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TL;DR – Summary

Herbal Tea is one of the drinks available in Conan Exiles that will help regenerate your stamina at a faster rate, and at the same time, it will significantly quench your thirst. You may find a few Herbal Tea cups while visiting points of interest, but the best way of obtaining this tea is by crafting it on a Stove.

But you must learn its recipe first by unlocking the Specialist Cooking III knowledge, which is in a leather book at the Mounds of the Dead, inside a building on the northeast side of this point of interest (Exiled Lands map), or by summoning a Leyshrine surge and looting human NPCs, for a chance of having the scroll with this knowledge to drop from them (Isle of Siptah map).

Once you unlock this knowledge, Herbal Tea and some more drinks and food recipes will appear on your stove. You will need Aloe, Fiber, and Purified Water to brew Herbal Tea.

This tea is not a heavy item, and one single slot can hold up to 50 cups at once, so it’s a good option to carry it with you during your trips. Its effect is short so make sure to have multiple of these in your Hotbar for when you need them.

Conan Exiles Herbal Tea is perishable, so it must be kept in a Preservation Box with Ice to last for an undetermined time until you need to use it.

Currently, the healing boost from Herbal Tea is not effective and needs some adjustments. There are plenty of other items in Conan Exiles you can use to heal yourself, quench your thirst and boost your stamina. Just search for what is more convenient for you to use.

What is Herbal Tea?

Herbal Tea is one of the many items you can obtain in the world of Conan Exiles. Its beneficial properties will allow you to survive longer during your journey, improving your performance while doing different tasks through your gameplay, but especially during a period of higher physical activity such as sprinting, climbing, swimming, and mainly while in combat – but why?

Let’s figure out why Conan Exiles Herbal Tea can be important to carry during certain activities while exploring diverse lands on the map.

Just in case you didn’t get any Herbal Tea during your gameplay yet, there are other kinds of consumable items that will give your character similar benefits as the Herbal Tea does after being consumed.

Herbal Tea Description
Image by Wild Jester

Herbal Tea Properties

Herbal Tea is a consumable, lightweight item. It only weighs about 0.10kg per unit and can be stacked in one single slot, up to a max of 50.

This tea, opposite to some other drinks found in Conan Exiles, is a perishable item since it lasts for about 45 minutes before expiring, just in case you keep it inside your inventory or mostly containers.

If you are not planning to drink your Herbal Tea soon and don’t want it to spoil, keep it inside a Preservation Box with Ice inside to make sure it will last for an undetermined time since this is the only way of stopping the decay timer of this drink until you remove it from this container.

What is a Preservation Box?

A Preservation Box is something that you will not be able to obtain in the first hours of your gameplay.

However, one of the reasons why I am mentioning it here is because it may be important for you to invest enough time to get at least one if you want to start storing not only items like Herbal Tea but also other perishable items, especially the vast amount of foods and other drinks that you will collect through your long journey but won’t need to use them all at once.

The Preservation Box is classified as a container and has a capacity of 20 slots. Later, you will be able to unlock and craft an upgraded version of this container, the Improved Preservation Box, with an extended capacity of 40 slots instead.

Preservation Boxes
Image by Wild Jester

How to Get a Preservation Box?

By reaching level 43 and previously unlocking the Dried Preserves knowledge (under the Survival tab you will see this in the Primitive Cook category), you will be able to unlock the Preservation Box recipe.

This recipe costs 9 knowledge points to unlock. Later at level 55 and for 12 knowledge points, you can unlock the upgraded version called Improved Preservation Box.

Preservation Boxes Knowledge Unlocked
Image by Wild Jester

Once this container is unlocked, collect the required resources and open the Building Menu with the help of your Construction Hammer. The Preservation Box can be found inside the Storage category, in the Decorations section.

Resources required for a Preservation Box:

Resources required for an Improved Preservation Box:

How to Use a Preservation Box?

Preservation Boxes will only prevent your items from spoiling if you keep at least one Ice unit inside them. Ice can be collected from common ice or black ice nodes found in the Exiled Lands map, up north by the snow region, and nearby the Vaults in the Isle of Siptah DLC map.

And there you go, ready to start keeping your Herbal Tea for much longer!

How to Use a Preservation Box?
Image by Wild Jester

How to Get Herbal Tea

Like many other items in Conan Exiles, there are multiple ways of obtaining Herbal Tea. One is by looting chests available at points of interest around the map.

