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Few things within Conan Exiles are important as Fragments of Power. The lust for power has driven many Exiles to madness, but worry no longer. Fragments of Power are invaluable for your end-game progression in Conan Exiles, and you’ll need them.

Today we’ll be looking into the Fragments of Power, learning how to acquire them and how you use them. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Too Long, Didn’t Read: A Brief Summary

Fragments of Power are used to learn recipes and gain extra feat points. They can be farmed from The Unnamed City on The Exiled Lands, or The Grey One’s Pools on The Isle of Siptah. They can be consumed for feat points, or handed in to The Archives or The Tower of Siptah to learn otherwise unattainable crafting recipes.

What are Fragments of Power?

A Fragment of Power, as seen in the player’s inventory. Image by Eradicati0nn

Fragments of Power are shards of stone inscribed with an arcane symbol. You can find fragments in various locations of power and corruption around The Exiled Lands and The Isle of Siptah.

You can stack up to 100 Fragments of Power in your inventory, weighing 0.10 units each. They’re incredibly light, which makes your farming efforts much smoother.

How are Fragments of Power used?

Fragments of Power are used to unlock feats and craft recipes. You can consume Fragments of Power to grant 10 Feat Points per fragment. This allows you to bypass the feat point cap, giving you more wiggle room to learn extra feats after Level 60.

A player stood at the foot of the Library of Esoteric Artifacts. Image by Eradicati0nn

You can also hand in Fragments of Power to The Archivist in The Exiled Lands or the holograms within the Tower of Siptah to learn extra craft recipes. This is a random system, where each fragment provides you with a recipe for one of numerous crafting projects.

Where can I find them?

You can find Fragments of Power amongst the toughest challenges within Conan Exiles. On The Exiled Lands, you’ll find them mostly scattered throughout The Unnamed City, either in chests or held by bosses. On The Isle of Siptah, you can find them in The Summoning Pools of the savannah, and by slaying various bosses around the map.

The Exiled Lands

Unnamed City Bosses

The following bosses found within The Unnamed City are guaranteed to drop one Fragment of Power upon death. They also have a small chance to drop a second Fragment.

Guardian of the Flame

Image by Eradicati0nn

The Guardian is a tall skeleton wielding a one-handed star metal sword. He’s found in an alcove containing a beacon of eternal flame.

The Guardian attacks with the standard one-handed sword moveset. He is resistant to knockbacks and weak to Sunder and Cripple. Keep your distance, kill any accompanying monsters, and take things slow and steady with The Guardian.

The Commander

Image by Eradicati0nn

The Commander is a tall skeleton wielding a two-handed Star Metal greatsword. He’s found near a stone gate in the valley near the Unnamed City obelisk. He attacks with the standard two-handed greatsword moveset.

Like many other Unnamed City bosses, he’s resistant to knockback but weak to Sunder and Cripple. He’s accompanied by 16 Skeletons, who you should slay before fighting The Commander himself. A shield can interrupt his swings. Avoid his attacks and pick your moments to attack.

The Watcher

Image by Eradicati0nn

The Watcher is a tall skeleton wielding a two-handed hammer. He stands atop a broken bridge looking over the clearing at the center of The Unnamed City.

He’s knockback resistant but weak to Sunder and Cripple. He uses the standard great hammer attacks which are capable of knocking you back. For this reason, it’s best to keep your distance and avoid his attacks when possible so you don’t get thrown off the bridge.

Winged Death

Image by Eradicati0nn

Winged Death is an enormous white Bat Demon in the center of The Aviary. He is weak to Sunder, Cripple, Bleed, and Poison. He has similar attacks to the Albino Bat Demon atop The Tower of Bats and is overall a similar fight.

Winged Death is one of the easier bosses due to his lower HP pool and weakness to damage over time effects. Use daggers, avoid his attacks, and maintain your bleed or poison to make this fight much smoother.

