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Few materials are as precious as Silver Dust. This elusive and beautiful powder shimmers in the sunlight. Whether you love Silver, prefer Gold, or are more comfortable decorated with the blood of your enemies, you’ll inevitably need this Dust at some point. It is a crucial component of Alchemical Base, one of the most sought-after resources within Conan Exiles. Silver Dust is a vital part of the end game, and you’ll need to know how to collect it.

Today we’ll learn exactly how to do that and what to do with it. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Conan Exiles Silver Dust?

Silver Dust is self-explanatory. Simply, it is the byproduct of grinding down Silver, creating a powder that shimmers with the usual luster of its namesake metal. Silver Dust is valuable, falling only behind Gold Dust, and can be troublesome to attain in sustainable quantities. Silver Dust is classified as a high-grade ingredient, able to be stacked up to 500 units per stack, with each handful weighing 0.01. Each full stack weighs only five units, which is incredibly light, just as you’d expect from a Handful of Dust.

What is Silver Dust Used For?

Conan Exiles Silver Dust is employed within three different items. Firstly, 40 Silver Dust mixed with Shadebloom will create Shadespiced Silver Dust. This is a food item intended to be fed to pets and animals, making them stronger. Secondly, Silver Dust can be used with Pebblenose in an Animal Pen to influence the growth of the pet. This results in a 20% chance for the Pebblenose to grow into a Silver-vein Rocknose, something which we’ll touch on more later.

Conan Exiles Silver Dust
Silver Dust is used to making Alchemical Base, a key component in creating a Map Room. Image by Eradicati0n

Finally, Silver Dust is one of three critical ingredients in the vitally important Alchemical Base. Any experienced Conan Exiles player will tell you that Alchemical Base is vastly important to gather, and many Exiles spend hours collecting the materials necessary to make them. Alchemical Base is part of creating healing items, potions, weapons, and workstations. You can discover more about Alchemical Base in this impressively detailed guide.

Where Can I Find Silver?

Unfortunately, you can’t just pull Silver Dust out of the ground. Rather, Silver Dust is a result of processing various forms of silver, so you’ll first have to learn how to gather other forms of Silver.

Conan Exiles Silver Dust
Silver Rocks, found in the Descent of Dagon. Image by Eradicati0n

Silver can be tough to find. Unlike many other metals within Conan Exiles, it can often prove incredibly elusive for the uninitiated. Befitting the name ‘precious metal’, Silver is found sparsely in most areas, though you can gather it in sustainable quantities with the correct knowledge. So, let’s discover where we can find Silver.

Mining Silver

Mining Silver is perhaps the best way to gather this metal. Through this method, you can effortlessly gather a considerable amount of Silver that you can then process into Silver Dust, coins, or bars. At the core of this activity, it is much the same as mining Iron or any other type of metal. It will require some effort and preparation to maximize your gains, but this provides the most sustainable and efficient method of gathering Silverstone.

What Tool do I use for Mining Silver?

Conan Exiles Silver Dust
The Pick is the best tool to use for harvesting Silverstone. Image by Eradicati0n

For this guide, I tested all of the available tools within the game at the Hardened Steel level to see which would provide the best results. As expected, the Pick came out on top. This is often the case for various metals, both precious and common. The Pick provides the best harvesting rate for Silver, and even if you only have Iron or Steel tools, you shouldn’t encounter any issues whilst using the Pick.

The Exiled Lands

Within The Exiled Lands, there are two main destinations for mining Silverstone. The first is in the depths of The Descent of Dagon, a small passage found within The Jungle. Located in map square M6, this passage can be accessed either from the top or bottom and is home to several hostile NPCs that you may have to slay. Here, you’ll find many silver ore veins along the walls. This area can prove invaluable if you live near the south-eastern Jungle.