Maybe there is a chance of having some enemies dropping it for you once you kill them since that randomly happens with some other drinks and foods as well. But the most reliable way of obtaining Herbal Tea is by brewing it in a crafting station, but you must take a few steps to be able to make it happen.

Learning the Herbal Tea Recipe

To be able to craft items at the currently existing stations of the game, you must have them previously unlocked in your character’s Knowledge section. There are two ways of expanding your character’s knowledge and unlocking/learning new item recipes in Conan Exiles:

  • Level up your character and spend your Knowledge points directly in the Knowledge section;
  • Explore the map and find special objects you can interact with.
Learn Recipes
Image by Wild Jester

The usual way of learning craftable item recipes is by spending Knowledge points, as mentioned above.

However, you don’t need to use any of these points to unlock anything you’ve found on the map while exploring, but how can you unlock new recipes away from your base during your adventures through the different points of interest? It’s simple as long as you pay attention to your surroundings.

Just try interacting with leather books you find (not all of them may work, but some will), papers or scrolls, magical tablets, and even loot on certain kinds of enemy’s corpses – because they may drop recipe fragments or scrolls with recipes for you to learn.

Learning the Herbal Tea Recipe
Image by Wild Jester

In a few cases, some of these recipes may ask you to have previously unlocked a specific kind of Knowledge associated with some items recipes like the Star Metal Tools, or even some Specialist Brewing recipes, for example.

But mostly don’t need any previous special requirements – you can simply interact with the object present in a part of the map and learn it, so new recipe(s) will automatically show up inside your Knowledge section and you should be able to craft (a) new item(s) in the correct crafting station(s) later.

leather books
Image by Wild Jester

In the case of the Herbal Tea recipe, a specific type of Knowledge must be found while exploring the map to unlock it. The Specialist Cooking III knowledge or feat is the one you want to look for. 

Specialist Cooking III

There are no specific level requirements or other prerequisites to learn the recipes acquired from this Specialist Cooking III knowledge.

This Specialist Cooking III knowledge will not only unlock the Herbal Tea recipe but also a group of other consumable items recipes you can craft later if you wish to.

This knowledge will allow you to learn the recipes of these foods and drinks: Herbal Tea, Spiced Tea, Cleansing Brew, Enhanced Gruel, Seed Soup, and Meaty Mashup. There are other Specialist Cooking and also Brewing knowledge recipes that you can learn through your gameplay.

Just in case you consume a Yellow Lotus Potion or a Potion of Natural Learning, your character will not lose the knowledge of any of the already learned Specialist Cooking recipes.

Specialist Cooking III Knowledge Unlocked
Image by Wild Jester

You can unlock the Specialist Cooking III knowledge at:

  • Exiled Lands map: On the northeast side of the Mounds of the Dead, located in the Tundra environment.
The Specialist Cooking III knowledge book location
Image by Wild Jester
The Specialist Cooking III knowledge book map location
Image by Wild Jester
  • Isle of Siptah map: The Specialist Cooking III knowledge is obtained in a very different way in this map in comparison with how it is in the Exiled Lands. It is most likely to find the scrolls to unlock the knowledge in corpses from surge enemies that you can summon at the active Leyshrines when you have enough resources to do that. I tend to rely for some time on the consumables I can craft more easily or on looted items from points of interest way before I can summon surges whenever I play on this map.
An Isle of Siptah Leyshrine where you can summon surges at. Surge enemies have a chance of dropping special loot such as recipes you can obtain differently in the Exiled Lands.
Image by Wild Jester

Where to Make Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea can only be brewed at a Stove or its upgraded version, the Improved Stove.

Stove Requirements and how to Craft a Stove

The Stove can be unlocked at level 29 in your gameplay, once you have unlocked the Bonfire recipe as well. The Improved Stove recipe can be learned later by unlocking the Master Chef knowledge at level 55.

By holding a Construction Hammer in your hands, you can open the Building Menu and head over to the Crafting Stations section. Under the Cooking category, you can see your unlocked Stove(s).

Craft a Stove
Image by Wild Jester

Stoves need fuel to work. There are diverse kinds of fuel in Conan Exiles. Plant Fiber, Wood, and Coal are some of them, and the fuel burn time varies depending on the type of resource you are using in your stations or the server settings you are playing with. Also, not every crafting station accepts every kind of fuel.

