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In the blood-soaked world of conflict that is Conan Exiles, few things last forever. Buildings decay, food rots, and your treasures are vulnerable to violent bandits.

Exiles have spent many hours gathering gold, silver, and other valuables, only to have them stolen in a raid. What if there was a better way to protect your valuables from sticky fingers?

Today I’ll teach you about the Conan Exiles vault, a secure storage unit that will protect all your most precious loot. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is the Vault?

The vault

The Conan Exiles vault is a large chunk of metal, reinforced on either side with hardened bricks. Perfect for staving off vicious attackers, the vault is an impressive piece of engineering. It is the most secure storage option available in Conan Exiles, providing safety and security to your most valuable possessions.

What Does the Vault Do?

What Does the Vault Do?

To say that the vault holds items underplays its main strengths. Can it store a decent amount of items? Yes, but that isn’t the reason why it’s preferred by so many. The vault is preferable due to its strength.

The vault has a massive 150,000 health, cementing its place as one of the toughest items in the game. It even beat out Black Ice-Reinforced Wooden Foundations, which have only 100,000 health in comparison.

This incredible health pool makes the vault impressively resistant to incidental damage from NPC purges or mishaps with explosive devices. However, the main selling point is the extra effort needed for enemy raiders to destroy and loot.

The vault has a massive 125,000 health advantage over the large chest with a massively improved storage capacity. These factors make the vault an attractive prospect for PvP players.

Should I Use a Vault in My Base?

Should I Use a Vault in My Base?

That is a subjective decision influenced by many factors. The vault undoubtedly shines in a PvP scenario. Anyone who plays PvP regularly will tell you that raids are commonplace, and one of the best defenses is complicating the raid for the attackers.

With their high health pool, vaults can slow attackers down and potentially leave them open to counterattack and even defeat.

Their usefulness on PvE servers is debatable, given the lack of PvP raids. They are also inefficient in terms of space versus storage. However, that is something we will cover a little later on.

How Do I Craft a Vault?

So you want to create a vault for yourself? I don’t blame you, they’re invaluable and a great convenience, even if you’re not worried about raiders. You can make the vault at the Artisan Table, but we cannot simply fabricate one from thin air. No, there are a few things we need.


The main prerequisite for creating a vault is unlocking the Vault feat. This knowledge can be learned at level 44, requiring 9 feat points. You will also have to know the large chest feat, unlocked at level 20 for 3 feat points. This also demands the box maker feat, unlocked at level 2 for a single feat point.

Steel Bars

Mining iron to create steel bars

The first item you’ll need for manufacturing a vault is steel bars. The vault demands 40 bars, but you’ll need a lot more to fulfill the steel reinforcements requirement later.

Fortunately, Steel Bars are easy to obtain, if you know how. The first step is to gather a good quantity of ironstone, which will provide the base needed to create Steel.

My recommendation is to gather more than you think you’ll need, it’s always better to have too much as opposed to not enough. Two pieces of ironstone will create 1 iron bar, so factor that into your farming efforts.

From there, you’ll then need to craft some steelfire. Once you’ve learned the Firebowl Cauldron feat at level 15, gather some pots of Tar and Brimstone. Tar is a byproduct of tanning hides in the tannery workbench, and while it is slow, it’s sustainable.

Brimstone can be farmed at the Shattered Springs in The Exiled Lands. Mix a single piece of Brimstone with two pots of Tar in a firebowl cauldron to create a single pot of Steelfire.

Finally, place your steelfire into a furnace with 5 iron bars. They will smelt together into a single steel bar. Steel bars can seem expensive in the early game, however, you’ll be surprised how easy they are to attain once you improve your tools and become more proficient in your harvest efforts.

Hardened Bricks

Hardened Bricks are a fair bit easier to create compared to steel bars. Firstly, gather a large chunk of plant fiber and resin. Plant fibers can be harvested from bushes around the map using a sickle, and resin can be harvested from trees by using a pick. The Highlands or Tundra are teeming with trees that can provide a huge quantity of resin.

Once gathered, you’ll want to craft a good chunk of Stone Consolidant in your firebowl cauldron. By using 2 resins and 6 plant fibers, you’ll get 5 stone consolidants. 

Harvesting Plant Fibres with a sickle

Next, gather a large quantity of stone, I’d say a couple of thousand. By placing 10 stones into a furnace, you’ll be able to smelt a single brick. Once your bricks are complete, grab your consolidants and throw them into the furnace.

The bricks and stone consolidant will smelt together, creating hardened brick. You’ll need exactly 150 for the vault, so expect to wait a while for them to smelt.

Steel Reinforcements

Steel Reinforcements are the bane of many players’ lives for good reason. They can be troublesome to manufacture sustainably. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

You can craft a single steel reinforcement by placing two steel bars into a blacksmith’s bench. This can get expensive, especially if you’re still fairly new to the game.

However, if you take the time to find and break a Tier 3 Blacksmith thrall, creating steel reinforcements becomes effortless. After placing a Tier 3 blacksmith onto your blacksmith’s bench, you’ll unlock a new recipe.

