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One of your first major journeys within Conan Exiles will be the one you undertake towards The Tower of Bats. Looming high above the southern desert, this tower will be your first major climbing endeavor in the game. Alongside scaling the unforgiving rock face, this vista will likely serve as your first encounter with a boss. The Tower of Bats will test all the skills you’ve learned so far and can prove incredibly challenging for new players.

Today I’ll be teaching you all there is to know about The Tower of Bats. Where you can find it, how to defeat the boss within, and what loot you can gather. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

TL;DR: The Tower of Bats

The Tower of Bats is a large monument in the southwestern desert containing the Albino Bat Demon. It’s a critical journey step in your progression through Conan Exiles, and overcoming the challenge of this tower is key to progressing the main story.

The Tower of Bats
The Tower of Bats seen from the southern mountain range – Image by Eradicati0nn

The tower demands that you scale the rock face surrounding it and defeat the Albino Bat Demon atop it to collect The Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate. The staff guides you on your journey through The Exiled Lands by way of a demonic voice from within.

What is The Tower of Bats?

The Tower of Bats is a gargantuan tower perched upon a massive rock formation, located in the southwestern desert. The Tower of Bats is a structure much older than the humans that now inhabit the land. It is but one of many ancient monuments, and once had a bridge that connected directly to The Cursed Way, a nearby Darfari camp. Unfortunately, that bridge has long since collapsed.

Nearby lore stones indicate the tower was perhaps a spiritual location for The Giant Kings to speak to the void, and receive guidance from a moonbeam messenger on how best to conduct themselves and their empire. With the Giant Kings long gone, the tower now serves solely as the home of the Albino Bat Demon, and a place to craft the Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate

Where is The Tower of Bats Located?

The Tower of Bats is a gargantuan tower perched upon a massive rock formation, located in the southwestern desert. Specifically, you can find this tower in the northwestern corner of Map Square F5. It’s hard to miss, given that it sits tall above the desert and is marked with the typical blackened stonework of the Giant Kings.

The Tower of Bats is located on the northwestern side of Map Square F5 – Image by Eradicati0nn

How Do I Climb The Tower of Bats?

Climbing the Tower of Bats is perhaps your first real test of the climbing mechanic within Conan Exiles. In this journey, you’ll need to manage your stamina and movement well to navigate the rock face while avoiding an ankle-shattering fall.

The best way to tackle this climb is to use the natural formation of the rocks and the carved black stone of the Tower of Bats to your advantage. While climbing, you’ll need to take regular breaks and allow your stamina to regenerate. By prioritizing these spots where you can stand and rest between climbs, it should make your task of scaling the Tower of Bats much smoother.

Climbing the tower of bats
Climbing the Tower of Bats requires careful management of your stamina – Image by Eradicati0nn

It can also be beneficial to remove any unnecessary items from your inventory, and also to remove your armor before attempting the climb. By reducing your carry load and removing your armor, your stamina will drain slower than it would otherwise whilst climbing. This can help to reduce the amount of rest stops you’ll need to take, making the climb to the top of the Tower of Bats a much easier endeavor.

Tower Boss: Albino Bat Demon

Atop the Tower of Bats, you’ll encounter what is likely your first real boss fight. The Albino Bat Demon is identical to normal Bat Demon enemies, though it has a white coloration, as its name may suggest. He guards the Altar of the Bat and can prove a challenging fight for the ill-prepared.

Albino Bat Demon Mechanics

The Albino Bat Demon has three main mechanics in combat, each of which will need to either be dealt with or avoided to ensure your success. Below, I’ll detail the three attacks you’ll face.

Wing Slashes

A player fighting the Albino Bat Demon
Image by Eradicati0nn

The Albino Bat Demon will slash its wings back and forth at a 90-degree angle. These attacks come in a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion and thus could be difficult to avoid if you’re face-to-face with the demon.

These attacks have decent range due to the Albino Bat Demon’s large wings, but the best way to avoid this attack is to dodge away from the wings and keep your distance or try to circle to its back.

Sonic Screech

Sonic Screech is a ranged attack that could catch unprepared players off-guard. This attack comes in the form of a scream that will emit a sound wave, dealing damage to anyone caught within. The best way to avoid this attack is to dodge to the side, away from the path of the screech. Be cautious when dodging, as The Tower of Bats is a fairly narrow platform, and a mistimed dodge may cause you to fall from the tower.

Swoop Attack

The Swoop is perhaps the most dangerous attack. The Albino Bat Demon will fly up into the air and then swoop back down, dealing both melee damage and inflicting a knockback. This attack should be avoided at all costs, as the knockback could easily throw you from the tower and cause you to die.

The Albino Bat Demon using his Swoop attack
The Albino Bat Demon using his Swoop attack – Image by Eradicati0nn

This attack causes the Bat Demon to fly upwards and then plummet back down onto the same spot, spinning his wings as he lands. The best way to avoid this attack is either to sprint away from the landing spot or to take a central position atop The Tower. Avoiding the attack entirely is the best course of action, but if you don’t think you can do that, reducing your chance of getting thrown from the tower is the best course of action. The Bat Demon will spend a few seconds dazed after this attack, as indicated by the particles around his head. This offers you plenty of time to attack and deal some good damage. This is where daggers shine, as by inflicting stacks of bleed, you can continue to output damage even while avoiding his attacks.

