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Within the world of Conan Exiles, Ichor can rapidly become a frustrating stumbling block in your survival endeavors. This gold-tinted viscous, foul-smelling & seemingly toxic blood leeches from the flesh of insects found within The Isle of Siptah and The Exiled Lands.

While your first instinct is likely to avoid this nasty substance, you’ll need to know how to gather it for the essential items that require Ichor to manufacture.

In this guide, I’ll show you where to find Conan Exiles Ichor, how to harvest it effectively, and what you can use it. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Ichor?


Ichor is golden-tinted blood derived from the bodies of various insect-type enemies within Conan Exiles. Ichor has proven elusive over time, with medicine men and herbalists seeking the fluid for use in their potions and concoctions.

In Stygia, Ichor hardened stone under high heat, reinforcing the bricks and making them incredibly resistant to damage from regular weapons.

Within Conan Exiles, Ichor is a highly sought-after ingredient due to the essential items it enables you to craft. It appears in the inventory as a small puddle of golden blood.

You can stack up to 500 units in a single inventory slot, with each unit of Ichor weighing 0.05 units of weight. Each full stack of Ichor weighs in at an incredibly light 25 units each, meaning you can gather plenty of Ichor during a single trip.

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What Can I Use Ichor for?

Ichor is employed in a wide variety of crafting procedures within Conan Exiles. Ichor can be applied to manufacture candles, warpaints, dyes, traps, and even pieces of food. Those options dwarf in importance compared to the most vital products of Ichor.

The Corrupted Stone is one of the most vital products of Ichor, alongside the ever-vital Alchemical Base. Ichor to manufacture Water Orbs to then progress onto Gasseous or Demon Fire orbs, and you can create Oil from scratch using Bark and Ichor.

How do I Acquire Conan Exiles Ichor?

Spiders like source of Ichor

Ichor can be harvested primarily from the insect-type beasts scuttling across The Exiled Lands and The Isle of Siptah. Fortunately, a wide variety of beasts provide Ichor, including multiple species of spiders and scorpions, alongside Komodos, Salamanders, and some mini-bosses.

We’re looking at Ichor from a sustainable farming perspective, so I won’t recommend all of these creatures. Mini-bosses and corrupted beasts will provide more Ichor per kill, but combat with these creatures is dangerous and often takes longer than other options.

For efficiency’s sake, I’m going to recommend sticking to Spiders. Scorpions can also be a good source of Ichor, and I will recommend them under certain circumstances.

That being said, our eight-legged arachnid friends are abundant throughout The Exiled Lands and fairly easy to find on the Isle of Siptah, so I recommend sticking to those spiders for the most part.

Dispelling a Myth

Ichor and Fishing

There is some misinformation on the Steam and Conan Exiles forums regarding alternative methods to acquiring Ichor. Many people have stated that by cooking Unappetizing Fish, you can acquire Ichor.

This seems to be entirely incorrect, or at least it is now. This may have been correct in the past, but in testing, cooking Unappetizing Fish only yielded Cooked Fish.

Funcom may have removed this feature for balancing purposes, though you can still find many online recommending it, even as recently as 2020. Don’t waste your time making fishing traps if you’re looking for Ichor, as this method, unfortunately, doesn’t work currently.

What Tool Should I Use for Harvesting Ichor?

As with most valuable resources, there is much debate about the most effective tool to use for harvesting. Some will recommend the Hatchet, others to Skinning Knife, and some would even recommend the Sickle.

harvesting Ichor

In my in-game testing, I tried out all of the available tools. I tried out the Hatchet, Pick, Pickaxe, Skinning Knife, and Sickle, all of them at the Steel level for comparable results across the board.

In that testing, the Pick came out on top by a considerable margin. Many of the tools recommended on Reddit and the Conan Exiles forums, like the Sickle or Skinning Knife, simply did not provide any Ichor. Of course, this might be older information that is now outdated, but it would still be easy to get confused.

I recommend using the Pick to gather Ichor. It appears to be the most effective tool for draining this toxic, gold-tinted blood from our scuttling friends.

In my testing, I was gathering about 30 Ichor from each spider with a few swings of my Pick, which was an outstanding result compared to the dismal returns of the other tools I tested.

Where Can I Find These Beasts?

Spiders - source of Ichor

So now that you know what Ichor does, where it comes from, and what tool to use, where can you find the spiders I’m recommending so highly?

Well, fortunately, if you’re familiar with farming Gossamer or Chitin, then you probably already know the best locations. That being said, if you’re not familiar, let’s take a look at where you should go to find Ichor.

The Exiled Lands

There are many useful locations for farming Ichor within The Exiled Lands, but the three best choices are located only a short walk from one another in the central desert.

Scuttler’s Shortcut

Scuttler's Shortcut

Scuttler’s Shortcut is a cave located in the north-eastern corner of map square F7. This cave is a long, narrow tunnel that leads into a summoning circle, containing a terrifying Demon Spider.

However, between the mouth of the cave and said Demon Spider lay numerous regular spiders. This location can be considered dangerous if you delve too deeply, but the regular spiders throughout the tunnel can be “convinced” to part with the Ichor without too much effort.

Weaver’s Hollow

Weaver's Hollow

Weaver’s Hollow is a cave located towards the center of Map Square F7. This cave is the alternative entrance to the Demon Spider summoning circle mentioned previously. This cave is a bit shorter than Scuttler’s Shortcut and unfortunately contains fewer spiders.