The Gravewalker

Image by Eradicati0nn

The Gravewalker is a tall Wight found in the southwest of The Unnamed City. He attacks with an axe but is weak to Sunder and Cripple. He attacks with the standard axe moveset and often strikes in fast bursts.

To defeat The Gravewalker, firstly slay any enemies found nearby. Then tackle him head-on, avoiding his attacks or blocking them with a shield.

The Red Mother

Image by Eradicati0nn

The Red Mother is a female Red Dragon found in The Spawning Pools. This area is riddled with corruption. She attacks with fire, melee swipes, and area of effect attacks.

The Red Mother is extremely dangerous with a large attack range. She’s weak to Sunder, Cripple, Bleed, and Poison. The best way to defeat her is to lure her away from the Spawning Pools to avoid the corruption, circle around her, and use Bleed or Poison to speed up the kill.

The Brute

Image by Eradicati0nn

The brute is a skeletal serpent man found near the northwestern entrance of The Unnamed City. He’s fairly weak and is susceptible to Sunder and Cripple. He attacks with claw swipes that are easily dodged.

To defeat The Brute, it’s a good idea to bring some friends or some thralls. He doesn’t tend to move around much, making this fight much easier. Dodge his attacks, pile on the damage and he’ll soon fall.

Unnamed City Chests

Found within The Unnamed City are small chests known as Relic Fragments. They have a 30% chance to spawn after a server restart and take between four and twelve hours to respawn after being looted. There are 17 chests in total, though not all of them are guaranteed to be present. Each chest will contain a Fragment of Power. This method can be used to supplement Fragments of Power gathered from the bosses around The Unnamed City, though it shouldn’t be relied upon due to the 30% spawn chance.

Other Sources

There are a few other bosses around The Exiled Lands that can provide Fragments of Power. Unlike those in The Unnamed City, these bosses only have a chance of granting a Fragment of Power. The bosses are as follows.

Ancient Scorpion Queen

A player fighting the Ancient Scorpion Queen in the Scorpion Den. Image by Eradicati0nn

Found at the end of The Scorpion Den, accessed through a silver mine near Sepermeru named The Jawbone. The Ancient Scorpion Queen is a gigantic scorpion that attacks with claw strikes and tail stings. She has a lot of health and armor and is flanked by King Scorpions. However, her attacks are slow and easy to avoid, thus making this fight an exercise in avoiding attacks.

The Executioner

The Executioner is a giant skeletal serpent man found within Deathwhisper Ruins. He attacks with his large claws, inflicting heavy bleed damage with quick attacks and a long reach. The Executioner has a decent armor rating and a high health pool. He can be a tough fight, but the best tactic is to bring some friends or thralls, avoid his claws, and attack carefully.

Khari Remnants

Khari Remnants are a series of four skeleton bosses found within the Wine Cellar dungeon. These bosses are naturally aggressive and prove to be a challenging fight.

Having been cursed by Thag the demon, these undead Khari are capable of dropping Fragments of Power, alongside Khari Steel. Many players regard The Wine Cellar as a particularly difficult dungeon, and thus you’ll want to prepare for a tough fight. You can also find extra Relic Fragment chests within the Wine Cellar dungeon. These sources aren’t as reliable as The Unnamed City, and thus farming the bosses within the city is preferable.

Using the Fragments of Power

The Library of Esoteric Artifacts

The Library of Esoteric Artifacts located in The Archives. The library in question is right of centre, with The Archivist on the left. Image by Eradicati0nn

Fragments of Power that aren’t consumed for feat points can be offered to The Library of Esoteric Artifacts. This area is found beneath The Unnamed City in The Archives. It’s a bookcase that you can interact with, giving you one random recipe per Fragment of Power. You can also give five Fragments of Power to The Archivist to unlock A Memory of Oils. This allows you to craft Weapon Oils, granting temporary damage buffs to your weapon.