Conan Exiles Silver Dust
The Descent of Dagon, one of the locations in which you can find Silver Rocks. Image by Eradicati0n

The next location is The Scorpion Den, located on the mid-western side of Map Square C6. This spot is often known casually as the “Sepermeru Silver Mine” in a small dungeon near the namesake city. As you may suspect, it is full of scorpions large and small, including two bosses. If you can get past these scorpions, you’ll find massive amounts of Silverstone, alongside Coal and Ironstone. This is an outstanding destination for mining Silverstone and can leave you with copious amounts of Silver if you also farm the Sepermeru chests, but we’ll leave that for later.

Conan Exiles Silver Dust
The Scorpion Den, one of the best locations for finding Silver. Image by Eradicati0n

The Isle of Siptah

The Isle of Siptah always seems troublesome for specific resources, but Silver isn’t one of those. Whilst the endeavor will still be fraught with danger, you can acquire Silverstone quite easily. Head to any Elder Vault and scour the area surrounding the gate. You’ll find some silver ore surrounding the vault, and this can provide a fast and easy avenue for acquiring Silverstone.

These Elder Vaults are often hotspots for NPC enemies and player activity across Siptah, so it’s best to exercise caution. Take some healing items, PvP gear, and maybe even a mount so you can defend yourself and escape with your spoils, should trouble arise.

Farming Silver

One of the more passive ways to attain Silver is simply by farming it. No, you won’t be planting silver seeds and tending to strangely metallic crops. Instead, you’ll use your skills in animal husbandry to raise Silver-vein Rocknoses that will defecate Silver. Gross, I know, but once you clean the Silverstone it’s good as new!

Conan Exiles Silver Dust
The Silver-vein Rocknose provides slow but passive Silver over time. Image by Eradicati0n

To get yourself a Silver-vein Rocknose, you’ll first have to buy a Rocknose Egg from Shawna the Strange. You can find her in The Den at map square E8, though you’ll have to fight through the aggressive NPCs here. Once the egg has hatched, you’ll need to place your baby Rocknose into an Animal Pen and feed it a Silver product for a chance to breed a Silver-vein rocknose. Feeding it Shadespiced Silver Dust offers a 26% chance to create the Rocknose you want, so it’s worth spending the resources on that Shadespiced Silver Dust.

Once you’ve got your Silver-vein Rocknose, leave it in the animal pen and throw some stone in there for it to chew. For every stone it eats, you’ll have a chance for it to poop out a piece of Silver. This chance isn’t great at a 5% likelihood, but it’s an entirely passive method of gathering Silver that can supplement your farming efforts.

Looting Silver

Finally, looting Silver. It’s possible to gather this precious metal without fighting or farming, though it will require some nimble movement and map knowledge. Firstly, you can head over to Buccaneer Bay in the far eastern Jungle to loot the underwater treasure chests. This spot is incredibly popular and thus is often looted. It’s understandable, as these chests offer a glorious amount of Silver and Gold bars and coins. There are a total of 14 chests underwater here, which can provide a massive amount of Silver for all your crafting needs.

Conan Exiles Silver Dust
Buccaneer Bay is one of the best locations to loot Silver products. Image by Eradicati0n

The other location to consider is Sepermeru. It’s a slightly less popular area due to what the chests here offer. Around Sepermeru, you can find metal chests and wooden boxes across the city, which can sometimes provide Silver or Gold bars and coins. Sepermeru can be a good location if you’re also heading to The Scorpion Den, but it’s often disappointing. That is because the loot pool for these chests is quite large and heavily weighted towards Iron and Steel, thus you, unfortunately, won’t find too much Silver here.

Conan Exiles Silver Dust
One of the many chests found around Sepermeru. Image by Eradicati0n

How Do I Process Silver?

So you’ve got your hands on some silver. That’s half the job done, but now you’ll need to process it into workable metal that can then become Silver Dust.

With Silverstone, you’ll need to smelt it into Silver Bars. Silverstone smelts at a ratio of 3:1, meaning every 3 pieces of Silverstone will smelt into a single Silver Bar. There is no way to improve this ratio, but considering how much Silverstone you can gather, you should still end up with plenty of Silver Bars.

