan Exiles?

Answer: No. However, you can change the setting as an admin to make it so that players can build anywhere. Otherwise, there is a city limit that restricts placing anything inside them.

The Right Base for You in Conan Exiles

When I play in Discord with a dozen of my friends, we all have different base expectations. When we join together, we have to compromise. But when we decide to build our own bases, then it’s amazing to show different the spots that we choose.

Some people don’t mind spending a few minutes traveling for resources; for others, it’s painful to level their yard when they want to make something. It’s important to take your own preferences into account when you choose a base.

For me, having somewhere aesthetically pleasing is important. I want trees of some kind, so I hate living in the desert for many than a few days. Find what works for you and you will have a long-term base with everything you could ever want.

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