I prefer using coal inside of a Stove, but you can use wood if you prefer. To accelerate the crafting time process, you can even add a Cook thrall to the correct Stove slot if you capture one.

Image by Wild Jester

Resources required for a Stove:

  • 150 Stones
  • 50 Iron Reinforcements

Resources required for an Improved Stove:

  • 200 Hardened Bricks
  • 50 Steel Reinforcements

Brewing Herbal Tea

Three ingredients are needed to brew some of this green, healthy-looking tea. However, two of these are faster to obtain than the main ingredient – water, and you will see very soon why below.

Resources required for one cup of Herbal Tea:

  • 1 Aloe Leaf
  • 5 Plant Fibers
  • 1 Purified Water
Brewing Herbal Tea
Image by Wild Jester

So far, it sounds simple, right? Just some water and a few plants. Well, plants like fiber are super easy to gather, they are everywhere. Aloe can be found nearby water sources like lakes and rivers, by the shore, usually in warm environments. Harvested with a sickle can be more efficient than hand-picked.

About the Purified Water, the story is a little different. Even though it is possible to get Purified Water randomly from looting chests or enemy corpses once in a while, it is better to stick with the option that can get you more units every time – through crafting it instead.

You will need a stove to make both Herbal Tea and Purified Water. But in the case of Purified Water, two other crafting stations are involved before you can use the Stove to obtain it due to the item needed to make this kind of water – a Water-filled Glass Flask.

How to Get a Water-filled Glass Flask for the Purified Water

There are a couple of ways of getting a Water-filled Glass Flask to craft diverse items, but we are only looking to get Purified Water for the Herbal Tea for now.

Filling up a Glass Flask with water from any water source at your disposal (a well, river, lake, waterskin, 10 units of ice inside a lit campfire) is one of the ways of obtaining a Water-filled Glass Flask.

Another way is to bring a Glass Flask to an Alchemist’s Bench and let your Alchemist Thrall fill it up with water for you. Previously, I have mentioned how two other crafting stations could be involved in the process of making the Purified Water. That’s where the crafting of this Glass Flask comes in.

Like several items, there is always a second alternative to obtain Glass Flasks, but not so reliable when you want to get it fast and in bulk, which is by looting world chests and NPCs’ corpses for a chance of finding these flasks.

I was still able to get a good amount of them for free through my latest gameplay but had to craft multiple flasks later in my endgame eventually. Anyway, the process of crafting Glass Flasks can be done just a little after you unlock your first 10 levels.

To start crafting Glass Flasks, you will need to unlock this recipe/Knowledge:

  • Blacksmith (Requirements: Level 10, 2 Knowledge points)

A Glass Flask Mold is needed to craft Glass Flasks, and the same mold can be used countless times to create all the Glass Flasks you wish. You can craft a Glass Flask Mold inside a Furnace (any kind of Furnace will work) with:

  • 15 Iron Bars

The Casting Table is another crafting station required to continue the process of making Glass Flasks. Transfer your Glass Flask Mold inside this station and leave it there for whenever you need to use it.

Casting Table
Image by Wild Jester

One Glass Flask requires:

  • 1 Glass Flask Mold
  • 3 Glass

Glass is an already crafted ingredient. You must collect Crystals and place them in a Furnace (make sure to add fuel like coal or wood) to craft Glass. One Crystal will give you one Glass unit.

Crystals can be randomly found while looting points of interest through the game maps, inside some Exiled Lands caves, or around some Isle of Siptah’s points of interest.

Some spots to find crystals at:

  • Exiled Lands – Hanuman’s Grotto (H-3), Cavern of Fiends (F-4), Warren of Degenerates (F-6), Scuttler’s Shortcut (F-7), The Passage (K-9/G-11).
  • Isle of Siptah – nearby all Leyshrines (except Leyshrine of the Birdmen) you will find small amounts of this resource; around 9 Vaults entrances there are bits of crystals, being the Refuge of the Goblinoids Vault surroundings one of the best spots to find crystal nodes in comparison with other Vaults; around the top of L-10 on the map grid.

Once you have a Water-filled Glass Flask with you, place it inside the Stove and make the Purified Water.

After all these steps, you are finally ready to start brewing your Herbal tea!

brewing Herbal tea
Image by Wild Jester

Herbal Tea Effects

The primary purpose of Herbal Tea is to help with the player’s character stamina regeneration. It is also a great source of hydration, quenching the character’s thirst successfully.