You can now manufacture a steel reinforcement by placing one pot of steelfire and one iron reinforcement into the workbench. This is incredibly efficient and is the preferred method.

Creating steel reinforcements at a blacksmith's bench

As a part of the Tier 3 building gameplay loop, steel reinforcements are a highly sought-after commodity. With the balance changes coming in Update 3.0, Tier 3 structures like Black Ice may not be as necessary.

Tier 2 structures like Stonebrick and Insulated Wood are receiving an enormous buff. If those Tier 2 structures become truly viable, it will free up plenty of resources. Tier 2 does not require steel reinforcements, opening the potential to instead use them on creating other items.

Placing the Vault

Placing the Vault

Once you’ve crafted the Conan Exiles vault, your struggles aren’t over yet. While the vault is an impressive piece of engineering, such security comes at a cost. The vault is large and unwieldy and requires a considerable portion of space to place within your base. It’s roughly 4 foundations wide and 4 foundations long, and about 3 foundations tall.

For this reason, it may be beneficial to create a dedicated vault room ahead of time. If you don’t, you may be able to attach a 5×5 room to your base to place the vault inside.

One option for PvE players is to create a storage shed outside your main base that can hold vaults. A structure 5 foundations wide and 10 foundations long could reasonably contain two vaults, which should be enough for most people.

Repairing the Vault

If your vault gets damaged, either through NPC purges, raids or simply just decay, you can repair it using a Repair Hammer. Like many other building pieces, the cost to repair the vault scales with how damaged it is.

The maximum repair cost is 30 steel bars, 113 hardened bricks, and 94 steel reinforcements. This maximum cost is slightly less than the actual crafting cost of the vault. Try to keep your vault away from any potential sources of damage or decay. The safest location is in the center of your base, protected by walls and thralls.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Steel smelted within the furnace

When deciding if you need a vault, you should take a moment to consider the strengths and weaknesses of this item. Sure, it’s an incredible storage option, but you may not need it. Below, I’ve left a small list of strengths and weaknesses to help you with that decision-making process.

  • Strengths
    • Large storage capacity
    • High health
    • Looks impressive
    • The best storage for PvP
  • Weaknesses
    • Expensive to create
    • Large footprint within the base
    • Not well suited to PvE
    • Poor space efficiency

Perhaps the largest factor to consider when making a decision is the last weakness I mentioned, space efficiency. The vault is roughly 4×4 in size and can store 300 units. However, large chests will hold 45 units. 

If we do a rough calculation on items stored versus space used, it may help with making a more accurate decision for PvE players. You can fit 4 large chests onto a single foundation, meaning that one foundation can hold 180 item stacks. The vault, with its 4×4 size and 300 storage capacity, falls far below that mark.

It has a foundation storage capacity of 18.75, far below the potential of large chests. Simply put, large chests can store more items in a smaller space. Therefore, if you are a PvE player, you may wish to stay away from vaults unless you have an abundance of space, or they suit the style you want.

Frequently Asked Questions about Conan Exiles Vault

Question: Can the Vault Be Locked so that Others Cannot Access it?

Answer: Yes. Like with most other storage options, the vault can be locked, preventing people from rummaging through your belongings. This even prevents clanmates from accessing your vault, which can be valuable if they’re known for having sticky fingers.

Question: The Vault is too Big! Is there a Smaller Version I Can Create?

Answer: Believe it or not, the vault used to be bigger! Funcom changed the design and scaled it down a while ago to make it more practical. Unfortunately, there is no way to create an even smaller one in the base game, though some mods exist that allow you to craft mini vaults. That may be something you’d like if you’re a PC player.

Question: I Play on an Active PvP Server, how Should I Defend My Vault to Stop it from Being Looted?

Answer: I wouldn’t call myself a PvP expert, but there are a few steps you can take. Firstly, place your vault at the center of your base, which should be the strongest part. Secondly, surround it with tough materials.
Rather than having it out in the open, surround it with walls or foundations to add an extra layer that potential attackers will need to destroy.
Finally, throw a fighter thrall or two into the room to guard the vault. If raiders have expended a lot of their resources, a good fighter thrall could potentially cause them to retreat or even kill them, letting you get your loot back.


The vault has 150,000 health and can hold up to 300 stacks of items inside. You’ll need to unlock the vault feat to craft it, available at level 44 and costing 9 feat points.

It is fabricated at the artisan table using 40 steel bars, 150 hardened bricks, and 125 steel reinforcements. It can be repaired with those same resources, scaling based on damage up to 30 steel bars, 113 hardened bricks, and 94 steel reinforcements.


The vault has always been popular amongst PvP players on both The Exiled Lands and The Isle of Siptah. The world of Conan Exiles is a brutal one, and your treasures are never truly safe from your enemies.

However, the vault provides a considerable level of protection from hostile exiles and could prove the difference maker in a raid scenario.

Today, I’ve taught you how to make a vault, and hopefully helped you decide if you truly need it on a PvE server. Grab your pick and head to your nearest Iron hotspot, you’ve got some farming to do. Best of luck, Exile!

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