Conan Exiles Shadebloom Guide

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So, you’ve come across a recipe to shadespice, and you have no idea where to start? I’d like to say you’re in luck, but knowing where to find shade bloom is only a small portion of the battle ahead of you. As with anything in Conan Exiles, the guides make the task sound easy and the danger low. The actual task can wind up completely backward in no time, and the dungeon you’ll be clearing for shade bloom is no different.

The challenge, of course, will be relative to your experience, skill, and gear. This is not an easy adventure for beginners to take on, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. We all have to start somewhere, and knowing where to go is a great place to start. Read more about it in this Conan Exiles Shadebloom Guide!

TL;DR: The Midnight Grove

Shadebloom is a flower harvested from downed bosses in the Midnight Grove. Bring five feral flesh to the werehyena named the child of Jhebbal Sag in The Den in E8 to be transported to the Midnight Grove. Keep in mind that the Midnight Grove is a level 60 dungeon, and while it’s not the most challenging undertaking in Conan Exiles, it will require higher-end gear.

You’ll need to kill the bosses in the Midnight Grove to harvest shade bloom. Shadebloom is not located in their inventory. Instead, it must be collected from their corpses. The best tool to use for this is a cleaver, and of course, the higher tier your cleaver is, the more shade bloom you will harvest if it drops. It does not always drop, and it is not unheard of to clear the whole dungeon without finding any shade bloom.

You’ll use your shade bloom to craft shade spiced food, which is used to increase your chance of raising a greater version of your animal companion in the animal pen. The shade spiced version of a baby animal’s favorite food will always give you the highest chance of crafting this greater variant, which has much better stats than the standard version.

A shadespice recipe only ever needs one shade bloom. A baby animal only ever needs one food item to start crafting. Still, you will find that it may take several baby animals and shade spiced meals to craft a greater animal companion.

How to Get to the Midnight Grove

Shadebloom can only reliably be found in one place in the Exiled Lands.. which isn’t actually in the Exiled Lands. You will need to be teleported to the Groves of Jhebbal Sag, the Lord of the Beasts, to hunt the monsters that stalk its perma-night pathways and forest. The groves of Jhebbal Sag, or the Midnight Grove, are tainted and sick, and the bosses that reside there will try to kill you. Keep in mind that this is a medium difficulty, level 60 dungeon. 

One of the priests, the Child of Jhebbal Sag, managed to escape to the Exiled Lands and would like you to kindly clear out the issue back at the grove. You’ll find this priest at The Den in E8, looking very toothy. He’s a werehyena, which is confusing as all other were-animals in the area will try to kill you.

For some reason, you’ll still need to pay this Child of Jhebbal Sag 5 feral flesh for the privilege of being teleported to his grove and cleaning up his mess. He will then give you a potion of midnight, which will teleport you to the grove. He will also teach you to make the potion yourself via the Midnight Alchemist feat, saving you the trip through the were-animal infested Den in the future. In addition to this potion, he will teach you potions that can reset your attribute points or your feats. You can use these instead of the yellow lotus potion if you only want to reset one or the other versus both.

How to Craft Your Very Own Midnight Potion

Once you’ve learned the recipe for the midnight potion from the Child of Jhebbal Sag, the ingredients are not very difficult to acquire. Well, they are more difficult to collect than finding 5 feral flesh to buy it premade, but crafting the potion is much more convenient than buying it from the werehyena every time you need more shade bloom.

You’ll need to build an alchemist’s bench to craft the potion and a grinder and fluid press for some of the ingredients. The midnight potion requires 5 blood, 3 bonemeal, 20 yellow lotus flowers, and one water-filled glass flask.

Blood is easy to craft at the fluid press by adding body parts and animal parts to its inventory and pressing. You’ll also often wind up with bone, which is great because you can put them in the grinder to make bonemeal.

Yellow lotus flowers can be found along any waterway in the Exiled Lands, but an easy place to grab some is along the banks of the “noob river” in I4. Put the blossoms in your grinder to make yellow lotus powder.

Finally, glass flasks can be found as drops and in chests or crafted by using a glass flask mold and glass at the casting table. You can fill your empty glass flask with water by interacting with a stream or river while it’s equipped on your action wheel.

This potion (and others that teleport) will only last in your inventory for a couple of minutes. Be sure you are ready to go when you craft it!

Preparing for the Midnight Grove

It’s best to go over what you’ll need to conquer the midnight grove before you down your potion because once you’re in it, it will be too late. This dungeon doesn’t require other players if you max level with good armor. Still, you should consider bringing a fully leveled T4 thrall or greater animal companion to help tank some heavier-hitting bosses. If you are not level 60, you will need to have unlocked steel weapons, healing arrows, and heavy armor. Hopefully, you will have a couple of friends willing to go with you.

Consider bringing a T4 bearer thrall as your companion in the Midnight Grove. You’ll find many baby animals wandering the forest floor. Even if they don’t interest you, your inventory will quickly fill up with loot in this dungeon.

