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Conan Exiles Resin is perhaps one of the most essential mid-game ingredients you’ll encounter. In a rush to ensure you have everything you need, it’s easy to overlook Resin and find yourself in a challenging situation when you need it.

Resin plays a critical part in the progression from the mid-game to the end-game of Conan Exiles, providing access to the ultra-desirable Tier 3 building materials. Today, we will be looking at how to acquire Resin in a stable, sustainable way to ensure you always have as much as you need. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Resin?

Resin is an orange gloop of a viscous, syrup-like substance that bleeds from trees to protect them from damage. Resin can be quite useful within Conan Exiles, much like its real-life counterpart, though you definitely won’t be using it to make soaps or rosin.

Resin is a mid-grade ingredient that weighs in at a pretty light 0.05 per unit with a total max stack size of 500, making each resin stack in your inventory a fairly light 25 units of weight. It’ll still encumber you a fair bit if you’re carrying a lot of it, but it is on the lighter end of materials for sure.

It’s a fairly plentiful ingredient that you can find in many areas. Resin is pretty easy to attain both passively and actively, and we’re going to be looking at exactly how you can stock up on Resin today.


What does Resin do?

Resin is used for a few different applications within Conan Exiles. It’s used in the manual production of Tar for building Improved Fish and Shellfish traps, assembling Lances, mixing dyes and drinks, creating Insulated Wood, and perhaps most importantly, it’s used for crafting Stone Consolidant.

When combined with regular Bricks, Stone Conslidant is the key ingredient for making Hardened Brick, one of the most essential components for creating Tier 3 building pieces.

Resin is quite easily overlooked in the grand scheme of things, especially in a rush to gather weapons, armor, gear, hides, and other essential resources. Still, Resin is just as important to collect as the other resources above. You’ll need 2 Resin and 6 Plant Fiber for crafting Stone Consolidant.

Its a pretty low cost, but Resin isn’t as easy to collect as Plant Fibre is, so its essential that you know the best way to collect Resin in a sustainable amount, so you don’t find yourself running dry and having to venture out aimlessly searching for the fabled tree syrup.


How do I Harvest Resin?

Resin is found in pretty plentiful quantities around The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah. Fortunately, to start harvesting Resin, all you’ll need is a pick and access to some trees. Seeing as Resin becomes more useful in the later game, I wouldn’t recommend starting to farm up Resin until you already have a decent supply of wood and bark.

Otherwise, you’ll have to spend extra time farming trees to acquire Wood, Bark, and Resin, which can be a waste of time considering how much longer you’ll have to be out there harvesting. Any Pick will work, from Stone up to the Black Blood or Eldarium Picks.

You’ll, of course, find better harvesting rates from the higher-end tools, but even if you only have an Iron or Steel pick, they’ll still serve you quite well in your farming endeavors.

Before we look at how to start harvesting Resin from trees, it is essential to know that not all trees are created equal when it comes to Resin. As a general rule, you want to keep this in mind: If it lives, it will bleed. By this, I mean that if a tree is alive, it will bleed Resin when you harvest it.

Usually, this isn’t an issue, as the vast majority of trees you’ll find through The Isle of Siptah and The Exiled Lands are alive and will provide you with Resin. However, you will sometimes find clusters of dead, bleached-white trees that won’t be able to give you any resin.

These trees are great if you’re looking to farm Bark, as this is all they’ll provide you. Generally, though, if you’re out there to get Resin, avoid the dead trees.

The most apparent trees to target are those with healthy green leaves, those tall and thin trees, short and chunky, or even the more interesting tree types like the Joshua trees found within the desert. There are also some trees in specific biomes that, at first glance, look to be well and truly dead.

These are found mainly around the Ashlands in the Isle of Siptah, though they are prevalent in other areas in the Isle of Siptah or The Exiled Lands. However, they’re surprisingly not, and even though the branches bear no leaves, you’ll still be able to harvest Resin from them.

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Resin vs yield bark

Within a couple of farming runs, you should quite easily identify which trees will provide you with that beautiful Resin and which will leave you only with handfuls of bark. However, it’s best to know what you’re looking for when you’re starting and target the lush, green trees.

Some areas don’t have excellent access to trees, though; this is primarily a problem in the Frozen North of The Exiled Lands, though the issue can also rear its head in certain parts of the Desert. Therefore, one of the best spots to farm tonnes of Resin is in the Highlands and the Tundra.

These areas are full of trees that will provide you with plenty of Resin, so if you’re in a bit of a tough spot when it comes to the availability of trees to harvest Resin from, these two biomes are a great option if you’re nearby.

So, to get started harvesting Resin, you’ll need to find a healthy tree and smack it with your pick. If you think that it sounds easy, that’s because it is. When harvesting a tree with a pick, you’ll gain a supply of both Bark and Resin, though, in my experience, you’ll usually find yourself gaining a bit more Bark than Resin.

