Best Conan Exiles Dungeon Order Guide

Best Conan Exiles Dungeon Order Guide: Recommended Levels Included

The best Conan Exiles dungeon order is relative to your level and where you put your base. But I do have a suggested order with the level I recommend attempting it, though a higher level is always better.

I love to know what order to do stuff in, even if I prefer to live spoiler-free. That way, I won’t spend hours working on a dungeon that I’m not ready for and can spend my time doing something I’m perfectly matched for. This Best Conan Exiles Dungeon Order Guide will guide you in your quest!

Conan Exiles (Primary) Dungeon Order Quick View

  1. The Dregs– LvL 20
  2. Palace of the Witch Queen – LvL 30
  3. The Barrow King – LvL 40
  4. The Scorpion Den – LvL 45
  5. The Sunken City LvL 50
  6. Midnight Grove – LvL 55
  7. Black Keep LvL 60
  8. Well of Skelos – LvL 60
  9. The Wine Cellar – LvL 60
  10. Warmaker’s Sanctuary – LvL 60

Dungeon Order in Conan Exiles – In-Depth

Best Conan Exiles Dungeon Order Guide
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

There are ten primary dungeons in Conan Exiles. You can do them in any order, but if you’re leveling as you go through them, I suggest sticking closely to this order. However, switching a couple around won’t affect anything.

The Dregs – LvL 20

conan exiles dungeon the dregs - lvl 20
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Dregs is a dungeon you can easily reach and complete early in the game. Notes can be found throughout the dungeon speaking of others who escaped from Dafari into the dungeon and searched for treasure.


The Dregs is a sewer that can be found in the center of C-4, at the river’s end. It is just below the Unnamed City. But to enter the dungeon, you must use blood sacrifice on the round platform. So lure an NPC up there and kill them.

Tips to Get Through

The dungeon is pretty straightforward, but there are a few areas where you must change the water level by hitting circles on the wall. The water will fall back to default in time, so use the change quickly.

Final Boss Strategy

Sever Komodo and Skeletons roam the dungeon, but they’re nothing to worry about. The final boss is the Abysmal Remnant, a large serpent. He’s one of the easiest bosses in the game. Watch out for acid spit, and ensure you grab the knowledge in the room before leaving via the exit behind him.

Exclusive Loot

  • Dredger (Knowledge) – glowing sticks, breathing potions, and more.
  • Herpetology (Knowledge) – medium armor with a health and stamina boost.
  • Abysmal Arrows (Knowledge) – average arrows.
  • Abysmal Dagger (Knowledge) – average daggers.
  • Abysmal Sword (Knowledge) – average sword.
  • Reptile Leather Epic (Knowledge) – medium Epic armor with a health and stamina boost.
  • Abysmal Flesh – used to make certain pets and dung.
  • Abysmal Eye – used for Abysmal weapons.
  • Abysmal Fang – used in Reptilian armor.
  • Staff of the Triumvirate – used to make the Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate, which summons a funny NPC.

Palace of the Witch Queen – LvL 30

conan exiles palace of the witch queen - lvl 30
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Palace of the Witch Queen is just a boss fight without any puzzles or walkthroughs necessary. So once you enter, you must be ready for a fight without any loot until it’s over.


The Palace of the Witch Queen is inside the Forgotten City of Xel-ha to the far east. To enter, find the center of the courtyard, and you will see a door that you can easily pass through.

Final Boss Strategy

The witch queen has two guardians that are super easy to dodge. But if you don’t kill them fast enough, you will have to fight one of them and her simultaneously. During the fight with the second guardian, you will also have to dodge green lasers.

The guardians are slow but ever so tanky. The Witch Queen isn’t tanky but does decent damage and is fast. Fighting her is like fighting a good T4 thrall, so just get in there, dodge, attack, and repeat.

Exclusive Loot

  • Lemurian Royal Armor (Knowledge) – light armor that adds follower damage.
  • Lemurian Warrior Armor (Knowledge) – medium armor that adds strength weapon damage.
  • Lemurian Sword (Knowledge) – decent sword.
  • Lemurian Pike (Knowledge) – good pike.
  • Mask of the Witch Queen – an artifact necessary to create the Keystone.
  • Key to Razma’s Quarters – a key that opens a room to Razma in Sepermeru.