That being said, there is a drop-down into the summoning circle, making it harder to accidentally find yourself being sliced to pieces by the Demon Spider. As part of a route comprised of multiple destinations, Weaver’s Hollow can be a massive boon to your Ichor farming.

Skittering Cavern

Skittering Cavern

The Skittering Cavern is a cave located on the western border of Map Square F5, near the river. This cave offers plenty of spiders to gather Ichor from and can work well as either a standalone option or part of a farming route, as mentioned previously.

Similar to Weaver’s Hollow and Scuttler’s Shortcut, the Skittering Cavern is also the home of another boss-type enemy. Within the cavern, the aptly-named “End of All Hope” spider roams. He can be a tough fight at first, but he is one of the easier boss-type enemies to defeat with a bit of practice.

Best Location

The best location to gather Ichor in The Exiled Lands is a combination of the three above options. By running a farming route with multiple destinations, you can effortlessly gather a few hundred Ichor with just steel tools, possibly more with Hardened Steel or even Star Metal.

By chaining these locations into a single route, you’ll maximize your Ichor gathering while minimizing the number of trips you have to take.

The Isle of Siptah

The Isle of Siptah can be a bit more arduous in terms of farming Ichor. That being said, there are still a few good locations.

South of The Tower

South of The Tower

This area south of The Tower is likely the most treacherous of the available options. Due to its proximity to both the tower and an enormous locust hive nearby, you could quite easily get ambushed by vicious creatures.

However, if you can either defeat the nearby foes or slip past them, this plateau often plays host to a sufficient handful of spiders. Here, you can quickly cut them down, gather up the Ichor you need and then head back to relative safety.

The Demesne of the Demon Spiders

The Demesne of the Demon Spiders

The Demesne of the Demon Spiders is another dangerous location, though you won’t find as many foes here. In the hills surrounding this Elder Vault, you’ll find both regular and Demon spiders, both of which can be dispatched fairly easily to provide Ichor.

The interior of the vault can also provide extra Ichor, though it will be tougher than the foes outside. Avoid straying too far west, as you may run into some Rocknoses hiding in the bushes.

Asylum of the Outsiders

Asylum of the Outsiders

The Asylum of the Outsiders is another spider-centric Elder Vault that can be a great boon to your Ichor collection. This vault features numerous regular spiders on the exterior, alongside a couple of vicious Demon Spiders.

This location is one of the best spots on The Isle of Siptah, if you can survive the arachnid onslaught, and will provide you with plenty of Ichor.

Best Location

The best location to farm Ichor on The Isle of Siptah is difficult to choose. Spiders can also be found in small quantities all across the map, so you may happen upon a better location.

That being said, the Demesne of the Demon Spiders seems to be a good spot that balances the difficulty and availability of Ichor well. The choice depends heavily upon where your base is, but my recommended option should work well.

How do I Use Conan Exiles Ichor?

Corrupted Stones at an Alchemist's Bench

So you’ve slain countless spiders, leaving limbs and broken cobwebs in your wake. You’ve cleaned off your Pick and sword, and now you have a backpack full of Ichor. After you’ve cleaned and disinfected it, how exactly do you use all that glorious golden blood?

How you use your Ichor will depend on what you need to craft. Firstly, the most essential resource crafted using Ichor is Alchemical Base. You’ll need to place your Ichor, Silver Dust, and Gold Dust into your Firebowl Cauldron (or an upgraded variant) and craft your Alchemical Base there.

For the Corrupted Stone, this is manufactured in the Alchemist’s Bench or an upgraded variant using 2 Stones, 1 Ichor, and 1 Demon Blood. Oil is also mixed here, requiring 1 Bark and 1 Ichor. Finally, the Water Orb, also crafted in the Alchemist’s Bench, demands 1 Ichor and 1 Water-filled Glass Flask.

Lesser products created using Ichor can be made at the Artisan bench for candles, and the Dyer’s Bench for dyes and warpaints. Food is of course cooked on the Stove, and Vapor Traps are crafted by hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I Saw Someone on a Steam Forum Say that the Scythe was Great for Gathering Ichor. Is that Correct?

Answer: I also saw this and looked into it. The only Scythe available in-game is the Scythe of Thag, a legendary weapon not intended for gathering resources.
It didn’t work, which leads me to believe that the poster of the Scythe comment was instead referring to Sickles. They may have been better at gathering Ichor in the past, but they’re awful now. Stick to the Pick.

Question: Are there Any non-combat Ways to Gather Ichor?

Answer: While there are many alternative methods for creating Ichor, most are abysmally inefficient. The only one worth considering is using the Fluid Press to crush 50 Putrid Meat into 1 Ichor.
This is also inefficient, but Putrid Meat doesn’t have many uses aside from compost, so you could try it out.

Question: You Mentioned that Corrupted Stones are a Vital Product Created Using Ichor. What are they used for?

Answer: Corrupted Stones are used for crafting the Map Room, and used for teleporting around the map. The Map Room requires 75 Alchemical Base, 200 Corrupted Stone, 50 Crystals, and 35 Iron Reinforcements to craft.
The Map Room is vital for playing efficiently, so knowing how to gather Ichor to craft both Alchemical Base and Corrupted Stone is essential.


Ichor is often a stumbling block for many new Conan Exiles players. There is very little information in-game about how to acquire it, and thus many will struggle at first.

Today, I’ve taught you how to gather Ichor effortlessly and effectively on The Exiled Lands and The Isle of Siptah. With that knowledge in hand, grab your sword and your Pick, it’s time to farm! Best of luck Exile!

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