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There comes a time and place within Conan Exiles where ramshackle walls made out of cobbled-together stones or wood salvaged from shipwrecks just won’t do. If you’re ever going to be successful within Conan Exiles, outside of being able to feed and clothe yourself, you’ll need to build yourself a comfortable base where you can develop your empire of thralls and “convince” them to produce a whole wealth of materials for you to use. To build that wonderful home, the need is always the same.

Whether it’s a gorgeous stately home in the Highlands, a rustic cottage in the jungle, or a towering castle watching over The Frozen North, you’re always gonna need some bricks. Today, I’ll be teaching you how to produce a massive quantity of brick for all your construction, decoration, and gameplay needs.

What is Brick?

Brick appears in the inventory as a slab of shaped stone, with a dark sand-like color and roughly beveled edges. Brick is a fairly common item in Conan Exiles, being useful from the later stages of the early game up to the absolute endgame of construction, in varying different forms. A brick weighs 0.13 per unit and has a maximum stack size of 1000 pieces, meaning you can lug around quite a few of these. However, don’t be deceived, as the relatively low weight per item can quickly ramp up and over encumber you, especially as your crafting needs become greater and you go from dealing with a few bricks here and there to the hundreds or maybe even thousands required for the base of your dreams in the end game.

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Brick, as shown here in the inventory, is an incredibly important resource in Conan Exiles

What is Brick used for?

Brick is used in quite a lot of recipes and constructions within Conan Exiles and is a very common resource that you’ll find yourself needing. To mention only a few of the many options, brick is used to craft god altars, animals pens, siege foundations, stables, various decorative items, workbenches, and perhaps most importantly, they’re a key piece in building Tier 2 and Tier 3 structures, though the way they are used changes as you upgrade from Tier 2 to Tier 3. For Tier 3 structures, Brick will need to be upgraded into Hardened Brick. This provides a nice resource consistency between the middle and top end of the building within Conan Exiles and it is very easy to convert your Bricks into Hardened Bricks. However, that is a process we’ll cover in another article. For this article, we’ll focus on bricks alone.

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How is Brick made?

Brick is fortunately extremely easy to craft. All you’ll need is a furnace of any type, fuel for said furnace, and access to stone. You’ll also need to have acquired the Blacksmith feat, which is unlocked at Level 10 and costs 2 feat points. However, this feat is essential for progression throughout the game, so you’re bound to unlock it at some point. Stone is one of the most abundant resources within Conan Exiles, being scattered in plentiful quantities throughout The Exiled Lands and The Isle of Siptah. These stones can be found in many forms, be that small pebbles on the ground, medium-sized outcrops, or gargantuan boulders. These are best harvested with a Pick, and even with Iron or Steel tools, you can very quickly acquire vast quantities of stone to fulfill your brick-making needs.

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A player mining stone. Notice the smaller stones behind him, these can also be picked up

Once you have the stone, you’ll need to throw said stone into any furnace you have available with fuel. Fuel for the furnace can be found in many different forms, and the fuel you use will likely depend on what stage of the game you’re in. Below, you’ll find a small list that details every viable type of fuel available in the game and the time for which they will power a standard furnace. “Viable” in this sense is counted as fuel that is easy to attain regular amounts of. There are other sources, like Molten Hearts, but these are much slower and harder to attain compared to the ones in the list below. Bear in mind that some different furnaces do exist, and thus will affect your burn times differently, either by greatly enhancing them or by cutting down their burn time, but also increasing smelting time. That point aside, this is still a general baseline that is good to know and is accurate for the regular Furnace that you’ll be crafting in-game.

  • Plant Fiber – 2 seconds
  • Branch – 5 seconds
  • Wood – 10 seconds
  • Bark – 20 seconds
  • Coal – 35 seconds
  • Dry Wood – 48 seconds
  • Oil – 48 seconds
From Left to Right: Plant Fibre, Branch, Wood, Bark, Coal, Dry Wood, and Oil

Generally speaking, Oil and Dry Wood are the best fuels you can use. However, in the early game, you’ll have a tough time attaining a sustainable amount of these fuel items. Therefore if you’re still in the process of getting to grips with life as an Exile, especially if you’re new to the game, I would recommend using either Wood or Bark. Wood is plentiful and can easily be attained by using a hatchet on one of the many healthy trees scattered around the map. However, wood is also used in a lot of other recipes, and thus you may find yourself having to head out and farm up even more wood in the long run.

Another option is bark, which is best gathered by using a pick on any tree. The downside of using either of these is that you’ll end up in a bit of a wood deficit either way. However, if you can get your hands on a pickaxe, you can get yourself a healthy balance of both wood and bark which can help to reduce that gap in your resources. As you can see from the list, Bark burns for double the time that wood does, and beats out branches and plant fiber very well, being 4 times faster and 10 times faster respectively. For fuelling your furnace, I very much recommend either Bark or Wood, depending on your needs and means.

So once your furnace is fuelled, you just gotta throw in your stone and wait. With a regular furnace, you’ll need 10 pieces of stone to make a single brick, which is smelted in 10 seconds. Though you’ll have to wait a while to make a good quantity of bricks in the early game, having this spare time can be very useful for helping you to stockpile other resources and work towards upgrading your furnace to make future brick crafting an easier process.