The Barrow King – LvL 40

conan exiles the barrow king - lvl 40
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Barrow King is the name of this boss and the dungeon. It’s a very simple dungeon that takes you straight to the boss, but to open his tomb, you must have Demon Blood in your inventory.


The Barrow King is located far west of the map, beyond the Mounds of the Dead. You can find it near the center of 11-A, so getting there is a struggle early on considering all the dangers around it.

Final Boss Strategy

The King Beneath isn’t a difficult boss, but he is tricky to dodge. If you dodge away form him, he’ll still hit you. So you have to dodge into him and attack him from behind when possible.

Exclusive Loot

  • Vanquisher of the King Beneath (Knowledge) – teaches decent sword and dagger recipes.
  • Diadem of the Giant-kings – an artifact necessary to create the Keystone.

The Scorpion Den – LvL 45

conan exiles the scorpion den - lvl 45
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Scorpion Den is Sepermeru’s Silver Mine that is just west of the Unnamed City and southeast of Sepermeru. Even without the dungeon part, this is an amazing place to visit to gather silver.

Tips to Get Through

The Scorpion Den isn’t a complicated dungeon. Follow the railway to fight standard scorpions before you reach the King Scorpion. This boss has higher stats than the main boss, but is easy to read.

Final Boss Strategy

The final boss is the Ancient Scorpion Queen. She isn’t as tanky as the King Scorpion, but she does hit harder. That said, she’s still easy to read, so if you defeat him, you can easily defeat her.

Exclusive Loot

  • Scorpion Queen Venom (Knowledge) – teaches the recipe for a potion that you can add to daggers to make them inflict poison.
  • Scorpion Ward – good shield.
  • Scorpion Queen Venom Gland – used to make Scorpion Queen Venom.
  • Scorpion Egg-sac (Pet) – can be raised into a Scorpion pet.

The Sunken City – LvL 50

conan exiles the sunken city - lvl 50
Screenshot by Emily Medlock


The Sunken City is tough to find. I found it by accident the first time by interacting with a small boat in the Forgotten City of Xel-ha. Once inside, you’ll have to make your way up a hill to the dungeon.

Tips to Get Through

After interacting with the boat, either fight or run past the few enemies ahead and jump into the water. This will take you to the Atlantis of Conan exiles. I recommend visiting every temple and defeating the bosses for loot, but you only have to complete the last one.

Pay attention to your oxygen because once it reaches zero, you’ll die quickly. Once in the final temple at the end of the other six temples, I suggest freeing the prisoners as they will help you fight.

Final Boss Strategy

I have a complete guide on the Sunken City, so I’ll just go over the final boss strategy. The Ritual Keeper is in the final temple, surrounded by annoying Cultists of Dagon that get in the way.

Kill her fast because she deals bleed damage and attacks fast. After you kill her, two teleporters open. You can go back to the jungle or the desert. if you don’t choose, you may get locked inside the dungeon.

Exclusive Loot

  • Daggers of Dagon (Knowledge) – one of the best daggers in the game.
  • Dagon’s Breath (Knowledge) – breathing potion.
  • Deep Sea Fisher (Knowledge) – fish traps and trophies.
  • Ancient Lemurian Aloe Extract (Knowledge) – better than previous healing potions.
  • Ancient Lemurian Axe (Knowledge) – good axe with bleed, cripple, and shieldsmash.
  • Ancient Lemurian Shield (Knowledge) – durable shield.
  • Ancient Lemurian Sword (Knowledge) – higher-end sword.
  • Ancient Lemurian Trident (Knowledge) – unique spear with bleed, cripple, and reach.
  • Scales of Dagon – used to craft many items.
  • Pearl – currency for some merchants.

Midnight Grove – LvL 55

conan exiles midnight grove - lvl 55
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Midnight Grove is an elusive dungeon that can’t be entered the way you would a normal dungeon. I believe it is located on a dream plane that you must actively and consciously submit to be sent to.


