Conan Exiles Insulated Wood Guide

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Conan Exiles has many types of wood, but Insulated Wood can often be important, depending on what you’re trying to make. With so many resources to manage all at once, Insulated Wood can catch you by surprise. If you’re unprepared, you might find yourself having to make some.

In this guide, we’ll be going through what Conan Exiles Insulated Wood is, what it’s used for and how you craft it. In the end, you’ll know exactly what to do when it comes to Insulated Wood So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Insulated Wood?

Insulated Wood

Within Conan Exiles, Insulated Wood is a mid-grade ingredient, appearing as a plank of orange-ish wood. Insulated Wood weighs 0.10 per unit and can stack up to 1000 pieces in a single inventory slot, meaning each full-stack weighs a considerable 100 units.

It’s easy to become over-encumbered by a lot of insulated wood, so you’ll want to store these in a chest, vault, or box to avoid carrying them around with you all the time.

These planks are treated with tree resin to reinforce the strength of the plank and make it weather resistant, a benefit that’s passed on to structures crafted using Insulated Wood as an ingredient.

What is Insulated Wood Used for?

Black Ice and Insulated Wood building

Conan Exiles Insulated Wood is for crafting armor, weapons, tools, decorations, and building pieces. It’s a common ingredient in many decorative items, such as Eldarium-Reinforced Chests, Food Troughs, Water Troughs, etc.

It’s used in certain weapons, armors, and crafting benches, perhaps its most important use is making the Black Ice-Reinforced and Insulated Wooden building pieces. Both of these are temperature-insulated building sets that are of Tier 3 and Tier 2 strength, respectively.

Insulated Wooden building pieces are among the best base game building pieces in terms of aesthetics and are seen in the Frozen North for their insulation properties. The benefit is debatable, as the player consensus on insulation is inconsistent and testing provides similar results across the building sets.

Black Ice building pieces are the base game Tier 3 set, making it the statistically best building set in terms of building health, with a Black Ice-Reinforced wall having a whopping 70,000 health, compared to the 35,000 health of an equivalent Tier 2 wall.

Black Ice is a very attractive-looking building set in terms of visual design. It’s also a great building set to have access to. It is expensive to make, it’s often used in PvP settings to defend against raids using explosive jars and arrows, giving potential raiders a much harder time raiding your base and getting away with your sweet loot.

Black Ice building pieces are also helpful in PvE, helping to defend against some of the toughest purges found in the Tundra and the Frozen North, purges that could wipe out an unprepared Exile and their base.

Considering that Insulated Wood is instrumental in building these structures, especially the ever-important Black Ice Tier 3 pieces, it is invaluable to know how Insulated Wood can be made and how you can best acquire it.

Like many resources within Conan Exiles, especially ones related to building, the time will come when you will need to have access to Insulated Wood, be that for repairs, weapons, armors, or building your base. Therefore, it is critical to know what to do when that need arises.

How do I Craft Insulated Wood?

Crafting Insulated Wood requires a couple of pre-requisite resources, workstations, and feats to be unlocked, so we’ll go through them now. We’ll also have a brief recap on how best to acquire them. Firstly, to even begin crafting Insulated Wood, you’ll need to unlock the Journeyman Masonfeat, which requires character level 20 and costs 5 feat points to unlock.

You’ll also need to have at least the Carpenter feat, though higher-leveled ones that give access to the improved benches can be useful later. This feat is unlocked at character level 10, costing 2 feat points to unlock.

This feat is essential, as it allows you to craft the Carpenter’s Bench and Shaped Wood, both of which are heavily used workstations and resources, so you’ll likely have this unlocked very early in the game.

So once you’ve unlocked both the feats and placed down your Carpenter’s Bench, you’ll still need some extra resources to craft Insulated Wood, as unfortunately, you can’t just manifest it from thin air. You’ll need two ingredients for making Insulated Wood. Both require a bit of work to process. So, let’s take a look at those ingredients.

Dry Wood & Resin


To craft Insulated Wood, you’ll need both Dry Wood and Resin at a 1:2 ratio, meaning each piece of Insulated Wood requires 1 Dry Wood and 2 pieces of Resin. It’s a manageable cost to handle.

However, the resources are slow to make, so you should do a little pre-planning and get your hands on these resources ASAP. Fortunately, there is an easy way to acquire these necessary items from only one farming trip.

When you place regular Wood into a dryer, wait 40 seconds. After drying, you’ll find 1 Resin and 2 Dry Wood. You’ll need 2 Resin and 1 Wood to craft a single Insulated Wood, so you’ll effectively need to dry two pieces of wood for one Insulated Wooden plank.

Using a dryer like this is probably the best way to acquire the necessary ingredients to craft Insulated Wood. You can throw some wood into the dryer and forget about it for a while, using the excess Dry Wood you don’t use in crafting for fueling your furnaces. The Dryer is accessed from the Dried Preserves feat, unlocked at Level 19 and costing 2 feat points.

Another option is to use your Pick on any healthy tree to acquire Resin and to farm the dried trees surrounding The Black Galleon (Map Square I7) for your dry wood needs, though this can result in a lengthy farming trip.

The best choice here is to make the best use of your time and put wood into your Dryer, use the drying time to farm other resources you’ll need for other things, and then come back home to a huge stack of Dry Wood and Resin to start crafting your Insulated Wood.