Image by Wild Jester

Herbal Tea is a reliable drink to hydrate your character. I have found it to be a great option in comparison to other kinds of drinks that also require some work to be brewed, even though there are still great options out there, and no doubt that water from any of your waterskins is still the easiest and cheapest way of avoiding dehydration!

Still, Herbal Tea does a great job when it comes to replenishing your character’s fluids significantly, since only a few cups of this healthy drink are needed to fully restore the thirst status, which makes it a good hydration option during your adventures outside of your base, so grab a few and carry them with you!

It also comes with the benefit of not giving you any temporary negative effects after consumption, which is another good reason to choose it over other drinks. But if you are looking for drinks to cool you off or warm up, Herbal Tea is not the answer.

Stamina Regeneration

Stamina Regeneration
Image by Wild Jester

Independently from the attributes you have spent your points on to define your character, you can give it the ability to move around for a little longer during combat or in any other situation by consuming Herbal Tea once its stamina is starting to drain.

Drinking this tea more than once within a short period will stack the stamina regeneration effect.

stamina regeneration effect
Image by Wild Jester

Herbal Tea is one of the diverse options to go for when it comes to regenerating your stamina faster.

However, the process of crafting it does involve some work, so it is important to think if you want to invest time to brew it before going into some more challenging places on the map or in something else that benefits your character’s capacity to avoid draining all of your stamina quickly while performing heavy tasks.

Unlocking certain attributes perks, wearing specific armor pieces, and drinking a few elixirs or potions will increase your stamina points, and the occasional consumption of this Herbal Tea or other drinks or foods that benefit your stamina regeneration is the key to helping you survive for longer and escaping from dangerous situations at times.

Also, adding a Balanced Weapon Fitting to weapons that usually require a lot of stamina to be handled (like two-handed weapons) will prevent your character’s stamina from draining quickly while performing attacks with them each time.

two-handed weapons
Image by Wild Jester

Examples of attribute perks that benefit your movement and stamina:

  • Agility perks: Quickfooted and Rolling Thrust
  • Grit perks: Tenacity, Endurance

Example of armor pieces that increase your stamina points:

  • Vanir Fur Cap
  • Blackwater Chestpiece
  • Khari Overseer Bracers
  • Silent Legion Tasset
  • Vanir Settler Boots

Elixirs and potions that temporarily increase your stamina points:

  • Elixir of Freedom
  • Golden Lotus Potion
  • Potions with variable effects like the Frost Lotus Potion, will not give you the extra Stamina points all the time, but it has a chance of giving it

Other foods and drinks that can help you slightly regenerate your stamina faster:

  • Bitter Tea
  • Blackcove Rum
  • Ice Tea
  • Feast of Derketo
  • Feast of Mitra
  • Feast of Set
  • Feast to Yog
  • Lasting Feast
  • Water from any kind of Waterskins (Sealed, Improved, Healing, Survivor’s, Deep Drink, and Khari)
  • Water from any drinkable water sources from the map you are playing on
Drinks and foods that regenerate your stamina
Image by Wild Jester

Standing still also regenerates stamina, but more slowly.

If you keep learning the recipes from Ymir’s religion, there is a special potion that you will have access to – the Berserker Draught. This potion carries a diversity of benefits, including stamina regeneration for a short period.

Make sure to avoid taking more than one within a short time unless you want to get alcohol poisoning.

The Lasting Feast seems to be a nice meal to take with you on your trips, with no unpleasant side effects, and for sure the Blackcove Rum appears to be the most effective item to regenerate your stamina fast, but it’s an alcoholic beverage, so expect to have the negative effects coming from it for a while. The quick boost of stamina may be worth it though.

NOTE: There seems to be an issue with specific drinks and foods in the game. Some don’t seem to be working as intended, making them ineffective (except when it comes to replenishing some needs of the player’s character).

In the case of  Herbal Tea, it was supposed to restore the character’s health points, since it has the “Healing” properties in its description, but that effect doesn’t seem to be working at all.

Also, the stamina regeneration could have been more significant than it has been, but it is still advisable as an effective drink. Herbal Tea is recommended only for stamina regeneration and hydration.

Alternatives to Herbal Tea

Alternatives to Herbal Tea
Image by Wild Jester

There are different options when it comes to choosing something to hydrate yourself or helping restore your stamina if you want to avoid Herbal Tea. Not every food and drink will fulfill you the same way, meaning each of those consumable items is more or less effective in fulfilling your needs.

