Conan Exiles Sword of Crom Guide: How to Use This Unusable Sword

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Within Conan Exiles, there are many swords. Short swords, long swords — all will slay your enemies. However, there are few like the Sword of Crom. While the name is deceptive, as the blade was not created for or by Crom, the power of this blade is startling. Incredibly sharp and heavy, this sword’s indomitable power is hard to overlook but comes at a cost that will be simply too high for many. However, the Sword of Crom fits into a niche that you may find incredibly valuable.

Today we’ll discover how to acquire the Conan Exiles Sword of Crom, what it does, and why you may want to seek it out. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is the Sword of Crom?

Sword of Crom
The Sword of Crom, as shown in the player’s inventory

The Sword of Crom is a mighty two-handed sword of legendary quality, found deep within The Unnamed City. It’s a large, heavy blade that looks similar to the Great Sword of the Legion. The Sword of Crom is unusual in that it behaves very differently from most other weapons, though I’ll cover that shortly.

The Sword of Crom weighs 5.25 units and is considered a Legendary quality weapon. The blade carries base damage of 91, with 22.5% armor penetration and a base durability of 2400. On paper, the Sword of Crom seems incredible. However, there is a large caveat that makes this sword incredibly challenging to use.

What does the Sword of Crom do?

With 91 damage and a massive amount of armor penetration, The Sword of Crom appears to be one of the best weapons in the game. However, this sword does have an enormous detriment alongside its impressive stats.

Character with the Sword
A player wielding The Sword of Crom

As mentioned in the item description, the Sword of Crom is draining to wield. With such power, the sword draws excessive stamina from its wielder. What does this mean for you? Well, a single swing of the Sword of Crom will drain your entire stamina bar, no matter how much you try to avoid it.

This makes the Sword of Crom incredibly impractical for most uses. You may be wondering what the point of this weapon is. Well, it’s useless for you, but your thralls may benefit. We’ll cover this later on in the guide.

Where is the Sword of Crom found?

The Sword of Crom cannot be crafted by hand. Instead, you’ll have to find the weapon deep within The Unnamed City. Unfortunately, this means tackling some of the bosses found within the city.

The Sword of Crom drops from these enemies as a reward for slaying them, though it’s not guaranteed. In my testing, I slew quite a few of these bosses and didn’t receive a Sword of Crom. It’s possible to get several legendary weapons, so the loot pool can be vast. These enemies can be tough for an inexperienced player. Below, I’ll show you where to find these enemies and how to defeat them.

Guardian of the Flame

Guardian Flame
The Guardian of the Flame is located in a small cove near the center of the city

The Guardian of the Flame carries a one-handed Star Metal Sword and is found in a small cove near the center of the city. He’s accompanied by a few undead and is very similar in combat to The Commander, which I’ll cover next. Shields are effective against him, and he’s resistant to knockback. The best way to approach him is to quickly slay the undead on his flanks, and then methodically tackle the fight with The Guardian of the Flame.

With patience and some well some placed strikes, you should defeat him with ease.

The Commander

The Commander is located in a valley near the center of the city

The Commander is located near the center of The Unnamed City, surrounded by a large number of undead husks. This can be a tough fight, and you can easily get overwhelmed by the number of enemies. The best tactic here is to either bring a thrall or try to pull sections of the enemies away to fight them in safety.

Once you reach The Commander, the fight isn’t challenging. He’s resistant to knockback and tends to circle you, swinging his greatsword. Shields are extremely effective as a way to block his attacks. He’s able to inflict Cripple, Sunder, and Knockdowns on you, but is susceptible to Sunder and Cripple. The best strategy is to take it slow and avoid his attacks. Whittle his health down, and you’ll defeat him with ease.

The Watcher

The Watcher
The Watcher, located on a broken bridge overlooking the center of The Unnamed City

The Watcher is located in the central Unnamed City, standing atop a towering broken bridge. To reach him, you’ll need to scale said bridge first. He’s a capable fighter wielding a Star Metal Warhammer, and he attacks with the moveset of that weapon. His attacks are fast and powerful, covering a large area and easily knocking you to the ground. He’s capable of inflicting Sunder and Knockdown and is susceptible to Sunder and Cripple.

It is best to exercise copious amounts of caution during this fight, as one wrong step could send you flying off the bridge. I recommend that you keep close to him, avoid his attacks, and strike when you’re able. A thrall can be incredibly helpful for this fight, and with patience, you can slay this undead Watcher.

The Gravewalker

The Gravewalker
The Gravewalker roams the south-western side of the city

The Gravewalker is a wight located in the south-western city near the wall. He’s surrounded by weaker wights. Eliminate them first before reaching The Gravewalker. He wields an ax and attacks with the same moveset, striking hard and fast. He is also incredibly mobile, so playing defensively is the best strategy. He’s capable of inflicting Bleeding, Crippled, Corruption, and Knockdown upon you. He’s also susceptible to Sunder and Cripple.

Like the others, the best approach to slaying The Gravewalker is to take it slowly and defensively, avoid his attacks and react accordingly to gaps in his offense. A thrall can be helpful to draw his attention, allowing you to deal extra damage while he’s distracted.

Full Drop Table

These bosses have an expansive drop table that doesn’t only include the Sword of Crom. Instead, they offer a wide variety of legendary weapons and armors. Below, I’ve listed the full drop table for these bosses, so you know what you may be able to lift from their corpses.