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Crafting Benches

Carpenter's Bench, Improved Carpenter's Bench, Trade Carpenter's Bench, and Precision Carpenter's Bench

So we know how to craft Insulated Wood, but what is the best workbench to use? Each Carpenter’s Bench within Conan Exiles offers different benefits to either Crafting Speed or Cost Reduction.

Deciding which bench to use is often a difficult choice. However, I do believe that this choice is easier than others. I’ve included a table below that details the benefits of each workbench and the effect it has on crafting Insulated Wood.

  • Carpenter’s Bench: Standard speed and cost, 1 Dry Wood + 2 Resin = 1 Insulated Wood in 10 seconds
  • Improved Carpenter’s Bench: 50% faster crafting, -25% resource cost. 1 Dry Wood + 1 Resin = 1 Insulated Wood in 6.6 seconds
  • Trade Carpenter’s Bench: 200% faster crafting, standard cost. 1 Dry Wood + 2 Resin = 1 Insulated Wood in 3.3 seconds
  • Precision Carpenter’s Bench: Standard speed, -50% resource cost. 1 Dry Wood + 1 Resin = 1 Insulated Wood in 10 seconds

As I mentioned earlier, the option of which workbench to use is quite a bit easier regarding Insulated Wood. Given that this resource crafts in 10 seconds, I don’t recommend going for the Trade Carpenter’s Bench for the faster-crafting speed. It’s nice to have, but the Improved Carpenter’s Bench offers the best of both worlds.

Assuming you dry out your regular wood in a Dryer, you’ll receive two pieces of Dry Wood and 1 Resin. This ratio isn’t ideal, as you have to use two pieces of regular wood over 80 seconds to have the resources to produce 1 Insulated Wood. However, if you opt to craft yourself an Improved Carpenter’s Bench, you’ll see a significant improvement.

Now, a single piece of Insulated Wood requires 1 Dry Wood and 1 Resin, a much easier to fulfill 1:1 ratio. You also get the bonus of shaving a quarter off the crafting time, so each piece of Insulated Wood is crafted in 6.6 seconds.

Perhaps the largest benefit is the drying process. Combining the crafting time of drying out the wood and crafting the Insulated Wood on a regular Carpenter’s Bench, you’d be looking at a total time of 90 seconds per piece of wood, a pretty hefty time requirement that wastes a lot of valuable time.

Tier 3 Black Ice set

However, given that the Improved Carpenter’s Bench changes the crafting ratio to 1:1, you only need to dry out one regular piece of wood per Insulated Wood. This process reduces your total crafting time down from 90 seconds to a much better 46 seconds.

That’s cut almost in half! This is a considerable time saver and is a massive benefit if you’re trying to be efficient with your time. I’d recommend using the Improved Carpenter’s Bench over the Regular, Trade, or Precision Carpenter’s Benches.


Question: Can I Farm Insulated Wood from Enemy NPCs?

Answer: Like many resources, Insulated Wooden can drop from enemy NPCs. However, it is pretty uncommon, and even when it does drop, it only does so in tiny quantities. Usually, this is the case for sought-after resources like Insulated Wood, Bricks, etc.

These drops are more designed as a small bonus if you’re in need, or just extra junk to sift through in the inventory of a dead NPC. Relying on these drops isn’t a sustainable farming method at all, you are much better off crafting Insulated Wood the intended way, as I’ve detailed above.

Question: Are Insulated Structures Better to Use in the Frozen North?

Answer: There’s mixed feedback on this, generally speaking. You’ll find some saying they provide different types of insulation, designed for either hot or cold climates. However, in my testing, they acted pretty reliably. I built two structures in the Frozen North, one from Black Ice and one from Insulated Wood.

Without armor, I was at the “Very Cold” temperature, and when stepping inside the build, I was at a comfortable temperature. This limited testing indicates that Insulated structures do provide some protection from the cold, though it seems all materials give some form of insulation regardless of type.

Question: Is it Possible to Upgrade the Dryer to Produce more Wood and Resin?

Answer: Unfortunately not. The Dryer is a standalone workbench that can’t be upgraded, adapted, or changed. Pretty disappointing, I know, but fortunately, you can go and smack some trees with your Pick to get tonnes of Resin.

Funcom may eventually release an upgraded Dryer in the future, but once you know what you’re doing, it shouldn’t hold you back too much.

Question: Should I Stockpile Insulated Wood Early on to Get an Advantage Later?

Answer: This is a good question. Usually, I would recommend maybe making a bit of Insulated Wood, just so you have a little to use for repairs or upgrades as soon as you can make them, however, I don’t recommend it. If you invest in a Dryer and an Improved Carpenter’s Bench, you’ll produce a lot of Insulated Wood.

Therefore, rather than stockpiling early, focus on getting those two workstations. You’ll soon be able to produce vast quantities of Insulated Wood, and it’ll be much easier than making the extra effort to have access to them earlier on.


Insulated Wood is an important resource within Conan Exiles, used with numerous crafting recipes, including weapons, tools, armor, and workbenches. Hopefully, this guide has helped you work out what Insulated Wood is, what it’s used for, and most importantly, how to craft it efficiently.

Having access to Insulated Wood allows you to make both Insulated Wooden and Black Ice, building sets that are visually impressive and perfect for PvP. With this knowledge, you can now produce Insulated Wood to your heart’s content and build the base of your dreams.

Grab your checkered shirts, hatchet, and overgrown yet somehow well-trimmed beard. There are plenty of trees out there just waiting to be chopped down and turned into Insulated Wood. Best of luck Exile!

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