Plus, some are as challenging to obtain as Herbal Tea. So, while considering other alternatives to this drink, you have to consider the effort behind getting a different item to use and see if it is worth your time.

I have noticed that there is no other consumable that will restore your stamina and hydrate you at the same time as much as Herbal Tea will at the same or even a cheaper price than this tea. Most stamina boosters usually also require Purified Water, so it would not make sense to put them on this list.

A more effective stamina boost drink is the Blackcove Rum, but having to keep killing Black Hand pirates through diverse camps from the maps for a chance of obtaining this drink and carry the consequences of its consumption makes it go out of the list – unless you are really up for it – then this is the drink for you for that fast stamina boost if you don’t plan to use it much often, only in an emergency.

Ice Tea is one of the best drinks to quench your thirst, but it needs Herbal Tea as an ingredient, so it’s just pointless to mention it here. If you found Purified Water while looting points of interest, use it to craft better drinks to fulfill your needs or give you a boost instead.

Choosing waterskins is still the way to go in the long run for just hydration. I did not find a balanced consumable that would provide both stamina regeneration and hydration like Herbal Tea does, except the Lasting Feast which comes with other benefits to your character, but it ends to be even a little more expensive due to the extra ingredients needed to be cooked.

There are also a few religious feasts, with some extra work and ingredients in the background that do not fit as a better alternative to this tea.

Increasing your stamina points through gear and perks, using low-tier consumables most of the time, and using stamina boost drinks only in emergencies such as Herbal Tea or Blackcove Rum is a better plan.

Other Uses for Herbal Tea

Drinks and foods made with Herbal Tea
Image by Wild Jester

Besides consumption or simply storing Herbal Tea, you can use it as an ingredient to craft other drinks or even foods. With the help of Herbal Tea and more ingredients, you can cook or brew:

  • Cleansing Brew
  • Spiced Tea
  • Ice Tea
  • Mushroom Tea
  • Hearty Feast
  • Feast of Mitra

FAQs – Conan Exiles Herbal Tea

Question: Can I Survive Further without Consuming Anything Special like Herbal Tea?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to succeed without having to rely on special consumables like drinks you can brew or complex foods made at your stove.
Simple foods and waterskins work nicely to fulfill your character’s basic needs, and your gear, attributes, weapons, and maybe a few elixirs will aid you in whatever you have to do through your journey in the game.
Many of the special foods and drinks you find in the game such as Herbal Tea are just a helping hand for the different situations you are going through at the time.
You can still hydrate yourself with plain water, have different kinds of healing items at your disposal, and regenerate your stamina without the help of anything to boost its regeneration – it’s just a little tougher to avoid going with higher-quality drinks or foods to speed up the regeneration process.

Question: What are the Good and Bad Aspects of Herbal Tea?

Answer: Many drinks will successfully quench your thirst, but Herbal Tea is one of them, and way better than most in Conan Exiles. This tea helps your stamina regenerate for the moment you need it, and the effect stacks when you take multiple tea cups, with no negative side effects.
This tea is locked behind a special recipe and requires Purified Water to be brewed, turning it into a mildly expensive consumable. The stamina regeneration effect could be a little more effective and lasting too.

Question: Herbal Tea is Just too much Work to Get. Is there any Other Alternative?

Answer: Like Herbal Tea, most drinks you see in cups can only be brewed on a Stove and also require Purified Water as an ingredient – so you would have to put the same effort into making them as you would get this tea, or find them through looting points of interest.
Optionally, you can simply go with berry pulps or rely on waterskins if you are just looking to hydrate yourself and skip Herbal Tea.
Regarding stamina regeneration, I have previously mentioned that consumables will not regenerate stamina the same way as Herbal Tea does for speed and effectiveness, but it’s possible to find other acceptable alternatives to stick to if you want to avoid this tea.
Blackcove Rum seems to do the job to quickly restore your stamina, even with slightly dangerous side effects, but it can not be crafted, only obtained from looting especially Black Hand enemy’s corpses for example, which makes it a more rare item to find.
Some other drinks or foods may not provide an effective and fast stamina regeneration or might be possibly as expensive as Herbal Tea. Increasing your stamina points through other ways I have also mentioned in this guide can be helpful due to the limited consumable choices.

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