Midnight Grove can only be entered by speaking to the Child of Jhebbal Sag near the Den. You can buy the Potion of Midnight from him for five Feral Flesh. Then you have a limited time to consume it to teleport to Midnight Grove.

Tips to Get Through

The path you take through Midnight Grove does not matter. There will be choices that allow you to choose which enemies you fight. Signs will tell you what is ahead, giving you a choose your own adventure dungeon.

Final Boss Strategy

There are four main bosses in Midnight Grove. The first is a panther called Brother of the Night. He’s fast and has high HP. The second is a gorilla called Brother of the Moon. He’s tanky but easy to dodge.

The third is a bull called Brother of the Mists. He hits hard but can be dodge. He also has an area outside of his arena that deals damage to you and fogs your vision.

The final boss in Midnight Grove is called Brother of the Blood. He’s a feral werewolf that is fast and hard to dodge. The best way around this is to use a shield while someone attacks him. But if you don’t have a friend, you’ll have to shield then attack until he’s dead.

Exclusive Loot

  • Bower of JhebbalSag (Knowledge) – used to make place of worship for Jhebbal Sag and his items.
  • Flesh of Remembrance – unlocks the religion of Jhebbal Sag and crafts Manifestation of Zeal.

Black Keep – LvL 60

conan exiles black keep - lvl 60
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Black Keep is a snowy dungeon, so you’ll need warm clothes to reach it. This is when the dungeons start to get very difficult, so you’ll also need great gear and to be max level to stand a good chance.


The Black Keep is located in the southwestern corner of F-12. It is southwest of the volcano in the deep cold. The best path is across the Bridge of the Betrayer, where you can reach it without climbing.

Tips to Get Through

The Silent Legion enemies make this dungeon difficult before you even reach the boss. Navigating through it without them distracting you is easy as it may look like a labyrinth at first, but the dungeon usually only has one way to go.

Final Boss Strategy

The final boss is called the Kinscourge, or Tyros the Deathbringer. He has a huge history connecting him to the giants, Lemuria, and the Arena. He’s a tough enemy, but his attacks are easy to read. However, if you don’t kill him in time, he will spread a dangerous AoE through the whole room; a raid-wide wipe.

Exclusive Loot

  • Pride of the Silent Legion (Knowledge) – really amazing heavy armor.
  • Kinscourge Weapons (Knowledge) – two sword options.
  • Heart of the Kinscourge – can be used for a chance to get an ape pet or to make Telith’s Sorrow.
  • Tears of Two Races – item for the Keystone.

Well of Skelos – LvL 60

conan exiles well of skelos - lvl 60
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Well of Skelos is located down a deep well in the volcano. Inside, you can find the Volcanic Forge, many chests you can reach if you jump over the lava, and so much obsidian/gold.

Tips to Get Through

To enter the actual dungeon, you have to jump into the well located at the center of the volcano. There’s not enough space here to do a complete walkthrough of the Well of Skelos. There are many areas, floors, and enemies.

So you’ll have to explore it all to collect everything. Otherwise, you can head to the Degenerate, a rather weak enemy for being the final boss of a difficult dungeon.

Final Boss Strategy

The Degenerate is the easiest part of the Well of Skelos. Surviving the heat, the lava, the vastness, and the other enemies are more difficult. To defeat him, kill his illusions, then he will die.

Exclusive Loot

  • Obsidian Arrow (Knowledge)
  • Obsidian Dagger (Knowledge)
  • Obsidian Javelin (Knowledge)
  • Obsidian Mace (Knowledge)
  • Obsidian Shield (Knowledge)
  • Obsidian Spear (Knowledge)
  • Obsidian Sword (Knowledge)
  • Obsidian Throwing Axe (Knowledge)
  • Obsidian Tools (Knowledge)
  • Obsidian Two-Handed Sword (Knowledge)
  • Obsidian Warhammer (Knowledge)
  • Serpent-Man Arrow (Knowledge) 
  • Serpent-Man Daggers (Knowledge)
  • Serpent-Man Javelin (Knowledge)
  • Serpent-Man Mace (Knowledge)
  • Serpent-Man Pike (Knowledge)
  • Serpent-Man Shield (Knowledge)
  • Serpent-Man Sword (Knowledge)
  • Serpent-Man Throwing Axe (Knowledge)
  • Serpent-Man War Axe (Knowledge) 
  • Serpent-Man Warhammer (Knowledge)
  • The Shining Trapezohedron – artifact for Keystone.