Preferred Combat Method

If you’re tackling The Tower of Bats in a group, this fight becomes trivial. The Albino Bat Demon only has 3650 health and 75 armor. This is a small amount, compared to some of the bosses you’ll find later in the game. You and your friends can easily burst down the Albino Bat Demon with any weapons of your choice, though daggers might be a good option to inflict extra damage through bleed.

If you’re a solo player, then you may wish to use a bow and arrow. Melee can work well, but it requires a better knowledge of the Albino Bat Demon’s mechanics and how to avoid them. With Update 3.0 just around the corner, the changes to your attributes will make bow and arrow combat much better. These changes may result in the ranged method becoming an even better option against the Albino Bat Demon.

Albino Bat Demon is easily defeated in a group
The Albino Bat Demon is easily defeated in a group, though is much harder as a solo player – Image by Eradicati0nn

Some sources say that it’s possible to lure the Albino Bat Demon into a tight space, rendering it unable to effectively attack you and thus causing the fight to become much easier. Multiple AI pathing improvements have been made over the past year or so, and in testing, it seems this method does not work anymore. However, it may still be possible in some form or another. Avoid climbing anything, as if the Albino Bat Demon loses interest in you, he’ll regenerate all of his lost health.

Rewards For Completing The Tower of Bats

Upon defeating the Albino Bat Demon, you’ll be able to loot the body and receive a Fragment of Power and either a Legendary Weapon Repair Kit or a Legendary Armor Patch Kit. These may not be that useful in the early game, but keep hold of them, as they’ll prove useful later on.

You can also approach the Altar of the Bat to craft The Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate. To do so, you’ll need the Staff of the Triumvirate recovered from the Abyssal Remnant in The Dregs, and a single unit of Albino Bat Demon Blood. As mentioned earlier, this can be harvested from the Albino Bat Demon you’ve just defeated. If you’re following the main quest, this is the item that you’d come to the Tower of Bats for, though it’s far from necessary. The Staff serves as a loose guide for the main quest of the game, helping you to track down the other items you’ll need to craft The Keystone and finish the game.

The Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate is a placeable item that can be put down in the world and contains the disembodied voice of a demon to provide the aforementioned guidance. The Staff is mostly a single-player-focused item, though many players will collect one simply because many find the staff funny.

Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate
A player talking to the Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate – Image by Eradicati0nn

Notable Details

Aside from the Albino Bat Demon and acquiring the Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate, The Tower of Bats offers a few other notable features. The first is for all the lore hunters out there. The Tower of Bats contains two Giant-Kings Lorestones, and whilst they both contain the same dialogue, you may wish to listen to them if you enjoy immersing yourself in the story of the game.

There’s also a journal near the broken bridge, just before the stairs, that will teach the Specialist Cooking VIII feat. This feat allows you to create the Feral Feast, Century Egg, Bush Jerky, and Oyster Omelette, some players may find these foods to be a good early-game source of sustenance.

Specialist Cooking VIII
The journal that teaches Specialist Cooking VIII, is located near the steps leading to the Albino Bat Demon – Image by Eradicati0nn

Nearby, you can also find a False Mandrake plant and a Grey-Flower Lupine, both of which can be used in recipes for different potions.

Finally, the mountains south of The Tower of Bats contain one of the largest deposits of Iron in the game. This area is highly regarded in the early game, as it can provide a massive amount of Ironstone, perfect for making both Iron and Steel. In PvE or PvP servers, this area is likely to be heavily farmed due to the amount of Ironstone and thus might prove to be quite a busy location.

Frequently Asked Questions – Tower of Bats

Question: Is there any other way to reach The Tower of Bats without climbing?

Answer: Currently, without mods or access to the admin panel, the only way to access The Tower of Bats is by climbing it. After Update 3.0 releases, you may be able to access the Tower of Bats by using the Summon Bat Demon sorcery to glide over to the tower. However, this will require a tall vantage point, and the effort spent climbing to that spot is better spent climbing The Tower of Bats in an intended way.

Question: I’m struggling to kill the Albino Bat Demon. Do you have any other tips?

Answer: As mentioned earlier, trying to bring some friends can be a massive help in defeating the demon. If you don’t have anyone to call upon, then do your best to cheese the demon. Avoiding his attacks and playing a more hit-and-run strategy with a bow and arrow or daggers can make this fight much easier, allowing you to avoid the danger of head-on combat.
The Albino Bat Demon is one of the easier fights in the game though, so it’s worth it to bite the bullet and learn how to fight him the traditional way if you’re a new player.

Question: Do I have to complete the Tower of Bats to progress in the game?

Answer: To the best of my knowledge, The Tower of Bats is an entirely optional step in the journey of completing the main questline in Conan Exiles, designed to be more of a side activity to guide new players.
The Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate isn’t required to craft the Keystone. It’s also not needed to access any of the dungeons or areas where components of the Keystone are acquired. If you’re not interested in pursuing the main quest, then you never need to visit The Tower of Bats. You may still want to go there for the Specialist Cooking VIII feat, The Fragment of Power, or the Legendary Weapon/Armor Repair Kit.


tower of bats challenge
Image by Eradicati0nn

The Tower of Bats is a non-essential yet important story location for completing the main quest of Conan Exiles. It’s the first real challenge in your understanding of the game’s climbing and combat mechanics, and the fight with the Albino Bat Demon can prove troublesome to new players.

With this guide, you should now know how best to approach the Tower of Bats and deal with the challenges it poses. With the Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate now by your side, you can begin your journey towards crafting The Keystone. Best of luck, Exile!

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