Unfortunately, you’ll find that to craft a decent-sized Tier 2 base, you’ll probably need quite a bit of brick, meaning you’ll be spending a lot of time waiting on your furnace to churn out bricks. However, as I said, you should use that time productively! It’s all too easy to sit around in your base waiting for your bricks to slowly be smelted together, but by using that time wisely, you can set yourself up well for any future crafting needs. So, with that being said, we should probably look at future upgrades to your furnace to make brick crafting a bit easier to achieve.

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What furnace should I use?

Within Conan Exiles, there are five different furnaces available for you to craft at the time of writing. These are the Furnace, Improved Furnace, Improved Furnace (Kiln), Heat-Efficient Furnace, and Fuel-Efficient Furnace. These furnaces have different aspects and modifiers that will make them useful for different aims, though the choice of which furnace you’ll want is subjective, at least to a degree. Below, I’ll list each of the furnaces and the effect they have, including the brick crafting time, to hopefully make that decision a little easier.

  • Furnace: Regular craft & burn time. 10 Stone = 1 Brick crafted in 10 seconds
  • Improved Furnace: Regular craft time, 43% increase to burn time. 10 Stone = 1 Brick crafted in 10 seconds
  • Improved Furnace (Kiln): 43% increase in craft time, 75% increase to burn time. 10 Stone = 1 Brick crafted in 7 seconds
  • Heat-Efficient Furnace: 350% increase in craft time, 77% decrease to burn time. 10 Stone = 1 Brick crafted in 2 seconds
  • Fuel-Efficient Furnace: 43% increase in craft time, 300% increase to burn time. 10 stone = 1 Brick crafted in 7 seconds
From left to right: Furnace, Improved Furnace, Improved Furnace (Kiln), Heat-Efficient Furnace, and Fuel-Efficient Furnace

As I mentioned before, the best option for your end-game furnace choice is very subjective. I would advise crafting an Improved Furnace (Kiln) in the mid-game, as it offers a really good balance of both an increase in crafting time and fuel burn time. However, the process of unlocking the ability to craft an Improved Furnace (Kiln) can either be fairly easy, or long and arduous. Unlike most feats, you can only learn the recipe for the Kiln by offering Fragments of Power to the Dark Library located in The Archives, deep within The Unnamed City.

Fragments of Power are a guaranteed drop from bosses within the Unnamed City, and you can trade one Fragment of Power to receive one recipe scroll from the library. That being said, the average number of fragments of power required to learn all 30 recipes is around 120, meaning that unless you get lucky, you could find yourself wasting quite a bit of time trying to acquire this feat. Fragments of Power are important for earning feat points after you hit the level cap of 60, so unless you happen to get this recipe quite early, don’t get too hung up on attaining it, even though it is the best general-purpose furnace.

In the end game, the choice between the Heat-Efficient Furnace and Fuel-Efficient furnace depends on the resources you have to hand. If you have access to plenty of coal, oil or dry wood, then I would recommend the Heat-Efficient Furnace so you’re able to craft bricks rapidly. However, if you find yourself struggling to maintain a healthy supply of high-level fuel, or if you’d rather have the increased burn duration of whatever fuel you’re using, the Fuel-Efficient Furnace is also a worthwhile investment. Again, this depends upon what resources you have access to, and your willingness & ability to sacrifice either your time or your resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Seeing as brick is useful throughout both the mid and end game, is it worth trying to stockpile bricks as early as possible?

Answer: I’d usually answer no to this question, but this is a very valid concern. Whilst you do of course run the risk of losing your stockpiled bricks to PvP raids or enemy purges, a predicament made even more frustrating by the extra time and effort it requires to stockpile bricks in the early game, getting an early start on your brick crafting journey may be a good idea. I wouldn’t recommend going all out and crafting thousands, but every so often, feel free to throw a hundred or so stones into a furnace if you’re going out to farm wood, iron etc. You’ll thank yourself later on.

Question: Is there a way to calculate exactly how many bricks I’d need for a specific build design? I don’t wanna waste time producing bricks I won’t need?

Answer: Unfortunately, the only way to do this would be to manually count up and keep track of all the resources required for your design. There doesn’t seem to be any calculator available online, and the only one I could personally find was discontinued a while ago. Whilst I’m all for efficiency, try not to get too hung up on it. If you do end up with a few too many bricks, save them for later on. You can use them for repairs, decorations, god altars and other things. It’s always good to have a small backup lying around.

Question: Should I craft multiple furnaces to smelt bricks faster?

Answer: If you have the resources, this is an option. In the early game especially, crafting bricks can be a pain, so I see why you’d want to cut down on the time taken to craft up all the bricks you’re gonna need. You could have two or three furnaces running, all smelting bricks, though it might be an idea to have at least one spare furnace for smelting iron or anything else. There’s no sense in stopping all your other production efforts just for bricks.


Brick is an incredibly important resource in Conan Exiles, one that is integral in establishing a foothold in The Exiled Lands. It is easy to craft, and though it can be time-consuming, hopefully, this guide has helped you in all your brick crafting endeavors. With all your new bricks, you can go from a poor river-dwelling exile in a wooden shack to living in the castle, cottage or stately home of your dreams with just a bit of patience and effort. Good luck Exiles!

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