Conan Exiles Ichor Farming Guide

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Can the Gods bleed? As a matter of fact, they bleed all over the place in their epic tales of pettiness and meddling. Honestly, it serves them right; they often did more harm than good for humanity. How unfair if they never got harmed themselves. It ran golden in color when they did bleed and was incredibly harmful to beasts, humans, and demigods. This toxic blood went by a memorable name: ichor.

In Conan Exiles, ichor retains its golden hue, but you won’t have to do any God hunting to fill your inventory. Instead, you’ll find that most insectoids and lizards drop ichor in the Exiled Lands. Conan Exiles Ichor farming is not a harmful substance; on the contrary, it’s a handy component. Unfortunately, it will likely be one of the components you need and run out of the most often; due to just how inconvenient it is to harvest.

TL:DR: Creepy Crawlies and Ichor


Spiders, lizards, snakes, and scorpions all drop ichor when their corpse is processed with a pick, and spiders are generally the easiest to farm. While the golden resource will also drop when using a hatchet or skinning knife, a pick is the best tool for the job. The better your pick is, the more ichor you’ll harvest from felled beasts, so always upgrade your pick when the opportunity presents itself.

The best place to farm spiders for ichor, especially as a new player, is the Skittering Cavern in western F5

In the past, a player could harvest ichor just by processing fish at their base, but this mechanic was removed. For homebodies, there is still one option for a self-contained ichor operation, and that’s stocking an animal pen with spiders. You’ll need to travel deep into the jungle to N7 and clear out Flotsam near Buccaneer Bay. This town is hostile except for the merchant on the top floor that will sell you spider eggs for 10 gold coins.

Best Beasts to Farm for Ichor

The qualifications for a great farming area are a combination of low danger, high density, and ease of access. If the animal kind of icks you out, there is a good chance it drops ichor when harvested. While many monster habitats can be used to farm ichor, spider dens most often check off all of these requirements.

There are very dangerous spiders out in the Exiled Lands, but they are a low-level nuisance for the most part. In addition, they are easy to find. Spiders inhabit the entire span of the desert either out in the open or buried in its caverns. If you find one spider, there are a lot of spiders. Because they are stacked together in such high quantities if you clear a den of spiders, you will have quite a few corpses to harvest.

Where to Farm Ichor


In western F5, there is a cave called Skittering Caverns, and it is full of low-level spiders. It’s also very easy to get to. Run the tributary river north from the southern river to reach it and avoid more difficult desert enemies. There will be a couple of crocodiles on your route, but they are easy to either run past or two-shot for some quick XP (depending on your gear). There is one spider boss towards the cavern’s end that lower-level players will want to avoid. 

If you are stationed further to the east of the map, there’s another cave called Executioner’s Cavern in eastern I6. There are loads of low-level spiders in this cave, and it’s very easy to access from the southern river. Make sure to run directly north; if you go too far east, you may end up in the jungle with the tigers, and they are not to be trifled with at low levels.

How to Farm Ichor: The Pick

Most resources don’t drop from creatures in Conan Exiles; they must be harvested via the appropriate tool. To harvest ichor from fallen spiders, scorpions, and snakes, it’s best to smack their corpse with a pick. You can also harvest ichor with a skinning knife, but a pick or pickaxe yields the most per swing.

The pick should be your first tool upgraded in almost any situation anyway, so making the leap and upgrading this particular tool is not a hard decision when it comes to farming ichor. Ore is a valuable resource that is relatively difficult to access, so having the best pick possible will increase your ore intake and allow you to upgrade the rest of your toolset sooner. The added benefit is that you’ll be harvesting much more ichor from spiders along the way.

It’s also an easy decision to throw a tool upgrade kit on your pick because you’ll use it primarily for ore. A tool upgrade kit will allow you to harvest more ichor per corpse, meaning you’ll get more ichor in total from a den of spiders. At level 26, you can learn the simple tool upgrade kit with the apprentice weaponsmith feat and start upgrading your tools with the tinker’s bench.