The Wine Cellar – LvL 60

conan exiles the wine cellar - lvl 60
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Wine Cellar is one of the most talked about dungeons in Conan Exiles. It is difficult, but it’s the theme, and hidden location are what keep people interested in this Thieves’ Guild.


The Wine Cellar can be entered by opening the door behind the tavern in Sepermeru. You don’t need a key, but there is no indication that you can open the door, you just have to try.

Tips to Get Through

There are a ton of bosses in this dungeon, including the strong Relic Hunter Heros and Kahri Remnants. The others are not notable, but getting through everything and finding the way through this puzzling dungeon is something you’ll have to take your time on.

However, there is a quick way to make it through without trouble. There are several lamposts that you can activate to mark where you’ve been. If you do this, the rest is a piece of cake.

Final Boss Strategy

The final boss of the Wine Cellar is Thag. He’s an above-average boss that has a few tricks up his sleeve, whereas other bosses are straightforward. You must light the ring of fires in the summoning room to summon him.

Then, he will appear. You cannot shoot down from the balcony as there is a barrier. This is one of the only bosses in the game with mechanics. He starts by shooting blue flames from the ground that you have to dodge right before they appear.

Then, later on, he summons minions to fight with him, an annoying distraction. Finally, his mace does poison damage that he leaves behind in a trail with it. During this time, vision is impaired by a dark fog.

Exclusive Loot

  • Khari Bow (Knowledge)
  • Khari Daggers (Knowledge)
  • Khari Great-Sword (Knowledge)
  • Khari Hammer (Knowledge)
  • Khari Overseer (Knowledge)
  • Khari Pike (Knowledge)
  • Khari Raider (Knowledge)
  • Khari Soldier (Knowledge)
  • Khari War-Axe (Knowledge)
  • Khari Steel – used to make the above weapons and more.
  • Khari Waterskin – has 15 more drinks than other waterskins.
  • Mace of Thag – one of the best maces.
  • Pristine Khari Bow – good, but not amazing bow.
  • Pristine Khari Daggers – terrific daggers.
  • Pristine Khari Sword – above average sword.
  • Scroll (Khari Overseer Armor)
  • Scroll (Khari Raider Armor)
  • Scroll (Khari Soldier Armor)
  • Scroll (Khari Weaponry)
  • Scythe of Thag
  • Szeth’s Truncheon

Warmaker’s Sanctuary – LvL 60

conan exiles warmaker's sanctuary - lvl 60
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Warmaker’s Sanctuary is the hardest dungeon in the game. It’s large, contains puzzles, and ends with the strongest enemy in the game. The Arena Champion is no one to mess with until you’re completely geared up.

Tips to Make it Through

The Warmaker’s Sanctuary is located inside Klael’s Stronghold between B-7 and B-8. Inside is dark and full of traps with plenty of small enemies to keep you busy. But it’s also one of the only dungeons with puzzles.

When you reach the Inner Sanctum, you must go to each door and defeat the small bosses that will drop statues for you to place on the map. The penalty for placing them in the wrong place is minimal if you don’t do more than one before you recover.

After you complete this puzzle, you have to make it through the normal parts of the dungeon before finally reaching a well. The dungeon is long and will require effort. Along the way, you will face the Champion of the Warmaker and the Arena Champion.

Final Boss Strategy

There are two main bosses in the Warmaker’s Sanctuary. The Champion of the Warmaker is tough but slow enough that he’s easy to dodge. The Arena Champion is another story.

She is so strong and tanky, doing damage fast and hard. There’s no set strategy accept to dodge her, maintain your stamina, and hit her when she’s vulnerable. This is quite a skirmish that you will likely have to attempt multiple times. I suggest getting a group or at least two max level T4 thralls.