The amount of each resource you’ll get is determined by the quality of your tool, as is the case for pretty much every farmable resource in the game. Given that Resin is already somewhat less common to receive than Bark.

I again wouldn’t recommend trying to harvest any significant amount of Resin until you have at least Steel tools. It’ll make your efforts a bit more rewarding, and you’re probably closer to the point in the game where you’ll need any decent quantity of Resin.

Pick for harvest Resin

In my testing, I used a Hardened Steel pick, and with a small sample size of trees, I was getting an average of about 7.5 Resin per tree. That average number will likely fluctuate based on RNG and larger sample size and will decrease if you use lower-quality tools and increase if you use higher-quality ones.

That being said, it’s still relatively easy to acquire a decent amount of Resin, and thus this should help you eventually advance from Tier 2 to Tier 3 building pieces.

Alternative Methods

Unlike many other farmable resources in Conan Exiles, Resin has a consistent alternative method that I would recommend using. This method takes a much more passive approach, allowing you to quickly produce Resin in an almost AFK process, freeing up tons of time to run dungeons and farm other resources to spend your time working on your base.

You’ll need a decent chunk of Wood and a Dryer to use this method. The Dryer is unlocked by purchasing the Dried Preserves feat, made available at Level 19 and costing 2 Feat points.

Crafting a dryer requires 20 Shaped Wood and 10 Twine, so it’s pretty darn cheap even in the early game. Once you’ve placed down your Dryer, you’ll need to dry out your wood. You do this by placing a stack of wood into the Dryer and waiting. Yeah, it is honestly that easy.

Every 40 seconds, your Dryer will take 1 Wood and transform it into two pieces of Dry Wood and one piece of Resin. Dry Wood is pretty nice to have for various purposes, including Insulated Wood and Furnace Fuel. The 1:1 ratio of wood to resin is nice and simple, too, meaning that if you put 1000 wood into the Dryer, once it’s all dry, you’ll get 1000 Resin.

passively build Resin

That sounds great, but drying 1000 pieces of wood will take around 11 hours, so it’s not the best method for speedily attaining lots of Resin. My recommendation is to have some wood in the Dryer whilst you’re out farming if you want to get the most amount of Resin possible, as you’ll have it coming in from two sources.

You could also focus on farming wood instead, using that wood to fuel your Resin farming through the Dryer whilst you spend your active playtime working on farming up other resources you need.

If you choose the latter, you should take some time to plan and work out a rough timescale of when you think you’ll want to progress up to Tier 3 structures. Seeing as you always have the option to go out and actively harvest Resin yourself, using both the passive and active methods is a great way to bolster your supply of Resin quickly.



Question: Is it Possible to Farm Resin from Fighting Npcs?

Answer: Yes, though it is not recommended as a primary method. Much like other resources, Resin can drop from enemies in minimal quantities, and whilst it’s nice to gain a few extra pieces here and there, it’s not fast or reliable enough to be your primary farming method.
This is the case for many farmable resources, and it’s usually never really worth relying on NPC drops to fulfill your needs, though it can nicely supplement a farming run for animal hide or bones.

Question: Is there any Way to Speed Up the Resin Created by Drying Wood?

Answer: Not really. You could always place down multiple dryers and split a large stack of wood between them, this would give you Resin faster than usual, but your total amount would be the same.
There are no drying rack upgrades in the game currently, so placing extra Dryers is the only way to effectively increase how much Resin you can produce in a set amount of time.

Question: I’ve Used the Dryer to Get Lots of Resin, but now I Have too Much Dry Wood! What should I do with it?

Answer: This is a common consequence of the dryer rack method. Dry Wood isn’t useful unless you need Insulated Wood, though you can use it as furnace fuel.
It burns just as long as Oil and is much cheaper to attain, so I recommend using it for your furnaces. Oil can be quite hard to gain depending on which stage of the game you’re in, so Dry Wood is an excellent option for fuelling your smelting endeavors.


So there we have it! You now know all you need to know about Resin. You know what tool you’re going to need, how to identify which trees will provide the resin, and how to produce Resin passively to free up your time to undertake other tasks.

Resin is a vital though often overlooked resource within Conan Exiles, and if you’re anything like me, it’s very easy to forget it exists entirely.

At least until you realize you need a couple of hundred Stone Consolidant to upgrade your buildings, you’re left wandering across The Isle of Siptah, chopping down trees and lugging around a backpack full of goopy, viscous resin.

Hopefully, you now feel prepared to farm Resin and be able to produce Insulated Wood and Stone Consolidant, and eventually, you’ll find yourself ready to build a magnificent Tier 3 structure. Best of luck with your farming, Exile!

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