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Conversely: How to Make an Ichor Farm

ichor 1

The most efficient way to set up a permanent ichor operation at your base is to make room for an additional animal pen and fill it with spiders. You would think it would be an easy task to fill an animal pen with spiders. After all, there seem to be too many spiders skittering about the Exiled Lands. Usually, that means plenty of baby animals to grab for your pen. However, getting ahold of spider eggs requires a bit more effort than just finding a den of the creepy crawlers.

You will have to purchase spider eggs from the merchant on the top floor of Flotsam near Buccaneer Bay. This entire area is hostile except for the merchant, so you’ll need to be at a high enough level to clear it safely (30+). The merchant wants 10g per spider egg. This sounds expensive, but it’s only one gold bar for 5 gold coins if you learn the fine metal crafts feat at level 19 and create a coin mold. Harvesting gold ore is the only big obstacle between you and your very own ichor farm.

Allow the eggs to hatch in your inventory. This takes 24 hours, and you must stay on top of it. A spider hatchling will die quickly in your inventory once it’s hatched. You can also use a compost heap to hatch your spider egg in a little over an hour, but be warned, the hatchling will survive even less time in the compost heap.

Feeding spiders spoiled meat will result in a 50% ichor production chance. In this way, fish can still do their part in providing ichor because any meat will eventually spoil, and the spiders will eat it. You can put your fresh meat in a compost heap to get it to spoil faster or just put it directly into the pen to spoil. They seem to eat it at about the same pace it spoils, so, as of this version of Conan Exiles, there’s no need to use the compost heap unless you are in a hurry.

What to Use Your Ichor For

The predominant use for ichor in Conan Exiles is making alchemical base, which is basically required for anything precious that comes off your alchemist’s bench. Combine 2 ichor with two silver dust and one gold dust at the alchemist’s bench to make an alchemical base. Alchemical bases are used for powerful potions, including the best healing options in the game. It’s also used for late-game armor and weapon crafting. You can process gold or silver dust by putting a gold or silver bar in the grinder (I know it’s terrible), and the grinder will produce 10 dust.

Ichor can also be combined with bark to make oil. You’ll use the alchemist’s bench but will need to have a T3 or T4 alchemist thrall stationed there for the recipe to become available. Oil is the most efficient fuel in the game, and this recipe is the most efficient way to make oil in bulk. Acquiring the thrall will be no easy task, but only one bark and one ichor for 5 oil is a tough deal to turn down.

The Golden Blood of Conan: Ichor

ichor 2

If you consider yourself a bit of a potion professor, aka an alchemist through and through, ichor will be part of your daily grind in Conan Exiles. You’ll be an expert spider killer. You’ll take out a dozen at once with a broad sweep of your two-hander and know all the caverns in your area where they skitter about. Eventually, you’ll even be an expert spider farmer, with a whole animal pen dedicated to your ichor addiction.

All of that alchemical base will make you the envy of your Conan friends and enemies because the rest of us never have enough. You’ll be able to heal yourself through any fight and have a potion for every circumstance. The golden monster blood can be just the boost you need to make it in the Exiled Lands. A reliable source of it is necessary for any aspiring exile alchemist.

Ichor FAQ

Question: How do you get ichor in Conan?

Answer: The easiest way to get Ichor in Conan is to farm spiders and harvest their corpses with a pick. You can also set yourself up an ichor farm by filling an animal pen with spiders and feeding them rotten meat.

Question: Can you get ichor from fish in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Not anymore. Ichor was once a bi-product of cooking fish, but this mechanic has been removed.

Question: What tool do you use for Ichor?

Answer: Use a pick or pickaxe to get the most ichor from appropriate corpses. The better your pick is, the more ichor each corpse will produce.

Question: Where is the best place to farm ichor?

Answer: The best places to farm ichor are the Skittering Cavern along the river in western F5 or Executioner’s Cavern just before the jungle biome in eastern I6. There is a dense population of spiders in these locations; clearing the dens (leave the boss) is an efficient way to farm ichor.

Question: What is Ichor used for in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Ichor is mostly used to make alchemical base, which is a core component of more high-end items made at the alchemist’s bench. It can also be used to make oil in bulk with a T3 or T4 alchemist and the alchemist’s bench.

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