Exclusive Loot

  • Arena Champion’s Armor (Knowledge) – best armor in the game.
  • Godbreaker Armor (Knowledge) – second-best armor in the game.
  • Grandmaster Armorsmith (Knowledge) – armor improvements.
  • Grandmaster Weaponsmith (Knowledge) – weapon improvements.
  • Warmaker Weapons (Knowledge)– top-tier hammer and sword.
  • Armor Scraps – needed to make the above armor.
  • Axe of the Gate Guardian – one of the best axes.
  • Balias – amazing one-handed sword.
  • Blood-stained Nails – book that gives one-hour health buff.
  • Crom’s Hammer – amazing hammer that grants strength and grit
  • Denizens of the Dark Well – grants follower damage for an hour.
  • Derketo’s Voice – one of the best bows; grants accuracy.
  • Inner Sanctum Key – needed to reach the end of the dungeon.
  • Jhebbal Sag’s Prowl – some of the best daggers.
  • Key Fragment – needed to progress through the dungeon.
  • Key to the Arena – needed to progress through the dungeon.
  • Mitra’s Justice – good mace that cures poison.
  • Mordlun – spear that does bleed, corruption, cripple, and reach.
  • Nortis – good sundering mace.
  • Prince of the Black shores – grants concussive damage for an hour.
  • Prophecy of the Borne Witch – grants extra stamina for an hour.
  • Ranissan – good mace that has great armor pen.
  • Rusted Key – opens extra doors in the dungeon.
  • Set’s Tongue – amazing daggers that removes buffs from enemies and cleanses poison when wielded.
  • Statuette of the Archivist – dropped from boss, placed on table to progress.
  • Statuette of the Priest King – dropped from boss, placed on table to progress.
  • Statuette of the Warmaker – dropped from boss, placed on table to progress.
  • The Daughter of Ymir – grants agility weapon damage buff for an hour.
  • The Mastodont’s Tower – grants strength weapon damage buff for an hour.
  • Time of the Scaled Lizard – grants extra carry weight for an hour.
  • Ymir’s Targe – shield that adds cold resistance.
  • Yog’s Touch – good axe that has bleed, corruption, cripple, and shieldsmash.

Almost Dungeons to Stop By in Conan Exiles

conan exiles hanuman's grotto

These places aren’t considered dungeons, but they have bosses with exclusive loot and are great for leveling. I suggest stopping by them on your way to other dungeons to maximize your time and effort.

  • Hanuman’s Grotto – has small easy boss and merchant in H-3.
  • The Passage – leads to the snow and has a hive queen boss via the entrance at K-9.
  • Child of Jhil Caves – four locations around northern H-9 and H-10.
  • The Arena/Sinkhole – contains an obelisk, Undead Dragon boss, and Dragonbone weapon recipe.
  • King’s Niche – loot cave in southeast B-10.
  • Temple of Frost – contains bosses and the Frost Smithy with an obelisk outside the entrance.


Question: What is the Hardest Dungeon in Conan Exiles?

Answer: The Warmaker’s Sanctuary is the hardest dungeon, with the Wine Cellar not far behind. The Warmaker’s Sanctuary contains the Arena Champion, which is extremely difficult even when you are max level.

Question: Can You Skip Any Dungeons in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Yes. You can skip any dungeons, but if you want to make it to the “end of the game,” collect all Keystone pieces. Remember that Conan Exiles isn’t about beating the game, as that’s just a reset.

Question: Do You Need Thralls for Conan Exiles Dungeons?

Answer: Thralls and friends help you through dungeons and make them much easier. But it’s possible to get through every dungeon without any help if you’re geared up and overleveled.

The Important of Dungeons in Conan Exiles

Dungeons are a crucial part of Conan Exiles. They give Keystone items so that you can take your bracelet off. But they’re also hot spots for loot, fun fights, and great places to farm unique materials.

In games like Conan Exiles, when not focusing on surviving, dungeons make the game. There are ten primary dungeons to explore, which is a good way to mark chapters in the game and give you something to work towards in-between.

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