The Mountaineer

The Mountaineer, atop Fingerfang Rock. Image by Eradicati0nn

The Mountaineer is an NPC found atop Fingerfang Rock, who teaches the Mountaineer feat. If you bring him a single Fragment of Power, he’ll also teach you the Expert Mountaineer feat. This feat allows you to craft Reinforced Climbing Boots and Reinforced Climbing Gloves.

The Isle of Siptah

The Grey One’s Pool

Found across The Isle of Siptah are various figurines of different enemies. The figurines can be brought to The Pools found in the center of The Savannah and offered. This will spawn the enemy depicted in the figurine.
Many of these enemies are incredibly difficult to fight, such as the Blood Moon Beast, Spider of Leng, The Avatar of Bokrug, and more.

The Grey One’s Pools are located in the Savannah of The Isle of Siptah. Image by Eradicati0nn

Spawning and slaying these enemies, whilst it can be tough, is a great source of Fragments of Power. For a comprehensive guide on finding these figurines, I recommend this video by Wild Jester:

Other Sources

There are many open-world bosses found around The Isle of Siptah. These bosses can also provide Fragments of Power, though they’re spread wide across Siptah. There are a wide variety of open-world bosses that can serve this purpose, and whilst there are too many to name here, this video by Conan Exiles content creator Just Horse shows their locations.

Due to how widely spread they are across the Isle of Siptah, these bosses are less practical to farm than the Grey One’s Pools, and thus I wouldn’t recommend them.

The Tower of Siptah

The Tower of Siptah contains the equivalent of The Library of Esoteric Artifacts. Image by Eradicati0nn

Much like The Archives of The Exiled Lands, an equivalent exists on The Isle of Siptah. It’s found within The Tower at the center of the map and showcases various items that can be unlocked with Fragments of Power.

This is a slightly less random version of The Library of Esoteric Artifacts, and it’s where you hand in Fragments to unlock recipes you can’t find through leveling up. It also provides access to various recipes and feats that you can’t attain on The Isle of Siptah, such as the ability to craft Kinscourge weapons and armor. Due to so many recipes being locked behind map-specific dungeons and activities, a lot of items aren’t able to be crafted normally on Siptah. The crafting recipes unlocked in The Tower of Siptah help to remedy this issue, providing you with access to those crafting recipes.

The unlockable recipes are shown above the plinths within The Tower of Siptah. Image by Eradicati0nn

Frequently Asked Questions – Fragments of Power

Question: Is it possible to get duplicate recipes from The Library of Esoteric Artifacts?

Answer: Unfortunately, yes. It’s a completely random system, and thus you’ll require a lot of Fragments of Power to unlock all the recipes. This is slightly improved on The Isle of Siptah, where you can see the recipes you’ll unlock before you spend the Fragment of Power.

Question: How many Fragments of Power do I need to learn every feat?

Answer: A maximum-level player requires exactly 176 Fragments of Power to learn every feat in the game. If you’re farming Fragments of Power in The Unnamed City, you’ll end up being quite familiar with the place. Assuming you kill all 7 bosses, you’ll need to do 26 complete farming runs in the city to meet this cost. However, if you’re using Legendary weapons or armor, you’ll also gather repair kits for that gear, which is a great benefit to have.

Question: Is there any way to get more feat points other than Fragments of Power?

Answer: No, but you can craft your Fragments of Power into Tablets of Power. This is a recipe found in the Library of Esoteric Artifacts. You can craft 5 Fragments of Power into a tablet, which when consumed, gives you 60 feat points, 10 more than the fragments used to craft it. This means you will need 105 Fragments of Power to learn every feat, crafting and consuming exactly 21 tablets.


The search for knowledge and power is the crux of Conan Exiles. Many Exiles search for power, but few can truly harness it. Today, you’ve learned how to acquire and use Fragments of Power to further your knowledge. Grab your best weapon, it’s time to farm those Fragments. Best of luck, Exile!

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