Guaranteed Loot:

  • Between 1 and 2 Fragments of Power
  • 1 Legendary Weapon Repair Kit or Legendary Armor Patch Kit

Legendary Armour

  • Commander’s Helmet
  • Commander’s Chestplate
  • Exquisite Silk Shirt
  • Exquisite Silk Leggings
  • Legacy of the Nordheimers (Helmet)
  • Night-Stalkers Mask
  • Scorpion Helm
  • Scorpion Harness
  • War-Dancer Chest
  • War Mammoth Boots

Legendary Shield

  • Black Tusk Shield

Legendary Weapons

  • Corrupted Axe
  • Drunkard’s Blade
  • Ghast Axe
  • Ghast Sword
  • Heated Argument
  • Lying Bastard Sword
  • Maelstrom
  • Quake
  • Rage Hammer
  • Sword of Crom
  • The Festering One
  • Wight Blade

A legendary item is not guaranteed every time you kill one of these bosses. However, with such a broad loot pool, your chances of getting one are reasonable. However, trying to target a weapon such as the Sword of Crom can be frustrating, as it proves quite rare. Some of these weapons and armors are incredible choices. During your plight to find the Sword of Crom, you may loot a weapon you enjoy. I recommend trying out any legendary weapons or armor that you attain, as many of the offerings are incredible.

Swing with the Sword
A player swinging the Sword of Crom

There is no data available on how these drops are weighted, which leads me to believe there is a low but even chance of any of the items dropping upon a kill. Unfortunately, if you want the Sword of Crom, you’ll just have to grit your teeth and fight through until you receive one.

Where should you use the Sword of Crom?

So you’ve managed to acquire the Sword of Crom. If you’ve swung it, you’ll quickly realize how impractical it is. As your screen fades to grey and your character pants in exhaustion, you’ll immediately realize this sword is not usable. However, surely there is somebody out there that can use this weapon. Someone not held by the mortal boundaries of stamina and muscle fatigue.

No, it’s not Conan. It’s your thralls! They’re already made of tough stuff but don’t have a stamina bar. Your fighters can swing this sword infinitely without ever tiring, and that’s where the Sword of Crom shines. Equipping a Tier 3 or Tier 4 fighter with the Sword of Crom can be a gargantuan improvement to their overall damage output. At 91 damage per swing, the damage easily dwarfs many other weapons and is very hard to turn down.

Sowrd of Crom attacking
A thrall wieldling the Sword of Crom

Repairing the sword

One of the issues you may run into is that the Sword of Crom becomes damaged. This is an unfortunate fact of life in The Exiled Lands, as everything will eventually get damaged or even break.

As a legendary weapon, the Sword of Crom cannot be repaired with simple resources. Instead, you’ll need to find a Legendary Weapon Repair Kit and use it on the weapon to restore its former glory. These kits are common drops from the same bosses you slew to acquire the sword in the first place. You’re guaranteed to loot a repair kit from each boss you kill, though it will either be a repair kit for weapons or armor, so you may need to kill a couple of bosses.

Repairing the sword
A Legendary Weapon Repair Kit can be used to repair the Sword of Crom

There is one other method to attain a Legendary Weapon Repair Kit, and that is by finding a specific thrall. You’ll need to find a Tier 4 Blacksmith with the Tempersmith trait. By forcing one of these thralls to work on a Tinkerer’s Bench, they’ll be able to craft these repair kits at your base. This is invaluable for most high-level players and is something you may want to pursue.

Something incredibly important about these repair kits is when you should use them. Once a legendary weapon breaks, there is, unfortunately, no way to repair it. It is completely useless and will need to be re-acquired if you wish to use it again. Therefore, when it comes to using a Legendary Weapon Repair Kit, you should wait until the last moment. A single repair kit will restore your weapon to 100% durability. Waiting until it is just about to break to use your repair kit will provide the most gain from each kit, a much more efficient choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is there any way to stop The Sword of Crom from draining 100% of my stamina?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. Aside from using a mod to adjust the values of the weapon, no amount of attribute points or dark rituals will stop the sword from draining your stamina. That is why this weapon is best used on thralls, as they do not use stamina.

Question: I don’t use thralls, is there another weapon I can get from the Unnamed City bosses to use?

Answer: There are quite a few, depending upon your playstyle. I would personally recommend Quake or Maelstorm. Quake is a one-handed mace that deals 53 damage per strike and inflicts sunder with light and heavy attacks. It’s also capable of Shield Smashing.
Maelstorm A player wielding Maelstorm, a two-handed mace from The Unnamed City[/caption] Maelstorm is a two-handed mace that deals 57 damage, with an impressive 47.25% armor penetration. This fearsome mace can inflict Bleed, Cripple, and Sunder, and comes with a bonus to both Strength and Vitality.
Those are just my recommendations; there are many other types of weapons that may suit your playstyle better.

Question: Are there any thralls that benefit more from using the Sword of Crom?

Answer: Higher-level thralls will likely benefit most from the Sword of Crom, though not directly. By having more health and dealing more damage, Tier 3 or Tier 4 fighter thralls will likely have a much easier time surviving while swinging this sword around.


The Sword of Crom is incredible — inflicting massive damage in a single swing. However, such strength comes at the cost of draining your stamina, no matter how much you try to avoid it. While you may not wish to wield it, the Sword of Crom can be a mighty weapon for your thralls to wield. Today, we’ve looked deep into the heart of The Unnamed City to discover how to acquire this sword, and now your thralls can be more powerful than ever.

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