Conan Exiles Silver Dust
A player preparing to grind Silver into Silver Dust. Image by Eradicati0n

If you’ve gathered Silver Bars or Silver Coins, you’ve saved yourself the work of smelting the Silverstone together, and you can now begin to process the Silver into Silver Dust.

To create Silver Dust, you simply need to grind down either Silver Bars or Silver Coins in a Grinder. Before you get started though, there is a vital optimization step that you need to consider. Grinding down a Silver Bar will offer 10 Silver Dust per bar, and each Silver coin is worth two Silver Dust. Therefore, you should never smelt Silver Coins into bars, as you’ll lose a massive amount of potential Silver Dust. You’d need 30 Silver coins to create one Silver Bar, which is worth an impressive 60 Silver Dust. By doing this, you lose a potential 50 Silver Dust per bar smelted, so avoid doing this at all costs.

How Do I Use Conan Exiles Silver Dust?

So you’ve emptied your grinder, and you’re left with a pouch full of Silver Dust! How exactly do you use it? Well, fortunately, that is a simple question to answer.

Firstly, we’ll look over the implementations we’ve already mentioned. One Silver Dust can be fed to a Rocknose baby inside an Animal Pen to potentially create a Silver-vein Rocknose. To improve those chances, you can use 40 Silver Dust and 1 Shadebloom on a stove to create Shadespiced Silver Dust, which can be fed to a Rocknose baby to offer a better chance of creating a Silver-vein Rocknose.

Conan Exiles Silver Dust
Silver Dust can be used in crafting several valuable items. Image by Eradicati0n

The real star of the show is Alchemical Base. Inside a Firebowl Cauldron, place 2 Silver Dust, 1 Gold Dust, and 2 Ichor to create one pot of Alchemical Base. As mentioned earlier, Alchemical Base is vital to accessing the end game of Conan Exiles, and this is the primary use of Silver Dust.

Alchemical Base is used in a variety of creations and workstations, though the most notable is the Map Room. This item allows you to teleport around The Exiled Lands, vastly cutting down on your travel time. Many players use the Map Room as an integral part of their farming runs, and it helps massively with playing intelligently and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it possible to find Silver-vein Rocknoses in the wild?

Answer: Yes, though they seem to spawn very sparingly. I only found them outside The Scorpion Den, though one could easily provide upwards of 60 Silverstone upon harvesting. These Rocknoses, though seemingly rare, can provide a head start on your Silver farming endeavors.

Question: Is it possible to loot Silver from human enemies?

Answer: In my testing, I couldn’t manage to get human enemies to drop any Silver. It’s possible they could, as human enemies across the game have an incredibly wide loot pool. However, much like other resources, the quantity of silver dropped would likely be insignificant and thus would exclude them from any efficient farming methods. When attempting to loot Silver products, it’s best to stick to the underwater chests in Buccaneer Bay.Conan Exiles Silver Dust

Question: Can Silver be fashioned into weapons or armor?

Answer: Silver Bars, when used with the correct mold, can be fashioned into jewelry for you to wear. This requires ownership of the Debaucheries of Derketo DLC and is fashioned after the Zamorian and Stygian cultures. These jewelry pieces are pretty dismal in terms of their stats, but you may want to craft them for roleplay purposes.

Question: Is it possible to manually create Silver through alchemy?

Answer: Currently, no. With the advent of sorcery coming in Update 3.0, this may become possible in the future. It could also be possible in one of the thousands of mods available on the Steam Workshop. However, in the base game, it is currently impossible to alchemize or create Silver on your own.


Silver often proves a harsh stumbling block for inexperienced players within the world of Conan Exiles. It is an obscure, hard-to-locate metal, but it is invaluable for your game progression. Today, we’ve covered all the methods of gathering and processing Silver. You should now have all the information you need to efficiently hoard this precious metal and create all the Alchemical Base you’ll ever need. Grab your pick and backpack, it’s time to go mining. Best of luck Exile!

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