The goal is to have your companion take most of the damage from the bosses as a solo runner. A shield and healing arrows will give you and your thrall or animal companion a big advantage in Midnight Grove. If one of the meaner bosses does aggro onto you, put up your shield until your companion manages to regain their attention. The werewolf, in particular, does quite a bit of damage; even the toughest companions may need to be shot with some healing arrows while tanking Impisi himself.

Defeating the Midnight Grove

You’ll start in the dungeon with three doors behind you and a pathway in front of you. As you kill each boss, a door will open, and you can start clearing to the next boss. There are plenty of humans and animals between you and each boss, and if you’re not clearing them fairly quickly, you’ll have some trouble when you get to the real deal.

Your shield and healing arrows will be helpful when fighting the bosses, but good damage dealing build is fine for the rest of the residents of the midnight grove. Kill the bosses as you see fit: apply a bleed, give your thrall a two-hander, kite them through the dungeon, or any combination of your favorite tactics. Each boss’s corpse can be butchered for shade bloom using a cleaver. The final boss will also drop a consumable that teaches you the religion of Jhebbal Seg.

If you die in the Midnight Grove, you will need to craft or buy another potion to go retrieve your body. The monsters will respawn, so you must have backup gear and a backup thrall to make it to your old gear.

Greater Animal Variants and Shadebloom

You may have returned from the Midnight Grove with lots of baby animals, which is perfect. Shadebloom is used to shadespice food and make it more beneficial for crafting animal companions from baby animals. While shade spiced food is not necessary to raise baby animals, it will increase your chances of ending up with the best version of your baby animal possible or the greater variant of that species. Greater variants have much better stats than their standard versions and are pretty much required to make animals viable in end-game content. Don’t waste your time leveling a standard variant.

When you put an animal in the animal pen, you’ll need some food to start crafting the adult version of your baby animal. You’ll only ever need one item of food to start the crafting process. It’s best to remove the stack after they begin crafting (they will eat the rest of your expensive meal as adults in the pen). Each type of animal likes food specific to its species. This food will give them a higher chance of growing into the greater variant of the species. Shadespicing that food gives them an even higher chance to become a greater variant.

For instance, feeding a bear cub honey will give you a 20% chance of crafting a greater bear. Feeding a bear cub shade spiced honey will give you a 30% chance of crafting a greater bear. It’s still not a sure-fire thing, but it will increase your chances quite a bit.

To be transparent, finding more cubs (for more chances at a greater variant) is easier than running the Midnight Grove to get shadespice. It depends on the scarcity of the baby animal, your level, and how decent your gear is. Feeding normal honey and then running to Telith Island for two more bear cubs will be an easier feat than completing the midnight grove for some shade spiced honey.

Crafting Time and Mass Production

Shadespicing shines the most when a clan needs to mass-produce greater animals to defend their base or transport goods. Shadespicing also reduces the amount of time your animal takes to craft as well as increases your chance of crafting a greater animal. This means that one animal pen is more productive, and a clan will get many greater animals faster.

The time difference doesn’t matter much if you’re only trying to secure one greater variant. Still, it will make a big difference when mass producing them on a PVP server.

Shadebloom FAQ

Question: What level should I be for the Midnight Grove?

Answer: You must travel to the groves of Jhebbal Seg, the Midnight Grove, via the midnight potion, which is sold by a werehyena at the Den. Then you must kill the bosses and butcher them with a cleaver for shade bloom. This is an end-game dungeon and requires a combination of decent gear and a good companion. Lower-level players may want to find some friends to accompany them.

Question: Is shadespicing worth it?

Answer: Often acquiring shade bloom is not worth the effort. Best to just go out and get more cubs.

Question: How do I get to Midnight Grove?

Answer: Travel to the Midnight Grove by finding the werehyena the Child of Jhebbal Seg at the Den in E8. They will sell you a potion for 5 feral flesh to get to the grove and will even teach you how to make your potion.

Question: What is the best tool to harvest shadebloom?

Answer: The best tool to harvest shadebloom from the bosses in the midnight grove is a cleaver. Chop up their corpse after you’ve defeated them.

Question: What level should I be for the Midnight Grove?

Answer: You should be level 60 with epic armor, weapons, and a T4 named thrall or greater animal follower. Also, consider bringing healing arrows, a shield, and daggers in addition to your normal gear for boss fights.

Shade in the Desert


Shadebloom is not an easy ingredient to come by, but it is a useful one. Even just finding the Midnight Grove can be a challenge. Completing it is an accomplishment. It is rare for someone to solo it under level 60. Still, the internet is full of accounts of it being done, and even at level 60, it will be better to find some epic gear before giving it a go.

The reward is a higher chance of crafting a greater animal follower. In this case, you’ll need a good companion to get a good companion, as the best preparation for entering Midnight Grove is bringing along a good follower. All around, shade bloom is designed for end game content, such as beefing up your base with an army of greater panthers or fitting your whole crew with their very own mammoth. It would be a lot of hassle for one greater panther, but the adventure is yours, and maybe you were ready to run another dungeon anyway.

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